Donna De Lory speaks to MadonnaUnderground about the Who’s That Girl Tour – full interview online tomorrow!

Stay tuned for an exclusive interview with Donna De Lory on her Who’s That Girl Tour memories!

We are currently at the start of the celebration of the 30th anniversary of Madonna’s first ever world tour.

Find out what the auditioning process was like, what Donna’s favorite tune to sing was every night, what it was like meeting Madonna for the first time and what did she do while she was in Amsterdam for the Rotterdam tour stop? 

Read it all in her own words right here TOMORROW!

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Chris Wade – the author of ‘Madonna: On Screen’ and ‘The Music of Madonna’ has just released a new book.

This one puts the main focus on the movies ‘Body Of Evidence’ and ‘Dangerous Game’, two movies released not far apart from one another but both heavily criticized. While ‘Body Of Evidence’ is seen as a Basic Instinct rip-off, Dangerous Game is notorious for its dark themes. Madonna’s acting in the latter is highly praised though and maybe to this day still is the best acting she’s ever done.

The book also includes a very interesting interview with Ken Kelsch the cinematographer of Dangerous Game, sharing some of his memories while being on the set.

To order the book click HERE, stay tuned for a full review!

Thanks to: Chris Wade

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The Look Of Love (third single off Who’s That Girl OST) discography added!

The disography to ‘The Look Of Love‘ has been added!

The Look Of Love was Madonna’s third and last single off the Who’s That Girl soundtrack, the only Madonna track to not have been released as a single is ‘Can’t Stop’. She performed the track live only during her Who’s That Girl Tour in 1987.

Check out the 13 different pressings HERE, including a rare mispressed 7″ from Germany with blank label.

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Diana Ross and Madonna tunes named essential Pride songs by Rolling Stone

As we all know it is a Pride Month, and what would a celebration of the LGBTQ community be without the anthems that define such a diverse and unique community. The lovely folks at Rolling Stone gathered up a list of the most essential Gay Pride songs of all time — and two queens who hail from the Detroit area made the list.

Diana Ross, the queen of Motown, released “I’m Coming Out” back in 1980 and basically gave people coming out of the closet a theme song. Even beyond the positive message, the song itself is such a bop, led by Chic’s Nile Rodgers giving his signature guitar lick. We dare you not to dance at a party or club when this song comes on.

Next up is Madonna, the metro Detroiter who left the suburbs for New York City. Madge has enough songs beloved by the gay community to have her own list, but only “Vogue” was worthy enough of this one.

As far as Madonna songs go, “Vogue” is one of her best. The song itself is iconic, but the music video for the song just takes the cake. The black & white filming, the dancing, even those finger snaps all make it one of the best songs to get down to ever.

Other artists who made the list include Robyn, George Michael, and Scissor Sisters to name a few.

More at MetroTimes

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Causing a Commotion discography online – 19 different pressings (including rare UK 7″ with badge)

Next up is Causing a Commotion in our discography!

The follow up single to ‘Who’s That Girl’ recorded for the official soundtrack and used in the film during the intro. It was another smash hit and later performed live on her Who’s That Girl Tour in 1987 and Blond Ambition Tour in 1990.

Check out all 19 pressings HERE, including this rare limited edition from the United Kingdom with badge!

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10 Reasons Madonna Is An Eternal Inspiration to the LGBTQ Community

The task of defining Madonna’s impact is brutal. You could say she redefined the power of pop stardom. Or helped establish music videos as an art form. Or called her own shots in a career that amounts to living mythology. But that would still be selling Madonna short, since any rote discussion of her “great business skills” leaves out the impact of Madonna as a person — the impish, unapologetic, philanthropic, often hilarious crusader who has been the LGBTQ community’s raddest pop heroine since she introduced her armpits to a hand dryer in Desperately Seeking Susan.

Madonna speaks on stage at the Billboard Women in Music 2016 event on Dec. 9, 2016 in New York City. 

Madonna Delivers Her Blunt Truth During Fiery, Teary Billboard Women In Music Speech

As far as being an ally goes, she’s the Elizabeth Taylor of pop; as far as iconography goes, she’s like if Marlene Dietrich were an X-Men. That’s a whole lot of gay credibility. Pride Month is not the same without Madonna and her music, and thus we recount 10 of her great gay moments.

1. Those Decades of AIDS Activism

Back in the ‘80s, we were hard up for celebrities who spoke out against AIDS (and it didn’t help that we had a president who was, shall we say, reticent on the subject). But in 1989 Madonna and her Detroit-era dance instructor Christopher Flynn, who was then diagnosed with AIDS, fired up New York with a major benefit dance marathon. By that time, Madonna had already lost her good friend Martin Burgoyne to the epidemic. In footage from the event, she thrashes about with sweet abandon. That’s fun to watch, but it’s even cooler to see Flynn, who later died from the illness, open up about Madonna as a confidante who understood him.

2. The Documentary Where Madonna Is Queen, But the Gays Rule Too

The ‘91 documentary Truth or Dare is quite possibly the second most essential purchase for new Madonna fans after The Immaculate Collection. It gives you legendary performances (not just the masturbation-centric “Like a Virgin” but also “Oh Father,” “Vogue,” and “Keep It Together”), infamous cameos from the likes of Antonio Banderas, Kevin Costner, and then-beau Warren Beatty, plus scream-worthy interactions with her backup dancers, most of whom were gay. Truth or Dare is one of the first documentaries I ever saw that featured gay dudes hanging out. They go to a Pride parade, gossip about each other, and get an earful from Madonna when they’re mean to another dancer. “Be nice to him. He doesn’t have the thick skin that you have,” she intones like the headmistress of homosexuality. Be sure to bring a hanky when she dedicates a show to her pal Keith Haring, who died just before the tour started.

3. Yep: Ellen Came Out With the Help of Madonna

Where were you when you learned Madonna was an instrumental part of Ellen DeGeneres’ coming out? I’m still blown away. Here’s Ellen herself remembering kind words from M.

4. The Drag Tribute That Rocked the ‘99 VMAs

The 1999 MTV Video Music Awards were perfect. You had Lauryn Hill winning Video of the Year, Ricky Martin owning America, Prince introducing TLC, and an amazing tribute to Tupac Shakur and The Notorious B.I.G. by their mothers, Afeni Shakur and Voletta Wallace. You also had a stunning, utterly gay moment in the form of a drag tribute to Madonna’s career. One by one, drag queens toasted her most famous looks: the “Like a Virgin” wedding dress, the “Open Your Heart” cabaret look, the goth “Frozen” gown. Finally Madonna herself came out, patrolled the phalanx of queens, and declared, “All I have to say is it takes a real man to fill my shoes.” Extra special props to the queen in the “Bedtime Story” gear who absolutely annihilated that runway.

Madonna on stage with Drag Queens at the 1999 MTV Video Music Awards at Lincoln Center in New York.
Frank Micelotta/ImageDirect
Madonna on stage with Drag Queens at the 1999 MTV Video Music Awards at Lincoln Center in New York.
Full article at Billboard
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Who’s That Girl (single) discography online – 27 (rare) pressings!

Next in the discography was the first single off the Who’s That Girl soundtrack, the title track!

Who’s That Girl became Madonna’s second number one single in Holland and was a huge hit all around, despite some finding it ‘too similar to La Isla Bonita’.

In the discography we have collected 27 various vinyl, CD and cassette pressings including this very rare German advance presskit!

Check it all out HERE

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Who’s That Girl soundtrack added to discography – 30 different pressings!

We have updated the discography with the original soundtrack to Who’s That Girl.

Even though Who’s That Girl is not a Madonna studio album, it contained four brand new tracks recorded for the film’s soundtrack and therefor belongs to Madonna’s official discography. Out of the four tracks three songs were released as singles, Who’s That Girl even became Madonna’s second number one single in The Netherlands!

In the discography we have collected 30 different pressings (vinyl, CD and cassette) from various countries, including a very rare Japanese advance sample cassette AND promotional cassette with different artwork (pictured).

Enjoy Who’s That Girl now

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Rebel Heart Tour DVD release details – plus menu

More details on the Rebel Heart Tour DVD from the British Board Of Film Classification:



RELEASE DATE 15/09/2017

BBFCINSIGHT strong language, sex references, drug references

GENRE(S) Documentary, Music

DIRECTOR(S) Nathan Rissman,Danny Tull,Steven Klein

CAST INCLUDES Madonna, Kevin Antunes, Kupono Aweau, Allauné Blegbo, Lil Buck, Derreck Bullock

CUT This work was passed uncut.


Year 2017
Distributor(s) Eagle Rock Entertainment
Classified date(s) 24/05/2017
Main language English
Submitted run time 138m 16s
BBFC reference AVV352048
Remarks 16:9

Components List

This work is made up of a number of separate components. Note that since February 2001 the BBFC has measured each component separately, but older works may not have the exact details, only a list of titles

More at
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Rebel Heart Tour Official 2017 Emmy ‘For Your Consideration’ Showtime DVD added

We have just added the official 2017 Emmy promo DVD containing the Showtime special of the Rebel Heart Tour to Videotheque and Rebel Heart Tour page (memorabilia).

This official promotional DVD has been sent out to Emmy voters as part of the Outstanding Special Class Program and is backed by the Zero Days documentary. The DVD comes in a large card slipcase and is the ‘Showtime’ cut (meaning the cut songs are still cut), throughout you’ll sometimes see ‘Property of Showtime’ appear on your screen. The matrix on the back of the DVD reads ‘#25388 Zero/Madonna Showtime 2017 Emmy Mailer’.

These are authorized and official, they were sent to garner VOTES from Emmy Voters. It is removed from a heavy set of unrelated DVDs.

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America’s Wealthiest Female Musicians 2017 – Madonna at #1

SYDNEY, AUSTRALIA - MARCH 19:  Madonna performs her 'Rebel Heart' Tour at Allphones Arena on March 19, 2016 in Sydney, Australia.  (Photo by Zak Kaczmarek/Getty Images)

SYDNEY, AUSTRALIA – MARCH 19: Madonna performs her ‘Rebel Heart’ Tour at Allphones Arena on March 19, 2016 in Sydney, Australia. (Photo by Zak Kaczmarek/Getty Images)

1. Madonna ($580 million)

Her Rebel Heart tour, which ended in March 2016, grossed $170 million. She also cashes in on clothing and perfume. A savvy spender, Madonna has scooped up New York real estate and fine art–reportedly including works by Picasso and Man Ray–as well as a stake in Jay Z’s Tidal streaming service.

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What can we say? She’s the Queen of Pop.

The inimitable Madonna has entertained the globe for well over 30 years and counting with myriad hit singles from “Everybody” to “Living for Love,” dozens of unforgettable looks, iconic performances and acclaimed world tours that have rightfully earned her the title of highest-grossing female touring artist in Billboard history.

While the “Like A Prayer” legend has always made headlines for controversy (and occasionally outrage), it’s easy to forget that, underneath all of the spectacle and sass, there’s a talented singing-and-dancing superstar who hungrily worked her way up from pennies in her pocket to pure pop royalty — and it all started with her incredibly emotive and distinct voice, from fronting bands in New York City to selling out arenas worldwide.

It’s no easy task, but we’ve amassed some of Madge’s greatest live performances as part of our ongoing Best Live Vocals series, from her earliest years stirring up controversy while writhing in a wedding dress on MTV all the way up to her stirring rendition of “La Vie En Rose” on the Rebel Heart Tour.

Read More: Madonna’s Best Live Vocals |

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