Rebel Heart Tour shirts giveaway – winners announced!

I know I know…..I am a day late. Yesterday was a circus and I had no time to ‘do something else, like my eyebrows’ let alone browse through the hundreds of entries to our third giveaway….sorry y’all. In a random draw the following winners have been chosen: Peter Myles (white shirt) Jacqueline van Lieshout (black…


Talkshow “M” on NPO1 (adjusted program)

What had to be the main subject on the talkshow “M”, broadcasting live today on Dutch television NPO1, was adjusted to just a small feature. This due to Aretha Franklin passing away earlier today. While Madonna fans were patiently waiting in the audience, Madonna’s birthday was brought to the attention by the end of the…


RTL News item on Madonna’s birthday rescheduled

The RTL News item on Madonna’s birthday featuring MadonnaUnderground (Kimberly) has been rescheduled.

It was planned for broadcast at 7.30 PM, but has been moved to 11:30 PM (Amsterdam time).

This due to an extra item about the passing of the Queen of Soul: Aretha Franklin.