13 Things We Learned From Madonna’s iHeartRadio Icons Interview

One of the most famous people on the planet yet an enigma of sorts for 36 years, the restlessly creative Madonna sat down at the iHeartRadio Theater in New York City on Thursday evening (June 20) for a wide-ranging interview with iHeartRadio’s 103.5 KTU hosts Cubby and Christine. The 45-minute chat, which streams on LiveXLive.com and on iHeartMedia’s AC and Hot AC stations on Friday (June 21), covers a range of topics, from the dance teacher who created the moniker ‘Madame X’ (the title of Madonna’s 14th studio album) to why she ended up with Maluma’s toe in her mouth in the “Medellin” video (shout-out to an audience heckler for asking that question).

Here are 13 things we learned about Madonna and her latest album during the broadcast of iHeartRadio Icons with Madonna: In Celebration of Madame X.

What She’s Drinking These Days

Prior to Madonna’s entrance, Cubby and Christine told the crowd they shared a backstage champagne toast with her — and flute in hand, Madonna kept the bubbly flowing during her interview. As per the title of her Quavo/Cardi B collab, rosé champagne is what she’s imbibing these days — “it’s Dutch courage,” she told the crowd.

The Music of Lisbon Reminded Her of Another Famous Moment In Her Life

Madame X is heavily inspired by the local music she heard while living in Lisbon, where she’s been for nearly two years as a soccer mom to her son, David Banda. Madonna said aside from Lisbon, New York is the only other city that ever inspired her to write. “Living in New York always makes me feel… turnt,” she deadpanned. In fact, encountering fado and morna in Lisbon reminded her of another watershed moment in her life: “‘Vogue’ was inspired by seeing the Xtravaganza crew vogueing — I was like WHOA. What the hell is that?” For her, Lisbon was the same.

Katherine Tyler

She Dresses the Soccer Mom Part… Sort Of

“I went to soccer matches on Sunday. I didn’t meet any other soccer moms,” Madonna says of watching her son play. “No one gave a shit about me there.” She says the Sunday matches are bereft of bleachers, so she watches perched on a cement ledge. “I wear a hoodie and sneakers. Normal clothes. Maybe designed by Gucci, I don’t know.”

Her Dance Teacher Inspired Madame X

When she arrived in New York City in the late ‘70s, Madonna studied movement at the school of Martha Graham, who reshaped modern choreography and was an idol to the aspiring dancer. Unfortunately, Madge’s refusal to comply with the school’s strict dress code got her sent to Graham’s office regularly. Eventually, Graham whimsically decided Madonna was “a spy, a secret agent” in her school named “Madame X.” Madonna recalls Graham telling her, “Every time you come here, you look like a different person.” Even pre-fame, Madonna was the queen of reinvention.

Her Favorite Songs on Madame X Are…

“God Control” and “Extreme Occident,” the latter of which was the second song she wrote on the album. Influenced by morna, she calls it “indicative and reflective” of her time in Lisbon.

The Lost/Not Lost Lyric Is Extremely Personal

In “Extreme Occident,” Madonna sings, “I guess I’m lost / I paid the handsome cost / The thing that hurt the most / Was that I wasn’t lost.” While she admitted the lyric sounds like a nonsense “riddle,” she explained it was in reference to having the right intuition but letting naysayers throw you off your course. Looking back on the times she beat herself up over others’ critiques, she says it “hurts” her to think “I wasted all that time caring what people think.”

Swae Lee Is a ‘Pigeon Whisperer’

The video for her collab with Rae Sremmurd’s Swae Lee, “Crave,” shows the two of them releasing pigeons into the sky from a rooftop in NYC. She says Swae held sway over the flock: “He tamed them, got them to be calm, chill. He’s a pigeon whisperer.” She wasn’t so lucky. “It’s amazing how strong they are,” she noted. “That bird almost ripped my skin off.”

Here’s Who She Wants to Work With Next

“I’m intrigued by Spanish flamenco singer Rosalía,” Madonna said, noting she asked Rosalía to sing at her birthday a year and a half ago but it didn’t pan out. “I like that she takes the folk music of Spain and brings it to the pop arena.”

She Doesn’t’ Mind Hearing Her Own Music In Public, Except When…

“Some people think I WANT to get into the groove while I’m eating spaghetti, but I don’t. I just don’t,” she says of restaurants playing her music.

What Do 1986 Madonna and 2019 Madonna Have In Common?

Speaking on the controversy her “Papa Don’t Preach” song and video created, Madonna quipped, “Nothing has changed — I’m still in trouble,” obliquely referencing her recent Eurovision performance and New York Times interview.

Her Sleep Schedule Is Crazy

A self-professed insomniac, Madonna says 4-11am “is my window of sleep,” the time frame when she gets shut-eye if she’s lucky. From 2-4am is the window she describes as “magic” for writing.

Her Daughters Are Featured On Madame X

She says her kids Stella and Estere are the ones making the wind noises at the end of “Dark Ballet,” which signifies blowing into the fire that consumed Joan of Arc.

Toeing the Company Line

Thanks to a heckler shouting out a question, we finally learned why Madonna licks Maluma’s toe in the “Medellin” video… kind of. “I never planned to lick his toe. Shit just happens,” she said. “He’s a beautiful man, head to toe. If he had ugly feet, I wouldn’t have.”

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Why Madonna Is Performing at Smaller Venues for Her Upcoming Tour

Katherine Tyler for iHeartRadio – Madonna 2019

Despite Madonna’s high-profile stardom, the pop queen has decided to play smaller venues for her “Madame X” tour starting this fall, a decision she attributed to her desire to maintain intimacy with her fans.

“I like the idea of staying in one place and people coming to me. I also like the idea of being in a small theater,” the singer, who’s playing 17 shows at BAM Howard Gilman Opera House in Brooklyn, 11 at LA’s Wiltern, and six at the Chicago Theatre, among others, explained. “Intimacy… the thing we’ve become allergic to thanks to social media. I want to be close to people. I want to look into people’s eyes. I want to feel that energy. I found that when I was on tours in my very — thank god — long career, I always did small shows here and there. Every time I did a small theater after playing huge places like stadiums and sports arenas I was like ‘oh my god, so great.’ I can see people and I can talk to people.”

Madonna is no stranger to breaking free from convention and influencing pop-culture through her tunes over the past three decades. During a talk on Thursday at iHeartRadio Theater in New York where she wore her new signature eye-patch and drank rosé champagne, she talked about her legacy and the making of “Madame X” with Cubby and Christine of iHeartRadio’s 103.5 KTU. When asked about her appearance on Dick Clark’s American Bandstand in 1984 saying that she wanted “to rule the world,” Cubby asked if she’d made it to world domination.

“I was being provocative, as always,” said Madonna of the quote. “I would like to think that since I’ve said that, I’ve been a source of inspiration and an influence in culture.”

Cultured, she is. For “Madame X,” she drew on her time in Lisbon, Portugal, where she’s lived for the past two years after she moved there to support her son’s passion for soccer. While attending soccer games, she said she sat on cinder blocks and wore a hoodie and sneakers and that “nobody gave a s–t about her” being a star. While exploring Latin countries, she was inspired by reggaeton beats and flamenco, collaborating with Colombian artist Maluma on her single “Medallín” and speaking in Spanish and Portuguese throughout the album.

“Madame X” was a name that Madonna’s dance teacher, Martha Graham, gave her. She said that Graham revolutionized dance and was “a force to be reckoned with.” The persona, she said, is a “spy, a secret agent,” “a riddle, an open book,” a paradox of human personalities. Designer Jeremy Scott came to visit her while she finished the record, and told her that she should name the record “Madame X.”

“[Madame X] must have stayed with me unconsciously because everyone’s always talking to me about how I reinvent myself,” said Madonna.

The lyrics on “Madame X” are political, philosophical, and related to humankind accessing their personal power. On the track “Dark Ballet” she draws from the story of Joan of Arc being burned at the stake because of discrimination and fear. She called it a “Dark Ballet” because she said it is the dance we are all dancing today.

“They accused her of being a heretic, a lesbian, a witch, a boy, a freak, and of course I can relate to all of those things,” said Madonna. “And so, in the end, she was burned at the stake, and then she became a saint, and of course, this is what we always do. We destroy our profits and our sages and then we put them on pedestals. We have to stop doing that and appreciate people while they’re still alive.”

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Is Another One Of Madame X’s Incarnations A DJ?-The Remixes Say Yes…

Whatever your individual review of Madonna’s latest album “Madame X” is, one fact is undeniable; the remixes for some of the singles on the ultra-experimental album that are poised to arrive this summer will have us on the dance floor absolutely living for Madge’s latest incarnation.


As she prepares to take the stage at New York City Pride on Pride Island, the remixes for her Pride-inspired anthem “I Rise” are already being buzzed about, especially after the resistance and protest inspired video she released late yesterday. In partnership with TIME Studios, the video conjures up images that embody the true spirit of standing up and fighting back. Directed by Peter Matkiwsky, the video merges footage of Parkland school shooting survivors, LGBTQ supporters and allies, women’s rights protesters, Olympic gymnast Aly Raisman’s testimony about sexual abuse and numerous other haunting images of social justice movements and people, all truly defining the spirit of the “resistance”

Already, Madonna is looking at her post-New York City Pride material from “Madame X” and what could possibly be the next single officially released. All arrows are pointing to the radio-friendly, Swae Lee duet “Crave” as the possible next single to be chosen, with the video dropping late last month. Yesterday, Madonna was shown on her Instagram teasing the remix that Miami based DJ Tracy Young has done, simply saying- it’s “fire”!

Young historically has had a series of home runs with Madge, with her remixes of “Music”, “Don’t Tell Me” and “What It Feels Like For A Girl” (from the album Music) all keeping dance floors packed in 2000. Speaking of Young, it’s already been confirmed that she has put her magic touch on remixes for “I Rise”, which are sure to take the song from impassioned resistance torch song to definitive summer dance anthem.

It looks like Madonna & Tracy Young are going to be giving us one more mix to “Crave” this summer…

BONUS: While we eagerly anticipate Tracy Young’s remix of “Crave”, the remix that Dario Xavier did for the song & released on his Soundcloud is a definite banger on its own. A consistent and throbbing beat behind Madge’s vocals along with drop outs at seemingly just the right times make this one the perfect remix to whet our appetites for the flurry of remixes we will be getting from our favorite Material Girl.

(Art Courtesy of YouTube)

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Music reviews: Madonna takes listeners on a weird, wild ride on Madame X


Ay yi yi. Or to put it another way: It’s a weird kind of energy. Or to put it yet another way: Bitch, she’s loca.

That’s not me talking. That’s Madame X herself. She’s got a helluva point: Madonna’s 14th studio album and first full-length in four years isn’t just her latest stylistic departure or artistic reinvention: It’s one of the flat-out loopiest releases of her career. And not just because of the eyepatch she’s been sporting lately.

The weirdness goes far deeper than that. And comes from a far more exotic place. Much of the disc was birthed, written and recorded in Lisbon, where Madonna relocated in 2017 so her son could pursue his soccer-star dreams. Turned out his mom was the one who ended up chasing goals, creating a disc inspired by the cultural melting pot in the Portuguese capital.

Of course, Madonna being Madonna, she takes everything one step beyond the norm. So if you’re expecting upbeat, sunny Latin-pop reminiscent of La Isla Bonita, forget it. The 13-track Madame X (or the 15-track Deluxe Edition) is a moody, thoughtful and decidedly intimate affair. Grooves tend to be slow-burning and sultry. The tastefully minimalist arrangements balance electronic beats and basslines with acoustic and traditional instruments.

Lyrics toggle between English, Spanish and Portuguese. And there are all manner of eccentric little touches and surprises peppered throughout the cuts. Like, for instance, the Vocorder-treated portions of The Nutcracker that suddenly intrude into Dark Ballet. The guest spots by Migos’ Quavo, Diplo, Colombian singer Maluma and Rae Sremmerd’s Swae Lee. The low-key cha-cha weirdness of leadoff single Medellin. The minor-key dissonance and Asian tabla drums of Extreme Occident. The trip-hop undertones of Crazy.

And the reggaeton grind of Bitch I’m Loca. If you’re starting to notice a theme in those last few titles, you’re not alone — Madonna seems very preoccupied with her mental health on this album. Sometimes she brags about being crazy.

Sometimes she accuses someone of trying to drive her crazy. And sometimes she complains that people think she’s crazy. Granted, it doesn’t exactly help her case when she writes lyrics like: “People think that I’m insane / The only gun is in my brain / Each new birth, it gives me hope / That’s why I don’t smoke that dope.”

But I guess we should thank our lucky stars for that; one can only imagine how nutso Madame X would have turned out if she were high.

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Watch Madonna And Jimmy Fallon Face Off In Neon Dance Battle On ‘The Tonight Show’

The Queen of Pop also indulged Fallon in a cha-cha lesson, inviting the entire studio audience to have a dance with her.
Madonna Jimmy Fallon Tonight Show

      Madonna and Jimmy Fallon donned glow-in-the-dark jumpsuits on Thursday night for a neon dance battle on The Tonight Show. With the show’s house band, The Roots, providing a funky beat, Fallon managed to hold his own against the Queen of Pop in the contest, which you can see in full below.

      In her interview with Fallon, Madonna talked about her upcoming small-theater shows , which include a 17-night residency at the Brooklyn Academy of Music, and recalled getting flustered (and a little flirty) when Fallon introduced her to President Barack Obama the last time she was on The Tonight Show. “You’re the only reason I’m doing this,” she allegedly told the former president backstage.

      Madonna started off the couch chat by jokingly putting Roots drummer Questlove on the spot, asking him if he was mad at her during the dance segment and then forcing him to reveal whether she or Fallon were the better dancer.

      “Your physical comedy is unparalleled,” she told Fallon. “That’s what you call my dancing? Physical comedy?” Fallon snapped back. “A good comedian has to be able to dance. You do need a new hairstylist, but that’s another story,” she zinged. The pair’s chemistry was clearly on view, with Madonna also teasing Fallon about his “manly” beard and his powder blue tie, which led to a spontaneous duet on the George Gershwin classic ‘Summertime.’

      Wearing a bedazzled short dress accented by a black hat with a veil featuring the word “art” embroidered in red, the singer indulged Fallon in a cha-cha lesson, inviting the entire studio audience to have a dance with her. And, as it turns out, Madonna was wearing her veil because the two jokingly decided they are going to get married. “I gotta talk to my wife and figure this out,” Fallon said.

      “The more marriage I have the shorter my veil gets,” Madonna shot back, before leading the audience in a cha-cha dance, inspired by her song ‘Medellín’ with Maluma.

      Madonna released her hotly-anticipated new album Madame X on 14 June. She recently performed her song ‘Future’ with Migos‘ Quavo at the 2019 Eurovision Song Contest.

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Madonna Appears & Dances, Ari Lennox Performs On Fallon’s “Tonight Show”

Host Jimmy Fallon and Singer-songwriter Madonna during “Neon Dance Battle” on June 20, 2019 — (Photo by: Andrew Lipovsky/NBC)

Update: As release week for her album “Madame X” came to a close, Madonna dropped by “The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon.”

Madonna appeared as an interview guest on Thursday’s episode. She also engaged Jimmy Fallon in a Neon Dance Battle.

Thursday’s “Fallon” also featured Guy Raz and Ari Lennox.

Initial video highlights from Madonna’s interview follow; more clips will be posted upon availability. Photos from the taping also follow.

====Madonna’s “Madame X” is on the verge of topping the Billboard 200, in the process becoming the icon’s ninth #1 album.

To celebrate a successful release week, Madonna stops by “The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon.”

Appearing as the episode’s lead guest, Madonna chats with host Jimmy Fallon. She and Fallon also engage in a “Neon Dance Battle.”

Taped in advance, Thursday’s episode also features a chat with Guy Raz and a performance by Ari Lennox. It airs at 11:35PM ET/PT on NBC.

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Madame X Discography online now – 11 items (so far)

Our Madame X discography is finally online! Our complete discography has been on hold for a while now due to the release of Madame X. Every item in our discography is scanned / photographed from our private collection, so if it’s not there it’s not in our collection (yet).

So far we have included 11 items. Whenever new items land on the doormat we will upload, so stay tuned.

Check it all out now HERE

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Madonna on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon tonight!

Madonna sits down for an interview on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon tonight! Don’t miss it.

Madonna is a Grammy Award-winning singer-songwriter often dubbed the “Queen of Pop.” She has released 14 studio albums since 1983, eight of which topped the Billboard 200 albums chart, and had 38 singles reach the Top 10 of the Billboard Hot 100, including 12 No. 1 hits. Madonna has been nominated for 29 Grammys, winning five. In addition, Madonna has starred in the films Desperately Seeking Susan, Dick Tracy, A League of Their Own and Evita. Her newest album, Madame X, was released on June 14, and she will begin touring on September 12 in Brooklyn, New York.

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