Patrick Leonard working with Madonna on upcoming project (Yamaha, old quote?)

Los Angeles-based Songwriter, Producer and Keyboardist Patrick Leonard has collaborated with such legendary artists as Elton John, Madonna, Fleetwood Mac, Roger Waters, Jeff Beck, and Bryan Ferry, to name a few. Having achieved worldwide success with performers like Jewel, Bryan Adams, Enrique Iglesias and Rod Stewart, his recent projects include albums by Casey Stratton, Duncan Sheik, and a collection of rearranged classic Bon Jovi cuts, “This Left Feels Right.” As a performer, Patrick was a founding member of, and the principal songwriter for, early 90s progressive-pop studio band, Toy Matinee.

Patrick’s soundtrack production credits include blockbusters such as Moulin Rouge, Shrek, Legally Blonde, and Spirit: Stallion of the Cimarron.

Having written and produced her breakout hits, Patrick is currently working with Madonna on an upcoming project.

Source: YAMAHA

Update: quote may be old, might not be new. This is no confirmation.

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Russia arrests Pussy Riot members in Sochi

Three members of the Russian punk musical collective Pussy Riot have been arrested in Sochi, members have claimed.
Nadezhda Tolokonnikova and Maria Alyokhina, along with a third, unnamed, band member, were detained and charged with theft after arriving in the Olympic city to perform a new song, Ms Tolokonnikova said.

“We were arrested on the 16th at 7 AM, on the 17th we spent 10 hours with the [internal security service]FSB, and today we are in a paddy wagon charged with theft,” Ms Tolokonnikova posted on her Twitter feed on Tuesday morning.

The group arrived in Sochi several days ago hoping to perform a new song called “Putin will teach you to love the motherland.”
Ms Tolokonnikova and Mr Alyokina grabbed international attention after a previous anti-Putin performance in Moscow in 2012 landed them with two-year jail terms.

The pair were released early in December as part of a general amnesty of several thousand prisoners to mark the 20th anniversary of the Russian constitution.

Maria Alyokhina, left, and Nadezhda Tolokonnikova (EPA)

Both, however, said they would rather have finished their full sentences, accusing Vladimir Putin of using the amnesty to white-wash his government’s human rights record ahead of the Sochi Winter Olympics.

The pair say they are implacable opponents of Mr Putin’s government and said their release would devote themselves to campaigning for reform of Russia’s prison system.

But their courting of celebrity in the months since their release has caused friction with other members of the original group.
Earlier this month six anonymous members of the group attacked the pair for appearing at an Amnesty International concert alongside Madonna in New York, saying it undermined the groups principles of “only staging illegal performances in unexpected public places.”
Ms Tolokonnikova and Ms Alyokhina hit back at the criticism, saying they never left the group and that they did not know who had written the letter


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Want to own a man? Madonna Tour Stage Statue from Blond Ambition Tour

‘This Touring Stage Prop comes from the 1990 Tour of Blond Ambition. It is a Statue of a Male form with his arms extended. He is made out of plywood, covered with foam, coated with fiberglass, silver-leafed and clear coated. He stands approximately 7′ tall, 5’ wide, 12″ deep & weighs approximately 40 pounds.

In addition to the provided photographs you can view him on stage during the performance approximately one hour and twenty minutes into the movie, Blond Ambition. This is a ONE of A KIND item for the True Madonna Collector who can afford the finer things in life! All serious Offers will be considered!

Click HERE for the auction

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BMW “The Hire” Could Be Revived For The BMW i8 [Videos]

Sometimes the old tricks are the best tricks, and BMW is considering digging up their action film series to create viral chatter over their new i8.

It has been over 13 years since Clive Owen played the mysterious “Driver” who travels from place to place in a (presumably) rented BMW, as a transporter. However, what seemed like a cool premise was made even cooler by a power studded production crew and cast, including directors Ang Lee, Johns Frankenheimer, Tony Scott, Madonna, Gary Oldman, Forest Whitaker, Mikey Rourke, and Adriana Lima.

In 2007, BMW adopted a similar idea in a film series called Hammer & Coop, which featured a more comedic approach. While the parody was good, most would agree that “The Driver” was better, which is what makes the potential of a revived BMW series even more exciting.

These are speculations of what BMW is considering, so there is no confirmation if they will be able to snag Owen or any of the previous talent for another go at viral domination over the Internet. However, BMW has confirmed an action series will be rekindled in the near future, and we can only assume that their new i8 electric/hybrid car will have a starring role in a good portion of it.

In case you forget how great the 2001 “The Hire” series actually was, here are a few highlights:


iMotor Times

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The five singles off MDNA in Holland

Any one that kept up to date with MadonnaUnderground during the release of MDNA, knows that Holland was the only country to get FIVE official singles off MDNA. 

Give Me All Your Luvin’ and Girl Gone Wild were the first two (so was it everywhere else), but Universal Music Holland decided to release Love Spent as a third single in Holland. The single was added to one of Hollands’ most popular radio stations Radio 538 in the maak het of kraak het category (make it or break it) where people can vote, if they like it or not. Unfortunately it was ‘broken’, people didn’t like it. Therefore little airplay….leading to a non charting single. 



Next Universal Music Holland sent Masterpiece to Dutch radio for airplay and announced it as the official fourth single, just before the MDNA Tour hit Amsterdam. The single was released in order to promote the 2 shows in Amsterdam. Unfortunately no commercial success for this one either. The last official single off MDNA was Turn Up The Radio.

For all the official singles in Holland, in-house promo CD’s were pressed with picture insert and sent out to radio for airplay. These promo cd’s are 100% official and have not been bootlegged. They sometimes pop up on Marktplaats, Dutch ebay or Dutch record fairs. Usually Dutch DJ’s that no longer play the promo singles, give them to record dealers and that is how they end up on the market. Although none of these were intended for sale and a lot have been recalled by Universal Music Holland.

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