Madonna’s W.E. on Dutch Film1 in February

Romantisch kostuumdrama van Madonna waarin twee liefdesgeschiedenissen centraal staan.

wefilm1Engeland, 1936. De Amerikaanse Wallis Simpson heeft het hart van koning Edward VIII veroverd, maar trouwen mag niet. De Kerk laat Edward via de minister president de keus: de gescheiden Wallis of de troon. Hij volgt zijn hart en besluit na nog geen jaar koningschap af te treden. Wereldwijd worden ze als hertog en hertogin van Windsor gezien als meest romantische koppel van de eeuw. Parallel aan dit verhaal loopt de romance van Wally Winthrop in het New York van 1998. Hoe ongelukkiger Wally zich voelt in haar eigen huwelijk, hoe groter haar obsessie wordt voor het verhaal van koning Edward.

Na ‘Filth and Wisdom’ (2008) is dit de tweede film die geregisseerd werd door popicoon Madonna.

W.E. wordt uitgezonden op:

ma 10 feb. 20.30 uur – 22.24 uur Film1 Premiere
di 11 feb. 07.00 uur – 08.54 uur Film1 Spotlight
do 13 feb. 07.00 uur – 08.54 uur Film1 Spotlight
ma 17 feb. 20.30 uur – 22.24 uur Film1 Spotlight
do 20 feb. 01.25 uur – 03.19 uur Film1 Spotlight
za 22 feb. 06.30 uur – 08.24 uur Film1 Premiere
wo 26 feb. 01.15 uur – 03.09 uur Film1 Spotlight
vr 28 feb. 10.10 uur – 12.04 uur Film1 Premiere

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Will Madonna Join Pussy Riot Onstage in Brooklyn?

We’re hearing yes. Earlier this month it was announced that weirdos (Flaming Lips), jocks (Imagine Dragons), legends (Ms. Lauryn Hill), and the recently released from prison (Pussy Riot) will take the stage at Barclays Center on Feb. 5th for Amnesty International’s Bringing Human Rights Home concert. Then it was announced earlier this week that Pussy Riot would also be on hand. Now we’re being told that Madonna will be making an appearance as well, possibly joining Pussy Riot on stage. Of course, Madonna has long been a supporter of the group, writing “Free Pussy RIot” on her arms and back all during her MDNA tour.

We’ll keep you posted if anyone else is added or if this (very likely true) rumor turns out to be just that. Full original press release about the concert and a video of Madonna’s impassioned Pussy Riot speech in Moscow after the jump.

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Madonna Rumored To Be Playing Amnesty International Concert In Brooklyn

Earlier this week it was announced that the massive Amnesty International concert at Barclays Center on February 5th will feature two members of Pussy Riot, who were just released from Russian prison camps last month. The concert is a return to the Amnesty concerts of the 1980s and ’90s (they stopped in 1998), and in that spirit some legendary talent has been expected to return with it—we now have it on good authority that Madonna has been confirmed to play at the show.

She also issued this call to action at the time: “I protest the conviction and sentencing of Pussy Riot to a penal colony for two years for a 40 second performance extolling their political opinions. Even if one disagrees with the location or how they chose to express themselves, the sentence is too harsh and in fact is inhumane. I call on all those who love freedom to condemn this unjust punishment. I urge artists around the world to speak up in protest against this travesty. They’ve spent enough time in jail. I call on ALL of Russia to let Pussy Riot go free.”

Organizers have promised big announcements up until the date of the show, so expect more of these surprises in the next week.


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Seymour Stein On What Music, Advertising And Marketing Can Learn From Madonna

It’s no secret that record labels have been on the skids ever since mixed tapes, MP3s and iTunes disrupted their musical monopoly. But, why then, do some artists such as Madonna have staying power for decades no matter which way trends blow in the music business?

Seymour Stein, co-founder of Sire Records and vice president of Warner Bros. Records, has seen the ups and downs of the music industry first hand. Stein helped mold the punk and New Wave genres by cultivating artists such as The Smiths, the Ramones, Ice-T, The Cure, and Madonna. But perhaps Stein’s greatest accomplishment is that he’s been able to sustain a label through turbulent music industry headwinds.

Stein’s knack for knowing good music when he hears it and his instinct to sign artists brought about his partnership with Madonna. He was in a New York hospital in 1982 with an infection when he heard her demo for the song “Everybody.” Instantly he wanted to sign her, so he called her producer, a DJ friend of his. Madonna came to the hospital and signed with Sire Records. During a 2009 President’s Lecture at the Berlin School of Creative Leadership, Stein said his onetime client, Madonna, illustrates a few key points about marketing success. Here are some takeaways:

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Madonna in Dutch Panorama magazine

Madonna is featured in this weeks’  Dutch Panorama magazine. It includes a five-page spread on how sex is Madonna’s secret weapon. It discusses her performance of Like a Virgin at the USA MTV Awards in 1984 up until the Erotica video. Contains lots of pictures. Available at any AKO or Bruna near you.


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Timor Steffens clicks with Madonna

Timor Steffens (26) was the subject of every media source worldwide due to his supposed relationship with Madonna (55). The dancer denies that there is something going on between them, but admits they click. ‘She appreciates it when somebody tells it like it is’.

The guy from Schiedam claims they’re just friends. ‘It is reality for me to hang out with her, but I get it that for everyone else it is quite exciting. She is the Queen of Pop, a living legend. But we’re just really good friends, despite the stories. We did not spent the night in a hotel together or on a boat. Crap! I have, now that I am in Holland for a performance at de Vrienden van Amstel Live, my own hotelroom and that is where I sleep.’

The two friends were spotted in Rotterdam, only increasing the flow of rumors. According to Timor they had a business meeting. ‘So she stopped by. I am a social individual, I say what I think and I stay true to myself. Artists such as Madonna have enough people to kiss their ass around them. They appreciate it when somebody just tells it like it is.’

Role model

The dancer continues: ‘I am a grown man, mentally we’re in sync. We worked together on her last project and clicked. We often discuss how the world is obsessed with the differences between people, instead of focussing on the similarities. She tries to connect people and a woman of her level has that power. As my name is being mentioned more often lately, I am getting more and more the status of a role model. We discuss how to handle that.’

The single Timor constantly hears the wildest rumors on his life. He couldn’t care less. ‘At the start of my carreer everyone called me out to be gay, because I dance and pay a lot of attention to my looks. All that matters is that I know that I am not gay. Living the life as an entertainer, it is quite hard to maintain a relationship with a girl’

Translated from: Algemeen Dagblad

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Montreal Museum of Fine Arts coup: Jean Paul Gaultier exhibition will be shown in Paris

MONTREAL –In a coup for the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts and curator Thierry-Maxime Loriot, the Montreal-conceived-and-produced exhibition on fashion enfant terrible Jean Paul Gaultier will be shown at the Grand Palais in Paris, the first time the grand, historic Beaux Arts exhibition space will be devoted to a fashion exhibition.

On tour since its 2011 premiere at the Montreal museum, The Fashion World of Jean Paul Gaultier, From the Sidewalk to the Catwalk has travelled to Dallas, San Francisco, Madrid, Rotterdam and New York. Its next stop, in April, is at the Barbican in London but the exhibition has never been seen in Gaultier’s home town, Paris.

It runs in Paris from April to August 2015.

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Trove of 1980s Madonna pop culture awaits auction

06b8ee8a76744588aeda8b15c49f2f39-4ea24273f4614a63bedaed77ea91918b-1Mary Dowd of Myers Fine Art auction house adjusts an Andy Warhol drawing of Martin Burgoyne Tuesday, Jan. 21, 2014 in St. Petersburg, Fla. Burgoyne was a British-born artist, who was Madonna’s roommate in Manhattan and a key figure in her career before she became famous. He died of AIDS in 1986. His parents are auctioning off a collection that is like a 1980’s time capsule. It includes art from Andy Warhol and Keith Haring and pencil drawings for the cover of Madonna’s “Burning Up” album, along with several photos of a young Madonna before she became famous. The auction will take place Feb. 9, 2014. (AP Photo/Chris O’Meara)

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Trove of 1980s Madonna pop culture awaits auction

ST. PETERSBURG, FLA. — Long before Newsweek called her a “tarted-up floozy,” way before she married and had babies and adopted babies, and a lifetime before she opened an Instagram account, Madonna was a young woman in New York trying to make it big.

That ambition — and a good bit of innocence — can be seen in a collection of photos, art and drawings that are on the auction block Feb. 9 in St. Petersburg, Fla.

The collection is owned by the parents of Martin Burgoyne, an artist, Studio 54 bartender and Madonna’s best friend during that time.

Burgoyne and Madonna befriended each other before she became famous. They were roommates and he played a huge role in Madonna’s early career. He managed her first tour and drew the cover image of Madonna for her 1983 ‘Burning Up’ EP album cover. They partied with artists Andy Warhol, Keith Haring and others. He was raised in England and went to New York to study art at the Pratt Institute.

Madonna and Burgoyne also supported each other emotionally and financially during hard times — after she was raped and when Burgoyne contracted AIDS.

Burgoyne died in 1986 after battling that disease. He was 23. Madonna wrote a song about him called “In This Life” that was on her 1992 album ‘Erotica.’

For decades, his parents have kept their son’s memorabilia from that era private — until now.

Mary Dowd, the co-owner of Myers Fine Art, said Burgoyne’s parents live in the Tampa Bay area and are in their 80s. They are selling the collection at an auction.

“I think they came to a point in their lives where they figured that it was time to do something with the collection,” Dowd said. “And so they phone us up and asked us if we would come take a look at it, which we did, and so we saw the breadth of the collection, it was really pretty incredible.”

There’s an original hand-drawn portrait of Burgoyne by Andy Warhol. There’s an original invitation to a fundraiser for Burgoyne by Keith Haring — a party written about in the New York Times in September 1986 as AIDS was devastating a generation of mostly young gay men, including Burgoyne. The story is heartbreakingly sad, not only because of its foreshadowing of Burgoyne’s death, but of prevalent attitudes in that era toward those with HIV and AIDS.

Studio 54 owner Steve Rubell noted in the story that “people could be in the same room with someone infected with the AIDS virus without contracting it.” Madonna was at that party, the Times noted.

But in Burgoyne’s collection in Florida, there are no photos from that party, only from the earlier, happier years.

And then there are the Madonna photos. Some are candid Polaroids of her making goofy faces with Burgoyne. Others are black and whites, intended for an album cover, of Madonna looking poised and fragile. There are also numerous photos of Burgoyne, a handsome young man in a white shirt and suspenders.

Some of the photos were taken by Burgoyne, said Dowd, while it’s unclear who took others. She said it’s possible that Andy Warhol took some of the Polaroids, because they date to same years that he experimented with Polaroid portraits.

Dowd said one of the more remarkable items in the collection is Burgoyne’s sketchbook, in which he inked photo booth sessions of Madonna, and a full-color sketch for her ‘Burning Up’ EP album cover. The image is totally ’80s, all bright block colors. Madonna sports short hair and thick eyebrows.

“If you’re an enthusiast of entertainment back in the early 80s — and that was a heyday and pivotal time I think — this is kind of a real step back in time to that period,” Dowd said.

Dowd isn’t sure how much each piece will go for — the original Warhol portrait of Burgoyne should fetch a good price, she thinks — but she’s secretly hoping Madonna herself will hear about the auction and bid on some items.

“It seems like it’s something she should have for her historical archives,” said Dowd. “It’s a big part of her life, from the beginning.”


Invalid Displayed Gallery

View the pictures HERE in our online photo gallery

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New items added to the Madonna Official Store + Iconers Exclusive!‏


Dear Iconers,

First of all, we wish you all a fantastic new Madonna year!

Let’s start 2014 with some fresh exclusive items, including a Revolution of Love zipped hoodie (a portion of the sale of this special design is going to support Madonna’s Ray Of Light Foundation), a limited edition white gold plated «M» charm necklace, and an Iconers Exclusive limited edition white gold plated MDNA charm necklace.

To access this exclusive offer, first login to, then click the STORE link in the navigation.

Go ahead and place your order now!

The Official Madonna Store

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Grammy Awards 2014 to air on 4Music in the UK

Join 4Music as we take you front row for the hottest night in American music.

We’re bringing all the action straight to your telly – from the glitz and glamour of the red carpet, to a flurry of incredible performances from this year’s nominees, including Lorde, Katy Perry, Pharrell Williams and Robin Thicke.

If that wasn’t enough to wet your music-loving whistle, there will also be jaw-dropping duets by Pink and Nate Ruess and Daft Punk and Stevie Wonder! You don’t want to miss this.

Get involved in all the action on Twitter with hashtag #GRAMMYs.

 Catch The 56th Grammy Awards on 4Music at the following times:

PREMIERE: Monday 27 January at 9pm

Thursday 30 January at 6pm, with red-carpet coverage from 5:30pm

Sunday 2 February at 5pm

View nominees for The 56th Grammy Awards

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