Donna De Lory just released ‘Just a Dream’ a re-recording of the single that was originally planned for Madonna’s Like a Prayer album. The song has also been remixed and is now available digitally HERE.

In 1991 Madonna gave me this song to record. She wrote it for her Like a Prayer album but had too many songs already and I think she thought it sounded too much like “Till Death Do Us Part”. I am so grateful to her for supporting me with my own career as an artist. After so many years of the record company not putting my first album up digitally I decided to re arrange and record this song as I will be doing with other songs from my debut album. Thank you for all of your support over the years friends, I LOVE reading your comments! I hope you love this, this one is for you. Thank you Nick Spanos Photography for these beautiful images! Your art is a gift to this.