Madame X shares beer with Alan Cumming in London

Madame X performed the shortened version of the show last night (as expected as it was the second night in a row) and started around 9.15.

The beer bitch moment was back and was shared with actor Alan Cumming, the polaroid sold for 1000GBP to a 12 year old kid. Once again she did not made her way into the audience to dance for ‘Medellin’. Audience absolutely loved the show and raved about her performance again.

Thanks to Brian Welsh

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Madonna wraps up another London show with Graham Norton as beer bitch

Madonna started a little before 9pm and perform the full show again (minus ‘Crave’ but we can all assume that one has been cut permanently).

She was in a happy mood again, but chose not to go into the crowd to dance with them during ‘Medellin’ again (first time that happened was on February 6). The beer bitch moment was back and Graham Norton was chosen to be the lucky one, he was moved to one of the seats a few rows nearer to the stage for the chat.

While Madonna was halfway making her exit during ‘I Rise’ through the audience, someone from the Royal Circle threw something down into the audience which startled a few people.

Many happy fans again saying it was an absolutely incredible show!

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Madonna praises Eminem on gun control with ‘The Sound of Silence’ cover

Madonna has paid tribute to Eminem‘s support for gun control during her latest London Palladium show.

The singer performed a stripped-back rendition of Simon & Garfunkel’s classic ‘The Sound of Silence’ – the track which is sampled on Eminem’s video for ‘Darkness’, released last month (January 17), which calls for tighter US gun control measures.

Madonna spoke between lines of the song to say ‘yes, gun control,’ and ended the brief performance by saying: “And that’s what you want to hear. Not guns. The sound of silence.” Watch the clip, posted on Twitter by the artist herself, below.

The tweet was captioned “Thank you @Eminem”. In the song ‘Darkness’, from last month’s (January 17) surprise album ‘Music To Be Murdered By’, Eminem raps from the point of view of a shooter targeting concertgoers from a hotel room.

The music video visualises the scene, which is a reference to the 2017 Las Vegas shooter who killed more than 50 people attending the Route 91 Harvest music festival.

Although Madonna praised the rapper for addressing gun control, many of her fans were quick to remind her that Eminem also attracted criticism for ‘Unaccommodating’ from the same album – which features a controversial reference to the Manchester Arena attack in 2017.

I’m contemplating yelling ‘Bombs away’ on the game/Like I’m outside of an Ariana Grande concert waiting,” he raps on the track.

In response, some fans noted that, despite the insensitive line, Eminem did take to social media to offer support immediately following news of the terrorist incident.

On Wednesday (February 5), Madonna accused the London Palladium of trying to “censor” her after claiming the theatre pulled the curtain down when she went beyond her curfew.

The Queen of Pop spoke out after the latest performance of her Madame X residency was seemingly cut off for running over the allotted 11pm end time.

A spokesperson for LW Theatres, however, has refuted her claims. “Contrary to a number of reports, at no point during last night’s performance did staff at The London Palladium pull down, or attempt to pull down, the Iron Fire Curtain,” they said in a statement issued to NME.

More at NME

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Madonna in full meltdown: a moment to be cherished

Madonna’s Madame X era is the gift that keeps on giving. On Wednesday night, her residency at the London Palladium descended into the kind of chaos that turned it into one of those gigs you can only have dreamed of being at, like Bob Dylan at the Newport Folk Festival or the Sex Pistols at Manchester’s Lesser Free Trade Hall.

Madonna ran over the theatre’s curfew by a few minutes, so the venue turned on the lights and closed the curtain. She then uploaded a video of it to Instagram, with a caption that began: “Artists are here to disturb the peace” and ended with: “Power to the people!” You can hear her protesting: “Fuck you motherfuckers! Censorship, censorship, motherfuckers censorship.” If that doesn’t open her next album, I’ll eat my eyepatch.

I love it when it all goes wrong. I bet the audience was thrilled that they had that ticket for that night. Some of the most memorable shows I’ve ever seen have had an element of upset. I remember the Gossip, playing upstairs at a tiny pub, many years ago, having the same issue as Madonna: they overran and the sound was cut. Beth Ditto came to the front of the stage and sang, a cappella, in pure defiance, a song called (Take Back) the Revolution. I’ve seen thousands of shows and that remains one of the very best.

You can’t contrive it, either. I saw a play a couple of years ago in which the lead actors appeared to corpse, and it was genuinely delightful, until we realised days later that it was not genuine. We thought we were witnessing something fresh, off-script, spontaneous.

Full article at The Guardian

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Like a Prayer Anniversary edition still on?

Space 1999 is listing all of the rumoured upcoming ‘Like a Prayer’ special anniversary editions:

  • Super Deuxe – Release: 07/03/2020 Label: Warner Unit: 4 Format: CD EAN: 0603497849680
  • 1 LP Picture Disc – Release: 07/03/2020 Label: Warner Unit: 1 Format: LP EAN: 0603497849727
  • 1 LP – Release: 07/03/2020 Label: Warner Unit: 1 Format: LP EAN: 0603497849611
  • CD – Release: 07/03/2020 Label: Warner Unit: 1 Format: CD EAN: 0603497849703

More at SPACE 1999

Source: Madonna Discography

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Madame X slays again….without the wig, with a stopwatch and explains why show is cut

Madonna started the show with ‘Vogue’ as expected, cutting the first section of the show. She wasn’t wearing a wig and later asked the audience ‘wig or no wig?’ and decided to leave it off, no wig saves time.

Madonna explained to the crowd that because of her injuries she had to make a decision and that was to either cut songs or no show at all. You can expect that when Madonna performs two shows in a row, the second one will start with ‘Vogue’

She was in a very chatty mood and kept joking around. She was having fun on stage but kept referring to the curfew and the iron curtain. It was quite obvious that she was upset with the theater’s ‘stopwatch’ as she called it. Because of this ‘stopwatch’ she told the audience she would be shortening her storytelling. Her way of explaining how ‘Madame X’ came to be, was hysterical.

While finishing up the Fado song ‘Fado Pechincha’ with Gaspar she said that this particular song was dedicated to ‘the two people that just left’. She kept complaining about people leaving (for drinks or bathroom breaks) as she was ‘trying to put on a show’ and demanded that people kept the doors shut.

Polaroid sold for 2000USD to Arek, who she referred to as ‘the cheapskate from Poland’. She said she remembered his face, as he tried to buy the polaroid yesterday as well. But she was friendly and witty about it.

No beer bitch moment but a very intimate a-cappella ‘The Sound of Silence’ by Simon & Garfunkel. Magical. She didn’t get off the stage to dance with the audience during ‘Medellin’.

She made it on time and managed to sing ‘I Rise’ as it was meant to be performed. While fistbumping yours truly she made her way out of the theater.

Madame X just slayed again!

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Concert Madonna afgekapt (Dutch article)

Madonna was in het kader van haar Madame X-tournee in The Palladium in Londen, maar overschreed volgens het theater haar ’avondklok’. Dat weerhield de Queen of Pop er echter niet van om het laatste nummer alsnog ten gehore te brengen.

„Het was vijf minuten na onze eindtijd van elf uur. We moesten nog één liedje doen, maar The Palladium besloot om ons te censureren en het 9 ton zware gordijn te laten vallen”, schrijft Madonna donderdag bij een door haar gepubliceerde video op Instagram. „Gelukkig hielden ze het halverwege tegen en raakte niemand gewond. Heel veel dank aan het aanwezige publiek dat bleef zitten en ons nooit verliet”, aldus de zangeres.

In de clip is te zien hoe Madonna en haar ensemble van achter het gordijn weer terug het podium opkomen om haar laatste nummer I Rise op te voeren. De lichten in de zaal van het theater zijn inmiddels aan en de geluidsapparatuur uitgeschakeld, maar toch is het achtergebleven publiek enthousiast met de a-capella toegift.


Source: De Telegraaf

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Theatre Closes Curtain On Madonna Mid-Performance As Madame X Show Runs Late

The undeterred Queen of Pop then returned to the stage to finish her final song at the London Palladium.

Madonna is known for pulling out shocking stunts at her live shows, but during her London gig on Wednesday night, the Queen of Pop received a surprise of her own.

It’s pretty well-documented that Madge’s punctuality isn’t her strong point, with many shows on the US and European leg of her Madame X world tour kicking off long after the scheduled start time, and continuing until the wee small hours of the morning.

Now in the middle of a string of shows at the London Palladium, Madonna discovered the hard way that the theatre isn’t playing around with their strict curfew.

Fans at the first few Palladium gigs revealed Madonna had joked about being threatened with the “iron curtain” if her show went on too late – and on Wednesday night, they reportedly made good on their promise.

A number of fans in the audience reported that the curtain came down suddenly before Madonna had completed her final number. But undeterred, she came out and finished her final song, I Rise, acapella.

One tweeted after the show ended: “The Palladium put the house lights up and pulled the curtain down on her. She had a big row with them then came back out and carried on with no microphone.”

Because of her infamous no-phones rule, there’s no footage of the moment in question, although one fan was able to somehow sneak some video of Madonna and her dancers singing I Rise in front of the Palladium’s curtain…

Madonna has since shared her side of the story on Instagram, writing: “It was five minutes past our curfew —we had one more song to do and The Palladium decided to censor us by pulling [down] the metal fire curtain that weighs 9 tons.

“Fortunately they stopped it half way and no one was hurt… many Thanks to the entire Audience who did not move and never left us.”

She also posted footage of the moment in question.

HuffPost UK has contacted both the London Palladium and Madonna’s representatives for comment.

The Madame X tour received rave reviews when it arrived in London at the end of last month, but the world jaunt has been a difficult one for the singer, who has had to cancel multiple shows due to an undisclosed injury, believed to be affecting her knee and hip.

When performing two nights in a row, Madonna has even begun performing an abridged version of the show, taking out some of the more difficultly-choreographed numbers, including album cuts Dark Ballet and God Control.

She wrote on Instagram last week: “You all know i have multiple injuries and have had to cancel shows to give myself time to recover. So as not to surprise you i want to let you know ahead of time that I will be cancelling 2 shows- on Feb 4 and Feb 11th at the Palladium in London… because doing 3 shows in a row is too much on my body and in fact my doctors insist i take a day off after every show but i believe can manage if i do 2 shows then I rest!”

She continued: “Its a miracle i have gotten this far but a-lot has to do with the fact that i do 6 hours of re-hab every day. 3 hours before show and 3 after with multiple therapies.

“I have also switched to flat shoes and modified difficult parts of the show. This has helped enormously but i still need to be careful and of course rest is the best medicine.”

Madonna has six more shows scheduled at the London Palladium, ending on Sunday 16 February.


Source: HuffPost

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Dazzling and nonsensical in equal measure: Madonna at the London Palladium reviewed

You might have thought Madonna was not a singer but a professional footballer judging by the talk before she took to the stage at the Palladium last Wednesday night. She’d missed ten out of 93 appearances, and she’d been picking up the kind of niggling injuries — would her knees stand up to the strains of a long, hard season? How’s her hip? — associated with hard-running midfielders. Just as in the Premier League, there were gripes about ticket prices — go on Ticketmaster and they range from £69 to £511.50 (yes, there are tickets available throughout the run; you’ve got until 16 February to see her). The only thing missing was burly blokes in the crowd showering those around them with spittle as they bellowed, ‘Second ball, Madonna! Win the bloody second ball!’

In the event, she missed her London debut on the last Monday of January, and so what was meant to be the second night became the first. And you’ve never seen such a peculiar thing in your life: the Madame X show was dazzling and nonsensical in equal measure, an arena production crammed into a theatre, where half-baked politics and seaside-postcard bawdiness sat side by side (think of it as The End of Wigan Pier), and where every moment of brilliance, of which there were several, was then neutralised by momentum-sapping interludes as the stage was reset or Madonna interacted with the crowd (which didn’t work, because the fans she interacted with were plainly so gobsmacked at being allowed to address Her Majesty that they literally couldn’t think of anything to say).

The high points were so high, though. Her 1998 single ‘Frozen’ — a dark and strange and mysterious thing even as it was a smash hit — was slightly musically recast to dispense with the drum’n’bass-ish rhythms that now date it a little. On a translucent screen, her daughter Lourdes danced and writhed in giant form, mimicking the original video, while behind Madonna appeared wreathed in darkness, as if suspended in mid-air. It was an astounding staging for a quite brilliant song, and the link between mother and daughter gave it true emotional heft. Tracks from the slightly underwhelming Madame X album made up most of the show, and the best of them gained new life: ‘Crazy’, in which Madonna returned to her time-honoured theme of refusing to be anyone’s puppet — slapping away the hands of the male dancers trying to grope her — was dramatic and compelling.

But the very nature of the show exposed the weaknesses of the worst of them. I tend not to have sympathy for those who sneer at Emma Thompson, or whoever, for flying to climate protests — we’re all hypocrites in one way or another, as any law’n’order zealot who goes above 70 should accept. But there was something jarring about Madonna singing ‘Killers Who Are Partying’ to people who had paid 500 quid a ticket: ‘I will be poor, if the poor are humiliated/ And I’ll be a child, if the children are exploited.’ Maybe the solidarity would count for more if the poor could afford to get in?

You can expect to see more of this kind of show in the coming years, where the big star checks in to a small room for extended runs at bank account-emptying prices. Bruce Springsteen’s 236-show run on Broadway grossed $113 million across 2017 and 2018, and Madonna’s promoter, Arthur Fogel of Live Nation, told me last year, discussing the Madame X tour: ‘I think the Springsteen run has opened up people to that potential.’ Thirty-five years ago Madonna and Springsteen were sparring at the top of the charts. Now they’re inventing new ways for superstars to play live. And still making fortunes.


Source: The Spectator

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Madonna – The Day I Was There (Limited Edition Hardback)

Madonna – The Day I Was There features over 350 eyewitness accounts of seeing the ‘Queen of Pop’ live in concert, taking readers on a fan’s eye view through the career of one of the most charismatic, talented and much-loved artists in music. The book also features accounts from many people that worked with the singer including dancers, photographers and musicians.

Having sold more than 300 million records worldwide, Madonna is the best-selling female recording artist of all time and according to Billboard, the most successful solo artist in its Hot 100 chart history. Madonna is also the highest-grossing solo touring artist of all time.

This is a unique view of the Madonna story featuring a wealth of fascinating stories, memorabilia and photographs that have never been published before, making this book a unique portrait of one of the most influential musicians of the past four decades. From early shows in New York right through to the current Madame X Tour and everything in between.

The book also includes accounts from Peter Morse (lightning designer/director The Who’s That Girl World Tour, The Blond Ambition Tour, The Girlie Show Tour, The Drowned World Tour), Elizabeth Bergmann (dance professor at the University of Michigan), Norris W. Burroughs (friend of Madonna), George DuBose (photographer in 1981), Fred Tallaksen (choreographer Confessions Tour), Dawn Noel (dancer re-Invention Tour), Vadim Kolpakov (musician Sticky & Sweet Tour)
and Marcus Leatherdale (photographer with Martin Burgoyne).

About the author:

Dirk Timmerman who was born in Belgium was inspired by Madonna when he first saw the VHS of The Virgin Tour, where Madonna made the introduction ‘I went to New York, I had a dream. I worked really hard, and my dream came true’. This statement made such an impression on him that he also wanted to work in the international music industry, which he’s still doing to this day. For the past 35 years, he has become a Madonna musical archeologist and writer.

This special limited edition hardback is numbered from 1-500 and signed by the author.

We can also offer a personal dedication hand written in this book.

Hardback edition – 360 pages

Over 200 images

Publication date: 30 April 2020. Price: UK £24.99 US $32.00


Source: This Day In Music Books

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Madame X just performed one of her best shows ever

Madonna just completed another show at The Palladium in London and there are absolutely no words to express how utterly incredible she was.

Madonna started on time (around 9) and it was clear from the start that she was in very good spirits and absolutely mesmerizing. She opened with ‘God Control’ and performed the full first act.

The polaroid sold for 2000GBP. There was no beer bitch, but Madonna chose to sat down on the stage stairs and sing ‘Don’t Cry For Me Argentina’ as Andrew Lloyd Webber was present. It was absolutely magical.

Madonna’s voice was on point and there were no signs of her injuries troubling her.

When Madonna finished ‘Like a Prayer’ she spoke about ‘fucking censorship’. The theater was about to pull the plug on her due to the curfew.

What happened back in 2015 in Glasgow, is what happened again tonight at The Palladium. The theater turned on the lights and drew the curtain but Madonna and dancers powered through and still performed the final track ‘I Rise’ along with an over enthusiastic crowd.

It was absolutely magical.

No other words to describe how incredibly good she was.

Artists are here to disturb the peace indeed.

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