MADONNA LIVE The Virgin Tour videography online – 13 items

Madonna’s second homevideo was titled MADONNA LIVE The Virgin Tour and was released in November 1985. The homevideo documented Madonna’s first ever live show and was an enormous commercial success. Unfortunately up to the present day this recording has failed to be released on DVD or blu-ray and is not available to stream. For the collectors among us, we have to settle for the nostalgic VHS, Betamax or Laserdisc editions (or find yourself a bootleg copy.)

We have collected 13 different editions for you to view in our new updated The Virgin Tour videography page HERE. Also included are promotional adverts and posters.

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Madonna wants ‘perfect’ star to play her in biopic – and it could be Brit Florence Pugh

EXCLUSIVE: The Little Women actress is said to be neck and neck with Ozark’s Julia Garner in the race to win the role in the much-anticipated movie co-written by Madonna

Queen of pop Madonna is Desperately Seeking the “perfect” actress to play her on screen… and English actress Florence Pugh could be the one.

The Little Women actress, 25, is said to be neck and neck with Ozark’s Julia Garner, 26, in the race to win the role.

Madonna, 62, is co-writing the much-anticipated biopic and will also direct it. And as for the leading role, fans can’t wait for her to decide Who’s That Girl.

An insider told the Sunday Mirror: “Realistically, there are only a couple of people in town who could pull this role off.

“The bosses who are helping put the movie together want Florence and nobody doubts that she could be amazing

“On the other hand, fans and the press have already weighed in and, from that perspective, Julia is their frontrunner because she is such a dead ringer for early-career Madonna.

“Still, there are serious politics and scheduling issues in the way of Julia landing the part.

“The final decision will be Madonna’s alone, since she’s directing and it’s her story.

“She’s really only got one shot to get this right. Like with Elton John’s Rocketman, there isn’t room for error. She’s putting herself under serious pressure to find the perfect person.

Madonna is penning the script with Oscar-winning screenwriter Diablo Cody.

Julia was touted for the lead role after her Emmy-winning success in Netflix crime drama Ozark. She also starred in movie The Assistant.

But Madonna also connected with Oscar nominee Florence after fans pointed out the resemblance between her and the pop queen when she was young.

Speaking about the biopic, Madonna has said: “I want to convey the incredible journey that life has taken me on as an artist, a musician, a dancer… a human being trying to make her way in this world. The focus of this film will always be music.

“Music has kept me going and art has kept me alive.

“There are so many untold and inspiring stories and who better to tell it than me.

“It’s essential to share the rollercoaster ride of my life with my voice and vision.”

Madonna has directed two films – the 2008 drama Filth and Wisdom and period biopic W.E. in 2011. She has also acted in Desperately Seeking Susan, Dick Tracy and Evita.

Other musical biopics are on the way. A new film about Whitney Houston – titled I Wanna Dance With Somebody – is in the pipeline while Stardust, starring Johnny Flynn, will focus on the early years of David Bowie’s career.

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Madonna: Queen of pop in Kenya, tours Samburu

Singer-songwriter Madonna is in Kenya. The 62-year-old pop sensation Saturday shared moments from her meetup with the Samburu and revelled at their rich culture. 

“Spending time with the Samburu tribe is always an honour. They are nomadic warriors and here the men are singing, dancing and telling stories to attract the attention of the females,” she captioned a video on her Instagram account.

The pop legend jetted in from Blantyre after a week-long stay in Malawi where she made a charity trip to Jacaranda School for Orphans on January 8 and opened a dance academy, Madame X Dance Studio, courtesy of her non-profit organization, Raising Malawi.

“I feel like we ended on a very special note because Jacaranda is a very special place, as you know. The reason it’s so special to me – not only because there are so many amazing, talented children here – but there’s also amazing teachers and the founders are so passionate about what you do. It’s contagious. You’re teaching them skills that when it comes to art and creativity and expression – these are the things that keep us alive and keep us going through times of trouble and challenges,” reported the Daily Mail.

“And you know, this has been a really tough year for everybody. But if you think about it, every year’s a tough year in Malawi, right? So what’s going to keep us going is loving what we do and it’s great that you’ve created a place where children can come and continue to learn and love what they do and learn skills from visual arts, to designing clothes, to playing musical instruments, to dance – which is my first love. So this place really holds a special place in my heart. Just keep up the good work everybody and that’s it. Believe in your dreams!”

The Grammy award-winning pop superstar was accompanied by her 15-year-old son, Malawi native David Banda, daughter Mercy James (14) and eight-year-old twins, Stella and Estere. According to the news outlet, Banda reconnected with his father Yohane in Lipunga during her trip to Malawi’s central region. Also in the itinerary was a visit to Mercy James Centre, a pediatric surgery and intensive care unit at Queen Elizabeth Central Hospital in the capital Blantyre.

A visit similar to one the singer made in 2016 when she toured Kenya in conjunction with a charity, Shining Hope for Communities, and lend her voice in support of Beyond Zero Campaign, an initiative by First Lady Margaret Kenyatta to improve maternal and child health, and engaged with residents of Kibra, Nairobi. “Meeting with Her Excellency Margaret Kenyatta, the first lady of Kenya! Learning about her Beyond Zero Campaign which targets eliminating maternal and child mortality in Kenya and hoping to join forces to promote female empowerment! Around the world! Happy 4th!”

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Recycled Kiss Goodbye Madonna/Britney doek Kunsthal Rotterdam

Recycled kiss goodbye 💋 ♻️

Weet jij een duurzame en creatieve manier om dit zeildoek een nieuw leven te geven? Vertel ons in de comments wat jij met het doek zou willen doen en misschien wordt de epische kus van Britney en Madonna wel vereeuwigd op jouw muur, zelfgemaakte tas of tafelkleed. Het doek (formaat 292 x 485 cm) wordt verloot onder de inzendingen én bij de winnaar afgeleverd! 👇🏾

Beeld: repost @jorri_photo


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“Fighting Spirit” Is One Of Madonna’s Best Bonus Tracks

When it comes to B-Sides and bonus tracks, Madonna is notoriously stingy. And when she does open the vault, it usually feels like she’s trolling. (I submit “Cyber-Raga” and “Up Down Suite” as exhibits A and B). There are still some gems to be found, however. “Has To Be,” the Ray Of Light bonus track, is exceedingly lovely, while “Super Pop” remains a guilty pleasure. My favorite — at least from the latter part of Madonna’s career — is probably “Fighting Spirit,” a track tacked on to the Confessions On A Dance Floor boxset.

“What you gonna do when your love is gone? Who you gonna play when the game has ended?” the Queen of Pop begins the song over Mirwais’ disco-tinged production. “Where you gonna go when the bird has flown? How you gonna play when you’re all alone?” In some ways the banger can be construed as a warning or wake up call to her lover. Madonna is simply reminding him or her how shitty their life would be without her in it. That takes us to the borderline-ominous, but danceable chorus: “Keep the fighting spirit of love.”

It’s hard to argue that “Fighting Spirit” should have taken the place of any of the 12 great songs on Confessions, but there’s no reason why the tracklist couldn’t have been extended to 13 songs. Revisit one of the hidden gems in Madonna’s holy discography below.


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The Story Of The Songs: Madonna REMINDER January 4 RTL Z 23:20 (Dutch TV)

Tiendelige documentaireserie waarin we in de verhalen duiken die schuilgaan achter de drie meest iconische nummers van een aantal wereldberoemde artiesten en bands. Elke aflevering staat één artiest of band centraal. We horen onder anderen van Aretha Franklin, Madonna, Celine Dion en Metallica welke van hun nummers het meest voor ze hebben betekend en waarom deze nummers van groot belang zijn geweest voor hun carrière.

  • RTL Z (NL)
  • Jan 4
  • 23:20 – 00:17
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A closer look at Madonna’s hip surgery

Madonna has recently posted a number of photos on Instagram of a large scar as she recovers from recent hip surgery. Last year she had to cancel numerous dates of her Madame X tour due to hip and knee issues. She has not revealed exactly what surgery she has had, but her posts earlier this year may shed some light. In May, she posted that she was having regenerative treatment with an Xray of an injection into her right hip joint.

Pramod Achan and Joshua Lee, Consultant Orthopaedic Surgeons at OneWelbeck Orthopaedics, have taken a closer look at the hip surgery, possible courses of treatment, and how it could relate to other patients presenting with hip pain.

What was Madonna most likely to have been suffering from?

The hip showed signs of osteoarthritis. Whilst regenerative treatments such as platelet-rich plasma (PRP) or stem cell injections have shown some promise in managing early wear and tear of hip joints, if it does not provide long lasting relief then further treatment options need to be considered, including joint replacement.

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The story behind ‘Santa Baby’

It wasn’t until 1987 when the song picked up steam again. That’s when A&M Records contacted Phil Springer and asked him for permission to record the song again. A&M Records wanted Madonna to record the song and give up her royalties to charity. 

Springer liked the idea and he also agreed not to take any royalties for the song. In a matter of weeks, when Madonna recorded “Santa Baby,” she sold over 250,000 copies and donated the proceeds to benefit the Special Olympics. Madonna helped revive “Santa Baby” while keeping the Christmas song on the holiday charts.

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Madonna on ‘homecoming’ trip with family to Africa

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‘Breakin’ Star Shabba-Doo Adolfo Quiñones Dead at 65

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