Win “Madame X” one-of-a-kind mega promotional photograph (Concerto collab)! 15th anniversary celebrations!

Continuing our 15th anniversary celebrations by presenting this next giveaway made possible by legendary record store Concerto in Amsterdam!

This one-of-a-kind mega promotional photograph of Madame X used for in-store promo and the releaseparty can be yours!

All you have to do is send your name and full address to: and mention “Concerto Madame X giveaway”, you have a week!

In the meantime check out for all your Madonna music purchases!

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Madonna, 62, looks extraordinarily youthful!

Madonna showcased her enviably youthful visage and fit physique in a slew of snapshots uploaded to Instagram on Wednesday

The 62-year-old pop megastar put on a sultry display in a pair of fishnet stockings and a colorful Gucci get-up during the first screening of her concert film Madame X.

‘I’m so Gucci……………screened Madame ❌ in a 500 seat theatre!! Only 12 people were there but it was so GREAT to see it on a big. screen!’ captioned Madonna, who boasts 15.8million Instagram followers.

Full article HERE

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Madonna Move To The Music documentary review

I was able to review the new documentary Madonna Move To The Music by EM Productions.

We have all seen a dozen or two documentaries on Madonna in the past decades, one more worth your time than the other. Move To The Music documents Madonna’s rise to stardom through file footage, press pictures, quotes, music video clips and interviews with music editors and journalists. A narrator tells Madonna’s story from her early days well up to the (still kind of) current Madame X era.

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“Like a Virgin” 23 (promotional) posters from the 80s added!

The “Like a Virgin” promotional campaign was massive and for collectors there’s a lot out there to hunt down.

As if there weren’t enough promotional adverts, let’s talk about the promotional posters and the variety in them! We have a total of 23 related (promotional) posters in our memorabilia section. They range from promotional posters from Japan, UK and the US to regular commercial posters.

Check them all out here

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Madonna shows no mercy in response to Instagram troll

That’s how you respond to a Karen.

In an Instagram post by Madonna where she advocates for gun control following multiple mass shootings across the United States, the 62-year-old pop star clapped back at a woman coincidentally named Karen.

“B***h I don’t have security or armed guards around me,” Madonna said in response to the comment claiming she had guns to protect her and her family. “Come see me and tell me to my face how not real the world is. I dare you.”

The comment quickly turned to racial issues regarding policing and the criminal justice system at large.

“The only criminals I see right now are the police who are paid to protect the people,” Madonna commented. “But the police are protected and the criminal justice system which is a joke because there is no justice if you are a person of color.”

Noticing the name of her troll, Madonna concluded her rant with, “Of course your name is Karen.”

Fans of the musician were elated to see Madonna’s response. One fan on Twitter wrote “Good job! The Queen of Pop a.k.a @Madonna.”

Even those who aren’t fans of the musical icon applauded Madonna’s response.

“At times I don’t like her, but @Madonna was on it,” the user tweeted.

It’s clear the negative political comments did not stop Madonna as the next day, she posted a three-minute CNN clip regarding the shooting of Daunte Wright in Minnesota.

More at NYDailynews

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Madonna: Move to the Music 2021 documentary – buy/rent now (link available)

Madonna: the Queen of Pop. Every tune, dance step and decision over four decades has shaped today’s contemporary musical landscape. Over a career that has lasted for decades, Madonna has ushered underground sounds and trends into the mainstream – she arrived at the dawn on the MTV music video era and utilised the medium to create a series of stylish, sexy clips that garnered her a reputation as a provocateur, whilst establishing the fledgling TV network as a hub for popular culture in the 1980s. Madonna is unstoppable, her impact on pop culture, undeniable, inspiring almost every other female act to come after her. Repeatedly re-inventing herself, she has changed the blueprint of how to be a successful woman in the music business in the process.

‪2021‬ – ‪Documentary‬ – ‪1 h 2 min‬ – English audio‬ – CC‬ – ‪Unrated‬

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Madonna covers Polo Lifestyles (Feb 2021) order your copy now!

Did you get your copy of Polo Lifestyles with Madonna on the cover yet?

This highly collectible magazine in limited print is available through their website. Madonna photographed by Steven Klein was featured on the cover of their February 2021 issue, it became their most-read, most-downloaded and most-sold issue yet.

Never underestimate the power of a Madonna cover!

If you want to add this magazine (which for sure will become highly sought-after) to your collection you can order it online HERE

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Madonna Drops $19.3 Million on The Weeknd’s Hidden Hills Estate

She’s back! After a dozen years hopping around between New York City, the Hamptons and Lisbon, Portugal, Madonna has decided to set down some multimillion-dollar roots in Los Angeles.

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Madonna on Saturday Night Live (1985) original press photograph

While we are adding more and more “Like a Virgin” era magazine articles every day (check out the press section daily not to miss anything), there’s also the occasional press photograph or other related memorabilia we come across.

Madonna hosted Saturday Night Live in November 1985, it was her first time on the show but certainly not her last. 

Take a look at this original press photograph of Madonna (as ‘Martika’) with Robert Downey Jr.

This has been added to the ‘memorabilia’ section of the “Like a Virgin” page, much more coming soon!

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The Girlie Show videography updated and restyled (17 items)

The Girlie Show – Live Down Under was released in 1994 after first airing on HBO (with some different camera angles). The Girlie Show was also professionally filmed in Fukuoka Japan but was never commercially released as the Australian recording was. The recording has yet to be released on blu-ray.

We have updated and restyled the videography page including a total of 17 items.

Check them all out HERE

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