Club Future Nostalgia 2CD Bonus Edition added

The 2CD Bonus Edition (Germany and Japan) of Dua Lipa’s Future Nostalgia with Club Future Nostalgia has been added to its discography page HERE

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Should Have Been Bigger: Madonna’s “Human Nature”


In this franchise, we look back on songs that deserved a little more love and attention.

For a project that sold eight million copies around the world, Madonna’s Bedtime Stories still feels like one of the most underrated albums of the 1990s. Not only did it create the blueprint for the Pop Girl R&B crossover, it also contains some of the most experimental (“Bedtime Story”) and autobiographical songs in the living legend’s holy discography. “Human Nature” definitely falls into the latter category. In that it is a literal response to the backlash sparked by her Sex book and Erotica era.

“You wouldn’t let me say the words I longed to say, you didn’t want to see life through my eyes,” Madonna sings in the first verse over a sample of Main Source’s “What You Need.” “You tried to shove me back inside your narrow room and silence me with bitterness and lies.” Like so many times before and since, the Queen of Pop remained unapologetic on the chorus. “And I’m not sorry (I’m not sorry), it’s human nature (It’s human nature),” she purred. “I’m not your bitch, don’t hang your shit on me.” Take that, critics.

In addition to be a razor-sharp feminist manifesto, “Human Nature” also boasts one of the most influential video clips of the ’90s. Everyone from Rihanna to Christina Aguilera has pilfered ideas from Jean-Baptiste Mondino’s stunning, S&M-inspired visual. As usual, however, Madonna was a decade or two ahead of her time. “Human Nature” was not embraced by radio — surprise! — and the banger stalled at number 46 on the Billboard Hot 100. Revisit one of the enduring hitmaker’s most slept-on singles below.

Is this an underrated gem? Let us know below, or by hitting us up on Facebook and Twitter!


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Bitch I’m Madonna discography online – 7 items

The final ‘single’ from Madonna’s Rebel Heart album was the notorious ‘Bitch I’m Madonna’, a song she performed in spectacular way at The Tonight Show with Jimmy Felon. 

By this time selected tracks of the Rebel Heart abum had been sent to radio as ‘singles’ in various countries. It became unclear which song was a single in which country, but we will get more into later. 

Madonna filmed a video for Bitch I’m Madonna featuring many surprise guests and becoming her most viewed music video on YouTube. Universal Music NL decided not to release the song as a ‘single’ to Dutch radio, they opted to see first what it would do abroad. In the end it never was a single here so if you see any promotional CD’s for this track with the Dutch Universal Music design, they are all fake. 

For the collectors there was very little to collect as there was no commerical physical single released. A 10 track promotional EP was sent out to all partners by the record company. 

For the discography we managed to collect 7 (promo) pressings, including a ‘for your consideration’ sampler by DIPLO that includes the track.

Check it all out HERE

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Who’s That Girl Tour original press pack (WEA Records Holland)

We just managed to lay a hand on this original Dutch press pack to promote Madonna’s Who’s That Girl Tour in Rotterdam (1987). The press pack contains the following

  • WEA Records folder (advertises the first Dutch show on the front)
  • 3 x Dutch press pictures (2 different images)
  • Original Dutch announcement of Dutch Who’s That Girl Tour shows (persnieuws)
  • Dutch bio with latest Who’s That Girl film info
  • ‘Who’s That Girl revealed: Madonna’s U.S. Tour Dates announced’ original press release
  • stapled pack of various US articles and reviews (5 pages)
  • Copied Cosmopolitan (July 1987) article

The item has been added to our Who’s That Girl Tour and Who’s That Girl film page.

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I’m Going To Tell You A Secret London premiere 15 years ago today – a personal live report

Fifteen years ago I arrived in the early morning hours in a quiet London. This particular November had completely taken over my wallet and my budget was as low as it could be. No fancy train to London for me, nope I had to settle for the Eurolines bus instead. It was really all I could afford. I mean, November HAD been a crazy month thus far. From going to Mannheim to attend Wetten Dass to the Dutch Confessions on a Dance Floor release party, being interviewed on live Dutch TV show ‘Pulse’, to KOKO, Children in Need and G-A-Y in London. If you believe it or not, I still had to work a fulltime job in between Madonna events.

I had only been back for a few days at work when I received a call from Warner Bros offices in London inviting me to the UK premiere of Madonna’s I’m Going To Tell You A Secret film. I was expecting the call after we had been informed about it while waiting for our holy wristbands at KOKO earlier this month. The 200 fans who all queued up outside KOKO received the same call, so we had another Madonna event to look forward to. Looking back on November 2005 I can easily say it was the craziest Madonna-month ever, but probably also the most rewarding.

We took the bus to London late in the evening of November 28 and tried to make it through the next couple of hours. I wasn’t feeling well and thought I was coming down with the flu (when we still only had the common one.) I remember trying to sleep while on the bus, but failing. Seeing bended old ladies with baskets on the side of the road, while actually they were traffic signs. Told you I was coming down with something.

Completely beat we went to our hotel somewhere in Paddington. We got the key to our hotel room but upon entering we stumbled upon unmade beds, clothes and dirty laundry everywhere……the lady at the reception admitted she made a mistake and the room was actually already occupied. We got a new key to a new room and then made our way to Warner offices to pick up our ticket and wristband to tonight’s event. Inside the office they checked our passports with their guestlist and then we received our envelope with our name on it. Staff put the silver wristband on our arms, all the while I was hungrily gazing at the I’m Going To Tell You A Secret posters there.

We met up with friends at the Chelsea Cinema and yup we got to walk the red carpet. I do remember press taking our photo, out of sympathy perhaps. Fans were showing pictures they had taken at either KOKO or G-A-Y to each other and it was such a good feeling to kinda be ‘back home’ (at least that what it felt like.) Inside the cinema more of those glorious posters! When entering the cinema I was asked for my wristband and when the guy saw the silver colour, he directed me to the first three rows. Usually people wouldn’t be happy sitting in the very front rows while watching a movie, but when Madonna would be there, the first rows became the hot seats.

Our seats were decorated with a complimentary I’m Going To Tell You A Secret bag that included Fiji water, crisps and candy. I felt so spoiled, poor old bugger who couldn’t even afford a decent trip to London…..

Gwyneth Paltrow, Stella McCartney, Mel C, kaballah people…..there were a lot of people there, it was packed! A microphone was set up and….all behold the applause exploded because Madonna and Guy Ritchie had just entered the room. Guy Ritchie went up to his seat while Madonna was escorted down the stairs to her faithful followers. I was surprised by the outfit and not too sure if I liked it, it kinda fell flat on her figure. Madonna was joined by director Jonas Akerlund and she got ready to speech. We managed to film a bit of the speech (see video, sorry for the shaky hands) but she spoke of how many hours of film they shot, ending up telling several stories, what the movie was about and that the European title to Truth or Dare ‘In Bed With Madonna’ wasn’t her idea. Madonna was then escorted to her seat so she could watch the movie with us.

I can tell everyone now that I got to see a movie with Madonna y’all!

It was a great little speech and we were so excited to see the full film on a big screen. However in true Madonna style, the film started but had some audio issues. I could just feel her impatience radiating…….thankfully this was quickly fixed and from there we delved into the world of the Re-Invention Tour and kaballah. We laughed, cried, danced, sang along (sorry) and clapped until our hands were raw (not our sugar.) It was amazing seeing this film in full in a cinema with the star present in the same room as us. Amazing experience.


When the movie ended (we were treated to the longer version with the Israel bit in it) we gave a standing ovation while Madonna and Guy (Ritchie) exited the room. I was surprised that she actually had stayed for the entire film. Coughing my brains out I went back to Amsterdam the very next day. It was the end of our crazy Madonna month, thinking it would be a while before we would see her again. If only we’d known the insanely notorious Confessions Tour was upon us…..oh what a time!!

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Club Future Nostalgia limited edition vinyl is here! 14 images added

Club Future Nostalgia has finally been released on limited edition 2LP + 2CD by Warner Records. Initially Warner Records had no plans for a physical release of Club Future Nostalgia, but due to high demand we thankfully have a physical copy!

The set includes

  • 2 x 12″ Vinyl LP
  • Club Future Nostalgia CD
  • Future Nostalgia CD
  • 3 x photographic prints
  • credit sheet

Check out the full scans of the limited release HERE


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‘Ghosttown’ discography online – 9 items

Ghosttown was the second single from Madonna’s Rebel Heart album. 

The single received little airplay and unfortunately failed to become a commercial hit, completely undeserved for what surely is a very good track. Ghosttown did end up at the top position of Rolling Stone’s Reader’s Poll: The 10 Best Songs of 2015.

Madonna performed the track during the Rebel Heart promotional era in Le Grand Journal (France), Jonathan Ross (UK), Che Tempo Che Fa (Italy), iHeart Radio Awards with Taylor Swift and at The Ellen Show. She performed it on selected dates throughout her Rebel Heart Tour. 

For the discography we have 9 officially released pressings. Ghosttown was only ever commercially released on CD single in Europe (made in Germany) but there were a few promotional discs to collect (and the odd cardsleeve from Ukraine.)

Click HERE to check it out

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The 35 Best Videos of the Last 35 Years (Madonna #1)

20. Madonna – “Justify My Love”

The Queen of Pop once ranked “Justify My Love” the best video from her own sprawling catalog — and while we don’t completely agree (see below), it’s impossible not to consider this erotic slice of voyeurism. Within, director Jean-Baptiste Mondino wanders through the halls and bedrooms of a very accommodating hotel, documenting snippets of sexual encounters heavy on the BDSM. MTV banned the clip, which only gave the singer a publicity boost. Not that she needed it. – R.R.

1. Madonna – “Like a Prayer”   

Madonna made high art out of sacrilege with her notorious “Like a Prayer” video, a molotov cocktail of melodrama, racial commentary and religious symbolism. Director Mary Lambert would release a film version of Stephen King’s Pet Sematary a month later — but for both cola brands and conservative Christians, this was the true horror project. The rapidly edited scenes — including stigmata, bleeding eyes and the spiritual laying of hands — smashed taboos with madcap zest. “I wanted to speak about ecstasy and to show the relationship between sexual and religious ecstasy,” Lambert told Rolling Stone. “I think that subconsciously a lot of people understood this and were either enthralled or outraged by it.” Maybe even both. – R.R.

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Club Future Nostalgia 2CD + vinyl order links (Levitating Remix)

For the music collectors among us, Dua Lipa’s Club Future Nostalgia will also be released on a 2CD bundle with ‘Future Nostalgia’ on November 27.

If you haven’t ordered the limited edition vinyl of Club Future Nostalgia you can do so HERE

To order the 2CD bundle:

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Popparadijs Nederland book review (Dutch and English) + win a copy

Popparadijs Nederland is het nieuwste boek door Tom Steenbergen, gerealiseerd door Universal Music Books (for English scroll down.)

Popparadijs Nederland verteld uitermate fascinerende verhalen over hoe pop grootheden en muzikanten hun eerste stapjes in Nederland maakten naar wereldwijde rijkdom en bekendheid. Dat het kleine Nederland zoveel impact zou kunnen hebben in een wereldwijde muziekindustrie lijkt ongekend, maar dit boek leert je anders.

Wist je dat er voor David Bowie in 1967 niemand kwam opdagen om een interview af te nemen en dat uit frustratie maar een schoolkrant opgetrommeld werd? Wat dacht je van het feit dat The Beatles speelden in een veilinghal in Blokker en dat het podium gebouwd was van houten veilingkisten, evenals de zit tribunes? Bob Marley, Queen, Diana Ross, ABBA, Bruce Springsteen, Nirvana echt alles komt voorbij. De details van de bezoekjes, geïllustreerd met foto’s, namen en feitjes maken een feest van het (her)beleven van de gebeurtenis.

Madonna’s eerste bezoekje aan Nederland op 22 januari 1984 is er een voor de geschiedenisboeken. Een ster in opkomst in gezelschap van haar broer Christopher Ciccone en vriendin alsmede danseres Erika Belle, arriveert in een door sneeuw bedekt Nederland. Niemand minder dan Seymour Stein, de grote baas van Sire Records vraagt aan WEA Records dat ze goed voor Madonna moeten zorgen, ze is namelijk zijn absolute prioriteit. Madonna’s bezoekje aan Nederland verloopt met pieken en dalen. Naar aanleiding van de verstuurde persfoto’s toont vrijwel niemand interesse in haar. Ze neemt echter wel een interview op met Radio Decibel en neemt wat jingles op betreffende haar single ‘Holiday’

We zijn allemaal bekend met de geweldige fotoshoot die Madonna daar deed met Kees Tabak, die de gehele wereld is overgegaan. Maar wist je ook dat ze vlak daarvoor de auto door de sneeuw moest duwen over de Amsterdamse grachten? Het is een intrigerend stukje geschiedenis uit Madonna’s start van wereldwijde roem.

Dit boek fascineert van begin tot eind en neemt je mee terug naar een tijd waarin alle opties voor de artiest in kwestie open lagen. Een absolute aanwinst voor iedere muziek- of boekenliefhebber. Mocht je nog een boek aan je wensenlijst willen toevoegen? Zorg ervoor dat het dit boek is!


Wij mogen in samenwerking met Universal Music Catalogue 1 exemplaar van het boek weggeven, mail je naam en adresgegevens naar: voor woensdag 25 november.

Bestel nu het boek bij


Popparadijs Nederland (Popparadise Holland) is the newest boek by Tom Steenbergen, realized by Universal Music Books.

Popparadijs Nederland tells the fascinating tale on artists’ rise to stardom and worldwide fame starting in Holland. Who would have thought that the relatively small Holland could have played such a big part in the global music industry? This book tells it all. 

Did you know that back in 1967 David Bowie waited for over two hours in Holland for any journalist to show up for an interview? That a schoolpaper had to be contacted for an interview out of despair? How about The Beatles performing in an auction hall in Blokker and the stage being built out of auction crates as well as the tribunes? Bob Marley, Queen, Diana Ross, ABBA, Bruce Springsteen, Nirvana it’s all in here. The details of the visits illustrated with pictures, names and facts make for an unforgettable experience. 

Madonna’s first visit to Holland on January 1984 is one for the history books. A rising star arrives in a Holland covered in snow in company of brother Christopher Ciccone and friend/dancer Erika Belle. Seymour Stein, the big boss of Sire Records makes sure to tell WEA Records to take care of his baby, as she is his priority. Madonna’s visit to Holland has its ups and downs. No journalist seems to be interested in her after the press pictures WEA Records has sent out. She does record an interview and some Jingles with Radio Decibel to promote current single ‘Holiday’

We are all familiar with the famous photoshoot by Kees Tabak, what we don’t know yet is how Madonna had to push a car through the snow on the Canals of Amsterdam in order to reach his studio. It is an intriguing peek into Madonna’s history. 

This book captivates from the start up to the end and takes you back to a time when anything was possible. A definite must-have for any music or book lover. If you have only one book to add to your wants list this year, make it this one. 


We are giving away 1 copy of Popparadijs Nederland in collaboration with Universal Music Catalogue, mail your name and address to: before Wednesday November 25.

Order the book now through

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Rebel Heart discography online – 42 items

Madonna’s Rebel Heart album was released in 3 different editions: standard, deluxe and super deluxe. While the ‘standard’ edition didn’t make any sense with its 14 tracks and leaving off the title track, the other two editions were a good addition to any music collection. 

For the discography we have collected 42 editions for you to view. Like with the previous release ‘MDNA’ there were countless pressings and editions, frustrating collectors left and right. 

Check it out HERE

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