Madame X wraps up final show in Lisbon in boots and in good spirits

Madonna took to the stage for her final show in Lisbon at 23.10 local time last night and finished around 1.20am today.

Fans attending said the show was absolutely fantastic even though she cut ‘Crave’ again. Fans attending said the intro to the song had changed with black and white images from the God Control video where she’s at the typewriter.

She didn’t appear to be suffering a lot from her injuries or she was just being a really good actress, she even almost forgot to ask for a chair during the polaroid moment. She did address the injuries by saying she cosulted over 20 doctors and she needs to pay for her medical bills. 

She wore brown boots for ‘God Control’, black boots for ‘Like a Prayer’ and ‘I Rise’ and was barefoot during ‘Come Alive’ again.

Dino was there to join her for ‘Sodade’ again, her vocals were on point!

Let’s hope she makes it safely to London for the next dates.

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Would you pay £500 to see Madonna live? You should…

Would you pay £500 to see Madonna live? You should...

Gig tickets are expensive, but tickets to see Madonna? They’re extremely expensive. Seats for Her Madgesty’s upcoming residency at the London Palladium range from £140 to £500, while VIP packages will set you back more than £1,000. There’s no way that a pop show can be worth that price, right? I mean, we’re not all oligarchs: there can’t be many Londoners who can blithely spaff away half a grand on a night out. On top of that, when the tour launched in New York in September, there were complaints that Madonna left audiences waiting hours. She might be pop royalty, but that doesn’t mean you’re happy to miss the last tube.

The thing is, in this one instance, shelling out a large portion of your rent money for a ticket to a gig might actually be condonable. And before you accuse us of being 1 percenters with no grip on reality, let us justify that statement. Here’s why it’s definitely, DEFINITELY worth paying £500 to see Madonna…


1. It’s Madonna as you’ve never seen her before

The thrill of seeing a megastar in a small, 2,000-capacity venue is quite unlike any other gig-going experience and Madonna knows it. While info about the ins and outs of the ‘Madame X’ tour are fairly unknown, thanks to a mobile phone ban, we’ve heard talk that the ‘Like a Virgin’ singer engages with audiences like never before: telling jokes, stealing fans’ drinks, sitting on people’s knees and selling Polaroid selfies for a €1,000 donation to charity. It’s meant to be a brand new type of pop concert that blends theatre and variety with big-budget props and stage sets. It’s also one that could lead to surprises and one-off performances of forgotten hits, while providing an intimacy that rarely occurs between superstar musicians and their fans. Unless you’re Roman Abramovich’s son or something.

2. You get a lot of Madge for your wedge

While Madonna has been late for a number of the performances, it appears that the ‘Madame X’ show is nearly three hours long, which makes it quite unlike your usual 90-minute arena shebang. This is mucho Madge for your moolah. Plus, we have stricter licensing laws in UK for live music so she probably won’t be able to get away with that funny business here (hopefully).

3. It could be your last chance

While it’ll take more than ageing to stop Madonna, the 61-year-old Queen of Pop has previously said how tiring she finds extensive touring. That’s why the ‘Madame X’ tour consists entirely of theatre shows (albeit 86 of them). Still, with a number of cancellations due to injury, it’s not unfair to suggest that her touring schedule could slow down considerably after 2020. Don’t say we didn’t warn ya.

4. Her last album is great

With an act as hit-laden as Madonna, you’d be disappointed if she only performed songs from her latest record. And while the setlist is brimming with Madgebangers, there’s also plenty from recent album ‘Madame X’. Luckily it’s weird, innovative and brilliant. It’ll be thrilling to see how she brings the sultry ‘Medellin’ and the West African-inflected ‘Batuka’ to life. 

5. She’s performing some songs for the first time in years

Given that this is a different kind of show, Madonna has dived into her archive this time. After more than a decade of being absent from her live repertoire, ‘American Life’ and the majestic ‘Frozen’ appear to be getting their time in the spotlight again. There’s even an interlude to 1991’s ‘Rescue Me’. Don’t fret, though, you can expect ‘Like a Prayer’, ‘Vogue’ and a deluge of other hits, too.

6. Is it really that much money?

People routinely spend £1,000 on new phones. Likewise, dinner out in London with a bottle of wine (or two) can cost upward of £200. And let’s not pretend that the private members’ club you’re telling yourself is ‘totally worth it as it has a gym’ is anything other than a way to get over the fact that London’s wild property market has priced you out of ever owning anywhere more central than Zone 4. Does shelling out a few hundred quid for Madonna tickets seem that absurd? Absolutely, yes it does, but as she said: ‘People spend $300 on crazy things all the time, things like handbags. So work all year, scrape the money together, and come to my show. I’m worth it.’

7. …and to be fair, you don’t even need to spend £500

While most of the 15 night run is sold out, you can still snag handfuls of face-value tickets. There’s even some around the £250 mark, plus they’re legit: you don’t even need to buy them from some guy named Dave you’ve found on Gumtree, who may or may not steal all your money. If you do go, we only hope it ends up being a night to cherish.

Madonna plays the London Palladium on select dates from Mon Jan 27-Feb 16, with tickets available here. Check out our guide to the best gigs taking place in February

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Don’t cry for me Portugal – Injured Madonna cancels second show in Lisbon

LISBON (Reuters) – Pop legend Madonna has canceled another show in Portugal’s capital Lisbon, the city that inspired her newest album Madame X, as she struggles to cope with pain from “ongoing injuries”, her tour promoter said on Wednesday.

Promoter Everything Is New issued a statement on Facebook apologizing to fans and thanking them for the “well-wishes for Madonna’s recovery”.

“We sincerely regret the disappointment to fans due to the unforeseen and last-minute changes to the schedule,” it said.

Wednesday evening’s concert was the second show the star has canceled since kicking off her European tour in Lisbon on Jan. 12, where she has lived since mid-2017.

“Sorry I had to cancel tonight,” the 61-year-old wrote on Instagram after the first cancellation in Lisbon’s Coliseu dos Recreios venue on Sunday. “But I must listen to my body and rest!”

The star shared a video on Instagram on Tuesday where she is seen walking up a set of stairs with a walking stick. During the weekend, Madonna also shared a video of her taking post-show ice baths.

Madame X is the fourteenth studio album by the American singer and was inspired by her life in Portugal and the country’s culture and traditional music, including the melancholy musical form fado.

According to the promoter, Madonna’s final show of the initially scheduled eight in Lisbon on Thursday is expected to go on as scheduled.

The tour will then continue in London and Paris.

Reporting by Catarina Demony, Editing by Andrei Khalip and Nick Macfie
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Tonight’s Madame X show in Lisbon is cancelled

We regret to inform you that Madonna is unable to perform this evening due to pain from her ongoing injuries. Therefore the Madame X concert scheduled for tonight, January 22, at The Lisbon Coliseum is cancelled. The final Lisbon show tomorrow, Thursday, January 23rd is expected to go on as scheduled.

Refunds should be requested at the outlet where the ticket was bought from 24th january at 1pm. The tickets bought online (, and will be notified by e-mail. The Hotel Packages purchasers will be contacted by Event Travel.

We sincerely regret the disappointment to fans due to the unforeseen and last-minute changes to the schedule. We appreciate the well-wishes for Madonna’s recovery.

Everything is New

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Madame X wraps up 5th show in Lisbon but cuts ‘Crave’

Despite her injuries and cancelling the previous show, Madonna still made in on stage last night.

She seemed to be in good spirits and tried to perform the show as planned, she wore boots again and was barefoot for a song or two. She cut ‘Crave’ from the setlist, possibly upsetting the beer bitch Rita (Portuguese artist) who’d said she was looking forward to ‘Crave’. 

Madonna did mention her injuries but it wasn’t the dominating subject of the show as expected by fans.

Let’s cross our fingers that Madonna is able to complete the tour, with adjustments here and there.

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Madonna’s ‘Sorry’ discography online – 23 different pressings

While we’re very busy trying to update the site as much as possible regarding the current Madame X Tour, there’s still time to work on our discography.

Next up is Madonna’s second single off of ‘Confessions on a Dance Floor’ which was the fabulous ‘Sorry’. The music video to the song was a follow-up to ‘Hung Up’ and a lucky fan was even invited on set through an ICON competition (the one and only official Madonna fanclub).

The artwork to the single was actually a live shot taken by a fan during Madonna’s infamous G-A-Y gig in London back in November 2005. Madonna has only performed the track during her Confessions Tour in 2006.

For the discography we have collected 23 different pressings, check them out HERE

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Madonna cancels another ‘Madame X’ concert, citing medical reasons

In the latest setback to her current tour — which has been blighted by delays and cancellations — tickets holders who arrived at Sunday’s show in Lisbon, Portugal were greeted with a message informing them that it would not be going ahead.

Madonna had been scheduled to take the stage at the Coliseu theater at 8.30 p.m. Images shared on social media show concertgoers queuing outside the venue.
The 61-year-old superstar later told fans on Instagram that she was forced to cancel the show for medical reasons.
“Sorry I had to cancel tonight,” she told her 14.7 million followers Sunday night. “But I must listen to my body and rest!”
She added that “fingers crossed” she would be well enough to perform on Tuesday night.
Madonna is due to perform at the same venue on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday before heading to the London Palladium.
In a video posted to social media last week, she was shown wearing knee supports while rehearsing for an earlier show in Lisbon. “How an injured Madame X warms up for a show,” she wrote in the caption. “Very carefully.”
The mother-of-six has not disclosed the nature of her injury.
CNN has reached out to Madonna’s representatives for comment.
Madonna’s axed Lisbon date is not the tour’s first cancellation. The singer previously canceled dates in New York City, Los Angeles, Boston, Miami and Paris, citing production issues, injuries and scheduling limitations.
More at CNN
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Belgian super fans have theird third Madame X show cancelled in a row – (Belgian article with English translation)

Scroll down for English translation

Al meer dan 50 keer ging BV-kapper Jochen Vanhoudt samen met zijn partner kijken naar een concert van popster Madonna maar nu is het ongenoegen groot. Voor de derde keer op rij kan het koppel zijn tickets weggooien want Madonna cancelt show na show. “We hebben nog kaartjes voor Parijs maar we durven niet meer gaan”, klinkt het.

Belgische superfans zien al voor de derde keer op rij concert van Madonna in het water vallen: “Al 50 keer gaan kijken maar nu durven we niet meer”
Honderden stonden al in de rij toen het concert last minute afgelast werd FOTO: RR

“Het concert in Londen waar we tickets voor hadden en ook het vliegtuig en het hotel voor geboekt hadden, werd opnieuw gecanceld. Ook hier in Lissabon, we hebben een hele dag stress gehad maar we hoorden niets. We dachten dat het nog zou doorgaan, ondanks de pijn in de knie waar Madonna blijkbaar tijdens andere concerten op wees. We stonden al in de wachtrij aan de zaal, samen met honderden andere fans, toen de mededeling werd opgehangen dat de show gecanceld werd.”

Het koppel dat nog tickets heeft voor enkele Parijse concerten durft niets meer te boeken. “We hebben gewoon schrik om nog een thalys of hotel te boeken. Het ongenoegen onder de fans is echt aan het groeien. Sowieso is Madonna altijd te laat en start ze haar concerten rond 23 uur of middernacht. Tegenwoordig mag je dan je gsm niet meer bij de hand hebben want ze wil niet gefilmd worden. Dan sta je daar wel lang te wachten.”

“We hopen nu gewoon dat Madonna de hele tour annuleert, dat ze zich laat behandelen en dat ze daarna de tour herbegint.”

Jochen Vanhoudt has seen Madonna together with his partner in concert over 50 times, but now their joy of seeing her is gone. For the third time in a row the show they booked tickets for has been cancelled. “We still have tickets for Paris but we don’t dare traveling there anymore”. 

Jochen and his husband are huge fans, they’ve seen the diva over 50 times and always attend the opening shows of her tours. That’s what they planned this time. “We booked tickets for New York, plane, hotel and the show. Two weeks prior to the show we heard the date was cancelled. Our entire trip down the drain, so we chose not to got at all”, the couple tells us from Lisbon, where the planned Sunday night show was cancelled too.

Belgische superfans zien al voor de derde keer op rij concert van Madonna in het water vallen: “Al 50 keer gaan kijken maar nu durven we niet meer”
Hundred were queuing when the show was cancelled. PHOTO: RR


“The show we planned in London and had booked plane and hotel for was cancelled too. Same thing here in Lisbon, we were in stress all day long but heard nothing. We thought the show was a go despite the knee pain Madonna has been referring to. We were queuing in front of the venue, together with hundreds of other fans when the staff put up the cancellation notice.” 

The couple that still have tickets for a show in Paris are afraid to book any more trips or hotels. “We just don’t want to take the risk anymore of booking the Thalys or a hotel. The fans are getting fed up with this. Madonna is known for her lateness and starts her shows around 23.00 or close to midnight. Nowadays you also can’t take your phone with you because she doesn’t want to be filmed. Such a wait takes quite a long time.”

“We are hoping that Madonna will cancel the remaining dates, takes care of herself and will perform later once she’s ready.”


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Madame X Lisbon tonight cancelled – official statement by promoter

We regret to inform you that Madonna is unable to perform this evening. The Madame X concert scheduled for tonight, January 19 at the Lisbon at The Lisbon Coliseum is cancelled.Refunds should be requested at the outlet where the ticket was bought from 21st january at 1pm. The tickets bought online (, and will be notified by e-mail. The Hotel Packages purchasers will be contacted by Event Travel.We regret the disappointment to fans.

Everything is New

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Madame X wraps up fourth show in Lisbon – her best yet but obviously in pain

Madonna performed her best show in Lisbon of this tour to date last night. 

A doctor was seen entering the venue before Madonna started the show. The show started around 22.40. Sofia Boutella (actress and former M dancer) was the night’s beer bitch and was kept kind of short because they were interrupted by ‘Extreme Occident’. This time Madonna sat on a chair during the polaroid moment as she can’t be on her knees anymore. The polaroid camera didn’t work, so a dancer came back with a second camera. She once again removed the eye patch for the photo. She wore new shoes again and she wore no scarf during ‘Come Alive’.

She had a drink with Dino after ‘Saudade’, she took a port shot too. She appeared to be in a really good mood and even called the audience the good old nickname ‘motherfuckers’. They filmed Madonna making her way out of the theater during ‘I Rise’. She looked like she was enjoying the moment but at the same time happy for it to be over. 

On top of it all her vocals were very strong and fans called it the best show yet, despite her obviously being in pain and going against doctor’s orders.

Thanks to Fred and Dave

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Madame X in Lisbon January 16 – live report by Dave


The waiti is over!!
I will live 5 years shorter because of all the stress this tour gave me, but I finally witnessed the Madame X Tour (MXT) myself. It was worth waiting for, this experience is epic!

My husband and me arrived 1 day prior to the show. After dropping our stuff, we met up with Madonnaunderground member Fred and his man. Nice to have some drinks and talk about Madonna.

The next day, was the big day. First picked up 2 friends from Scotland, 1 of them is also a huge M fan. After a welcome drink we went to the Coliseu Dos Recreios to check out the theater and to take some photos. The rest of the day was spent sightseeing.

After a power nap it was time to get ready to go to the show. Due the heavy rain, we had a leakage in the apartment, and had to switch to another. Believe me, this is not something you want 3 hours before going to the venue. My stress level was sky high (also still afraid that M would cancel the show, nothing is sure with this tour).

We took a quick shower in the new apartment and went to the theater. We arrived just before 8pm. There was already a huge queue. A tour member was checking our seat send gave us the infamous collector’s MXT card with our seats written on it.

Sharp on time the doors opened at 08:30. Scanning tickets, locking your phone and security check went super fast. In the venue were had to take the stairs and at the end there was a merchandise stand. It took a very long time to buy some stuff because it was super busy. There’s another stand near the toilets, better go there!

Time for a drink at the bar, which was also the area where you could use your phone again. There were a lot of familiar faces at the bar. Great to see my Madonna family from around the world again.

Around 09:30pm we went to our seats. The theater is beautiful! Very weird and unbelievable to have a Madonna show in here.

At a certain point some bands members started to play some songs. Don’t know what time because my phone was locked again. After the set we got an audio announcement starting with “ladies and gentlemen, thank you for coming to the show. Due to technical issues…..
I almost got a heart attack, afraid of another cancellation! It appeared that it had rained inside the theater, but it was fixed. Because of that the showtime was delayed.

Around 11pm the lights went out and the show started. Wow, it was an emotional 2.5 hour roller coaster. Almost like a stadium show inside a theater but very intimate. The Madame X album fits very well in these kind of venues. Madonna was obviously injured. Something she mentioned also a few times during the show. But she gave us everything she had. She was in a very good mood and looked extremely happy to perform in Lisbon. She was very human and talked a lot. Because she’s dancing less than we’re a used to, her voice was stronger and better than ever!!

I won’t post any spoilers, that would be kind of impossible. There were so many highlights that I couldn’t choose anyway. This tour is special in many ways. Can’t wait to see Saturday’s show!

Dave Crombeen

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