‘You Can Dance’ merchandise items updated

The You Can Dance page has been updated with brand new (and rare) related merchandise!

There’s the official UK sales presenter, a press kit from the USA, a Japanese press pack, a Dutch promotional photo, a promotional record signed by Madonna. But most of all there’s the original untouched photograph by Herb Ritts that was used for the album cover.

Check it all out HERE

Original untouched photograph by Herb Ritts

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Madonna at the BBC airs December 18th on BBC2

Madonna at the BBC, the brand new TV special will air on BBC2 on the 18th December at 21:00 (local time).

A look back at a selection of magical Madonna moments on various BBC shows, from her first Top of the Pops appearance with Holiday in 1984 right up to the present day. This collection covers Madonna’s journey from Material Girl to Queen of Pop and captures how over the years her ability to combine charisma, controversy and classic pop tunes has made her the female icon of her times and a true global superstar.

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The Confessions Tour in Düsseldorf photo gallery online!

After London we traveled to Dusseldorf Germany to attend our fifth show of The Confessions Tour in 2006. This was the first show without assigned seats so it was time to queue! The queuing ended in a complete and total nightmare. Not only were we soaked by the pouring rain throughout the day, but the organisation used caution tape to divide the rows of people. Of course once the infamous ‘rush’ started, the tape was torn and people were suddenly on our backs. 

As we were crushed against the one gate separating the crowd from the ticket-check, we managed to throw ourselves over the gate and security even helped us get up. Once we finally got inside we never even realized that Madonna was in the midst of her soundcheck, until we heard a very familiar voice telling the people inside the arena to ‘shut up’ as this was not the show. While still trying to catch our breath, Madonna (who was obviously not in the best of moods) continued to rehearse “Future Lovers” and “Get Together”.

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Synthesis II: Madonna “Adore” and Fusuma Photography by Kenji Wakasugi opens this Friday, December 3rd!

Are you ready?

Synthesis II: Madonna “Adore” and Fusuma Photography by Kenji Wakasugi opens this Friday, December 3rd!

Join us! Meet Japanese artist, Kenji Wakasugi, and book publisher, Nick Groarke, of @njg_studio.

Opening reception: Friday, December 3, 2021, 5-8 PM
Book signing: Saturday, December 4, 2021, 3-5 PM

More information at Ippodo Gallery

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The Confessions Tour August 16 birthday show photo gallery online

The Confessions Tour August 16, 2006 marked Madonna’s birthday show! A very special event for obvious reasons. This was the third show in a row to be filmed for The Confessions Tour DVD.

Our night started out different as we couldn’t locate our seats inside the Wembley Arena, they simply didn’t exist. We were told by staff to go back outside to the ticket booth (with a huge queue) and inquire there what to do. We already purchased drinks and stuff and now we were back where we started. The queue wasn’t moving so after some research we were led to a different window. Apparently it was a well known issue and we were upgraded to catwalk seats! I did get into a bit of an argument as the lady wouldn’t let me take the drink that I purchased inside, back into the arena…..

Madonna’s birthday was celebrated by singing ‘Happy Birthday’ to her with Donna and Nicki right after ‘Let It Will Be’. The 41 photographs of this show that we have enhanced for you to view, are not quite as good as the previous dates mostly because catwalk seats meant getting crushed and fighting to keep your spot…..

Check them out HERE

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Madonna at the BBC

BBC revealed that a brand new Madonna special will be a part of their BBC Christmas TV line-up, titled ‘Madonna at the BBC’

A look back at a selection of magical Madonna moments on a range of BBC shows – from her first-ever Top of the Pops appearance with Holiday in 1984, right up to the present day. 

Madonna’s 1991 documentary ‘Truth or Dare’ will also be shown

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Why Is It Okay For The World To Sexualise Madonna, But She Can’t Sexualise Herself?

….’Madonna is proof that while women will be sexualised in every which way, the world will turn their backs on them once they start sexuaising themselves, especially if it’s for performance or profit. It’s the same ideology that got Sarah Jayne Dunn sacked from Hollyoaks earlier this month and shames any woman with an OnlyFans career.

Madonna is having to fight against a sexist, ageist culture that once uplifted her, more so than her male counterparts will ever have to fight.

‘There are no rules for boys, but there are rules for girls,’ Madonna added in her 2016 Billboard speech. ‘You are allowed to be objectified by men and dress like a slut, but don’t own your sluttiness.’

That’s exactly the type of sexism that Piers – and all the other people shaming Madonna – are reinforcing. Madonna was and still is a sex symbol regardless of her age. Playing and performing with sexiness and what that means for her and the women who idolise her is what she’s good at. Let her keep running the show.

Read the full article by GRAZIA

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Synthesis II: Madonna “Adore” and Fusuma Photography opens December 3, 2021

A sequel to Synthesis, Wakasugi’s inaugural exhibition at the gallery in 2016, Synthesis II highlights the artist’s exploration of photography inspired by traditional ink-painting. The show will also feature individual prints and a limited second edition publication of the photo book ADORE from his 1985 photoshoot with Madonna, published by Nick Groarke, NJG Studio Ltd. in London. ⁠

Juxtaposed to works emphasizing traditional styles and architecture are Wakasugi’s images of Madonna, demonstrating a vivid sense of modernity and nostalgia for the late 20th century.⁠

Synthesis II: Madonna “Adore” and Fusuma Photography opens December 3, 2021. Join Ippodo Gallery on the opening night from 5-8 pm for a reception. Meet Japanese artist, Kenji Wakasugi, and book publisher, Nick Groarke of @njg_studio. ⁠

More info at Ippodo Gallery

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MADAME X on MTV Nederland December 5

MADAME X will be repeated on MTV Nederland on December 5 at 08:00 in the morning, it will be the full length film.

Een film van Madonna’s optreden voor een wereldwijd publiek in 2019 en 2020. In de film, opgenomen in Lissabon en Parijs, krijgt Madonna gezelschap van 50 wereldsterren, zoals haar kinderen en het volledig vrouwelijke Orquestra Batukadeiras.

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The Confessions Tour London August 15, 2006 photo gallery online

The Confessions Tour was professionally filmed for the DVD release on August 15, 2006 in the Wembley Arena. Because of the scheduled filming the very front row of the floor had been reserved for the camera crew. However, they found out they didn’t need the extra space and due to demand the front row tickets were sold just a few hours before the show was about to start!

Can you imagine our faces when we went up to the ticket booth to ask the lady if she had some good tickets left for tonight’s show, and she responded with ‘yes, front row’. Our credit card had never been handed over more quickly. We experienced one of the greatest nights as Madonna gave it her all that night. Most of the footage on the official DVD release is from the August 15th show. You can even see the flash of our camera during “You Thrill Me” when Madonna poses with dancer Jason.

We took some of our greatest pictures that night. We have updated and enhanced 63 of them for you to view HERE


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‘Ray of Light’ Vinilos de Coleccion Argentina vinyl re-issue

Ray of Light has been re-issued in Argentina on 2×12″ vinyl in the Vinilos de Coleccion collection with extra booklet.

Warner Records Argentina previously released “Like a Virgin’ in the same collection with extra booklet that focuses on the history of the album, illustrated with fantastic photographs.

This record has been added to the Ray of Light discography, to check out all photographs and images of the labels click HERE

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Confessions on a Dance Floor release party FAME photo gallery online!

We celebrated the worldwide premiere of Confessions on a Dance Floor in FAME Amsterdam on November 10, 2005. 

Believe it or not but a previous releaseparty for Mariah Carey’s “The Emancipation of Mimi” was the blueprint for the first ever official Dutch Madonna releaseparty!

The releaseparty drew a huge crowd who all got to purchase Madonna’s new studio album one day prior to the official release date. The party was done in collaboration with Warner Music Benelux who donated the official promotional Confession on a Dance Floor discoball for the best-dressed fan of the evening. 

We dug in our vaults and recovered a ton of pictures of the event that we never posted online before.

Check out our brand new photo gallery of the world premiere of Confessions on a Dance Floor in FAME Amsterdam HERE

If you were there, you might spot yourself!

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MADAME XTRA Q&A: Learn all about Madonna’s special (Brazil, Nov. 23)

The production will be available on Paramount+ from this Tuesday (23rd).

Attention, fans of the queen of pop! Paramount+ announces the premiere of the MADAME XTRA Q&A special, an extra and exclusive moment from Madonna’s recently released, highly critically acclaimed documentary MADAME X. The production will be available on the streaming platform from this Tuesday (23rd).

Featuring Symone and Aquariana, both RuPaul’s Drag Race winners, the special will feature guest questions from Ariana Grande, Amy Schumer, Billie Eilish, Doja Cat, Drew Barrymore, David Letterman, Naomi Campbell, Snoop Dogg, Sarah Paulson, Kim Kardashian and more.

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Synthesis II: Madonna “Adore” and Fusuma Photography installation has begun

Installation for Synthesis II has begun. Ippodo Gallery are so excited for you all to experience this exhibition. ⁠

Synthesis II: Madonna “Adore” and Fusuma Photography opens on December 3rd, 2021. Join Ippodo Gallery for the opening reception on Friday, December 3rd from 5-8 pm!⁠

Prints are available to order through their website. Framing information is available upon request.⁠

Image: Madonna Scroll #1, Washi Paper Print mounted on vintage scroll by Kenji Wakasugi⁠

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HARD CANDY press articles online (64 items)

Let’s go  back to the ‘Hard Candy’ era in 2008 with 64 press clippings that have just been added to its page!

From various reviews of the studio album to magazine covers and live coverage of the promotional gigs. Brand new articles and others that were previously online have been re-watermarked and enhanced. 

Check them out HERE

Musikmarkt April 11, 2008 (Germany)

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