More on Bitch I’m Madonna release

Drownedmadonna reports that the video should be released in two weeks time, as well as a Remixes EP. The first remixes are expected next week.

If this will be the third single in Holland is currently unknown. It is a question whether there will be a third single at all.

We’ll keep you updated

‘Vogue’ Producer Shep Pettibone’s First Interview in 20 Years: On Making a Madonna Classic & Why He Left Music Behind

  To celebrate the 25th anniversary of Madonna’s “Vogue” reaching N)1 on the Billboard Hot 100 singles chart, we reached out to the song’s co-producer and co-writer, dance legend Shep Pettibone, for — amazingly — his first interview in 20 years. We talked to Pettibone, of course, about the genesis and making of “Vogue,” but also…


First dates of Rebel Heart postponed

Billboard officially announced it this morning, a little later also reported about it. Bad news for those that already made travel arrangements. Please try and contact your travel agency and see if travel plans can be changed or can be refunded. Madonna and her team are all disappointed by the change of the start…