The 100 Greatest Music Video Artists Of All Time (Madonna #1)


Why She’s a Video Icon: Ascending to era-defining supremacy shortly after MTV itself, Madonna’s high-concept videos – which channeled old Hollywood while paving a provocative visual path into the future — were an integral part of her ever-changing image and the meticulous control she exercised around it.

The MTV Classic: The satirical “Material Girl” and controversial “Like a Prayer” are equally impactful, but the David Fincher-directed “Vogue” – with its life-affirming alchemy of old-school glamour, ball culture choreography and sumptuous cinematography – stands as her finest visual moment.

Worth YouTubing“Open Your Heart,” with its playful subversion of the male gaze via an art deco peep show, is an early and effective distillation of her endlessly analyzed, celebrated, vilified and imitated take on sexuality and ownership. — J. Lynch

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Dua Lipa – Levitating (The Blessed Madonna Remix) Lyrics

“Dua Lipa – Levitating (The Blessed Madonna Remix) Lyrics”

[Intro: Stuart Price & Dua Lipa]

[Verse 1: Dua Lipa & Madonna]
If you wanna run away with me, I know a galaxy
And I can take you for a ride (For a ride)
I had a premonition that we fell into a rhythm
Where the music don’t stop for life (For life)
Glitter in the sky, glitter in my eyes
Shining just the way I like (I like)
If you’re feeling like you need a little bit of company
You met me at the perfect time

[Pre-Chorus: Dua Lipa & Madonna, Madonna]
You want me, I want you, baby
My sugarboo, I’m levitating
The Milky Way is liberating
Yeah, yeah, yeah


[Chorus: Dua Lipa & Madonna, Madonna]
I got you, moonlight, you’re my starlight
I need you all night, come on, dance with me
I got you, moonlight, you’re my starlight (You’re the moonlight)
I need you all night, come on, dance with me (Come and dance with me)

[Verse 2: Madonna]
I believe that you’re for me, I feel it in our energy
I see it written in the stars
We can go wherever, so let’s do it now or never
Baby, nothing’s ever, ever too far
Glitter in the sky, glitter in our eyes
Shining just the way we are
I feel like we’re forever every time we get together
No, we’re never gonna be apart

[Pre-Chorus: Madonna with Dua Lipa]
You want me, I want you, baby
My sugarboo, I’m levitating
The Milky Way is liberating
Yeah, yeah, yeah

[Chorus: Dua Lipa & Madonna, Madonna]
I got you, moonlight, you’re my starlight
I need you all night, come on, dance with me (Baby, won’t you come and dance with me)
I got you, moonlight, you’re my starlight (You’re the moonlight)
I need you all night, come on, dance with me (Come on, dance with me)

[Post-Chorus: Dua Lipa & Madonna, Madonna]
You can fly away with me tonight
You can fly away with me tonight
Baby, let me take you for a ride (Baby, let me take you for a ride)
You can fly away with me tonight
You can fly away with me tonight
Baby, let me take you for a ride (Can’t stop it, baby)


Read all the lyrics at The West News

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Dua Lipa And The Blessed Madonna: Club Future Nostalgia – album review

Dua Lipa & The Blessed Madonna

Club Future Nostalgia

Warner Music


Available Friday 28th June



Whilst 2020 has undeniably been a terrible year for most of us it certainly seems to be Dua Lipa’s year! Having released her second album the chart topping ‘Future Nostalgia’ in March she is now following this with a remix album ‘Club Future Nostalgia’ less than six months later.

Future Nostalgia is a retro inspired disco pop album which was inspired by artists such as Kylie, Madonna, Gwen Stefani, Jamiroquai, Blondie and Olivia Newton John amongst others.

I am of an age where I fondly remember the great remix albums of the late 80’s and early 90’s by the likes of Chaka Khan, Janet Jackson, Madonna, Blondie and Diana Ross and as a huge fan of the ‘Future Nostalgia’ album I was very excited to learn of this project. Having now heard Club Future Nostalgia, I can honestly say it does not disappoint…

Club Future Nostalgia takes the original albums 11 tracks (some of which feature more than once) which have been remixed by a host of top remixers and producers such as Horse Meat Disco, Mark Ronson, Masters at Work and Mr Fingers and featuring collaborations and contributions from Madonna, BLACKPINK, Gwen Stefani, Missy Elliot, Jamiroquai and Neneh Cherry and more and adds 3 new tracks all skillfully and seamlessly mixed by The Blessed Madonna.

The album opens with an introduction from Dua Lipa welcoming us to Club Future Nostalgia before the fun starts. The remixed songs are all very different from the original album versions with retro sounds, scratches, beats, samples and guest vocals galore. The nonstop mix from The Blessed Madonna pulls the 17 different sounding tracks together and the album becomes a triumphant DJ set you that would hear in a club.

For me the highlights of this album are Boys Will Be Boys (Zach Witness Remix), Love Again (Horse Meat Disco Remix), the anthemic and euphoric new track Love Is Religion, Break My Heart/Cosmic Girl, Dua Lipa and Jamiroquai (Dimitri from Paris Edit) as well as the albums lead single Levitating featuring Madonna and Missy Elliott (The Blessed Madonna Remix).

Following the success of Future Nostalgia – which is in my opinion one of the albums of the year – this remix project is the perfect way to follow and compliment this. With each listen to Club Future Nostalgia you hear something new and different and whilst it is familiar and retro sounding it is also incredibly fresh and of the time and it has certainly had me up and dancing

Whilst clubs remain closed due to the global pandemic this album means you can create your own club in your lounge, kitchen, bedroom or wherever! To quote Dua herself “You are locked into Club Future Nostalgia” and I for one am happy for the key to be lost.


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Dua Lipa & The Blessed Madonna – ‘Club Future Nostalgia’ review: exciting and eclectic

The star ropes the producer in to rework her stellar Number One album. The result flits between modern pop, ’80s soul and floor-filling house

This summer Dua Lipa should have been celebrating the success of her hit-packed, UK Number One album ‘Future Nostalgia’ on the road. Arena dates across Europe were locked in, with the final victory lap being a handful of festival shows, including a trip down to Worthy Farm for Glastonbury. But we all know what happened next.

With this summer’s music calendar halted, how do you fill your time after releasing your critically acclaimed (five whole stars from NME) second album? Inspired by a fan’s Zoom dance parties soundtracked by the record, Lipa opted, she’s said, to “take the party up a notch” and secretly work on this remix project. She enlisted the help of American house and techno DJ The Blessed Madonna, and together they set about reimagining each song from the record (and a few extra) for the club.

‘Club Future Nostalgia’ is less of a remix album, and more of a lovingly crafted mixtape. In among reworking of songs from ‘Future Nostalgia’ are snippets and samples from pop classics (including Neneh Cherry’s ‘Buffalo Stance’ and Gwen Stefani’s ‘Hollaback Girl) and house and soul records.

The remixers and collaborators are genre-spanning and varied. On the one hand you have a glittering roll call of mega-stars that includes MadonnaGwen StefaniMissy Elliott and Mark Ronson; and on the other there’s exciting new talent in form of Yaeji and Jayda G. And they all rub shoulders with cult legends such as Detroit House hero Moodymann and Hot Chip‘s Joe Goddard.

‘Club Future Nostalgia’ is a pick-and-mix bag that flits between modern pop, ’80s soul and floor-filling house. There are moments of total euphoria – the jubilant opener from Joe Goddard, who adds his own twist onto title track with Hot Chip-style synths and Daft Punk-inspired whirrs, is the sound of a secret Glastonbury DJ set at 3am. Horse Meat Disco’s take on ‘Love Again’ is equally exhilarating, filled with strutting beats and funk-laced instrumentals. There are moments of icy coolness alongside this, too, as when Yaeji reimagines ‘Don’t Start Now’, fusing the bombastic pop with stonking trap and house, turning it into the sound of pranging out at a rave in the early hours of the morning.

There are also outings for several unreleased songs. ‘That Kind Of Woman’, which oozes early noughties disco à la Kylie, gets the remix treatment by Jacques Lu Cont (the moniker of English artist and DJ Stuart Price); and The Blessed Madonna’s version of ‘Love Is Religion’ is a pop-house belter with a singalong chorus.

High profile team-ups add some star power into the mix, but sometimes feel shoe-horned in for this purpose. While the recent The Blessed Madonna remix of ‘Levitating’, which features Madonna and Missy Elliott, is a fist-pumping call to the dance-floor, Mark Ronson’s squelching version of ‘Physical’, which includes guest vocals from Gwen Stefani, is lacklustre.

Largely, though, it’s an exciting and eclectic adaptation. It was a savvy decision to recruit The Blessed Madonna: the result is a collection exciting, genre-splicing remixes that you could genuinely imagine hearing in the club. It may not have been the album celebration Lipa was planning, but ‘Club Future Nostalgia’ feels like a party all the same.


Release date: August 28

Record label: Warner


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GCN’s very own Marlon celebrates the queen of pop Madonna

Madonna episode of Marlon radio show poster
After his strenuous success interviewing Gloria Estefan, Marlon says his adrenaline has not stopped. To this day he keeps saying “I can’t still believe I interviewed one of my idols”. He has, however, put that disbelief to good use by celebrating one of his other idols, Madonna.

Madonna’s birthday was on August 16 and prior to her big day, Marlon was working on his show “Happy Birthday Madonna”. He was nearly halfway through putting together the format to celebrate the Queen of Pop when he was contacted by Kevin Murnane about interviewing Gloria. So as you can imagine, he had to put everything on hold.

Marlon is a big fan of Madge. He knows most of her songs, knows about her life and has followed her career since he was living in Venezuela. He fondly remembers that when he came to Ireland he went to The George and that night they were celebrating Madonna’s birthday by playing her music for the entire night. He couldn’t believe it and he says he felt like he was in heaven. He danced and sweated the night away.

So he is now over the moon to be able to celebrate Madonna in his own way as part of The Power Of Dreams Show at Dublin South 93.9FM. When he pitched the idea to his producer, Marian Shanley, she immediately said yes as she is very well-aware of how crucial Madonna’s music is to the LGBT+ community and beyond.


You can tune in to The Power Of Dreams Show on Wednesday, September 2 at 12 noon on Dublin South 93.9 FM and there will be a repeat on Friday, September 5 also at 12 noon.

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When Madonna mania swept over Leeds Roundhay Park

When Madonna mania swept over Leeds Roundhay Park

It was the day Madonna mania swept over Leeds.

Madonna proved why she was the queen of pop when she took to the stage to open the European leg of her Who’s That Girl World Tour at Roundhay Park in August 1987. The Material Girl strutted her stuff to hits including True Blue, Papa Don’t Preach, La Isla Bonita and Into The Groove at a mammoth gig that was both provocative and raunchy. Enjoy these photos plucked from the YEP archive which are sure to bring back memories for the 73,000 fans who enjoyed the concert. READ MORE: The day Bruce Springsteen rocked Leeds Roundhay Park LOVE LEEDS? LOVE NOSTALGIA? Join Leeds Retro on facebook

1. Madonna at Roundhay Park

In the weeks before the event tension built to unbearable levels with tales of amazing ticket salesand refusals to allow her to fly at night from Leeds-Bradford airport and pleas from Mary Whitehouse for her to keep it clean.

Photo: Steve Riding

2. Madonna at Roundhay Park

And on the night, Madonna, then 29 and at the height of her fame, did not disappoint anyone – with the exception of Mary Whitehouse.

Photo: Steve Riding

Read full article at Yorkshire Evening Post

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Dua Lipa remix album ‘Club Future Nostalgia’ out this Friday

Out Friday 28th August, Club Future Nostalgia is a stellar collection of brand-new remixes and features from an incredible roll call of superstars, underground heroes and some of the world’s finest dance music talent.

Featuring remixers handpicked by The Blessed Madonna, the mixtape also includes classic house and pop samples woven into the mix. Marea Stamper aka The Blessed Madonna is a Kentucky-born, Chicago-adopted and now London-based DJ and producer who has become one of the most celebrated names in global club culture.

The album is an eclectic and euphoric mix of the past and present, a celebration of musical worlds coming together, with 90’s house blending seamlessly with 2020’s finest pop and remixers, a splash of 80’s soul and a few noughties musical gems added to the blend

Club Future Nostalgia features musical collaborations with Gwen Stefani, Madonna, Missy Elliott and BLACKPINK as well as remixes by the legendary Masters At Work, Godfather of house Larry Heard – aka Mr Fingers, Japanese superstar Gen Hoshino, multitalented artist/producer Mark Ronson, noughties remix king Jacques Lu Cont, Erykah Badu producer / collaborator Zach Witness, UK DJ/producer Midland, Horse Meat Disco – the touchstone for all things disco, Hot Chip and 2Bear’s Joe Goddard, queen of the underground Jayda G, DJ/remixer supreme Paul Woolford, Korean-American electronic star Yaeji and Detroit House Legend Moodymann.

The Blessed Madonna has used samples to thread together these remixes, mixing classic pop samples from the likes of Neneh Cherry, Gwen Stefani and Jamiroquai, plus phrases from iconic house, soul and disco records, by artists such as Robert Owens, The Art Of Noise, Cajmere, Gaz, Lyn Collins and Larry Heard.

“The last few months have been surreal. I’ve watched you all dance in your homes and on your Zoom parties to Future Nostalgia like you were in the club with me. It brought so much joy to my days spent at home, even though I would’ve much rather been playing these songs live for you all on the road,” Lipa said of the album.

“During this time, I decided to take the party up a notch with the incomparable The Blessed Madonna, who secretly helped me to craft the mixtape that would become “Club Future Nostalgia”. We invited some friends and legends to join in on the fun with us”.

Club Future Nostaglia is out on Friday 28th August.

Source: Media release

Out in Perth

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Van Artiest Tot Icoon (Artist To Icon) new Madonna documentary on Dutch TV

Tonight RTLZ showed a brand new updated (Madame X era included) Madonna documentary titled ‘Van Artiest Tot Icoon’ with various archive material and included interviews with: Carlton Wilborn, Maripol, Camille Barbone and Lucy O’Brien.

The documentary will be repeated this Monday on RTLZ at 23.30 local time.

When looking for repeated viewings, Madonna is the first episode of season 1.

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Happy 20th to ‘Music’

Can you believe it’s been 20 years since ‘Music’ was released? Do you remember how the song first leaked on Napster?

The music video premiered in Holland on Dutch music channel TMF and starred Ali G. Debi Mazar and Niki Haris. Madonna was pregnant with Rocco while she filmed the music video. 

‘Music’ became one of Madonna’s dance anthems and one of her greatest hits of all time.

Check out our ‘Music’ discography HERE and the album promo page HERE

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Jamaicans ecstatic about Madonna’s ‘irie’ birthday trip

(Jamaica Star) Pop legend Madonna is known for going all out on her annual birthday celebrations. This year, the Like A Virgin singer chose to mark the occasion in Jamaica. THE STAR understands that she has been staying at Hanover’s luxurious Tryall Club.

Since touching down on the island, Madonna has been sharing videos of the island festivities with her 15.5 million followers on Instagram. Videos of the superstar soaking up the ‘876’ culture have been flooding social media since the start of this week.

On Monday, when the first set of videos hit social media, Madonna was seen enjoying a percussion performance courtesy of a Rastafarian group.

Madonna and boyfriend

Madonna and her visiting group, which included her 26-year-old boyfriend, Ahlamalik Williams, also enjoyed a special performance from reggae artiste Jesse Royal.

In that video also, members of Madonna’s party were seen learning some of the island’s latest dance moves as they vibed to Ding Dong’s hit single, Gas.

The party continued on Tuesday when another set of videos hit the social media scene. In those clips, the singer continued to enjoy the best of dancehall as she was caught dancing to a slew of popular hits including Spice’s So Me Like It, Tony Matterhorn’s Goodaz Fi Dem, and Vybz Kartel’s Fever. Matterhorn and Spice re-posted clips of her dancing to their songs. Matterhorn’s post on his Instagram page said that only the best hits could get the Erotica hitmaker to ‘dash out’.

Spice’s post approved of Madonna’s song selection as she captioned the video with a famous line from the track. “Madonna is in Jamaica. Yes a so mi like it!,” her caption read. The videos have been flooded with comments from Jamaicans local and abroad, thanking the singer for choosing the island to host her 62nd birthday celebrations.

Some comments urged the pop singer to smoke as much marijuana as possible and indulge in as much rum as she can. And it seems she has been following those recommendations. Photos posted to her official Instagram page shows the singer with a ‘spliff’ in her mouth, holding a tray of marijuana and Lion Pride Rizzla. She has also been photographed enjoying cocktails.

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Will Madonna sign Jesse Royal?

Is Rastafari reggae singer Jesse Royal on American pop star Madonna’s radar?

That’s the question being asked after a video of the Modern Day Judas singer performing at Madonna’s birthday party held on the north coast surfaced on the weekend.

When asked to comment about the performance and whether there was a collaboration in the works, Jesse Royal declined the Jamaica Observer‘s request, citing he had signed a non-disclosure agreement.

Madonna, members of her family and friends have been in the island since last Thursday. Unconfirmed reports state they are staying at Tryall Club in Hanover.

On Sunday a party was held for the Material Girl to commemorate her 62nd birthday. Among those who performed was a local mento band as well as Jesse Royal.

In a video clip that has been making the rounds on social media, Jesse Royal was seen performing Sweet Sensation while Madonna and her alleged boyfriend, Ahlamalik Williams, danced to the song while singing some of the lyrics.

Sweet Sensation by Heavyweight Rockaz and Jesse Royal was produced by Notis Records. It was released on February 14.

It is understood that the single is to be included on the reggae singer’s forthcoming sophomore album, due for release later this year.

Madonna has been attracted to the Rastafari culture and reggae music for years. In the early 1990s she tried to sign singer Junior Reid to her Maverick Records label. Negotiations, however, fell through.

She later signed Seattle grunge band Candlebox and Canadian singer Alanis Morissette. Candlebox’s self-titled debut album went on to sell over 4 million copies while Morissette’s debut album, Jagged Little Pill sold more than 33 million copies worldwide.

Jamaican fusion singer Diana King was signed to Maverick Records in the early 2000s.

More at JamaicaObserver

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Give Me All Your Luvin’ discography online – 19 items

Give Me All Your Luvin’ Madonna’s first single with new label that kicked off Madonna’s new ‘MDNA’ era. The single was performed in Madonna’s infamous Superbowl Halftime show, then the best watched Halftime show ever.

Despite the track having Nicki Minaj and M.I.A. on it, the Superbowl Halftime show plus the announcement of the MDNA Tour, it failed to become the lead single hit we’d come to expect from a new Madonna album.

She performed the track in a spectacular way on her MDNA Tour. 

For the discography we have collected 19 different pressings of this release for you to view. This includes the very rare official Dutch promotional CD, the Korean compilation sampler in cardsleeve and the French limited editon promo.

Check it all out HERE

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Dua Lipa’s ‘Levitating’ is better with added Madonna and Missy Elliot


Dua Lipa’s Future Nostalgia has been one of the may great dance albums that have come out in 2020, and the singer has made her tune Levitating even better by releasing a new remix by DJ The Blessed Madonna which features additional vocals from Madonna and Missy Elliot.

The remix makes a great tunes even better, and it’s a distinctly different sound. Dua Lipa has commented on the collaboration saying working with the iconic artists was “mind blowing”.

“Madonna has been an artist that I’ve listened to my whole life. And I think just, I guess her career trajectory as well has been something so inspirational and the momentum that she’s kept and the way that she’s grown with her music. And I’ve always found that really, really inspiring and to get to work with the diva herself.” Dua Lipa said.

Speaking to Zane Lowe on Apple Music she said she was so excited when both Madonna and Missy Elliot agreed to be on the revamped track.

“It’s just such a mind-blowing experience. Being a fan of Missy’s for so long and then having her to be like, ‘Yeah, I love the song. I love the remix. I love the track. I feel inspired by it. I want to jump on it.’ I’m like, ‘Oh my God, this is so crazy.’

“I jumped on the phone with her and we had a little talk and she really just does stuff that she really believes in, so that I felt it was such a massive compliment for me, for her to be so inspired by the remix and the track, and to want to be a part of it and be a part of this mix tape. And it really is a dream come true. I still find it, just talking about it, I’m like, it doesn’t make sense.”

Take a listen. 

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Madonna celebrates 62nd birthday in Jamaica

The pop legend celebrates her 62nd birthday in the second city with family and friends. (Photos: via Instagram/@madonna)The pop legend celebrates her 62nd birthday in the second city with family and friends. (Photos: via Instagram/@madonna)

They say a Sunday well spent brings a week of content.

Well, for the Ciccone’s, particularly, birthday girl Madonna, the week is just starting to get better.

And, when you’re the unabashed queen of Pop, sharing that luxurious J’can vacation with the entire family is what haute living is all about.

Madonna, her alleged beau du jour Ahlamalik Williams, her six children, and some of her closest friends are currently enjoying a bit of Rock R&R in Montego Bay, St James.

Joining ‘Madge’ in the festivities was her deejay, songwriter, producer pal Diplo – who’s no stranger to the Rock – and her alleged ‘tour guide’, Baylie and McCall Olsen, vocal producer/engineer Lauren D’Elia, artist/entertainer Sasha Mallory, and her longtime dance pal Loic Mabanza, among others.

From an IGTv video shared to her Instagram account, the Material Girl singer ‘rediscovers’ Jamaica and showed her over 15m followers how to enjoy ‘Birthday Fun in Jamaica’.

B-day festivities kicked off with a performance from Reggae recording artiste Jesse Royal, and later a J’can birthday serenade from a local resort band.

The children: Lourdes Leon, Rocco Ritchie, Mercy James, David Banda, and her seven-year-old twins Estere and Stella Ciccone, partied with their mom and friends late into the evening, part of a weekend-long celebration, according to Page Six.

In April, the legendary pop star revealed she’d tested positive for coronavirus antibodies. And later revealed in May that seven weeks prior – in March – while on tour in Paris, she’d been sick while on tour.

However, on Sunday, Madonna and guests partied on the North Coast like there was no tomorrow.

More updates to come.

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