Saint Madonna of the Colosseum sang for all that is sinful (like her) Lisbon Review


Madonna does not need to win anyone, this is no longer objective. Already conquered fans are long before this tour, before this new album, before even knowing that both things were on their way. Madonna is the monarch who inspired all who followed her with ambitions to inherit a place in pop royalty. That’s why you do what you want: live the way you want it, the albums as you like, the tours you want them to. More than 30 years after tours of arenas and stadiums and other large estates, I saw her in small rooms, such as the Coliseu dos Recreios in Lisbon (“my second home”, confesses, for the thrill of a very local) to be able to receive the who adore her with all the perks of those who know and can welcome. Of course the tickets are expensive. It’s Madonna, bitches, there’s no going back.

No phones allowed in the room, no photos, videos, recordings, nothing. Photographer? Only the officer. Who wants to see her is there, on stage, among the fans. In a woman’s natural habitat, which actually has more habitats than can be counted on with the fingers of both hands. Madonna was all, plus what she is now and hadn’t been. It is said and shown on stage warrior, secret agent, semi-fadista at least in spirit, feminist, activist, politician, owner and boss of things in general, singer, guitarist, dancer, conversationalist and quasi humorist, Mrs. Madonna 61 years old. An age that for an ordinary mortal would never be enough to put so much together in the same place, in the same experience and in one voice.

The Madame X tour concerts take place in smaller venues, but what you see on stage is not minimalist, not a reduction in the artist’s performance ambitions. Quite the contrary. In the latest album, Madonna has sex and religion, change, technology, politics and how it all goes and is affecting everyone’s life. How does this ball become a smaller show? It does not transform. Because it is not necessarily smaller. Madonna has no way for such downgrades. The space is smaller than usual, but with more latitudes than normal for the limits in question.

“I didn’t want screens separating us”
Before the concert started, there was the best there could be before a Madonna concert: more Madonna. With Gaspar Varela and Miroca Paris circling a few American classics, wrapped in fado and warm and other less traditional things, to warm up a room that was not sold out but was nearby. And it’s good to see how Madonna fans are such a big happy and in tune community, especially when there are no phones as a company before the party. It was watching them talking, cheering, shouting and singing, as people do with each other. Very pretty.

Still the cell phones, which were with their owners but in closed bags that were only opened again outside the Colosseum: as there were few watches on the wrist, hardly anyone saw the time. Here’s a vow that the concert started late, but that doesn’t matter either. It’s been two and a half hours, more thing less thing, and it’s this count that will stay in history.

The Circus Begins: James Baldwin’s words on the giant screen (and it was really big, the bastard). “This is your wake up call,” says Madonna. “God Control”, choreographed sound record in detail, is like watching a flesh-and-blood music video and it’s great. Party on stage, but the craziness of weapons and their dangers in the lyrics is no mistake, it is irony of the good. The audience at hand. It’s done, they no longer leave.

The night is almost like that, a mix of techno party and political and social messages. With the focus clearly pointed on the songs of the album Madame X, but with good hand in time to fit themes of other times. Not many, sure, but well crafted. “Human Nature” (huge song) shouts “express yourself, don’t repress yourself”, entitled to an included asparagus pin that will have left many thinking about limb flexibility after 60; “Vogue” as we always know it, remembering that it doesn’t matter if youre a boy or a girl; “Future”, Madonna’s version of the things that these days do the crossover R&B-hip-hop-trap-etc, accompanied by images that say “guys, if you’re not careful, this is all over and there’s no other world”. And the last one, “I Rise,” out of the center of the room, lost fans trying to figure out how they could touch the diva and others in ecstasy because they did it. Blessed be.

“I’m finally in a place where I don’t need to explain what fado is”
Portugal and Cape Verde appear in the middle of the night. Madonna, a born conversationalist, with a humorous timing, yes, tells the story of her landing in Paris, how she came because her son came to play for Benfica, but suddenly, “football, horseback riding in the Comporta, cod and Port wine ”did not reach him. Appears the only friend in town, tells her that this is not possible, leaves home, meets people, Celeste Rodrigues, Dino D’Santiago, put his ears on fado, in the warm, likes everything, likes everyone, starts working on a new album, shoots a kind of pop bimby what he listened to (which came to reggaeton) and now on stage thanks.

Sings a fado with Gaspar Varela (not a fado singer, but Madonna is singing the fado and that goes) and sings “Sodade” by Cesária Évora. Moment, by the way, was stolen by the same Dean who taught him how to sing the old Cize classic. The man D’Santiago and his amazing voice. If there is adjective to use, we agree. Too strong for Madonna to win. In the middle, the Batukadeiras, to play and sing “Batuka”. There is a lot of coolness right now from who knows how the industry works, like who says, “Look who I found out, I know, pay attention to me.” But Madonna genuinely likes what she achieved with this cross reference. Of course you do. It is notorious, impossible to deny.

True, Madame X, the record, sounds like the great confusion, twists and turns in which the landscape is not all that seductive, from time to time seemingly lacking structure, an element that often makes the difference between great songs and others. But on stage, there is a framing that appears. There is still a lot of confusion, but suddenly it is chaos that makes sense. As if music had been created to allow this happening in these days at the Recreational Coliseum to come into the world. Not surprisingly so. Madonna knows how this works: showbiz, entertainment, life on stage, pop. Because, let’s face it, much of it was she who (re) invented it. Now make use of your toy as you wish. And this desire to never fail to create deserves a bow.

“My ego needs to be satisfied”
And bows had many. Enough. Madonna looks for them. You need them to live. “My ego needs to be satisfied,” he says at one point. He explains that he only knows a bad word in Portuguese, but repeats it whenever he can, aloud: “dude ** o”. A treat. “Don’t talk when I talk,” he warns, then say “I love you too” when someone shouts “I love you,” which happened throughout the night.

It is the politics of proximity at work, such intimacy that the artist herself explains was one of her wishes with this digression. He declaims political slogans and salutes the Portuguese for not having “a psychopath in power”. Take the children on stage, sing and dance, tell everyone that there is a leg that is not well, she limps, that’s what it is, that no one is scared. Make toasts with the bottles that make up the scene, the beer is hot, but so what? Every night there’s a unique polaroid with a portrait of you to sell. Got a thousand euros this Wednesday. Not bad. Money on the table, vivinho da silva. And she sits next to a German boy in a brassiere, just because, because this is his “Late Night,” a live show with a seasoned host. Talk show host with future, someone give you a chance.

In the end, Madonna comes to “Crave”, dancing to a mirror ball, and it seems obvious: even though she is ill on one leg, she is happy, serene, fulfilled, but always incomplete, which gives her a lot of time to do new and return to the old man who is timeless. Shoots with “Like a Prayer” from the album that in 2019 turned 30 years old. She is dressed as a preacher and occupies the place well. It has the whole gospel in the obligatory choir and a crowd of believers ready to witness any miracle. Saint Madonna and her sinners. There would still be encore with “I Rise,” but the profession of faith was already done. And there are six more of these in Lisbon.

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Madonna was among us (Lisbon Review)

A surprisingly intimate artistic experience for being the pop constellation. The queen’s restless, provocative, creative, and generous imagery was at large in the Recreational Coliseum. Queen of pop? From the world at large. Today it felt that way.

Madonna brought Madame X to Lisbon – the “place where she belongs”. The words are from the galactic singer who was inspired by the rich sounds of Lisbon to create the new album and the musical and visual spectacle that the alter ego Madame X personifies. Madame X unfolds into a series of identities and sips the world’s cultural diversity and then shares it. It is “a dancer, a teacher, a head of state, a housewife, an amazon, a prisoner, a student, a mother, a daughter, a nun, a singer, a saint, a prostitute and a secret agent.” They are women of strength of arms and thought who live in the “house of love” as Madonna calls it. Today they were all on stage.

The sum of the imaginations of the multiple identities, the excellence of the invited Lusophone musicians, a body of top dancers and the laid-back interaction between Madonna and the audience has resulted in a grand, magnetizing and sometimes almost immersive performance that may well lead the way. podium of the concerts of the year. The show of the new persona of the queen will snatch, warm, approach and drive Lisbon until the 23rd.

Madonna has been on stage with the two families who have been accompanying her in recent times. The usual one (the children Esther, Stella, Mercy James and David Banda) and the newest family she has met in Lisbon where she has lived since 2017. A handful of musicians – dear and close – shone with the North Star. American. Madonna’s gratitude for having the Portuguese Gaspar Varela (on the Portuguese guitar), Jessica Pina (on the trumpet) Carlos Mil-Homem (on percussion), Cape Verdean Miroca Paris (on the congas), the Orquestra das Batukadeiras de Lisboa and Dino D’Santiago next to the stage. “I waited so long to come to Lisbon to show what has inspired me,” he confided to us. Thanks to his muse Lisbon was recurring and reciprocated with the same honesty. Dino D’Santiago, the man who introduced the city’s musicians and sounds to Madonna, also thanked the queen for bringing Portuguese and Cape Verdean cultures to the hearts of the world.

Before we continue with tonight’s experience report, a more practical note. Once again, Madonna stepped ahead of the others. At the entrance of the Colosseum, the mobile phones had to be housed in a few woven bags (Yondr bags) that were only opened at the exit. Everything went well and surely there will be those who follow suit. No one cared about the requirement. In the middle of the show, Madonna, who spared no sense of intelligent and keen humor, still wondered if anyone was feeling bad about being without a mobile phone. A resounding “no” gave him the answer. Only a future memory will have a photographic record of the night. Madonna took a selfie and auctioned it off. Simple, effective and cost effective. Juan, who came from Spain, helped the people of Malawi by paying the singer a large sum for the relic. No one got hung up for not having a mobile phone. It was, indeed, a pleasure to rediscover what it is like to see a concert with only the senses absorbing every angle of what was going on on the stage. Madonna – 1. Technologies that only disturb the experience – 0.
So much has happened on the stage that it has taken practically all the senses to absorb this closer encounter with Lady Madonna. The Michigan constellation has swapped big stadiums for halls and theaters to be closer to the public and … it was Madonna was among us. She walked down the aisle, always airy, seductive, and happy, sat in a chair in the audience, and flirted with a privileged being who took one of the golden seats in the front row.

The show was human, warm and intimate, but also theatrically and rigorously staged. Nothing could escape the transposition of Madonna’s imagined settlement onto the stage. Without stopping between the songs and the respective “scene changes”, the mind-blowing narrative Madonna wanted to tell was divided into four acts and a festive and colorful encore. We saw the artist of micro detail, but also a more humanized, grateful and confessional Madonna. An open-breasted Madonna who still dazzles with the heartbeat of music when played casually in bars or fado houses. The artist, who set the course for pop in the 1980s, was happy to share with us what she rediscovered at this stage of the journey.
Around ten o’clock in the evening, the colossal curtains opened to see the first drives of Madonna’s “crazy” and wonderful world. The X has given way to a seductive, blond figure wearing period clothes reminiscent of the Revolutionary War for Independence in the United States. Moving with her respectable authority, never enforced, the 61-year-old singer came on the scene singing ‘God Control’ from her latest album. “Art is here to prove that security is an illusion. Artists are here to disturb peace” were the first words to jump out of the show.

they were the first words to jump from spectacle to consciousness. The words of activist and poet James Baldwin were being “typed”, on the screen, compassionately. The artistic manifesto inaugurated the list of urgent subjects that startle the artist.

Madame X has the mission of stirring consciousness and getting them to dance right away. The sounds of gunfire and “security forces” invading the stage helped us realize that the focus was primarily on US domestic issues such as easy access to weapons and police violence. The struggle for women’s individuality, the battle for the rights of the LGBT community and the defense of freedom of individual expression were the other messages that the performer’s cultured and vindictive heart put on stage. ‘Express Yourself’, sung a capella with the help of the singer’s two daughters, Stella and Esther, and ‘Human Nature’, shared with Jessica Pina’s trumpet prowess and Miroca Paris’s organic rhythm on percussion, finished off the first act . ‘Vogue’, ‘I Don’t Search I Find’ and ‘American Life’ followed in alignment to compose the second.

In addition to this larger place of freedom, Madame X’s stunning and multicultural artistic experience has traveled elsewhere – from our warm Lisbon to Colombia – with a simple stop in Cape Verde’s rhythmic, solar purity. ‘Batuka’ had the joy of the Batukadeiras Orchestra, a group of Cape Verdean women who bring to life the traditional batuques of the African islands on the outskirts of Lisbon. Madonna accompanied them in singing and dancing with almost childlike happiness.

Madonna’s inspiration is obvious and concerns us. It is then in this “new Lisbon”, as sings the musician Dino D’Santiago invited by Madonna to take the stage. Together they shared a recreation of the lukewarm ‘Sodade’ celebrated by another queen, barefoot diva Cesária Évora and also an inspiration from Madonna. In addition to the hottest sounds in Africa, and other sounds in the world, what inspires Madonna is also the fado we have nailed to our chest. Madame X sang us one. ‘Fado Bargain’ was honored in the royal voice of the queen who wanted to pay tribute to this form of exclusive expression of the Portuguese people.

After being in a fado club, imagined by Madonna, or the leap we took to Colombian Medellin, we were still surprised by the introspective and moving interpretation of the ballad ‘Frozen’. At the piano, behind a giant screen, Madonna gave way to a hologram where a dancer was dancing. Graciously occupying the screen was the singer’s eldest daughter, Lourdes Maria, who, even at a distance, starred in one of the most emotional moments of Madame X’s show. Sharing the experience with her children showed us a frilly mother. Beautiful to behold.

‘Come Alive’, ‘Future’ and ‘Crave’ closed the sequence of themes for debuting on national soil. The ‘Like a Prayer’ prayer made the Colosseum a place of worship with everyone in the room with arms in the air and replicating the tics we recognize from the most synchronized gospel choirs.

The ending was with ‘I Rise’ and Madonna and the dancers leaving the room down the main corridor. The queen was close to us, giving us her vision of freedom. As Nina Simone would say, “Freedom is not being afraid.” Well, Madonna, once again, dared to be free. And being free returns the true peace we need.

Auto translated from Radio Comercial

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Madame X wraps up second night in Lisbon

So Madame X just wrapped up her second night in Lisbon and according to fans seemed to be feeling it a lot more than on the first night. She again brought back ‘Sodade’, sold her polaroid for 1000 EUR to a Spanish fan and chatted to a German fan who ended up being the beer bitch of the night. 

Dancers guided Madonna on the stairs during the dance songs, as she’s still not healed properly. David comes on towards the end of Medellin and guides M. Madonna’s still cracking the small penis joke. Unfortunately many fans tried to claim seats which weren’t theirs tonight, luckily security stepped in (and rightfully so).

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Madonna sold polaroid for € 5,000 to a Brazilian fan. “She was moved and cried remembering that it all started in Lisbon”

Madonna sold a polaroid for € 5,000 to a Brazilian admirer. The revelation was made by a spectator who attended the first show that the artist gave at the Coliseu dos Recreios. The singer who returns to the stage tonight for the second of eight performances in the capital, has been selling photographs of herself in every concert since the tour began, whenever the fan bids, which revert to solidarity projects, reach considerable values.

“She was moved and wept when she remembered that it all started in Lisbon,” said Rafael Augusto, the Brazilian DJ who runs Madonna Online, an informational site about the interpreter of “Erotica” and “Human nature”. In Portugal to see the singer live, she will take the opportunity to promote three parties where no other music will be heard, on January 17, 18 and 19 at Boteco do Massay, a nightclub located at Maria Luísa Holstein street in Lisbon.

Outside the setlist of the first show in Lisbon was “Faz gostoso”, the song originally recorded by Portuguese singer Blaya that Madonna re-duet with Brazilian performer Anitta for the album “Madame X”, the album the American artist composed and recorded on she lived in Portugal from 2017 to 2019. A Portuguese production company filmed the Madonna show, which counted down in Portuguese before taking the stage.

Auto translated from SAPO Lifestyle

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Madonna Concert review by Valter Hugo Mãe

Attending a Madonna concert in a room like the Coliseum dos Recreios gives us the impression of unprecedented intimacy. The space is small for one of the most famous women in the world. The air of having been chosen hangs, as if we were invited to meet the singer.

We notice each other obligatorily. Madonna decided that these would be free mobile phone concerts. At the entrance, the devices are placed in small opaque and inviolable bags. The audience is a crowd without its own light.

It was 21.55 hours when the curtain opened for the brave, political narrative that marks the construction of Madame X’s character, the singer’s alter ego that unfolds, as she says, between being a spy, mother, singer, ballerina, nun or prostitute. Madonna is more frontal than ever, and in her various dialogues with the public, it is clear that popularity is not unpunished and that it is urgent to defend freedom. Remember that the Portuguese had a dictator for “forty years”, we know well that freedom is a constant struggle that will never stop. It says that the artist exists to disturb. In the anecdote later you will ask what name a small penis man has. Shouting several hypotheses by the audience, she replies: “Trump”.

The new album is the essential body of the concert. There are few classics she recovers (including “Vogue”, “American Life”, “La Isla Bonita” or “Like a Prayer”). If the recipe for a good part of the songs is more or less the expected (dancers, lots of light, giving everything with a foot injury), it is when you go through the experience of life in Lisbon that the night becomes special.

“Sodade” with Dino

The presence of the Batukadeiras Orchestra, a moving female collective from Cape Verde, takes place on the theme “Batuka” and opens up a very unusual but particularly happy world music venue in Madonna’s work. Later, he will make Dino D “Santiago a sincere version of the” Sodade “theme popularized by Cesária Évora. It’s very amazing that Dino’s voice is singing the lukewarm.

Madonna speaks of the fascination with Portuguese national music, which claims to be “the most beautiful in the world”. Invites Gaspar Varela, great-grandson of Celeste Rodrigues, guitarist, and ventures in fado, even in Portuguese. Do it with grace, with sympathy. The scenery becomes a certain house of fado, where the mixing of various Latin sounds occurs.

Then there is a somewhat spiritual passage through the theme song “Frozen,” in which Madonna slips behind a big screen and the body of a dancer alludes to the song’s original video. Sensual, the dancer is Maria Lourdes, the oldest daughter of the singer. The audience reacts moved and respectful.

All her children were in the room. Esther, Stella and Mercy James danced right on stage, so did David Banda, accompanying his mother on a descent into the crowd.

In the end, Madonna went out singing and thanking the audience, passing the Colosseum entrance 4. As we got out, we still saw how the children already had the discreet car, waving briefly from the window to all those who were locked in the glass doors, waiting for the car to pull off to release us to the streets of Lisbon as well.

I think, as I expected, that more than just seeing Madonna we saw a little of what Portugal’s culture means: mestizo. Beautifully mixed race. Praised by the most famous countrywoman who came to us.

Auto translated from JN

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The first official images of Madonna’s concert


Cell phones in sealed pouches to prevent image capture and cameras at the door. With the rules set for Madonna’s concerts in Lisbon, the trio of official photos released this Tuesday by the producer of the shows.

In the images shared by Everything is New you can get an idea of the ambience of the Coliseu dos Recreios room, which hosted the first of eight concerts last Sunday, with the scene being true to the “Madame X”, the name of the tour. pop queen who then heads to London, where she will meet 11 dates.

photo: STUFISH

With the audience predictably standing, great was the expectation as to how some of the references that formed the latest album would be integrated and that have inspired the scene of this show, starting with the inclusion of the female group Cabo. -verdiano Batukadeiras, with whom he collaborated on this album. Meanwhile, and through her Instagram, Madonna has shared some moments of the last days in the Portuguese capital.

According to the alignment of the tour in the United States, Madonna’s show in Europe is now divided into four acts, the scenic production including the reinvention of a fairy house and the interpretation of “Fado Bargain” with the guitarist Gaspar Varela.

In addition to the young Portuguese guitarist, great-grandson of Celeste Rodrigues, whom Madonna admired before the album was completed, the tour also includes Portuguese trumpeter Jessica Pina, percussionists Carlos Mil-Homem and Miroca Paris. Note also to another Portuguese to join the entourage of the American singer, Ricardo Gomes, the private photographer of the star.

Auto translated from OBSERVADOR

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Celeste Rodrigues’s grandson who plays with Madonna (TV report tvi24)

This Sunday evening begins the series of eight concerts by Madonna at the Lisbon Coliseum. The American singer visited. On Thursday, the space where the European tour will begin Madame X. Madonna shared a video and several photos from the Colosseum visit. It was to check the last adjustments before the first concert, which happens tonight.

TVI spoke with some of the musicians who will participate in the concerts.

Click HERE to watch TV report (interview with band members)
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Madonna takes on a passion for fado and makes surprising confession “I love to eat cod and drink port wine”

In Portugal for eight concerts, the 61-year-old American singer implies that she will continue to live in Lisbon after the current tour and is never tired of praising Comporta, in Alentejo, where she likes to go horse riding.

Madonna took on a passion for fado at last night’s concert and made a surprising confession to (many) fans who have not missed the return of the artist after seven years of absence. In Portugal for eight shows, the 61-year-old American singer suggests that she will continue to live in Lisbon after the current tour, and throughout the night there were many compliments to the country she moved to in the last days of August 2017.

“I love to eat cod and drink port wine,” said the artist. “She even said that cod is her favorite dish. She said she loves Comporta and likes to go horseback riding,” Luís Faleiro Ferreira, one of the admirers who attended the first of eight, told Modern Life. Madonna’s performances in Portugal. The national song was also praised by the performer of “Vogue”. “Fado is just the most beautiful music in the world,” he said.

“She said she tried to explain, in the shows she gave in the USA, what fado was and now she was happy because, finally, in these concerts she didn’t have to do it because, in Portugal, everyone knows what it is”, reveals Luís Faleiro Ferreira . In the first concert of the tour “Madame X tour” in Lisbon, which you can (re) see next, Madonna also took the opportunity to honor the fado singer Celeste Rodrigues, great-grandmother of Portuguese guitarist Gaspar Varela, who accompanies her on the tour.

Shortly after moving to Portugal, Madonna had the opportunity to repeatedly hear Celeste Rodrigues, who died on August 1, 2018, sing. “Only the third time, she noticed me and we sang together. But it wasn’t a fado. It was an Elvis [Presley] song,” recalled the American artist who, shortly after, shared a video of the unusual moment on social networks. . “Can’t help falling in love” was the song of choice at the time.

After remembering this episode, Madonna sang an excerpt from the song in the chapel and called on stage Gaspar Varela to perform “Fado pechincha”, which Celeste Rodrigues also sang. “It was he who convinced me to sing this song,” assumed the interpreter of “Papa don’t preach,” “Like a prayer,” and “La isla bonita.” The audience reacted enthusiastically. “No need to get so excited,” interrupted the singer, who only started interacting with the audience after “God control ” Dark ballet “and” Human nature. “At the end of the song, foster daughters Estere, Stella and Mercy took the stage and joined Madonna.

“This section of the concert is all very interventionist. She revealed that one of the things that most reminds her daughters is that they should not take freedom for granted,” says Luís Faleiro Ferreira. “Then Madonna changes her clothes right on stage, behind a screen, while talking to the public and joking about the fact that people don’t have their cell phones [sealed in a sealed bag at the entrance to the Coliseum of Playtime],” he adds.

“Do you miss your phones? Do you miss posting photos on Instagram? Me too! But it’s so much better to look at your faces than your phones,” the artist said before singing “Vogue”, “I don’t search I find “and” Batuka “, the song she wrote after meeting the African-born singers who are part of the Lisbon Batukadeira Orchestra and accompany her on the international tour ending in Paris.

Auto translated from SAPO Lifestyle

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Madonna prohibits mobile phones during her concerts in Lisbon

Madonna prohibits mobile phones at the concerts of her new European tour, “Madame X Tour”, which has just started in Lisbon. The three-hour show at the Colosseum will last for eight nights in a row and will be the closest opportunity for Spanish fans as she will not perform in Madrid or Barcelona.

When the fans arrive at the gates of the emblematic stage of the Portuguese capital, they are surprised that they are handed a case to store the device, with the result that it is locked. The mobile remains at all times in the hands of its owner, but cannot be used. If for urgent reasons it should be turned on, then there is only the option of going to one of the areas indicated in the enclosure for this purpose.

The “queen of pop” wants to banish the usual stamp of hundreds of people more concerned with capturing images with the phone than following the performance. So she has made such determination decisively.

Madonna has preferred to start her tour of Europe in the city where she resides, since she has rented two consecutive properties in front of the Santa Catarina viewpoint. After premiering the “Madame X Tour” this Sunday, January 12, the evenings of days 14, 16, 18, 19, 21, 22 and 23 are ahead of her at the Lisbon Colosseum, before disembarking at the Palladium in London for 15 staging (January 27, 29 and 30, as well as 1, 2, 4, 5, 6, 8, 9, 11, 12, 13, 15 and 16 February) and at the Grand Rex in Paris to 14 other dates: 20, 22, 23, 25, 26, 27 and 29 February, in addition to 1, 3, 4, 7, 8, 10 and 11 March.

It is still possible to get a ticket to see the American singer in Lisbon, with a payment of between 75 and 400 euros, the only prices available.

The event is divided into four acts, with great prominence of the songs inspired by her Portuguese stay: «God control», «Dark ballet», «Killers who are partying», «Extreme Occident». But, of course, you could not miss several hits, like “Express yourself”, “Papa don’t preach”, “Vogue” or “Like a prayer”.

There is also a lack of versions of pieces that have marked the diva on those nights of the Alfama in which it was soaked in the essence of fado and the rhythms of the old Portuguese colonies, especially in Cape Verde and Brazil. That is why she reinterprets “Fado Pechincha”, by Isabel de Oliveira, or “Sodade”, the imperishable hymn of Cesária Évora. The scenery includes a recreation of the interior of a fado house, an aesthetic that he loves and that is very characteristic of the city where his adopted son David Banda plays in the lower categories of Benfica.

And no, she has not forgotten to summon several local guests, such as the child prodigy of the Portuguese guitar, Gaspar Varela (grandson of Amália Rodrigues’ grandson), the Batucadeiras Orchestra of Cape Verde or the emerging Miroca Paris, former collaborator of Cesária Évora presto to offer his own repertoire on January 17 at the Lisbon Capitol.

Auto translated from ABC

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TCM Big Screen Classics Presents: ‘A League of Their Own’ back in theaters!

With the ranks of professional baseball depleted by players going off to war, in 1943 minor leagues were closing down and it was feared the majors might do the same. Thus, was born the All-American Girls Professional Baseball League. Tom Hanks stars as washed-up ballplayer Jimmy Dugan, who is hired to coach a team of athletic and driven young women including Dottie Hinson (Geena Davis), the “baseball Dollie” with the Babe Ruth swing, her younger sister Kit Keller (Lori Petty), and teammates Mae Mordabito (Madonna) and Doris Murphy (Rosie O’Donnell). A League of Their Own is a comic look at the true story of these amazing young women who left their homes to become part of the league and revel in a skill they might once have been ashamed of and made history in the process.

Join the members of the All-American League (from cities near and far) at this special event includes exclusive insights from Turner Classic Movies.

April 26 – 27 – 29

Click HERE for tickets

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Madonna back in the Adamastor

Today, the American singer gives the first of eight concerts scheduled for the Coliseu dos Recreios in Lisbon.

Madonna landed in Lisbon this week and returned to the house near Largo de Adamastor, which, although the singer has gone on tour, is still leased to the American star. And this time, it’s literally back to work: starting tomorrow, the Madame X tour, the result of the self-titled album she released last year, starts her stage on European soil. The place chosen was precisely the same place where Madonna cooked Madame X – Lisbon.

Today, the singer then gives the first of eight concerts on Portuguese soil, all scheduled for the Coliseu dos Recreios. The 15-track album features collaborations with names such as Dino d’Santiago, Anitta or Gaspar Varela, Celeste Rodrigues’ young great-grandson guitarist, as well as some members of the Batukadeiras de Portugal Orchestra. Madame X is the result of a cultural melting pot in which Madonna says she emerged when, shortly before her 60th birthday, she moved to Lisbon, where she joins pop with Latin and African sounds as well as the fado tones she has been listening to. Alfama

The accompanying musicians on this tour have signed a confidentiality agreement, but SOL knows that Gaspar Varela will share the stage with the artist. Likely is also the presence of Dino´Santiago, who in Lisbon, judging by what was being shared by the artist on social networks, was a kind of musical cicerone of Madonna and a bridge of contact with Cape Verdean culture. It was even Dino who presented the project of the Batukadeiras Orchestra, which he sponsored in 2017, to the American singer.

Beyond the guests, possible is also an evocation to Celeste Rodrigues, for whom Madonna never hid the affection. In December 2017, during a Lisbon meeting, the two shared the interpretation of Elvis Presley’s Can’t Help Falling In Love and at the end of this month Celeste Rodrigues, who died in August 2018 at the age of 95, flew at the invitation of Madonna to New York, where she spent the year.

All at home

From what the SOL learned, Madonna spent the last few days surrounded by the whole family at Adamastor’s house, with the exception of her eldest daughter, Lourdes, 23. The house, where the singer moved from after having lived in Ramaquê Palace, on Rua das Janelas Verdes, is located on the same street where Portuguese banker Horta Osório also maintains a residence and is owned by a businessman from Lisbon and Porto at night. .

The troupe was also joined by 61-year-old artist Ahlamalik Williams’s latest boyfriend. The model, choreographer and dancer, born in April 1994, is 25 years old. The 36 years that separate them have been surpassed after working together on the international Rebel Heart Tour in 2015 and 2016. Williams is also part of the cast of Madame X and, as such, will go up with his girlfriend to the playground.

Auto translated from SOL

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