Madonna Producer Patrick Leonard Talks ‘Like A Prayer’ at 25

Mention the name Patrick Leonard to a Madonna fan, and their ears should immediately perk up. After all, it was Leonard who co-wrote and/or co-produced many of Madonna’s classic hit singles like “Live to Tell,” “Open Your Heart,” “Frozen” and “Like a Prayer.”

The latter cut was the lead single and title track from Madonna’s 1989 album, which now celebrates its 25th anniversary. It was released by Sire/Warner Bros. Records on March 21, 1989, and shot to No. 1 on the Billboard 200 shortly thereafter. It spent six weeks atop the chart — her longest run at No. 1 for any album.

To celebrate a quarter century of “Like a Prayer,” Billboard spoke to Leonard — the primary co-writer and co-producer of the set — to discuss the making of the album and his recollections of working with Madonna. (Would you believe “Like a Prayer” was written in one day? And the entire album was written in less than two weeks?)

In our lengthy chat, we discuss everything from where Prince pops up on the album (it might surprise you), to Leonard’s all-time favorite song they did together. Not to mention those rumors that he’s working with Madonna on her next album.

In addition to his partnership with Madonna, Leonard has worked with many other artists, including Jewel, Elton John and Roger Waters. He’s currently working with Leonard Cohen on his upcoming album.

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Madonna ‘Like A Prayer’ At 25: 10 More Shocking And Outrageous Music Videos Featuring Miley Cyrus, Kylie Minogue, M.I.A.

Twenty five years ago today, Madonna released her controversial album ‘Like A Prayer’. Praised by critics and fans alike, the album became famous for two reasons. Firstly, it was the first time we’d really seen Madonna open up through her music. ‘Till Death Do Us Part’ talked about her difficult marriage to actor Sean Penn, ‘Oh Father’, dealt with her difficult life growing up in the suburbs of Detroit, Michigan, and the heartbreaking ‘Promise To Try’ discussed the death of her mother when she was just five years old.

It also gained notoriety for the title track’s music video, which got the whole world talking. While previous videos for the likes of ‘Papa Don’t Preach’ and ‘Open Your Heart’ had caused a stir for their controversial themes – not to mention Madonna’s barely-there outfits – it was the video for ‘Like A Prayer’ that catapulted Madonna to the ranks of music video heavyweight, and proved to the world she really meant business.

Featuring burning crucifixes, a sex scene on an altar, a murder and a rare glimpse of Madonna’s hair in its natural state – the ‘Like A Prayer’ video shocked the world and changed the way we viewed music videos. Still listed as one of the most shocking and outrageous clips of all time, ‘Like A Prayer’ is undoubtedly one of the most important jewels in Madonna’s crown, and a big reason why she’s still viewed by so many as an icon decades into her career.

But ‘Like A Prayer’ isn’t the only music video that’s caused a stir, plenty of other artists have made waves with their own shocking videos…

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Madonna Posted Her Butt On Instagram And Then Took It Down: See The Racy Pic

God bless Madonna‘s Instagram account. When she’s not dressing up as a Game Of Thrones character or cleaning her bathroom in fishnet stockings, the ever-controversial pop legend is shedding her clothes for our viewing pleasure. (That duet with Miley Cyrus obviously rubbed off on her).

Last night (March 20), after a couple of drinks (I’m guessing), Madonna posted a picture showcasing her pert butt with the upsetting message — given her pose — of “looking for love in all the wrong places”. She looked great and it got fans clicking the ‘like’ button but the post was taken down shortly thereafter. See the full pic after the jump.


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Madonna’s ‘Like a Prayer’ at 25: Classic Track-by-Track Review

To celebrate its 25th anniversary on March 21, here’s our track-by-track look back at Madonna’s classic studio album, 1989’s “Like A Prayer.”

By early 1989, the world had come to know Madonna as a dance-pop provocateur with quirky-sexy style. She was the biggest female celebrity on the planet, and yet for all her fame, few realized just how much pain and self-doubt this soon-to-be-divorced 30-year-old lapsed Catholic from Detroit was carting around. With “Like a Prayer,” that would all change.

Recorded amid the dissolution of her marriage to actor Sean Penn, “Like a Prayer” was Madonna’s most introspective and eclectic album to date. Unlike the three that came before, it blended classic psychedelic rock with then-current synth-pop sounds. And now, a quarter-century after its March 21, 1989 release, it doesn’t sound a bit dated. Lyrically, it’s about growing up, moving on from bad romance, and getting right with God and family. At least two of the songs center on the death of Madonna’s mother, a childhood trauma that had a strong part in making the singer who she is.

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Like a fur-gin! Madonna proudly shows off hairy armpits in risqué fetish wear

But we reckon that this time, the style icon’s latest take on fashion won’t have as many followers.

The 55-year-old gave fans quite the sight over their cornflakes as she posted a snap of herself proudly sporting very fuzzy armpits.

Holding her arm behind her head, Madge displayed a furry patch of brown hair growing from her underarm – signalling that she has ditched the razor to go au naturel.

The Like A Prayer singer hadn’t just forgotten to shave in the shower, though. The 80’s icon explained her decision to embrace the fur, writing: “Long hair…… Don’t Care!!!!!! #artforfreedom #rebelheart #revolutionoflove.”

While hairy armpits may be a serious feminist statement, we can’t really imagine her fluffy accessories going very well with skimpy summer outfits.

In fact, her patch of hair clashed wildly with her overtly sexual ensemble in the selfie.

The raunchy star showed off some seriously squished cleavage in a silk and lace black bra, featuring a fetish-style boned corset attached.

Teaming the S&M lingerie with a bow tie around her neck, Madonna looked like she was about to head off to a bondage club.

With a curl of bright blonde hair falling into her face and plenty of rouge applied to her cheeks, Madge could have pulled off the seductive selfie – if it weren’t for the unshaven pit stealing our attention.

Madonna is no stranger to the controversial Instagram post, having littered her feed with some very provocative poses.

The mum-of-four documented her morning cleaning routine by snapping herself licking a shower door, while she shocked followers with a shot of her derriere in skimpy pants and fishnets – which she swiftly deleted.

The queen of pop also showed off her fangirl qualities as she dressed up as a character from Game of Thrones.

Strapped into a leather corset with dragon ornaments on her shoulders, Madge gave her best impression of Daenerys Targaryen, played by Emilia Clarke.

But this wasn’t just any handmade costume – the Hung Up singer actually borrowed the costume from the set itself.

Hey, when you’re the first lady of pop, you can do whatever you want.

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‘I thought I was dreaming!’ Emilia Clarke on Madonna asking to borrow her Game Of Thrones costume

Emilia Clarke’s Game Of Thrones impressive costume has been much replicated by fans.

But when Madonna decided to dress up as her character Daenerys Targaryen, she wanted the real deal.

The pop star contacted HBO, and asked to borrow Emilia’s fantastic black leather corset and long dress.

‘I thought I was dreaming,’ she told Jimmy Fallon on The Tonight Show.
And she explained: ‘I got an email [from HBO’s publicity department] asking “Madonna wants to borrow the costume is that ok?”
‘I was like ‘I must be dreaming.’

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