Madonna and Maluma perform at Billboard Music Awards – press images

AS VEGAS, NEVADA – MAY 01: Madonna and Maluma perform onstage during the 2019 Billboard Music Awards at MGM Grand Garden Arena on May 01, 2019 in Las Vegas, Nevada. (Photo by Kevin Winter/Getty Images for dcp)

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Watch: Madonna and Maluma bring incredible Medellin performance to Billboard Music Awards

Madonna promised to put on a spectacular performance at the Billboard Music Awards last night and she didn’t disappoint.

The Queen of Pop performed her new single Medellín live for the first time with Maluma. In typical Madonna style the performance was a huge production and she continues to set the bar high. Watch it below:

Performing alongside holograms of herself in her various Madame X guises, Madonna was joined by Maluma on an impressive set that saw them dancing in the street, in a bar and through the audience.


The performance came to an end with Madonna, Maluma and a series of dancers doing a conga line around a stage in the middle of the audience with the Madame X holograms around them.

Medellín is the first single from Madonna’s upcoming Madame X album, due for release on 14th June 2019. The song has been picking up widespread critical acclaim since its release and that live performance is sure to help it shoot up the charts.

Yesterday Maluma announced the release of his new album 11:11 on 17th May, which will feature a new collaboration with Madonna.

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Billboard Music Awards 2019: Madonna Talks Preparing for BBMAs Performance With Maluma and New Album ‘Madame X’

Madonna talked with Billboard’s Keith Caulfield behind the stage at the 2019 Billboard Music Awards on Wednesday (May 1), chatting about getting ready for her performance with Maluma, the way toward making her new album Madame X, and from where she drew the motivation for its title..

To get ready for their BBMAs performance of their collaborative song “Medellin,” Madonna disclosed to Billboard that she began practicing numerous months prior to nail down the innovation, the green screen personas, and the actual performance with Maluma.

She likewise opened up about how she united with Maluma in the first place, clarifying that “Medellin” was one of the first songs she had composed when she previously begun her new record, yet she set it aside for later when she started working with different musicians in Lisbon.

“I thought I need to sing with a man on this song cause it’s a song about desire and longing,” she said of listening to it when she returned to the song. “I liked the tone of his voice, so I asked him to be on it with me.”

“I had no idea how many songs I was gonna end up with,” she said of narrowing down the tracks on the album. “The record was born in Lisbon…originally, I’d worked with a lot of Portuguese musicians, and sang several songs in Portuguese, and then it kind of expanded to different countries, to Brazil, to Colombia, and then interspersed working with Mirwais, the French producer, so the song kind of, it’s really a global album.”

Whenever inquired as to whether the record is a concept album, seeing as she takes on various personas, for example, equestrian rider and teacher, she downplayed it..

Madonna additionally uncovered how she settled on the title, Madame X, clarifying that it was a name given to her when she was 19 years of age and first moved to New York City.

“A woman who I looked up to and admired [Martha Graham] gave me that name because she said she couldn’t recognize all my different personas because I kept changing the way I looked,” Madonna recounted. “That was in the beginning of my career when I didn’t think about who I should be or what I should be. I was experimenting. And so I felt like I had come full circle and gave the record that name, cause I’m in the same frame of mind.”

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BBMAs pictures

Mandatory Credit: Photo by Chris Pizzello/Invision/AP/REX/Shutterstock
Maluma,Madonna. Maluma as they perform “Medellin” at the Billboard Music Awards, at the MGM Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas
2019 Billboard Music Awards – Show, Las Vegas, USA – 01 May 2019

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Madonna (And Her Holograms) Wow the 2019 Billboard Music Awards Alongside Maluma

Things to Do In and Around Philly This Weekend: Dec. 7-9
Chris Pizzello/Invision/AP
Maluma, left, and Madonna perform “Medellin” at the Billboard Music Awards on Wednesday, May 1, 2019, at the MGM Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas.

What happens when the Queen of Pop joins forces with Latin music’s biggest star? You get a jaw-dropping performance worthy of its own special.

Madonna and Maluma showed up and showed out at the 2019 Billboard Music Awards. The two graced the stage and performed their new single, “Medelln,” which is straight off the 60-year-old icon’s forthcoming album, Madame X.

Similar to their over-the-top music video the two superstars pulled out all the stops for the star-studded ceremony with ornate ensembles, wildly audacious sets and more.

Viewers and audience members alike were in awe when several holograms of Madonna appeared onstage to perform with the duo.

Madonna performed at the Billboard Music Awards for the first time in over four years. The 25-year-old Colombian reggaeton singer held his own at his first-ever performance at the Billboard Music Award. Maluma discussed the opportunity to collab with Madonna while speaking with E!’s Jason Kennedy on the red carpet.

“It was crazy, I went to the VMAs,” he recalled of meeting Madonna. “I met her over there, then I was touring in Europe and in London she called me and she said she had a song for me called “Medelln.’ I’m from Medelln, Columbia and it’s crazy that she said that she wanted me to be part of the project.”

Earlier this month, while chatting on Apple Music’s Beats 1, Madonna said the Pretty Boy, Dirty Boy was “great to work with.” From their memorable performance tonight and their off-the-charts chemistry, it’s easy to see what the pop icon means.

“He’s one of the most easy going, open, warm, generous… doesn’t leave the studio until the work is done. Has great work ethic,” she said of the “Mala Mia” singer. “I adore him. Nothing but great things to say about him.”

For more updates on winners, performances and/or OMG moments, E! has you covered.

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Billboard Music Awards: Madonna Performs in Showstopping ‘Madame X’ Pirate Look

Kevin Winter/Getty Images for dcp
The 60-year-old pop star wore a flouncy black-and-white polka-dot and lace dress accessorized with a riding corp and her new signature glittery red “X” pirate eye patch.

At the Billboard Music Awards in Las Vegas on Wednesday, Madonna continued the kickoff of a new chapter in her career with her first live performance (alongside Colombian singer Maluma) of “Medellin,” from her forthcoming Madame X album, set to release on June 14.

No surprise that there were plenty of bells and whistles, including computer-generated images of herself in the chameleon-like range of styles from her new fashion-forward video of the first track from her 14th studio album that dropped last Wednesday at a world premiere hosted by MTV.

The Queen of Pop’s commanding new aesthetic is one part dominatrix and another part sultry pirate, complete with a riding crop, fishnet stocking and a signature eye patch.

Kevin Mazur/Getty Images for dcp

Stylist and i-D fashion editor Ib Kamara, with Eyob Yohannes on board as styling consultant, created the look that taps into Madonna’s alter-ego “Madame X,” a name given to her at age 19 by Martha Graham of the famed contemporary dance studio in New York.

Graham was known for wearing gloves, and Madonna repeated them throughout her video, as she did at the BBMAs, donning black fishnet gloves with bold “M” and “X” rings worn over the top, paired with a flouncy black-and-white polka-dot and glittery black lace dress with a tie neck.

Front and center was her new trademark Madame X fashion accessory — a style-wise black leather pirate eye patch with a red X made of Swarovski crystals by Gregory Kara, who made a series of eye patches for the video and pre-drop interview (also in solid black, solid red, and white embellished with custom safety pins by Gareth Wrighton). There is also a branded version sold with her tour merchandise that lets fans tap imitate the trend.    

Madonna’s singing-and-dancing partner Maluma, styled by Julian Rios, coordinated in a sleek all-black button-front shirt with matching trousers paired with red suspenders and tasseled red arm bands.

Madonna and Maluma


All the Wow Fashion Moments in Madonna’s New “Medellin” Video

The Billboard Music Awards is produced by Dick Clark Productions — a division of Valence Media, the parent company of the Billboard-Hollywood Reporter Media Group.

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Watch Madonna’s $5M Billboard Awards Performance—Where She Danced With 4 Holograms of Herself


  • Madonna hit the stage at the 2019 Billboard Music Awards to perform “Medellín” with Maluma.
  • She brought four holographic versions of herself on stage for a minutes-long act that reportedly cost $5 million.

At the 2019 Billboard Music Awards, Madonna did what she does best: got everyone talking.

At the show, the 60-year-old singer took the stage to perform her brand-new single with Maluma, “Medellín,” off her upcoming album Madame X. As usual, the icon surprised fans by doing the unexpected.

During her performance—which reportedly cost $5 million—Madonna took inspiration from Colombia­—her new single is named after the country’s capital, after all—by bringing some Latin American flair to the live act. Specifically, the performance began by Madonna lying beneath a fake garden that eventually took her to various locations like a city square and, at one point, the clouds. Can we also take a trip to South America?

Embedded video


Embedded video

If that weren’t enough, Latin heartthrob Maluma danced alongside Madonna for his reggaetón-infused lyrics as four—yes, four—CGI and holographic versions of Madonna tapped their feet to the choreography next to the duo, making for the ultimate 2019 optical illusion.

Ahead of her performance, Madonna heavily teased fans with what to expect by posting rehearsal footage of their dance-heavy number.

Another historic Madonna live performance for the history? We’d certainly say so.

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Good heavens! Madonna will perform Like A Prayer at Eurovision in Tel Aviv

Life is no longer a mystery – Madonna will perform her chart-topping anthem Like A Prayer at this month’s Eurovision Song Contest in Israel, it has been revealed.

The queen of pop will also sing a song from her new album, Madame X, during the  grand finale on Saturday, 18 May.

Two days prior to that she will take to the stage during the event’s second semi-final for a highly-anticipated interview about her affection for Israel and the song contest.

Israel’s public broadcaster KAN confirmed last month that the 60-year-old icon will make an appearance on stage, with the expected $1million (£770,000) cost being met by Israeli-Canadian billionaire Sylvan Adams.

Her Eurovision gig will mark the fourth time Madonna has performed in the Holy Land, following on from shows in 1993, 2009 and 2012.

Madonna has also enjoyed personal trips to Israel previously, having become involved with Kabbalah following an introduction from her friend, Jewish actress Sandra Bernhard.

Netta Barzilai earned Israel its fourth win at the Eurovision Song Contest last year, meaning the 2019 grand finale will be held in Tel Aviv on May 18.

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Impressive Instant + Paradise discographies added (promo only)

While Madame X is taking up all of our time, we managed to find a few minutes to update our discography with the next promo only items.

Impressive Instant was unfortunately never a single, though it is speculated Madonna wanted it to be. She performed the track on her Drowned World Tour, Music promo tour and planned to include in the Sticky & Sweet Tour but was replaced with ‘Like a Prayer’.

Find the Impressive Instant discography HERE

Paradise (Not For Me) was included on Mirwais’ Production album and later on ‘Music’, we have included a Spanish promo sampler that includes the track in the ‘promo only’ section (tab)

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Madonna Launches the ‘Medellin Cha Cha Cha Challenge’: Watch

Madonna is feeling the cha cha cha and she wants all her fans to feel it as well.

The superstar has invited everyone to share their best cha cha cha steps on social media for what she’s dubbed the #medellinchallenge.

Madonna — amid rehearsals alongside Maluma for their performance at the 2019 Billboard Music Awards — announced the new challenge on Twitter on Monday night (April 29), posting a video of her dancing to her latest song “Medellin” with Maluma. The icon has also promised that she’ll be sharing the best videos.

Catch Madonna and Maluma’s performance at the 2019 BBMAs tomorrow (May 1), airing live on NBC at 8:00 p.m. EST.
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The ages of Madonna – the evolution of an icon

The queen of reinvention, you can picture what every great Madonna record looks like without even listening to it

Oh just seize me by the collar and cha-cha me into oblivion, Madonna! This month The Queen of Pop returned with the first taster of ‘Madame X’ – her first record in four years – and in short, it’s evidence that she’s bursting with fresh inspiration. Featuring the Colombian singer Maluma, and taking its name from his birth city of ‘Medellin’, Latin pop influence appears to be back for Madge – who moved permanently to the Portuguese capital of Lisbon last year. And while she might’ve been enjoying a few more trips on the city’s ancient trams in recent years (who am I kidding, she definitely has a chauffeur) this isn’t a brand new obsession. In truth, Madonna has been channelling this sort of thing since the days of ‘La Isla Bonita’ and her video for ‘Borderline’. Perhaps that’s why it stands out?

When it comes to Madonna, the word reinvention quickly comes to mind. Think about her path, and you think of the effortless way that she transforms herself; she’s a chameleon who shifted from ‘True Blue’s yearning Marilyn Monroe figure to the crotch-grabbing sinner of ‘Like A Prayer’. These days every pop star worth their salt approaches each album like a separate world with a distinct visual identity; it’s now very common to hear music fans referring to things like Ariana Grande’s ‘Sweetener’ phase or The 1975’s ‘Music for Cars’ era. This has been Madonna’s game since 1979.

Let’s be real, we’ve been waiting for Madonna to return with a strong new era for some time. Yes, ‘MDNA’ had a few underrated bangers in the mix (hiya ‘Easy Ride’) but it was also fragmented as albums go, and felt like a rushed production job; the album title bearing all the subtlety of a Stella-swigging lad asking if “anyone’s got Mandy’s number”. Though her 2015 follow-up ‘Rebel Heart’ was a far stronger record, it was also one of jarring halves that didn’t quite connect; torn somewhere between the music Madonna wanted to make, and the music that she perhaps felt she had to make.

Meanwhile, the entire visual identity of her forthcoming new album ‘Madame X’ feels like a deliberate throwback, in the sense that it nods to Madonna’s most sensational run of albums. From ‘Music’s campy cowboy look around the turn of the noughties, to ’Confessions on a Dance Floor’s high-cut neon leotards, the wedding dress of ‘Like A Virgin’ or ‘True Blue’s preened mop of glamorous platinum blonde, you can picture what every great Madonna record looks like without even listening to it.



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