Alan Cumming gave Madonna telling off for behaviour during his Broadway show

Alan Cumming has revealed he gave Madonna a telling off for braiding her hair while she watched one of his Broadway shows.

The actor was performing in Cabaret when he got distracted by the sight of the Who’s That Girl singer fiddling with her locks during the performance.

Cumming, 56, originally from Aberfeldy, Perthshire, kept his irritation for years before playfully embarrassing the star in front of her fans.

He told how he feared Madonna “hated” the show before her driver asked him to join her for dinner.

Cumming said: “Madonna came to see Cabaret the first time I did it on Broadway. We were all like, ‘Oh, Madonna’s in, Madonna’s in,’ and I could see her braiding her hair whilst she was watching the show.

“Afterwards we thought she might come backstage but she didn’t and I thought, ‘Oh, she hated it, how awful.’

Cabaret on Broadway in 1998. Speaking on the Talk Art podcast, he told how he reminded the 62-year-old about her rudeness in front of the audience at one of her London Palladium shows last year.

He said: “When she was doing her concerts, I got free tickets. There was a bit when she sits down next to a member of the audience and it’s usually a famous person and she has a little chat with you.

“She talked about coming to see me in Cabaret and I said, ‘I remember you were braiding your hair.’ She was like, ‘Was I? That’s incredibly rude.’ And I went, ‘Yes, it was rude.’”

Cumming’s first success came as an air steward in 1990s Scots sitcom The High Life. He went on to carve out a Hollywood career in the Spy Kids franchise, as Nightcrawler in X-Men 2 and in the James Bond movie Goldeneye.

The performer has lived in New York for more than 20 years and was awarded an OBE in 2009 in part for his activism on LGBT rights.

He is working on a new dance show about the life of Robert Burns, which will tackle the Bard’s poor treatment of women and the way his darker side has been “sanitised”.

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‘Like a Prayer’ Remixes EP (10 tracks) digitally available per March 5

The ‘Like a Prayer’ remixes are digitally available per March 5, which in some parts of the world is right now. If it doesn’t show up in your library yet, check back later. Below is the direct link to the Dutch Apple Music.


01 Like a Prayer (12″ Dance Mix)
02 Like a Prayer (12″ Extended Remix)
03 Like a Prayer (Churchapella)
04 Like a Prayer (12″ Club Version)
05 Like a Prayer (7″ Remix) Edit
06 Act of Contrition
07 Like a Prayer (7″ Version)
08 Like a Prayer (Instra Dub)
09 Like a Prayer (Bass Dub)
10 Like a Prayer (Dub Beats)

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Madonna couldn’t be hotter……2 original promo adverts for “Lucky Star” from 1984

‘Madonna couldn’t be hotter’ is the first line of the promotional advert for ‘Lucky Star’ as published in R&R Magazine in August 1984. 

A very similar advert was published in Canada, stating ‘her album is now GOLD in Canada & on the verge of eruption, courtesy of her third CHR hit “Lucky star”

Check out both adverts in our The First Album page (adverts tab)

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5 Things You May Not Know About Madonna’s First Hit Ballad, “Crazy For You”

On May 11, 1985, Madonna reached No. 1 on the Billboard Hot 100 Chart with her first big ballad, “Crazy for You.” The song helped cement her status as a bona fide pop star. She had already raised some eyebrows with “Like a Virgin” in November 1984, but “Crazy for You” was a big departure from her usual sexy dance-pop sound, marking her first foray into the world of sentimental songs.

Madonna, however, was a little-known artist when she signed on to sing “Crazy for You.” The song, recorded in 1983, was part of the soundtrack for the movie Vision Quest. This coming-of-age sports drama was then delayed for more than a year, which meant Madonna’s second album, Like a Virgin, hit record stores months before the film made it to the theaters. Teenage fans had already started wearing rubber bracelets, rosaries and racy outfits by the time Vision Quest debuted in February 1985. Here are a few fun facts about the making of the song:

“Crazy for You” was a bigger hit than the movie it came from

Vision Quest stars Matthew Modine as a high school wrestler who decides to go up against the most feared opponent in the state. But equal time on screen was devoted to Modine pursuing an older woman played by Linda Fiorentino. In all, Vision Quest brought in just over $12 million, according to Box Office Mojo. The filmmakers even tried to capitalize on the success of the song, retitling the picture Crazy for You when it was released in England and several other countries.

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Rita Ora Dishes on Her ‘Awkward’ but ‘Amazing Moment’ with Madonna: ‘We Had to Kneel on the Floor’

Rita Ora will never forget the moment she met Madonna.

During Tuesday’s episode of The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, the “Bang” artist revealed that her first encounter with Madonna was a little “awkward” after host Jimmy Fallon asked Ora if she had ever felt starstruck when meeting one of her favorite celebrities.

“The highlight of my life is obviously Madonna, that’s one of the biggest idols of all time,” Ora, 30, told the host.

“I had an amazing moment with her, very awkward but also very unbelievable,” she said.

The British singer explained that her moment with Madonna, 62, came early in her career while she was doing a clothing line campaign for the “Vogue” singer.

“She really just made me find my light, and by doing that we had to kneel on the floor,” Ora recalled. “And I thought it was ‘Like a Prayer,’ in real life that was happening to me.”

The “Body on Me” songstress then said she was so in awe of meeting Madonna that she “had to go and breathe in the bathroom” before the experience.

“I just couldn’t breathe and she was like ‘This is not my life, let’s get down,'” Ora remembered, saying that Madonna motioned for her to get on the floor. “I thought, ‘What? What’s happening?'”

Despite being confused, Ora went along with Madonna’s directions.

“And so we did, I said, ‘Whatever she says we’re gonna do,'” the singer recalled with a laugh.

Ora isn’t the only celebrity to get starstruck by some of her favorite fellow artists.

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Blond Ambition Tour videography updated and restyled (8 items)

The legendary Blond Ambition Tour has only ever been officially released on VHS and laserdisc, unfortunately we are still waiting for a DVD or blu-ray (or even digital) release.

The final show in Nice France was released on laserdisc by Pioneer and the show in Japan available on laserdisc as well as VHS.

For our updated videography we have included 8 different items for you to view.

Also included is the unofficial but commercially available DVD of the show performed in Houston USA.

Check it out HERE

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Explore 10 documentaries about music and music artists

Madonna has always been able to put on a show even if she wasn’t on stage. No wonder that this documentary by Alek Keshishian touches the topic of the thin line between performance and self-branding. She knew that everything she’d do in this movie would be a stir for critics and her fans. So she did everything for it to be a provocative hullabaloo. She allowed herself to drop snide remarks about Oprah Winfrey and Kevin Costner, had awkward encounters with her family and friends, and fellated an Evian bottle during the conversations with her gay backup dancers.

Full article at Film Daily

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Madonna expertly dissects sex, sexuality and ‘conservatism’ in resurfaced 1990 Nightline interview

Madonna on Newsnight

Madonna on Newsnight in 1990. (YouTube)

Madonna is being showered with praise after an old interview resurfaced on social media in which she hit out at the stagnant, conservative discussion around sexuality.

The gay icon appeared on ABC’s Nightline in 1990 to respond to the controversy surrounding her music video for “Justify My Love”, which MTV famously refused to broadcast because of its frank exploration of sex.

During a legendary appearance on Nightline, Madonna hit out at the “conservatism” that was sweeping the nation and spoke of the importance of exploring sexuality. 

“I think that sexuality is something that Americans would really rather just sweep up under the rug,” Madonna said.

The trailblazing singer-songwriter said she hopes her music video – which shows her being seduced into a threesome in a hotel – would provoke an “open discussion” between children and their parents about sex.

“Madonna, you have to help me here,” the interviewer responded. “When a 10-year-old sees you chained to the bed or sees your boyfriend bound up and another woman comes by while you’re there… you know that that’s a fantasy and you know that other people are able to deal with all kinds of sexuality, but a 10-year-old is going to get awfully confused here,” he said.

Madonna replied: “Good, then let them get confused and let them go ask their parents about it, and let their parents explain to them that it is a sexual fantasy and that these things exist in life, like they see violence, it exists in life.

“It’s not a pretty picture necessarily, it’s a frightening thing, but it’s a reality. Why are we willing to deal with the realities of violence and sexism and why aren’t we willing to deal with sexuality? Why?

“The networks won’t even play ads on TV that are about condoms, about birth control, about practicing safe sex, we’re pretending like we don’t have a lot of teenagers that are having sex in the world right now. Why are we subjecting ourselves to this kind of ignorance?”

Madonna hit out at parents for ‘not doing their job’

The Nightline interviewer told Madonna that parents might argue it was up to them to educate their children about sexuality in their own time and in their own way.

“Well guess what, they’re not doing their job,” Madonna replied, “because teenage pregnancies in this country have reached a highest high, we have sophomores in high school that are having their second babies already. And the rate of AIDS is rising in the heterosexual community at a really frightening rate. So why is that? These parents are not doing their jobs.”

The interview was shared on Twitter on 27 February and quickly racked up thousands of likes, with many queer people praising Madonna for her trailblazing approach to sex and sexuality.

More at PinkNews

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Madonna ‘Sorry’ 2-track single now digitally available (Paper Faces Vocal Edit of Let It Will Be)

A brand new digital release is for Madonna’s “Sorry”

This is a 2-track digital single available as per March 1 2021.


01 Sorry (Single Edit)

02 Let It Will Be (Paper Faces Vocal Edit)

Unfortunately I was sent the link to a 3-track single earlier (so excuse that now-deleted post), for the newly added 2-track I have only been able to find the link below (Canada)

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Drowned World Tour ad slick exploration (test images for approval)

Since it has been 20 years today that Madonna announced she was going on tour for the first time since The Girlie Show in 1993, here is something pretty interesting.

These are four of a set of thirteen in an ad slick exploration for Madonna. Ad slicks are designed to be used for newsprint campaign in major metro areas – USA and overseas. 

These thirteen ad slicks are all different, they tried different images and different logo’s mainly borrowing from the photoshoot done for ELLE magazine.

The set was sent for approval to Madonna and gave her the choice which ad would eventually be used to advertise the shows. This particular ad is also included in the package and is the one we all know (same image as used for GHV2 album cover.)

It has been added to our Drowned World Tour page (memorabilia)

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Lucky Records store to close?….an end of an era

Hello everyone,
We have just announced that we are now considering retiring.
We have not yet decided on the date or how we are going to organize our departure from Lucky Records.
Our decision is not motivated by the current economic and health situation, because we have, thanks to you, customers and friends, been little impacted and we sincerely thank you all for your loyalty and your unwavering support.

Our age now allows us to fully assert our rights and we want to enjoy our free time serenely.
For the moment, we remain at your service on the usual days and times in the store and also via our website.

We will keep you informed of the evolution of our situation and the changes to come until our departure from Lucky Records whose adventure can continue without us …

See you soon.

Take good care of yourself.

Maurice & Georges

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Een jaar na val op podium in Parijs is Madonna weer de oude (Belgium)

Een jaar na val op podium in Parijs is Madonna weer de oude
Madonna in haar Instagram-video FOTO: INSTAGRAM MADONNA (@MADONNA)

Een jaar geleden brak Madonna (62) haar knie na een val op het podium van Le Grand Rex in Parijs. De ‘Queen of pop’ kondigde via een video op haar Instagram aan dat ze eindelijk weer haar concertoutfits kan aantrekken. Ze zet erbij dat ze opgelucht is dat haar outfits haar nog passen.

Madonna moest op de vooravond van de coronauitbraak haar Madame X-tour, gelinkt aan haar laatste album (2019), annuleren naar aanleiding van de val. Ze zegt dat ze na de operatie 10 maanden op krukken moest lopen om haar knie zo veel mogelijk te sparen. In het filmpje is te zien dat de Amerikaanse ster haar podiumoutfits weer aantrekt. Ondanks dat ze bij die outfits nog wel kniebeschermers draagt, lijken die meer een esthetische waarde te hebben dan dat ze medische hulp bieden. Binnenkort verschijnt op Netflix een documentaire rond de popster, waarin haar Madame X-tour en het revalidatieproces na de operatie een rol zullen spelen.

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The Lady Madonna – Black Echoes article from November 5, 1983

This article on Madonna was published in Britain’s ‘Black Echoes’ magazine on November 5, 1983 

‘…Madonna’s songs are so individual, the album has turned out far from traditional. Hardly surprising when you trace back through the numerous chapters of her short existence. She’s young yet she’s done so much but, more exciting, she promises to do so much more.’

This has been added to the press section of The First Album page.

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Madonna: Story of Her Songs, premiering on REELZ Sunday, February 28

It is no secret that Madonna is a material girl. Now we’ll finally know just how she actually became one. 

In Madonna: Story of Her Songs, premiering on REELZ Sunday, February 28, the producers, songwriters, photographers, journalists and industry experts who knew her best chart her journey to stardom.

According to the documentary, “She went from being a potentially big star to being a huge, huge star.” 

From Madonna’s arrival in New York after having already dropped out of dance school to her drive for success in all machinations and her breakthrough as a dance chart star, Story of Her Songs leaves no stone unturned. 

The hit that would bring her mainstream success? “Like a Virgin,” which was helped by the maximum punch of a sexually charged, provocative video as Madonna floated through the streets of Venice. 

In the doc, “Virgin” songwriter Billy Steinberg reveals how he helped Madonna, 62, change the face of pop for all future generations.

“She’s writhing around in a gondola, going through a tunnel coming out the other side,” says broadcaster Katie Puckrik in the exclusive preview for OK!. “That’s just so hand-fisted and so on the nose.”

Songwriter and guitarist Curtis Hudson discusses 1983 chart topper “Holiday,” and how he created the track while working closely with Madonna in the studio. The songs saw the aspiring legendary performer debut on the Billboard chart and helped shape her as both a pop-performer and a fashion icon with her edgy, street style. 

According to the revelatory doc, Madonna made sure everyone in the studio knew their place.

“Every time there was a break and we had to go right back to re-recording or whatever, Madonna would say, ‘Okay boys. Time is money and the money is mine,'” shares Frank Simms, Madonna’s backup singer. “That got to be a slogan, so when she wasn’t around we would say, ‘Remember, time is money and the money is hers.'”

Perhaps money was Madonna’s favorite material? Renowned backing singer Simms remembers witnessing Madonna’s channeling of Marilyn Monroe in the video for “Material Girl,” and dishes on helping to bring the playful, electronic track to life (not to mention guiding the inexperienced singer through her vocals).

By reliving the creation of Madonna’s head-turning songs and getting a behind-the-scenes look at how they came to fruition, viewers will bear witness up close and personally as to how Madonna became the Queen of Pop.

For more on Madonna’s rise to the top, tune in to Madonna: Story of Her Songs Sunday, February 28, at 8 p.m. ET/PT on REELZ.

Watch REELZ on DIRECTV 238, Dish Network 299, Verizon FiOS 692, AT&T U-verse 1799 and in HD on cable systems and streaming services nationwide. Find REELZ on your local cable or satellite provider at

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