W.E. on Film1

wefilm1As mentioned before; Madonna’s W.E. will air on Film1 throughout the month of February, W.E. will be available to view on Film1 until August!

For the aire dates and times, please check out our schedule

Thanks to: Dutch FilmWorks

‘Frozen’ is no longer banned in Belgium

The Court of Appeal ruled in favor of Madonna this morning, regarding the song Frozen in a lawsuit that has been going on for years in Belgium. Madonna was accused of plagiarism, taking ideas from Salvatore Acquaviva’s ‘Ma vie fout l’camp’ In 2005 the title had been banned from sale and distribution in Belgium. At the…


Philip Seymour Hoffman RIP

About this picture: The one and only Madonna wowed the crowd at a benefit hosted by the LAByrinth Theater Company on September 29 at the Daryl Roth Theater. The Kaballah-loving pop goddess/mom/kiddie author is the recipient of the inaugural Dave Hoghe Award for her dedication to the theater company. (She was instrumental in moving their…


How the world can not live with(out) Madonna

A fans’ response regarding the hypocrisy of the media, and the way they have been treating Madonna since the start of her career. Whatever she does, she can’t ever win. It is time she gets the respect she earns. How the world simply cannot live with(out) Madonna: In 1983 we thought was kind of disco…