Madonna throws a riotous, decadent feast … Luigi & Iango’s best photograph

In November 2022, my photographic partner Iango Henzi and I were preparing a special piece on Madonna for Vanity Fair Europe. She had a world tour coming up and we wanted to do something artistic and interesting, something with meaning. Originally we considered a re-imagining of The Last Supper but with just Madonna all alone. We wanted to go further, though. For every shoot we work on, we start with a reference then research, develop and evolve. Working with Madonna, we give her references, a plan, and she will come back and say: “What about doing it this way?” It’s an exchange. We always want to examine the meaning of a picture – what emotion it evokes and what it says.

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The Celebration Tour opening night – report by Dave

The Celebration Tour Opening night.

OMG I still can’t believe I witnessed the opening night of The Celebration Tour. Calling the tour a greatest hits tour would be a real understatement. It’s way more than that. The Celebration Tour makes you timetravel through 40 years of Madonna. Music, Costumes, Stories and a Madonna who looked fitter than ever before. This all in a show wich lasts more than 2 hours.
It was really my dream to witness the opening night of Madonna’s tour. My dream came through.

The past week I felt really sick, but nothing will stop me from seeing my idol live. On Friday the 13th we took the early train from Amsterdam Central station to London St Pancras International. When we arrived we took a taxi to our hotel near the O2 Arena. Directly located on the other side of the Thames, what could go wrong… Well it turned out to be an almost 2hr walk. Luckily it was only 2 stops away by underground. There was also a direct cable car connection. The hotel was really good, friendly staff and had a great waterview.

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The Celebration Tour has kicked off in London!

Madonna finished the opening night of her Celebration Tour at the O2 tonight. 

She started around the clock of 8:45pm and Bob the Drag Queen opened the show dressed as Marie Antoinette “MTV Awards 1990” performance. Then Madonna performed the very first track “Nothing Really Matters” and started to tell her life story trough music. After performing “Everybody”, there was a technical glitch which led to a delay in continuing performing the rest of the show. 

Madonna brilliantly incorporated many of her hit singles, past looks, reinventions, tours and other career highlights into one giant Madonna overload celebration. Stay tuned for a full photo gallery, full live report and more soon!

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The Celebration Tour pop up shop!

Today the official Madonna The Celebration Tour pop up shop opened inside the O2, the store opened its doors at 11am and the fans quickly rushed in to grab the merch. The Blond Ambition bomber seemed to be the most popular item by far, but also the limited (to 500) lithographs and official shirts were snapped up quickly.

Lots of fans loved the special Maripol bracelets but dropped them just as quickly upon finding out they cost you a total of 50GBP!

Check out our video below (click ‘read more’) or visit our Instgram (stories) for the pictures

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Madonna’s tour ‘will be a documentary through her career’

Madonna’s Celebration Tour will be a “documentary” through her career.

The 65-year-old star is set to embark on her first-ever greatest hits tour, and Stuart Price – her musical director – has revealed that it will lean on four decades of archive footage and recordings to tell the story of Madonna’s record-breaking career.

He told the BBC: “A greatest hit doesn’t have to be a song. It can be a wardrobe, it can be a video, or a statement.”

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Madonna’s Celebration Tour: Greatest hits show to feature more than 40 songs

Madonna’s first ever greatest hits tour will be “a documentary through her vast career” that includes more than 40 songs, her musical director says.

In an exclusive interview, Stuart Price told the BBC the show draws on four decades of archive footage and studio recordings to tell the star’s story.

“A greatest hit doesn’t have to be a song,” he said. “It can be a wardrobe, it can be a video, or a statement.”

He added that Madonna was back to full strength after a summer health scare.

The superstar was found unconscious in her New York apartment in June and rushed to hospital, where she received treatment for a serious bacterial infection.

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Madonna gets epic royal nod as Celebration tour kicks off in London

Madonna has been given a very royal welcome to London.

The Queen of Pop kicks off her Celebration tour at the 02 on Saturday and to mark the 65-year-old’s arrival in the capital the world-famous venue has created a Madonna-themed flag much like the Royal Standard flag.

The Royal Standard flag is flown at full mast whenever King Charles III is in residence at Buckingham Palace or Windsor Castle and Madonna’s flag will let everyone in London know she’s in town.

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The Meaning of Madonna

For forty years, her quest for freedom through reinvention has resembled our own.

It was a more physical world, though we thought it quite advanced. There seemed nothing “terrestrial” about twisting a radio knob to some eccentric decimal point, dialling static into song. In the summer of 1985, we all knew someone, usually an older sibling, who owned a portable, cassette-playing stereo. The rest of us remained stuck catching Top Forty countdowns on AM radio, or playing, on our parents’ imperial turntables, the one or two LPs in our possession. Increasingly, we listened to music by watching it on TV, our dance parties often overseen by a strutting, tattered sprite who wore bangles like opera gloves and held the camera’s gaze with her entire being, as though locked in a dare she was not going to lose.

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In conversation with Mary Gabriel on Madonna: A Rebel Life (Exclusive!)

Kimberly and Mary Conversation about the upcoming Madonna: A Rebel Life book.

Hi Mary, great to be talking to you once again as I have felt we have gone on a bit of a journey together for the past few months. I am really excited that Madonna: A Rebel Life will finally be hitting stores soon. I was lucky enough to read an advance reviewer’s copy and believe me, at 880 pages I was a bit reluctant I would be able to finish it in a short time span, at least before the release date. But when I started reading, I was absolutely unable to put it down, I was completely drawn into your book and was honestly sad when I finished the final page.

Thank you so much Kimberly, and thank you for your help at the end of my five-year Madonna project. The book went through multiple fact-checks, but you, as a Madonna expert and fan, were able to find things that even professional fact-checkers missed. I can’t thank you enough for offering your time and sharing your knowledge so that the book is – hopefully – correct. As we both know, that’s been an ongoing problem with Madonna’s story. There are so many errors that move from one story to another, and one book to another. Along the way, they become accepted as fact.

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Mary Gabriel’s “Madonna: A Rebel Life”

Journalist and author Mary Gabriel joins Eric and Medaya to talk about her latest book, Madonna: A Rebel Life. The massive, richly researched biography follows every detail of the superstar’s life: her Michigan roots, her debut amid New York’s heady underground scene, her film career, her London era, finally catching up with Madge in 2020. The book is also a history of the culture that shaped her, and which she shaped in her wake. Mary discusses writing the book, as well as Madonna’s breakthrough performances, the AIDS crisis and its legacy, sweeping changes in the music industry, and a re-examination of the “feminist” as a pop icon.

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Madonna, Pepsi, “Like a Prayer,” and the Music Video That Rewired Pop Capitalism

Madonna’s divorce from Sean Penn was finalized on January 25, 1989, the same day Pepsi announced an unprecedented agreement with her. She would release her new single, “Like a Prayer,” during a Pepsi commercial in exchange for $5 million and Pepsi’s sponsorship of her next tour. The ad marked the first time a record would premiere in a commercial and the first time a TV commercial would be given a global launch. Pepsi said it would be seen in forty countries — or “just about every TV set on the planet Earth”— with an estimated viewership of 250 million people. Madonna’s manager Freddy DeMann called the marketing campaign around the record and the commercial the “pop-world equivalent” of a new Star Wars film.

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Madonna by Mary Gabriel review – the definitive life of a pop colossus

When Madonna Louise Ciccone arrived in New York from Michigan aged 19 in 1978, she had a small suitcase, a winter coat and $35 in her pocket. In an interview with the broadcaster Howard Stern years later, she would admit that she was frightened: “The massive scale of New York took my breath away … I was poised for survival … But I was also scared shitless and freaked out by the smell of piss and vomit.”

In the ensuing years, Madonna would experience grinding poverty, living in a succession of cockroach-infested apartments where addicts populated the hallways, and often going without food. Yet Whitley Setrakian, Madonna’s roommate at the University of Michigan, where both had studied dance, says: “I’ve never seen her so happy and so sure.” She recalls Madonna telling her: “Every day I’m here in this city I can’t stop thinking about all the days I haven’t been here. I feel like I’m running a race and everyone’s had a head start.”

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