I applaud my Sons desire to express his outrage by posting footage of ISIS on instagram. Humans are becoming numb to this violent imagery. He is saying our problems are nothing compared to whats going on around the world. Freedom Fighting is in his blood. Lets pray for PEACE! #rebelheart #livingforlove


I applaud my Sons desire to express his outrage by posting footage of ISIS on instagram. Humans are becoming numb to this violent imagery. He is saying our problems are nothing compared to whats going on around the world. Freedom Fighting is in his blood. Lets pray for PEACE! #rebelheart #livingforlove

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Madonna’s ‘Bedtime Stories’ Turns 20: Babyface & Donna De Lory Look Back

Twenty years ago this month, Madonna released her sixth studio album, Bedtime Stories, a classic that came out at a strange crossroads in her career.

While Madonna certainly didn’t lack for fame in 1994, the button-pushing Eroticaalbum had soured many critics and fans. For the first time in a decade of superstardom, people weren’t shocked by her antics anymore — even worse, they often seemed exhausted by her.

Artistically speaking, she’d spent the last four years challenging and subverting America’s sexual puritanism. But after releasing an entire book called Sexfeaturing nude pictures of herself and other celebrities, there didn’t seem to be anywhere else to go in that realm.

It didn’t help that she’d detonated 14 F-bombs on a March 1994 episode of The Late Show With David Letterman, an infamous appearance that racked up FCC complaints and distanced her from Middle America. Evita was two years away and the overt sexuality of Erotica was growing stale — so when Bedtime Stories hit, Madonna’s career was at a strange point.



To that end, Bedtime Stories is lyrically and musically a much warmer album. She sacrifices some bawdy entendres (compare Erotica‘s “Where Life Begins” toBedtime‘s “Inside of Me”) and focuses on autobiographical matter.

Instead of Erotica‘s chilly, pounding dance pop, Bedtime puts Madonna in softer sonic territory. There’s the singer-songwriter-y “Secret,” the avant pop of “Bedtime Story” (co-written by Bjork), the new jack swing jam “I’d Rather Be Your Lover” (featuring Meshell Ndegeocello rapping), the Herbie Hancock-sampling ballad “Sanctuary” and the lush, orchestral R&B of “Take a Bow.”

But softer sounds didn’t necessarily mean muted lyrics. “Human Nature” finds Madonna taking on her critics more directly than ever with a logical, defiant attack on slut-shaming. And while album opener “Survival” is a cozy R&B-pop song, it was similarly unrepentant in attitude.

The inviting R&B sound of Bedtime Stories is due in part to co-producer Dallas Austin, who longtime Madonna backup singer Donna de Lory describes as “part of her tribe at that time.” Also on board were co-producers Nellee Hooper, Dave “Jam” Hall (hot off Mary J.Blige’s debut, What’s the 411?) and, of course, Kenneth “Babyface” Edmonds.

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Here’s Madonna’s ‘Like A Virgin’, sung by Quentin Tarantino characters

Someone has made a supercut video of Madonna’s ‘Like A Virgin’ being sung by pretty much all of Quentin Tarantino’s movie characters. Check it out below.

You no doubt remember the scene from Reservoir Dogs when the gang sit around to discuss Madge’s key track. Well, now animator and visual effects artist Glenn O Neil has gone one step further, giving the classic a full ‘tribute’ with a little help from the stars of all of Tarantino’s movies – from Samuel L Jackson to Hitler, with everyone in between.

Meanwhile, in the ‘real’ world, Madonna has been in the studio progressing with her new album, working with the likes of MNEK, Blood Diamonds and DJ Dahi. It is rumoured for release either later this year or in early 2015.


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New! GHV2 promo tour online (includes lots of memorabilia)

Finally finished a new part of our Promo Tours section: GHV2!

Since it’s a compilation album there isn’t as much magazine coverage as usually with a regular studio album release. But we managed to photograph and scan some of the rarest and most interesting memorabilia, all from our own collection.

Further you’ll find facts, pictures and interesting video’s. For direct access click HERE


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Second album smash: 7 acts who topped their debut

How many artists can sell over 10 million albums with their debut and then go and double those figures with their second album just 18 months later? That’s exactly what Madonna did with Like a Virgin. The blonde popstar teamed up with Nile Rodgers for the set, which went on to sell over 21 million copies worldwide. Its title track remains an iconic pop number, while ‘Material Girl’ became the zeitgeist of a booming commercial market of the ’80s. What’s more, when you’ve got a song as amazing as ‘Into the Groove’ as a bonus track (or a B-side in some countries), you know you’re on to a classic record.

Like a Virgin was the first instance where Madonna demanded creative control. She wasn’t given it completely by her label Warner Bros, but she had enough to deliver an album that would cement herself as the future Queen of Pop. The album’s aesthetic of Marilyn Monroe-meets-Saint Mary was provocative, radical and exciting in mainstream music. Madonna performed lead single ‘Like a Virgin’ for the very first time at the very first MTV Video Music Awards in 1984, and like her peers such as Michael Jackson, positioned herself and the record as pioneers in a music visual revolution that would turn her into an icon. Oh, and Madonna’s label allegedly pushed back the release of Like a Virgin because they thought it wasn’t going to work… It’s still Madonna’s only album to be certified Diamond in the US.

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