Madonna moet zich opnieuw verantwoorden voor Belgisch plagiaat

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Het hof van beroep van Bergen heeft maandag de debatten rond het dossier ‘Acquaviva’ tegen Madonna opnieuw geopend. De componist uit Moeskroen, Salvatore Acquaviva, had enkele jaren geleden een gerechtelijk geding aangespannen tegen de zangeres omdat hij van mening was dat het liedje ‘Frozen’ grotendeels gekopieerd was van zijn liedje ‘Ma vie fout l’camp’.
Het woord was maandag aan de advocaten van de muziekhuizen van Madonna. Ze vinden nog steeds dat het verzoek van de componist, de verkoop van het nummer in België te verbieden, geen grond heeft. De vraag of Madonna het liedje ‘Ma vie fout l’camp’ heeft gehoord tijdens een mogelijk verblijf in Moeskroen in de jaren zeventig, berust volgens de advocaten van Warner, EMI en Sony op geen enkel serieus bewijs.

In 2005 besliste een rechter in Bergen dat vier maten uit ‘Frozen’ (1998) plagiaat waren van Salvatore Acquaviva’s ‘Ma vie fout le camp’, dat hij eind jaren zeventig gecomponeerd had. Van haar toenmalige verzamel-cd ‘Celebration’ werd een exclusieve Belgische editie geproduceerd, zonder het verboden nummer. Op de tracklist van ‘Celebration’ stond ‘Frozen’ bij de nummers die Madonna zelf geselecteerd had.

‘Als we die ‘Best of’ niet mogen uitbrengen in België, zitten we met een gigantisch budgetprobleem’, zei marketing manager Bert Bieseman toen. ‘Toch kunnen we het risico niet lopen de cd mét het nummer erop in de winkels te leggen, want de boetes die ons dan boven het hoofd hangen, zijn enorm.’ De drie betrokken muziekhuizen tekenden toen beroep aan.

Op 16 december worden de debatten voortgezet.

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Madonna’s daughter, Lourdes, plays part in ‘Grease’ at LaGuardia High School

Lourdes Leon, 17, takes on the role of Betty Rizzo at the school production in Manhattan on Friday. Watching in the audience was her mother, Madonna, with kids, Rocco, David and Mercy and friends.

Madonna’s teen daughter Lourdes smoked cigarettes, chugged wine and got boy crazy in front of hundreds of people on Friday.But it was all just an act.

Lola, as she’s known, made her debut as the rule-breaking Betty Rizzo in LaGuardia High School’s production of “Grease.”

She shares the part with another student, sophomore Talia R. Bornstein, in the show running through Dec. 15.

Lourdes ‘Lola’ Leon with Madonna following behind at LaGuardia High School Friday night.

In the program, Lola Leon, 17, gave shout-outs to her mom and dad, personal trainer and performer Carlos Leon.
“She would like to thank her parents,” she noted in her bio, “for giving her guidance and love and supporting her passions wholeheartedly.”

Lola might have also thanked her superstar mother for her star-power DNA and fashion sense. But instead of mom’s iconic cone bra, Lola rocked the Eisenhower-era costumes in the show set in 1959 at Rydell High School.

Rizzo is the sarcastic Pink Lady who has no time for good girls or need for a glass when it comes to booze.
“Drink it out of the bottle,” Lola growled in character, while holding cheap vino. “We ain’t got cooties.”

But Rizzo needs to sing and dance, too. And Lola, who was terrific at both, found the comedy in her Act I solo, “Look at Me, I’m Sandra Dee.” She also dug for something deeper and found it in “There are Worse Things I Could Do.”
In the audience was her mother, Madonna, with kids, Rocco, David and Mercy and friends. Lola’s Carlos also attended the show.
Madonna was an appreciative audience throughout the show, at times laughing at her daughter’s antics, and at one point she and her friend took a picture of another actor during the song, “Mooning.” The proud mom had a big bouquet of white roses resting in her lap for her daughter, and she and Leon shared a kiss after the performance.
Lola blended into a high-energy ensemble led by Tommaso Di Blasi as Danny Zuko and Julia Dean and Victoria Johnson, who alternate as the goody-goody Sandy Dumbrowski.

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Madonna Announces David Blaine As December Guest Curator For Art For Freedom

Madonna has confirmed David Blaine as the December guest curator for Art for Freedom. Guest curators collaborate with Madonna to select daily submissions to be showcased on

“Madonna, who has always been an incredible inspiration, invited me to be a part of Art for Freedom. It’s an amazing platform to bring artists together and I look forward to seeing the brilliance this generates.”

“I am excited David is signing on as guest curator. This is only the beginning of Art for Freedom bringing artists together to change the world.” commented Madonna.

As part of the Art For Freedom initiative, David Blaine will work with Madonna to select one artist from their respective month whose creative expression demonstrates a unique view of the fight for human rights. Madonna will then award a $10,000 grant to a nonprofit organization of the winning artist’s choice. All projects must be focused on the values of Art For Freedom.

The latest freedom fighters chosen to receive an Art for Freedom grant are Amber Fares and the Speed Sisters – a documentary about the Middle East’s first all women motor racing team. Against a backdrop of social and political upheaval, Speed Sisters presents an inspiring look into the drive to be true to oneself. The grant will go towards finishing the film. You can see more on the project here –

Launched in September 2013, Art For Freedom is a global digital initiative, led by Madonna in partnership with VICE Media, designed to fuel free speech – to respond, address and protest persecution and discrimination around the world. It is an online public art project encouraging people to express their personal meaning of freedom and revolution, in the form of video, music, poetry, and photography. Public submissions become part of the Art For Freedom website: contributors can join the project by uploading original artwork or tagging original posts #artforfreedom. The project was launched with the film secretprojectrevolution, co-directed by Madonna and Steven Klein.

VICE Media continues to serve as co-curator of Art for Freedom, leveraging VICE’s extensive global network of filmmakers, artists, writers, musicians, museums, and more, to contribute works to the project.

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Madonna NYC83 Exhibition Poster

This Exhibition Poster is signed by the photographer and is a limited edition of 100 posters in each color. They are printed on a very heavy weight card stock and is shipped flat. The poster is 24″ x 36″, vertical orientation.
Madonna NYC 83 celebrates the vibrant electricity of early 1980s New York. Richard Corman met Madonna by chance in 1983 and created a beautiful and iconic collection of images of the young Madonna and downtown New York that remains timelessly inspiring and significant. Madonna NYC 83 is not only an homage to Madonna and the early 80s, but also a collage of exuberance, humor, fashion, sexiness, and performance.
$75.00 each poster (black or pink)
$125 set of both signed poster
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