In 1990 Madonna launched her record-breaking Blond Ambition World Tour, which showcased the pop icon at the very peak of her fame. The entertainer hired video director Alek Keshishian to film concert footage, which would eventually become the documentary Truth or Dare. The doc chronicled Madonna on the road, behind the scenes and in bed with her Blond Ambition family of backup singers and dancers and is still considered groundbreaking for it’s candid, matter-of-fact depiction of the private lives of her seven dancers, six of whom were gay. Reveling in her role as equal parts den mother and provocateur, Truth or Darepresented Madonna as maternal and playful with her on the road family. Ahead of the film being shown tonight during L.A.’s Outfest as part of its Legacy Project, Queerty chatted with a number of people depicted in the the documentary.

Singer Donna De Lory was first introduced to Madonna by producer Patrick Leonard after Donna cut an early demo of the song, “Open Your Heart.” Donna would go on to sing background vocals on some of Madonna’s greatest hits and perform with her on six world tours over the course of two decades.

At age 26, Carlton Wilborn was the oldest of the dancers to be hired for the Blond Ambition Tour. Carlton gained Madonna’s trust early on and was responsible for lifting Madonna in many of the most physical performances. Carlton would would later perform with Madonna on her Girlie Show Tour.

Kevin Stea, just 20, was hired as dance captain and associate choreographer for the tour. Kevin has had a long and extremely successful career as a dancer working with everyone from Michael Jackson to Lady Gaga.

Luis Camacho was already well known in the drag ball world as part of the legendary House of Xtravaganza when he auditioned for the Blond Ambition Tour. With fellow House of Xtravaganza dancer Jose Gutierez, Luis would introduce voguing to mainstream audiences around the world.

Salim “Slam” Gauwloos began training as a dancer in his native Belgium, at the Ballet of Flanders in Antwerp. He was the Dick to Madonna’s Breathless during the Dick Tracy-inspired portion of the show. In 2015, Slam reunited with Blond Ambition dancer Jose Gutierez for a “Vogue” tribute video.

[Backup vocalist Niki Haris and dancers José Gutierrez and Oliver Crumes were unavailable and dancer Gabriel Trupin passed away in 1995. Alek Keshishian discussed the film here.]

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