Madonna interview from SOUNDS January 21, 1984

Madonna was among the stars sharing the cover of SOUNDS magazine dated January 21, 1984. 

The magazine featured an interview with the rising star titled “Madonna Summer”

“Why does she think it’s taken her so long to make an impression on us dancebeat-hungry Brits? “Cos I’m a white girl singing R’n’b”, she retorts in typically direct and quickfire manner. “I don’t fit into any categories.”

Check out the cover and interview HERE

SOUNDS January 21, 1984 (UK)

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Sticky & Sweet Tour London July 4, 2009 photo gallery

Madonna surprised us all when she announced a second leg of her Sticky & Sweet Tour in 2009! Unfortunately it was also the year where Michael Jackson sadly passed away. When arriving in London to attend the opening night of the tour, there were shrines dedicated to the King of Pop everywhere.

Madonna started the show at precisely 9pm and she was on fire! There were subtle changes like a sidepart in her hair, a new jacket and a new backdrop video for “Candy Shop”. Madonna switched “Borderline” for “Dress You Up” and “Heartbeat” for “Holiday”. The show wouldn’t have been complete without a tribute to Michael Jackson, and surely there it was halfway through “Holiday”. The cheer that erupted from the crowd when a dancer rose from the stage as Michael Jackson sent chills down my spine. It was an incredible heartfelt moment. 

One of the greatest highlights of the night was a “Frozen” remix (way before Fireboy DML and Sickick) performed right after “Like a Prayer.”

Madonna was loving every minute of the show and she never lost her smile throughout the evening.

Check out 88 updated and enhanced photographs of the show HERE

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Marc Andrews goes deeper & deeper in ‘Madonna: Song by Song’

Author Marc Andrews and superfan argues that in a career full of blond ambition where controversy has consistently swirled around her, the music of Madonna has often been overshadowed, if not sorely overlooked.

Across fourteen albums, soundtracks and numerous greatest hits collections, the former Smash Hits writer and Madonna biographer explores the work of the undisputed Queen of Pop has released over eighty singles spanning five decades.

In this book, every released track from her back catalogue is examined in detail with new insights, revelations and information.

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Madonna: Song by Song by Marc Andrews (book press release)

How the greatest pop star of all time also wrote some of the biggest and best-loved hits of all time
• The first book to offer a comple te summary of Madonna’s 40-year recording history (1982-2022)
• Examines every single song in the Madonna back catalogue with over 250 individual entries
• Chronicles Madonna’s classic hits, albums, tracks and B-sides, plus music videos and remix information and insights
• Details Madonna’s essential demos, rarities, live tracks and additional recordings, plus a lavish 16-page colour section of her iconic album and single covers

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Madonna, The Beatles, Elton John among most popular artists of all time (Madonna #1)

Liberty Games analysed over 6,500 songs and chart records to reveal the most popular artists in history, and Madonna came in at number one

According to Liberty Games, Madonna is the most popular artist of all time. This isn’t just some daring statement made by an overly-enthusiastic Madonna mega fan though, this result was conceived from hard analysis. 

From analysing over 6,500 songs from the top 100 Billboard charts, starting from 1959 all the way to the present day, the games retailer produced a list ranking the most successful performers in history. Their popularity was ranked by how many times they appeared in the chart, with Madonna holding the highest amount on a total of 34 times.

Coming in at a close second was The Beatles, who made their mark on the Billboard chart on 30 occasions. In joint third place was Mariah Carey and Elton John with 26 appearances.


Original research available at Liberty Games

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Madonna & Fireboy DML Are Fire & Ice In New Sickick ‘Frozen’ Remix Video: Watch

Madonna is bringing back her 1998 hit “Frozen” thanks to a viral remix from Sickick, but Fireboy DML is surely bringing the heat in the new music video, which was released on Thursday (March 10).

The nearly three-minute video presents the chilling, smoky (and, at times, literally smoking) 63-year-old Queen of Pop as viewers directly meet her ice-cold gaze while her blue and black backdrop drastically shifts from stormy clouds to bolts of lightning. Later, Fireboy brings his namesake to life, with warmer hues igniting his bowed-down silhouette next to Madonna’s leg.

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Madonna is back…sort of

A reworking of Madonna’s classic “Frozen” by Sickick and Fireboy DML is currently climbing the Billboard charts.

Fireboy DML, Madonna, and Sickick

Stephen King once said, “Sooner or later, everything old is new again,” and while he wasn’t talking about Madonna’s hit singles at the time, his statement applies perfectly now.

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Who could play Madonna in Madge’s official biopic?

After news surfaced of the tough audition process, we take a look at the candidates for arguably the hardest job in Hollywood. Step forward Lady Gaga, Julia Garner, Alexa Demie and, obviously, the Material Girl herself.

What does it take to become Madonna?

According to a report by The Hollywood Reporter, a ​gruelling” months-long endurance test consisting of 11-hour days made up of choreography sessions, singing and script readings that have been described as a ​bootcamp”.

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Madonna bootcamp: singing, acting and 11-hour dance sessions – is anyone tough enough to take on the material girl?

Contenders in the running to play the star in a new biopic are facing gruelling training to land the part

Age: It’s been going on for months.

Appearance: Immersive course in singing like Madonna, dancing like Madonna and acting like Madonna.

What for? So that you can be exactly like Madonna.

Yes, but to what end? In order to play Madonna in a forthcoming biopic about Madonna.

This sounds amazing! It is definitely a huge role, in what is destined to be an immense project.

Who’s directing? Madonna, from a screenplay co-written by Madonna.

Read full article at The Guardian

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‘Madonna Fans Do It Better’ book review

Madonna Fans Do It Better by LeeAnn Tooker and Heather Turman is a FANthology about the one and only Queen of Pop. This collection of personal stories, artworks and comments by admirers of Madonna is a very entertaining read. We get to experience how Madonna has influenced and shaped the lives of a few fans through a collection of essays.

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There Is Only One Person Who Should Play Madonna in a Biopic

Madonna has been working on her upcoming biopic for some time now—and per The Hollywood Reporter, the project is now actively looking for the perfect person to play the “Like a Prayer” singer.

Many names have been dropped, and many of them are questionable. The most recent touted names are Sydney Sweeney and Barbie Ferreira from Euphoria—though this seems to be more because there is buzz around them right now rather than because they are right for the role. As for Julia Garner—sure, she can be an amazing actress, but people are too distracted by the fact that she has blonde curly hair like Madonna did that one time.

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