Madonna in the Ziggo Dome tonight!

Madonna will perform the first of two nights at the Ziggo Dome this evening. Madonna has been starting the show throughout Europe around 10pm, so keep this in mind when coming to the venue. The Blond Ambition bomber jacket is back for sale at the merchandise booth inside and can be scooped up for a really good price compared to previous locations.

The Ziggo Dome has lockers inside so you will be able to store your belongings. 

Enjoy the show!

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Madonna Lived to Tell

Shining out from the Instagram slag heap, amid the endless A.I. selfies and reaction reels, is an account so quiet in presence and noble in intention that it is sometimes hard to believe it exists. The account, The AIDS Memorial, is an evolving testament, told in photographs, videos and user stories, to lives lost to a devastating and, it can occasionally seem, forgotten epidemic.

The stories and photos are of lovers, parents, children, relatives, acquaintances and friends taken by the disease, and they are edited — and more generally guided into existence — by one man, Stuart Armstrong, from his home outside Edinburgh. To date, Mr. Armstrong has posted more than 11,000 of these tales, and if you are aware of them at all, that may owe to one woman: Madonna.

The 65-year-old singer was early among the 269,000 followers of The AIDS Memorial. And, if it did not inspire her outright, the Instagram account served as the basis for a showstopping element of her current “Celebration” tour, which comes to Barclays Center in mid-December. That is, a photo montage depicting a fraction of the 40 million people who, according to World Health Organization statistics, have succumbed to the disease.

Full article at New York Times

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Imponerende biografie toont Madonna als artistiek genie, altijd de baas

Fans en nieuwsgierigen, wees gewaarschuwd: Madonna. A Rebel Life, de meest complete biografie die tot nu toe over het popidool werd geschreven, is geen vrolijk boek. Het is wel grondig, imponerend in z’n reikwijdte, en de toon is er een van waardering en respect: cultuurhistorica Mary Gabriel is op een missie om de nu 65-jarige Madonna definitief neer te zetten als een revolutionair performance kunstenaar, een artistiek genie dat tot bloei kwam in de New Yorkse underground en vervolgens de mainstream veroverde zonder zich creatief te compromitteren. Achter de schermen nam Madonna het op tegen het pop- en filmestablishment; vóór de schermen vond ze een gigantisch publiek en brak ze talloze verkooprecords, maar riep ze ook hoon en haat op, met name in de VS. De lichtheid in veel van haar beste liedjes is ook een overwinning op het duister.

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Show info: Madonna in Ziggo Dome

It’s almost time for Madonna’s shows in Ziggo Dome, Amsterdam and you’re going to be there! We would like to inform you about the time schedules, door policy and important traffic information. Please read carefully and make sure you arrive at Ziggo Dome well-prepared.


Madonna’s European tour is in full swing and the reactions are very positive. The starting time stated on the ticket is regularly not met. We also expect the show to start later in the Netherlands and the concert may not end before 11 p.m. We would therefore advise you to plan your trip well in advance and come to the Ziggo Dome by car. If you do travel by public transport, keep a close eye on the departure times of the last trains. For further information check our FAQ or contact Livecrowd.

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Meet the Artist Behind the Dreamlike Sets of Madonna’s New Tour

Global superstar Madonna has collaborated with up-and-coming artist and video game developer Gabriel Massan to create an immersive set for her Celebration tour. The two-hour spectacle sees Madonna recreate some of the most iconic moments from her career. For the song Bedtime Story, for example, she and Massan have built a multi-dimensional fantasy world inspired by the original music video from 1995.

Madonna has been churning out hit albums ever since her self-titled debut from 1983, and she has never shied from experimenting with new technologies. An early enthusiast for NFTs, she collaborated with Beeple last year. Since the crypto crash, however, she has been on the look out for more promising ventures into the ever-evolving world of digital art.

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Celebration Tour: Our thoughts on Madonna’s Paris concert

Madonna whose provocative style is just as iconic as her musical talent, has seduced audiences all over the world with her electric performances that have earned her many honors over the years including seven Grammy Awards, the title of best-selling female artist of all time, entry into the Rock ‘n’ Roll Hall of Fame, 68 MTV Video Music Awards nominations, two Golden Globes, and two Brit Awards, among many others. So, when she announced her Celebration Tour, to celebrate her forty-year career, a major media frenzy ensued.

Full article at VOGUE

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3xNYX: The Madonna celebration

Get ready to Vogue and strike a pose because the Queen of Pop is gracing Amsterdam with her presence! So let’s celebrate Madonna’s unforgettable music career in style. This is sure to be a Like a Prayer come true!
40 years of Madonna:
Valentijn de Hingh
Roy Bieze
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Madonna Exclusive Collector’s Edition Prints (Press Release)

Photographed by Andrew Caulfield

Madonna ‘Test Polaroid 1’

100 x Strictly Limited Edition Prints

254mm x 204mm

Signed and numbered by photographer Andrew Caulfield

– retail £225 (UK pounds)

Available for the first time from NJG, an enlarged reproduction of a Type 665 B&W pulled Polaroid, printed as a Digital Silver gelatin art print. Recently discovered in Andrew Caulfield’s archive, the original Polaroid was taken on set for a lighting

study as part of the “Hard” portfolio of photographs.

Madonna ‘Video 1’
100 x Strictly Limited Edition Prints

254mm x 204mm

Signed and numbered by photographer Andrew Caulfield

– retail £195 (UK pounds)

Available for the first time from NJG, a hand tinted image of a B&W original ‘Borderline’ production still. Photographed in Los Angeles CA on February 12, 1984. This hand coloured image is printed on Hahnemühle FineArt Baryta Satin paper.


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Desperately Seeking Something: A Memoir About Movies, Mothers, and Material Girls by Susan Seidelman

The funny and insightful first-person story of the trailblazing movie director of the 80s and 90s whose fearless punk drama, “Smithereens” became the first American indie film to compete at Cannes, and smash hit “Desperately Seeking Susan” led to a four-decade career in film.

Starting out in the mid-70s, a time when few women were directing movies, Susan was determined to become a filmmaker. She longed to tell stories about the unrepresented characters she wanted to see on screen: unconventional women in unusual circumstances, needing to express themselves and maintain their autonomy.

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MDNA LP Vinyl Album reissue back in stock

Madonna’s 2012 MDNA LP Vinyl Album Reissue is now back in stock at, order by clicking link below

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Madonna: A Rebel Life by Mary Gabriel – Exclusive Q&A!

Kimberly and Mary Conversation about the upcoming Madonna: A Rebel Life book, released in October 2023.

Hi Mary, great to be talking to you once again as I have felt we have gone on a bit of a journey together for the past few months. I am really excited that Madonna: A Rebel Life will finally be hitting stores soon. I was lucky enough to read an advance reviewer’s copy and believe me, at 880 pages I was a bit reluctant I would be able to finish it in a short time span, at least before the release date. But when I started reading, I was absolutely unable to put it down, I was completely drawn into your book and was honestly sad when I finished the final page.

Thank you so much Kimberly, and thank you for your help at the end of my five-year Madonna project. The book went through multiple fact-checks, but you, as a Madonna expert and fan, were able to find things that even professional fact-checkers missed. I can’t thank you enough for offering your time and sharing your knowledge so that the book is – hopefully – correct. As we both know, that’s been an ongoing problem with Madonna’s story. There are so many errors that move from one story to another, and one book to another. Along the way, they become accepted as fact.

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