Madonna started around the clock of 9pm last night but opened with ‘Vogue’, no ‘God Control’, ‘Dark Ballet’ and ‘Human Nature’.

She seemed to be enjoying herself and many people attending described the show as ‘impressive’. Her polaroid sold for 1700GBP. Early reports stated that Madonna was supposedly being mean to the beer bitch, but it was completely taken out of context. It was actually a very nice and funny conversation. The guy wore a Marlboro suit and she joked around with him about smoking being bad for you. 

She also asked the audience if they thought her Superbowl Halftime show was the best to date, to which the crowd responded with a ‘YES’.

So this was the second show to date to have five cut songs (God Control, Dark Ballet, Human Nature, Sodade & Crave), six actually if you count ‘Express Yourself’ 

Thanks to Hans for the photo