More on Jonathan Ross taping

Madonna performed a remix of Living For Love twice as well as Ghosttown (three times). She did an interview for over an hour and explained all on the Brit Awards (see artice by the Mirror below). Audience was mostly industry and family & friends only. Many fans with tickets and wristbands were denied entrance.

She confirmed the tour will start in the Fall and end somewhere at the end of February, after the tour there will be a break and then she will be working on a new film in Fall 2016.

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Madonna got WHIPLASH after “horror show” Brits fall: Singer says “it was a nightmare”

The singer managed to carry on despite falling down three HUGE stairs in the painful stumble and has recalled the horrifying fall on Jonathan Ross

Madonna has revealed how she has whiplash after her Brits fall and described her own performance as “a nightmare”.

Appearing on the Jonathan Ross Show, Madonna said: “I’m a creature of habit I rehearse everything, everything, everything.

“I was thrown a wrench at the beginning of the performance. I was told to tie my cape and start much further back and I had to walk further and everyone was worried my cape was slide off so they tied it really tight around my neck.

GettyMadonna falls as she performs at the BRIT Awards 2015
Ouch! The minotaurs couldn’t even help

“So here I am marching in like the queen, I got to the top of the stairs and I pulled the silky string and it wouldn’t come undone.

“My two lovely Japanese dancers they basically strangled me off the stage. I had two choices, I could either be strangled or fall, and I
chose to fall.”

Wossy then tried to show a clip of the incident at the Brits, but Madonna said: “I don’t want to see it, don’t make me watch.”
She added: “It was a nightmare, I like to be amazing, I rehearse and rehearse so when I do a show it is effortless and I create magic. I did the opposite, I actually created a horror show for everyone.”

Wossy then asked if it was a stunt and she shook her head.

PAMadonna stumbles whilst performing on stage as her cape is pulled during the 2015 Brit Awards
It wasn’t the killer heels that did it but Madonna’s Batman cape

She added: “I’m never writing lyrics like that again the universe was trying to teach me a lesson.

“I didn’t hurt my butt but I hurt my head.

“I know how to fall, I have fallen off my horse many times.

“I had little bit of whiplash, I smacked the back of my head. And I had a man standing over me with a flashlight until about 3am to make
sure I was compos mentis.

“I am always nervous of live TV, when you singing you can’t make any mistakes, the worst thing is you fall down stairs.

“I like to make my shows dangerous but then there is danger.”

Click HERE for full article by the Mirror

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Madonna is superhuman. She has to be to survive the ugly abuse (The Guardian)

Madonna was at the Brits, performing her totally boss I Will Survive-style single Living for Love, when it happened. “Took me to heaven, let me fall down … lifted me up and watched me stumble.”

So she prophesied it, and so it came to pass. It wasn’t a trip or a tumble. It wasn’t funny; it was terrifying and so brutal that the audience fell silent. It was the kind of accident that breaks necks, damages brains and haunts Cirque du Soleil performers’ nightmares. The Armani cape Madonna was wearing as she approached the podium was tied too tight and didn’t fall undone when her dancers pulled it. She was yanked back by the neck and flew through the air over three steps, landed hard at the base of the podium and for a split second didn’t move.

Watching at home, my heart stopped. Is that all it takes to kill a Queen? Milanese outerwear?

Click HERE for the full excellent article by The Guardian

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Madonna Stays in Vogue with Rebel Heart #rebelheart

Her bold new album shows that for the Queen of Reinvention, the more things change, the more they stay the same

On a recent evening in New York City, the singer Madonna was camped out at the headquarters of the famed auction house Sotheby’s. In recent years, many masterpieces have passed through its walls—Edvard Munch’s The Scream sold there for $119.9 million in 2012, setting a world record—but with an estimated wealth of $800 million, Madonna is probably the most valuable icon to take up temporary residence there. She’s definitely the most famous. And at 56, she’s also one of the youngest. These days, it’s not often that Madonna is the youngest artist anywhere.

That hasn’t slowed her down. In a flatteringly lit studio, she’s already set out a bottle of tequila and shot glasses to play a drinking

Click HERE to read full interview by TIME (although you do need a subscription)

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Madonna breaks the internet

Twitter erupted as Madonna took a tumble during her performance of Living for Love that closed this evening’s Brits, here’s some of the reaction:

  • Sanjay Sood-Smith: “I think Madonna may well have just broken the internet by falling backwards down some stairs on the Brits, sorry Kim Kardashian.”
  • Dan Deacon: “Can someone tell me @Madonna is ok ? Was this one of those Brits meets Casualty hybrid programmes????”
  • Jarett Wieselman: “”Poor Madonna” is trending worldwide right now.”
  • Richard Madeley: “And Madonna’s recovery from a really bad fall was the perfect reply. Well done M.”
  • Little Boots: “At least someone did a performance exciting enough to involve the risk of tripping up.”
  • Simon: “Forget about Ellen’s most tweeted selfie. That Madonna vids gonna break some records.”
  • John Niven: “The good news is I bet Madonna is taking that tumble in really good humour. having a laugh. Not sacking anyone.”


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Madonna wipes out mid-performance

She said she would carry on, and did she ever.

At Wednesday’s BRIT Awards in London (the UK’s equivalent of the Grammys), Madonna’s headline performance of “Living For Love” got off to a bumpy start when the New Yorker fell off the stage.

Madonna’s huge cape appeared to get snagged by one of her dancers, pulling the 56-year-old backwards and causing her to tumble down a mini flight of stairs. The sound of her hitting the ground was audible and sent gasps around the 02 Arena, which holds 20,000.

Despite being clearly rattled, she continued with her matador-themed performance and the crowd screamed their appreciation for the singer’s stoical show.

Take a bow, Madge. You’ve earned this one.

New York Post

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Madonna Falls Onstage at the Brit Awards, Then Finishes Her Performance

The queen of pop took a nasty tumble

Just like the song says: She’s gonna carry on.

Madonna was pulled down a flight of stairs during her performance at the U.K.’s Brit Awards today performing her new single “Living For Love.” Video footage appears to show a cape-like costume element meant to be pulled off Madonna’s shoulders which didn’t detach properly, dragging Madonna down three stairs and onto her back on the stage.

Falls in live performances are an occupational hazard for the most seasoned performers: In 2009, to name just one instance, Jennifer Lopez fell onstage at the American Music Awards. But this has been a moment of unusual attention to Madonna, with her upcoming albumRebel Heart representing a serious bid for an artistic comeback.

Still, Madonna’s beating back her critics began seconds after her fall: She got up and finished the song.


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Madonna falls off stage at the Brit Awards

Viewers were stunned when Madonna took a painful-looking tumble during her performance

Madonna took a very painful-looking tumble off stage in the middle of her Brit Awards performance.

The star, who was making her first appearance at the awards show in 20 years, fell during her song Living For Love.

The Telegraph’s reporter Alice Vincent who was at the awards reported audible gasps from the crowd: “I overheard someone say ‘I thought it was part of the act.'”

The Telegraph

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Brit awards 2015: all the performances reviewed, from Kanye to Madonna

Taken from The Guardian

Oh, didn’t think we’d get this after its Grammys outing. Madonna has suffered from Bjork syndrome of late: collaborating with the hottest production talent, sometimes using multiple examples in a single track, but not joining the dots with songwriting. Living For Love however manages to blend a properly good chorus with the backing track, even if you can still very much see the seams.

Once again, the look is “bejewelled sex-toreador”. She struts convincingly around the opening bars and then disaster: as her cape is yanked off she’s pulled off her podium and clatters to the floor! But as befits Madge, who has risen phoenix-like more times than anyone can remember, she’s a proper trooper and completes the song, though a little more muted than you might have otherwise expected. Many lesser performers would have missed an entire verse at such a nasty fall. Kudos!

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