Re-Invention Tour Anniversary

It’s time to celebrate! 10 years ago, Madonna launched her Re-Invention Tour, performing a total of 56 shows in the United States and Europe. If you attended one (or more!) of them, the Re-Invent Yourself message behind the show is one you’ll probably keep with you forever, just like us…

Is there a better way to join the party than to share that message with the rest of the world? Visit the official Madonna store today for two devoted and online exclusive t-shirt designs!



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THE STATE OF POP: Madonna’s Rebel Spirit Rages On


The true test of a great artist is their ability to adapt and evolve with the times. Especially those of Pop music, a genre littered with the bones of those who found it just a little too difficult to grow their brand into something that lasts forever. But one artist has found a way to wrestle us to the ground to accept that she’s not going anywhere anytime soon. No matter how hard we try to bury her in blond pop replacements, Madonna is forever.

And this is why:
Britney Spears, Christina Aguilera, Beyoncé, Rihanna, Lady Gaga, Katy Perry, Nicki Minaj and a slew of others that have come and gone who have studied the book of Madge to the very letter. A book of self reinvention, self promotion, self liberation, and especially the chapter on how to use their sexuality; not as a prop for men to ogle over and use it at their discretion but to use it as a weapon of total and utter female domination and control. These artists have come in the wake of the greatest of them all, and in a way are Madonna’s true legacy to pop music. She’s created The Powerful H.B.I.C, in her very own image.

And in no way is she slowing down. Her newest adventure brings us to arguably her most exciting era ever. Madonna is on a mission of freedom! Her life’s journey of “express yourself, don’t repress yourself” is showing it’s full face now thanks to the horrors of real world problems, especially the events of 2012: Pussy Riot and all that the Anti Gay propaganda in Russia that birthed her ArtForFreedom project that is sure to become a major theme in her next project.

Madonna’s rebel spirit hasn’t died or slowed with age and time. If anything it’s become more enraged more agitated and much much MUCH more inspired. Relevance no longer exists in the margins of Billboard Magazine or in the airwaves of radio. Those are the dark ages. Its now about how fast and how well your message comes across to the masses, and Madonna is ready to Let. Us. Have. It, as it were for the very first time.


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Michael Jackson, Madonna and others unmasked in new dishy music book

…’However, the manager did not get along with Madonna, whom he knew during the frantic early years of her career — up from the clubs, an MTV sensation, and suddenly on the cusp of international fame. “Madonna would do anything to succeed. Anything she had to. It seemed at times she was working on getting meaner.”

Unlike the chapters on Michael Jackson, there’s nothing tragic about Madonna. Ron’s recollections of her are knife-like, but a lot of fun. (Primarily because Madonna, whatever one might think of her, has never self-destructed, never been arrested, never been in rehab, never been involved in scandals outside her “shocking” — now rather boring — professional displays, maybe there is something to be said for being “mean”?)

As much as Weisner disliked her, he writes: “Two hours into our first meeting, I knew Madonna would succeed. H–l, if you spent two minutes around her and you had any sense of pop culture, you knew she’d succeed!” There is a lot of interesting info on how MTV and the music industry was changing at that point and how Madonna — abrasive and eerily confident — fit so neatly, quickly and perfectly into that era.

Other than that, what do we learn? It’s much in the vein of brother Christopher Ciccone’s tell-all. Madonna is tight with a penny, complains a lot and doesn’t appear to ever be grateful. (“That word was not in her vocabulary.”)

Eventually, claims Weisner, Madonna’s little ways became too much, and he “gave” her to Freddy DeMann, who guided the icon through her best years, along with the monumental effort of Warner Bros. press rep Liz Rosenberg. Without Liz R., I firmly believe Madonna, for all her drive and — yes! — talent — would have imploded in some way, years ago.)

“Listen Out Loud” is a quick, hot read, as much for music fans as for those who just want a little — OK a lot — of dish.

But the fragile specter of Michael Jackson hangs over the book. Weisner doesn’t claim Michael wouldn’t have ended up in the same way, even if he’d stayed on the team, but as he notes, it might have helped, a little.

Oh, one must also note, all this is Ron Weisner’s version of life in music’s fast lane. Others might recall things differently. Although, truthfully, Madonna spends little time thinking about the past. That’s why she’s still here.

Taken from article by Liz Smith for Chicago Tribune

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