Madonna and Kanye West spotted listening to Drake with Floyd Mayweather, Antonio Brown and more

Footage has emerged of MadonnaKanye West and a host of notable celebrities listening to Drake together in LA last night (January 12).

It’s currently unclear what occasion brought the group – who also included former boxer Floyd Mayweather, NFL player Antonio Brown and West’s girlfriend, Julia Fox – together, but footage and photos from the event have since been posted online overnight.

Hollywood Unlocked‘s Jason Lee, who was part of the gathering, shared footage of the moment in question, with West, Madonna and co. filmed listening to Drake’s ‘Come Thru’, a bonus track on his 2013 album ‘Nothing Was The Same’.

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Hard Candy Showcase Paris May 6, 2008 photo gallery

The longest we have ever queued was for Madonna’s Hard Candy Showcase at Olympia in Paris on May 6, 2008. We spent a total of 27 hours on the streets of Paris and in the end we found out hadn’t needed to. Madonna had performed a promotional set to promote her new record in New York (with Justin Timberlake present as musical guest) and now it was time to delight the French (and those who traveled from abroad) to her Candy Shop. 

Only 30 minutes before tickets and wristbands were handed out to the queuing fans, we received a phone call from Warner Music telling us that there were tickets reserved to our name at the box office…Anyhow we were still very excited and pretty damn exhausted by the time we received the goods to gain entry to tonight’s event. By the time Madonna finally hit the stage that night at 10.30pm our feet felt like they were standing on a bed of nails. In the end Madonna was flawless and totally worth the wrecked feet. 

Check out our updated and enhanced photo gallery of this event (63 photographs) HERE

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Who’s That Girl Tour Rotterdam original aerial photograph

How stunning is this original aerial photograph of the Who’s That Girl Tour in the Feyenoord Stadium in Rotterdam? The photo is marked on the back with ‘Geosens bv’ and ’87a28-5′. 

This photo was taken right before the show was to start and shows the crowd and the entire stadium. One of the shots the photographer took was published in Dutch magazine Popfoto (nr10, 1987)

This has been added to the Memorabilia section of the Who’s That Girl Tour archives.

Original aerial photograph, notes + sticker on back (Rotterdam/Holland)

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Hard Candy FAME album launch party Amsterdam April 24, 2008 photo gallery

We celebrated the launch of Hard Candy, Madonna’s 2008 studio album with a giant Candy Shop themed party at FAME in Amsterdam.

Once again we were fortunate enough to be able to purchase the album on the night before the commercial release. The turnout was fantastic and even surpassed the success of the Confessions on a Dance Floor launch party. Upon purchase of the album fans were given a free Dutch promotional poster and coasters made available by FAME Megastore.

The album was played loud and everyone danced the night away. A few weeks prior we had been invited for a meeting over at Warner Music to discuss the promotion for the upcoming album and were treated to a very first listen of ‘Give It 2 Me’, and it completely blew our minds, a surefire hit! In Holland it became Madonna’s most succesful single (just behind ‘Hung Up’) spending six weeks at the top spot in the official Top 40 charts.

Check out the full updated photo gallery of the launch party HERE and you might spot yourself!

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De succesvolle kunstenaar Rhed blijkt de zoon van Madonna, maar zijn achternaam gebruikt hij niet (Dutch news)

De jonge schilder die opereert onder de naam Rhed en werk verkoopt voor vijfcijferige prijzen, blijkt de zoon van Madonna te zijn. Een echt talent of een gevalletje kruiwagensucces? De critici zijn het er niet over eens.

In een kunstmarkt waar ‘jong, nieuw en aanstormend’ de categorie is waar verzamelaars het meest opgewonden van raken, gooit Rhed hoge ogen. Hij is amper 21 jaar oud, maar heeft nu al zijn derde solotentoonstelling bij Tanya Baxter Contemporary, de Londense galerie die hem vertegenwoordigt.

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London’s art scene wild for the child of Madonna

It’s been revealed that London’s latest darling of the art world is actually 21-year-old Rocco Ritchie, son of musical artist Madonna and film director Guy Ritchie.

His work, which is reportedly selling for $45,000 a piece is winning admirers for its expressionist depictions of the human form but some critics have suggested his talents have been oversold.

Guest: David Hulme, director of Banziger Hulme Fine Art Consultants


Katie Hamann

Duration: 7min 49sec

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Live Earth July 7, 2007 photo gallery

On July 7, 2007 Madonna performed as the final act at the Live Earth Benefit in London. 

She performed a brand new song co-produced with Pharrell titled ‘Hey You’ which was used as the theme song of the event. She then performed ‘Ray of Light’, a brand new version of ‘La Isla Bonita/Lela Pala Tute’ with Gogol Bordello and finished the set with ‘Hung Up.’

Right before Madonna’s performance we were allowed standing among security and had a clear view of Madonna’s performance. It was a long day, especially if you weren’t into rock or alternative music, thank goodness for the Pussycat Dolls!

We have updated and enhanced our photographs of the event, click HERE to view them all.

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More rare Who’s That Girl Tour memorabilia added

Promotional sales presenters from Holland, Germany, UK and Japan for Who’s That Girl that all include info to the upcoming world tour have been added to the memorabilia section.

There’s also original Madonna Money as thrown into the crowd during the Rotterdam show, the European itinerary, New York Advance Notice AIDS benefit show, It’s That Girl promo VHS and cassette and so much more!

Check it all out HERE

Madonna Money (thrown in Rotterdam/Holland)

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The Confessions Tour DVD launch party FAME Amsterdam – January 25, 2007 photo gallery

The launch party for The Confessions Tour DVD release was held on January 25, 2007 at FAME in Amsterdam. This was the second launch party in collaboration with Warner Music Benelux and FAME Megastore in Amsterdam. 

For the event FAME transformed their store into a giant pyjama party with beds on the floor and two huge screens (one on the ceiling) that played the entire Confessions Tour DVD. Best dressed fans (in their PJ’s) were given gift cards with credit for purchases in the store.

Check out the new and updated photo gallery of the event HERE

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