Get Ready for #MadonnaDay !

Madonna fans! On August 16th, we’ll be celebrating The Queen of Pop’s Birthday and we want for you all to join the party!

Back in September 2013, Madonna launched her Art For Freedom platform for all of us to share our own definition of Freedom but also to encourage creative expression that brings awareness to human rights violations. With thousands of submissions, (including photos, videos, music and poetry) the project has grown into a strong online community fighting for the universal right to be free.

Since the initiative is a cause close to Madonna’s heart, we would like for you to wish her a Happy Birthday by adding your stone to the Freedom building! To do so, just visit before August 15 at 11am EST and submit a picture that illustrates your own vision of what our world should be all about if we all had the same rights and freedom to be who we are. The picture can be a portrait, a landscape, a selfie, or whatever you think it should be. Make sure to include a description and feel free to add your Birthday message for Madonna as part of it.

On August 16th, we invite you to post your submitted picture to your favorite social network(s), using the ‪#‎MadonnaDay‬ and ‪#‎ArtForFreedom‬ hashtags for your friends, fellow Madonna fans, our girl herself and the whole world to see! Some of Madonna’s favorite pics will be highlighted on and/or be mailed branded goodies

Happiness, love, joy, peace, etc,.. Let’s make your picture something that will bring a smile to Madonna’s face and make her feel we are all one on her special day!

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Test your knowledge of Madonna’s music with our ‘Guess which lyric comes next’ quiz


She has worked with some of the biggest names in pop, and has 12 studio albums to her name.

Sure, most people can sing along to Like A Prayer if it came on the radio, but be honest, not many people know the lyrics further than the first chorus. Go on, try and sing the first verse now (in your head obviously – don’t embarrass yourself). Hard to recall the words, right?

If you managed to get the lyrics word-for-word then well done you, but what about some of Madge’s later tracks? Hung Up? Turn Up The Radio? Give It To Me?

Reckon you know them all? Then this quiz is for you.

The rules are simple: guess which lyric comes next. Good luck!

Click here :


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Celebrity Style Stories ‘Madonna’ – OUTTV

Maatschappelijk programma “In deze serie staan de sterren centraal. En dan vooral de ontwikkeling die ze hebben doorgemaakt, de verschillende stijlen die ze gehad hebben en waar ze soms ook trendsetter mee geweest zijn. Met vandaag Madonna.”

Titel:Celebrity Style Stories
Datum:26 juli 2014
Uitzendtijd: 20:00-20:25 + 01:30 – 01:55 uur

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Fil-German trainer shares some of Madonna’s workout moves

At 50-years-old, music phenom Madonna can put people half her age to shame with her built body and incredible stamina. But to get as fit as the pop hit-maker, her fans needn’t throw themselves at expensive gym memberships or gimmicky outlets, as GMA’s “24 Oras” revealed Wednesday.

Fil-German Nicole Winhoffer, Madonna’s primary trainer, demonstrated some of the diva’s favorite moves for local magazines, including simple but core-heavy workouts which only requires bodyweight to perform.

Dedication and time, Winhoffer said, was needed to make a healthy and fit body, and stressed the importance of giving time for physical activities.

She continued, “I tell anybody that I work with that your hour to work out is your hour to give back to you, and to sweat out any type of stress or any type of emotion you have.

But all the exercise in the world can’t have an effect, if the body only takes in junk.

“I know it’s hard, but if you stay away from sugar, then you’re gonna see results pretty quickly and have more energy,” advised Winhoffer.

In an interview with Shape, the Fil-Hungarian said she started as Madonna’s dance cardio trainer before transitioning as her main trainer.

A trainer with the pop singer’s Hard Candy Fitness gym chain, Winhoffer’s training philosophy believes in committing to changes and “giving back” to oneself. —Rie Takumi/NB, GMA News

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