MADAME X LOCATIONS (photo gallery) Dark Ballet + Batuka music videos

Team member Dave takes you on a photographic tour of the filming locations of Madame X music videos ‘Dark Ballet’ and ‘Batuka’ in Lisbon

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Madonna Uploads “Secret” Remix Package

Madonna has been unusually nostalgic in 2020. The Queen of Pop celebrated the 20th anniversary of “Music” by releasing a HD version of the video and has been rifling through old demos as research for her upcoming biopic. She now celebrates the 26th anniversary of Bedtime Stories by uploading an EP of “Secret” remixes. While there’s nothing new here, it is the first time we have been able to stream or even download some of them — which is exciting news for anyone without the CD single lying around.

It should also be noted that Madonna has promises to share a HD video of “Secret” in the coming days. Apart from rereleasing old hits, the enduring hitmaker has been making steady progress on her biopic, live streaming screenwriting sessions with Academy Award winner Diablo Cody. The sexy 62-year-old has also made a trip to In N Out (her box full of hamburgers quickly became a meme) and indulged in Halloween festivities with her children. Take a trip back to 1994 by streaming the “Secret” remixes below.


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EXCLUSIVE: Leon on Appearing in Madonna’s Controversial “Like a Prayer” Video

Leon spoke about appearing in Madonna’s controversial “Like a Prayer” video shortly after co-starring with Robin Givens in the ABC miniseries, “The Women of Brewster Place.” Leon initially turned Madonna down because he was more focused on studio films and didn’t receive details on what his role would be. But after his agent suggested he meet with the director because it could lead to more work, he became intrigued by the role and knew the song would be a hit. However, Leon was unaware that the video would become a major news story due to the controversial imagery of Madonna dancing in front of burning crosses. Despite the controversy, Leon spoke on how well the video relates to today by addressing interracial relationships and the policing of African Americans.

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Club Future Nostalgia Vinyl (Limited Edition) PRE-ORDER NOW

The limited edition 2LP and 2CD Club Future Nostalgia album will be released on November 27.

Includes 2 x 180g black vinyl and 2 x CD.

CD1 Club Future Nostalgia, CD2 Future Nostalgia. 




 Side A

1. Levitating (feat. Madonna and Missy Elliott) [The Blessed Madonna Remix]

2.  Cool (Jayda G Remix)

3.  Boys Will Be Boys (Zach Witness Remix)

4.  Hallucinate (Mr Fingers deep stripped mix)


Side B

5.  Physical (feat. Gwen Stefani) [Mark Ronson Remix]

6.  Pretty Please (Masters at Work Remix)

7.  Don’t Start Now (Yaeji Remix)

8.  That Kind Of Woman (Jacques Lu Cont Remix)

9.  Good In Bed (Gen Hoshino Remix) [Explicit]



Side C

10. Love Is Religion (The Blessed Madonna Remix)

11.  Future Nostalgia (Joe Goddard Remix)

12.  Love Again (Horse Meat Disco Remix)

13.  Hallucinate (Paul Woolford Remix) [Extended]


Side D

14.  Don’t Start Now (Kaytranada Remix)

15.  Break My Heart (Moodymann Remix)

16.  Good In Bed (Zach Witness Remix) [Explicit]

17.  Pretty Please (Midland Refix)


CD Disc 1: Future Nostalgia 

  1. Future Nostalgia
  2. Don’t Start Now
  3. Cool
  4. Physical
  5. Levitating
  6. Pretty Please
  7. Hallucinate
  8. Love Again
  9. Break My Heart
  10. Good In Bed
  11. Boys Will Be Boys
  12. Levitating ft DaBaby 

CD Disc 2: Club Future Nostalgia 

  1. Future Nostalgia -Joe Goddard Remix.
  2. Cool – Jayda G Remix.
  3. Good In Bed – Gen Hoshino Remix and Zach Witness Remix.
  4. Pretty Please – Midland Refix.
  5. Pretty Please – Masters At Work Remix. 
  6. Boys Will Be Boys – Zach Witness Remix. Sample: Lyn Collins – Think (About It)
  7. Love Again – Horse Meat Disco Remix.
  8. Break My Heart / Jamiroquai Cosmic Girl. Sample: Jamiroquai – Cosmic Girl (Dimitri From Paris Dubwize Remix)
  9. Levitating (feat. Madonna and Missy Elliott) – The Blessed Madonna Remix.
  10. Hallucinate – Mr Fingers deep stripped mix. 
  11. Hallucinate – Paul Woolford Extended Remix.  
  12. Love Is Religion – The Blessed Madonna Remix.
  13. Don’t Start Now – Yaeji Remix.
  14. Physical (feat. Gwen Stefani) – Mark Ronson Remix.
  15. Dua Lipa & BLACKPINK – Kiss and Make Up.
  16. That Kind Of Woman – Jacques Lu Cont Remix. Sample: Stevie Nicks – Stand Back Acapella 
  17. Break My Heart – Moodymann Remix.


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Madonna’s ‘You’ll See’ was released 25 years ago today

On this day 25 years ago Madonna released the stunning ballad ‘You’ll See’, the lead single off upcoming ‘Greatest Ballads’ compilation ‘Something To Remember’. The music video was an impressive follow-up to the already gorgeous ‘Take a Bow’ video. She performed the track at TOTP in London twice, once wearing a blue blouse and another take with black top. 

She did not perform the track live until her Drowned World Tour hit Philadelphia in 2001, and then continued to switch that track with ‘Gone’ throughout selected dates.

Check out our discography HERE


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Rob Lowe Says He Missed His Chance With Madonna

In the mid ‘80s someone invited Lowe to Madonna’s concert at the Universal Amphitheatre. In his book Love Life, he says she was considered the “hot new act” at the time, and she was dominating the airwaves. Lowe says he thought she was attractive, and he heard she was single, so he made sure to sit in the front row. The actor described her as “a revelation,” saying her performance in a wedding gown impressed him.

Much to Lowe’s surprise, Madonna invited him backstage. She wanted to meet him and get to know him better. When she asked what Lowe was working on, he told her about his hit movie St. Elmo’s Fire. He made sure she knew he was playing a “bad boy” character, and he says Madonna seemed to like that part.

The two kept in touch and went on a date at a dance club called the Palladium. Lowe says he met Madonna in the VIP section and began talking about sneaking away so they could have some time alone. At one point, she enthusiastically asked Lowe to dance. However, he declined because he didn’t want to get mobbed by fans. He told her he would wait for her until she was done dancing.

Lowe playfully told Madonna she was “crazy” for even thinking about dancing in a crowd packed with fans. That’s when the mood changed. Lowe says she turned to him and said she wasn’t crazy, she just wasn’t going to let success “f***up” her fun. He says Madonna left and “disappeared into her fans.”  

What happened after that night at the club

Lowe says he didn’t see Madonna again until 20 years later when they were both attending a London premiere. He missed his shot to spend alone time with the Material Girl. When he saw her again, he says they both had children and were married to other people.

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MDNA World Tour discography online – 27 items

Madonna’s MDNA World Tour was finally released on CD, blu-ray, DVD and Deluxe DVD+2CD set in September 2013. Unfortunately the release was plagued by a batch of poor copies. Menu’s didn’t work, grainy picture, pixelated picture or no picture at all. In fact there were so many complaints that the first batch was recalled by Universal Music and switched for new improved non-grainy copies with working menu’s.

There were also problems with the release date of the original first release. The Dutch release/launch party for the DVD wasn’t confirmed until the very day of the initial release. Earlier that day we received word from the record company that they couldn’t deliver the goods, so we had to call the event off leading to many disappointed fans. Cut to a few hours later when an email came through that the stuff WAS delivered after all. Another message was immediately posted online that the party WAS a go and all fans were welcome to join us at FAME Megastore in Amsterdam. Fans were scratching their heads…..what was going on?

The show also aired on Dutch BNN with absolute superior quality to the released product. 

For the discography we have added 27 different pressings. This list is nowhere near complete, unfortunately due to the many formats and editions we lost track (and interest) along the way. Besides the products there’s MDNA Tour video and audio and original press releases. 

Check it all out HERE

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Inside Maluma’s relationship with Madonna

Madonna is the type of artist and performer that needs no introduction. The Material Girl has been present for just about every trend in pop culture for nearly 40 years, producing chart-topping album after chart-topping album and hit single after hit single. Madonna has also worked with a huge swath of the music industry, collaborating with everyone from Prince and Justin Timberlake to Nicki Minaj and Chance the Rapper. On Madonna’s most recent album, Madame X, she’s added another name to that list: Maluma.

The Queen of Pop worked with the 26-year-old Colombian singer on her track “Medellín,” named for the city in which Maluma was born. The song features Madonna singing in Spanish with Maluma on the chorus, and a music video which sees the two artists getting married. While they may not be exactly married in real life, working with Madonna was a dream come true for Maluma.

According to an interview with Billboard, Maluma revealed that he first met Madonna in 2018 right before performing at the MTV Video Music Awards. After seeing him perform, Madonna reached out and asked him to collaborate on “Medellín.” Maluma also shared that he helped Madonna with some of the Spanish portions of the songs, explaining, “I taught her how to pronounce some words — I was trying to help her with the accent.” 

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