Rob Lowe writes about wild nights with Madonna

It seems Rob Lowe wanted to sleep with Madonna  — not dance with her, as he writes in “Love Life,” the sequel to his bestselling 2011 memoir, “Stories I Only Tell My Friends.”

The Brat Pack star, who says the new book (due out April 8) is racier than his first; it tells of meeting Madonna after a show in Los Angeles in 1984.

“She was cute and she was young and she was single, and so I sat front-row . . . she was a revelation,” Lowe writes. “‘Madonna would like to see you backstage,’ a security guard said as the house lights came up.”

“She had flawless skin and eyes that imparted secrets … she asked what movie I was working on and so I told her a little about ‘St. Elmo’s Fire,’ which I had just finished. ‘I play the bad boy,’ I said. Madonna just smiled. She seemed to like that.”

Months later, they made a date to meet up at the Palladium, “a giant dance club that was filled with rabid ‘boy-toy’ doppelganger fans of both sexes. It was a madhouse.”

After a harrowing trek through the “grabbing and pawing” crowd, Lowe reached the VIP section.

“Madonna and I were discussing where we would sneak off to at the end of the evening when she suddenly jumped up and said, ‘Let’s dance!’. . . ‘I’ll wait here,’ I said.

“‘Suit yourself,’ she replied as she waded beyond the velvet rope into the fray.”

But, unlike the free-spirited singer, Lowe had no desire to rub elbows with his fans.
He writes: “‘You’re crazy,’ I said, half meaning it. ‘No I’m not,’ she said . . . ‘I’m just not going to let success f–k up my fun.’”

Lowe is coming to Midtown to sign copies of his book on April 9 at Barnes & Noble on Fifth Avenue.

From an article by the New York Post

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Rihanna betere hitmachine dan de Stones (Madonna still most succesful in Dutch charts)

Rihanna doet het beter dan The Rolling Stones, althans in de Top 40. De 26-jarige zangeres heeft in de Nederlandse hitlijst meer punten verzameld dan de legendarische rockband. Madonna is echter nog steeds de succesvolste artiest in de Top 40, maakte de stichting achter de hitlijst donderdag bekend.

De lijst van succesvolste artiesten wordt bepaald door de positie en het aantal weken dat een artiest in de Top 40 heeft gestaan. Madonna verzamelde met haar 55 hits bijna 13,5 duizend punten en is daarmee koploper. Rihanna passeerde deze week The Rolling Stones. De zangeres verzamelde met haar 35 hits 12.127 punten. De rockers, die woensdag aankondigden in juni op Pinkpop te staan, volgen met 12.070 punten uit 49 hits.

Rihanna heeft nog wel even nodig om het succes van de Queen of Pop te evenaren. Als de zangeres uit Barbados hits blijft scoren terwijl dat haar Amerikaanse collega niet lukt, haalt Rihanna Madonna volgend voorjaar in. Rihanna staat momenteel in de Top 40 met twee duetten. Met Eminem zingt ze The Monster, en met Shakira Can’t Remember to Forget You. Madonna was in februari 2012 voor het laatst te vinden in de hitlijst.

Madonna en The Rolling Stones wisten allebei wel meer nummer 1-hits op hun naam te schrijven dan Rihanna. Rihanna voerde de Top 40 slechts één keer aan, in 2007 met Don’t Stop the Music. Madonna en The Rolling Stones prijkten beiden vijf keer bovenaan de hitlijst.

Door: Novum

Translation: Rihanna performs better in the Dutch charts than the Rolling Stones but Madonna still remains the most succesful artist in the Dutch Top 40. Madonna scored a total of 55 hits with 13,5 thousand points making her the leading artist. Madonna and The Rolling Stones both scored more number 1 hits than Rihanna (five).

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Madonna, Avicii working on “great songs” in the studio

Madonna has posted pictures of herself and Avicii working on music in a recording studio.

The singer posted two images while in the studio with the Swedish DJ and producer, who she described as “Viking Leader”.

Madonna, Avicii in the studio

She tweeted: “The End of a long week with Viking Leader AKA DJ Virgo AKA Avicii! So many great songs! #icantwait #revolution

“My Viking Harem! Great Music Great Vibes! We were grinding on that. Wood!”

Madonna, Avicii in the studio

Last month Madonna confirmed that she is working on a new album, teasing: “Yes, plans are in the works already.

“Don’t ask me with who [I’m working with] – it’s a secret. Top secret.”

Watch the video for Madonna’s ‘Turn Up The Radio’ below:

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‘Billy on the Street’ Season 3: Billy Eichner Still Loves Madonna, Hates Claire Danes

13. Have you ever done a choreographed dance from a music video?

I actually did a segment with Madonna for “Conan,” and a part that didn’t make it in is when she forced me to learn the opening number with her dancers. All her male dancers wear these high-heeled diamond-encrusted shoes, and they made me get in the shoes and learn the opening number. It didn’t quite gel with the other stuff, so we didn’t put it in, but that was the last choreographed dance that I learned.

14. What book changed your life? “The Phantom Toll Booth.” It’s a children’s book. I loved it.

15. Did you have a poster of a celeb on your wall as a kid? Madonna.

16. Has another celeb ever made you star-struck when you met them? Madonna. Uh, starstruck is an interesting word. Starstruck… I don’t know if I get starstruck. When I filmed with Madonna, it was so surreal to me, but I had to just sort of stay in character, so it’s like after the fact when I’m leaving and I’m like, “Holy sh–, that was Madonna.” I get this, like, post-starstruck thing.

From an interview by Yahoo with Billy Eichner

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Monte Pittman chats about Madonna before upcoming show

You get to play guitar for Madonna. What was that like the first time?

The first time we played together was on “The David Letterman Show.” Around a month after she started taking guitar lessons from me, she asked me to come play with her and I’ve been playing guitar for her since then. The first time I played a show with her on a tour was in 2001 on The Drowned World Tour. We were in Barcelona and she hadn’t played in seven years. The excitement in the room was like nothing I had ever seen.

From an interview by

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Swept Away flashback

‘ I did not fly all the way from New York City to wherever the f**k we are to get on that! 



Looking back at Swept Away, directed by Madonna’s husband at the time Guy Ritchie, it is actually really funny. Madonna and Guy both received mostly negative reviews from the press, but to be fair don’t M’s movies always? The movie was in fact, already branded before it was even out, as it usually is. Oh it’s Madonna and it is directed by her husband…..this is going to be such a failure….

To many, the movie was actually quite funny. If you still haven’t seen it, grab a copy at now and enjoy

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Madonna and EDM: Some Memorable Moments

Some of you may have been shocked or surprised that Madonna is in cohorts with Avicii but you really shouldn’t be. Madonna has always been on top of whatever way the tide is turning and always enlists the trendiest or relevant producers. She’s the ‘Queen of Pop’, as in she’ll try to be the best in whatever everyone is listening to. But at the end of it all, Madonna has been rocking the 4-on-the-floor before most of you were even born. So, in preparation for whatever Avicii and Madonna are working on, here are some of her most memorable forays into the world of dance music.

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