“Fighting Spirit” Is One Of Madonna’s Best Bonus Tracks

CREDIT: Warner Music When it comes to B-Sides and bonus tracks, Madonna is notoriously stingy. And when she does open the vault, it usually feels like she’s trolling. (I submit “Cyber-Raga” and “Up Down Suite” as exhibits A and B). There are still some gems to be found, however. “Has To Be,” the Ray Of Light bonus track, is exceedingly lovely, while “Super Pop” remains a guilty…


The Story of the Songs: MADONNA watch online

Watch the (fantastic) documentary The Story of The Songs: Madonna on RTL XL now HERE (or click below, it does require a membership). The documentary includes great high quality footage of early live performances as well as very interesting interviews regarding the earliest hits. 

A closer look at Madonna’s hip surgery

Madonna has recently posted a number of photos on Instagram of a large scar as she recovers from recent hip surgery. Last year she had to cancel numerous dates of her Madame X tour due to hip and knee issues. She has not revealed exactly what surgery she has had, but her posts earlier this…


The story behind ‘Santa Baby’

It wasn’t until 1987 when the song picked up steam again. That’s when A&M Records contacted Phil Springer and asked him for permission to record the song again. A&M Records wanted Madonna to record the song and give up her royalties to charity.  Springer liked the idea and he also agreed not to take any…