Showing him off! Madonna, 55, takes toyboy Timor Steffens out for a night on the town for a sushi date

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She may be more than twice his age, but Madonna is not embarrassed about flaunting her new puppy love.

The 55-year-old star took her boyfriend Timor Steffens out for the first time on American soil on Tuesday night.
The couple have only been spotted only a few times since it was revealed the iconic pop star had found herself a new younger dancer.

The star first debuted Timor – who is just a year older than her last boy toy, dancer Brahim Zaibat – during a New Year’s Eve bash in Europe.
In town for the Grammys and a duet with Miley Cyrus, Madonna has been very busy of late so went low key for the mid-week date.

The new couple headed to a sushi restaurant in Beverly Hills, California, dressing from the same colour palette.
Timor – who lives in Los Angeles but is from the Netherlands – donned a long black woolen trench coat over a pair of black slightly shiny jeans with matching coloured trainers.

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Madonna to Introduce The Pussy Riot at Amnesty International Concert February 5th

Madonna will introduce Masha and Nadya, two members of Russia’s Pussy Riot art collective, at Amnesty International’s Bringing Human Rights Home concert taking place at Barclays Center in Brooklyn on Wednesday February 5, it was announced today by Amnesty International.

“I am honored to introduce my fellow freedom fighters Masha and Nadya from Pussy Riot. I have admired their courage and have long supported their commitment and the sacrifices they have made in the name of freedom of expression and human rights,” commented Madonna.

Tickets are on sale from Ticketmaster. Other confirmed acts include Imagine Dragons, The Flaming Lips, Ms. Lauryn Hill, Tegan and Sara, The Fray, Cold War Kids, Colbie Caillat and Cake. Masha and Nadya were imprisoned for their participation in the Pussy Riot art collective. Hundreds of thousands of online actions by Amnesty International supporters helped bring about their freedom.

Madonna, a longstanding defender of the Pussy Riot art collective’s right to speak out in defiance of restrictions in their homeland, is part of a star-studded tradition of prominent artists using the power of music to articulate their support for human rights on behalf of Amnesty International.

More information on the upcoming concert can be found at Follow #AmnestyConcert for live updates.


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Miley Cyrus Reveals How She Got ‘Unplugged’ With Madonna: Watch

Yeehaw! Miley Cyrus wanted only one icon to grace her stage during “MTV Unplugged.” So when Madonna accompanied Miley on Wednesday night, no one was more shocked than the 21-year-old pop princess. “I wanted to have someone here that wasn’t the obvious and something that was different than just being on my record, something that people wouldn’t really expect,” she told MTV News about teaming up with the legendary pop star. “And even I didn’t expect Madonna to be necessarily down to do something like ‘Unplugged’ with me.

So the fact that she’s here, kind of doing this hoedown thing with me now, is unbelievable. I’m so stoked.” Miley then broke down how Madonna influenced her own performing style. “I grew up listening to Madonna and a lot of what she represented for me is what I try to rep to girls now is not being afraid of sexuality and really being who you want to be and doing what you want to do,” she said. Madge and Miley, both donning sequined cowgirl gear, performed a mash-up of Madonna’s 2000 hit “Don’t Tell Me” and Miley’s 2013 smash “We Can’t Stop.” Wondering what it looks like? Well, the performance airs Wednesday (January 29) at 9 p.m. ET/PT on MTV. To hear more about how Cyrus and the Material Girl ended up collaborating together for the special, Miley revealed all in our interview. So, check it out!

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Miley & Madonna Will Twerk Together On ‘Unplugged’

Cyrus has been no stranger to the limelight over the past year. A hit album, some record-breaking music videos, a documentary and, tonight, we’ll get the most organic glimpse of her as the classic MTV show “Unplugged” returns. Miley belts hits like “Wrecking Ball” and “Adore You” with acoustic backing and raw vocals and, though she might make you cry, she’ll definitely make you dance. The special guest appearance of Madonna, who joins Miley for a mash-up of “We Can’t Stop” and “Don’t Tell Me,” promises to rev the engines of “Unplugged.” Watch it tonight on MTV at 9 PM E.T./P.T.


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Madonna & Miley Cyrus Team for Country-Themed MTV ‘Unplugged’ Special

Madonna joined Miley Cyrus for a mash-up of “Don’t Tell Me” and “We Can’t Stop” at Cyrus’ barn dance-themed “Unplugged” show that will air on MTV tonight (Jan. 29) at 9 p.m.

Cyrus embraced her Nashville roots for the special, giving a countrified twist to “Bangerz” material such as “4 x 4,” “Do My Thing” and “#Getitright” and covering Dolly Parton’s “Jolene.”

“We’re trying to bring Nashville here and get people in the country spirit,” Cyrus said on sound stage at Sunset Gower Studios on Tuesday evening. The turnaround of the show in less than 24 hours is the fastest MTV has done in the history of the “Unplugged” franchise.

“It’s been a dream to go live globally, but with the addition of a guest (Madonna), we decided to do a quick turnaround,” MTV Networks Music and Logo Group president Van Tofler told Billboard.

He said MTV is focused on the premiere Wednesday night at 9pm and that down the road they will consider releasing a longer version and will put interview footage and extras online at

Cyrus designed the set of wagon wheels and bales of hay and added a dancing horse to her seven-piece band — yes, she twerks with it. She selected the songs as well. The goal, Cyrus’ manager Larry Rudolph told Billboard, was to “break down these songs to their bare essentials so you can hear her singing them without a lot of production.”

The hour-long show is designed to whet her audience’s appetite prior to her embarking on her tour in a few weeks. “Unplugged” allowed her to “countrify” her music and “let people know she can sing,” Rudolph says.

Adds Tofler, “We’ve got a wonderful, messy, windy history with her and this is just another notch that, with acoustic instruments, she can really sing and play. Miley’s follows the lineage of Madonna, Britney and Gaga and where these stars live at a certain level. We mix the visuals, the pageantry and some combustible moments — it’s sort of like throwing rocket fuel on their careers.”

Macklemore and Madonna Perform ‘Same Love’ As 33 Couples Wed Live on Air During GRAMMYs

The Cyrus concert will be first “Unplugged” show aired on MTV since Florence + the Machine’s December 2012 appearance.

In a statement provided exclusively to Billboard, Cyrus said: “In 2013, MTV changed the M to stand for Miley. They’ve been a huge supporter of mine, allowing me to push boundaries and find new ways to connect with my fans.”


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Op woensdag 29 januari geeft Miley Cyrus een bijzonder optreden tijdens MTV Unplugged. Dat kon je hier al uitgebreid lezen. De intieme MTV Unplugged sessies staan garant voor een verrassende interpretatie van bekende nummers. Hier zal Miley Cyrus geen uitzondering in zijn. Hits van onder meer haar album Bangerz worden neergezet op een manier zoals nooit eerder vertoont. Dit doet ze niet alleen, maar met gastoptredens van andere grote namen in de muziek. Miley’s optreden tijdens de 2013 MTV VMA en de 2013 MTV EMA in Amsterdam behoren beiden tot de meest besproken momenten in de muziek van 2013. Tijdens MTV Unplugged kan er dan ook van alles gebeuren. MTV Unplugged: Miley Cyrus wordt woensdag 5 februari om 21:35u uitgezonden in Nederland.

Vandaag kunnen wij ook bevestigen dat Madonna een van de special guests is bij de MTV Unplugged sessie. De twee supersterren zullen een mash-up van ‘Don’t Tell Me’ van Madonna en ‘We Can’t Stop’ van Miley ter gehore brengen. M & M waren gisteren al hard aan het oefenen voor hun akoestische show. Ze waren in cowgirl-outfits lekker aan het grinden en line-dancing veranderde in dirty dancing.

Miley Unplugged
Tijdens MTV Unplugged krijgen fans een andere kant van Miley Cyrus te zien. De intieme setting van het Unplugged podium maakt het mogelijk om de kijkers te laten zien wat haar inspireert. Via haar muziek heeft Miley een persoonlijke en directe band met haar fans, dat wordt tijdens het optreden van MTV Unplugged versterkt.

Iconische artiesten als Mariah Carey, Lenny Kravitz, Nirvane, Guns ’n Roses en Paul McCartney gingen Miley Cyrus al voor in een bijzonder optreden op het MTV Unplugged podium. Het optreden van Miley belooft tot een van de meest memorabele Unplugged optredens te horen tot nu toe. Amy Doyle, EVP Music and Talent Programming Strategy bij MTV “De visie van Miley op muziek en het optreden is uniek en lijkt op niets dat we ooit eerder hebben gezien. Ik kan met gemak zeggen dat dit een van de meest memorabele optredens ooit wordt.” MTV Unplugged: Miley Cyrus is 5 februari om 21:35 uur te zien op MTV in Nederland en op donderdag 30 januari al online op

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Miley Grinds On Madonna, Madonna Grinds Back: Go Behind Their ‘Unplugged’ Party


Pop icons perform a raucous mashup of ‘Don’t Tell Me’ and ‘We Can’t Stop’ for ‘MTV Unplugged,’ airing Wednesday at 9 p.m. ET on MTV.

Oh. Your favorite star didn’t kick off her “MTV Unplugged” by running onto a hoedown-themed set — decked in a blonde bob wig, gingham bodysuit, and carrying a purse — and back that ass up into a two-man horse? That’s cute, because Miley Cyrus did.

The biggest, best and country-est party in the U.S.A. on Tuesday night (January 28) was inside studio 15 of the Sunset Gower Studios, where Miley barnstormed her “Unplugged” set, complete with Amazon Ashley, Little Britney, a full strings section, a vintage Leslie, a Hammond organ, a two-man twerking horse, oh yeah, and Madonna. And if you weren’t there, worry not: it all airs Wednesday night (January 28) at 9 p.m. E.T./P.T. on MTV.

If Miley Cyrus’ “Unplugged” performance had a lyrical blueprint, it’d be that of her second song of the set, “Do My Thang”: “I’m a Southern Belle crazier than hell, getting wild up in here, getting live up in here burning up, up in here, turnt up, up in here.” Miley got live, got down, but she also got really real and really raw. “I can’t believe you let me of all people do an ‘Unplugged,’ ” she said. “That was brave.” But how could we not?

And a few thoughts on bravery: Beyond the feel-good, Salt ‘N Pepa-referencing party jams like “Bangerz” and #Getitright” — which saw a truly turnt up Miley dancing in a bikini top, grabbing her crotch and b-boy posing, her omnipresent tongue waving in between bars, and adorable stage banter (“MTV’s paying me today in ones so we can all go to the strip club after this,” she joked) — Miley put everything on the line. You could feel it in every song, everywhere in the room, from the minute she bounded out on the stage, down to her final flawless note of the night.

Miley’s staggering vocal prowess — brace yourself for a voice that’s thick and rich like molasses, metallic and fluid like liquid mercury — and vulnerability during slow songs reveal a strong yet not undamaged human heart caged in a spiritual sanctuary. Beyond the partying and the tongue selfies and weed jokes, there’s honest-to-God pain and sorrow, love and loss, and Miley reached down and let the audience — and the light — in.

Miley Cyrus Does Sequined Double Denim For ‘Unplugged’ Madonna Mashup

Nowhere was that raw emotion more apparent than during “Drive” and the minor falls and major lifts of a stripped-down version of “Wrecking Ball,” which Miley prefaced saying “I think everyone knows what it’s like to feel their life crumbling down,” before taking the room to church with a version of the smash that felt as much like a hymnal as a pop song.

The emotional peak of the “Unplugged” set was “Adore You” — “My favorite song on my record,” Miley told the “Unplugged” audience. Awash in the deep, dusty rose light of an illuminated wagon wheel, Miley launched into a country love ballad so deeply forlorn that for one beautiful minute, the L.A. set felt more like the scene of a furtive slow dance between two lovers on a peanut-shell-covered floor beneath the neon lights of flickering beer signs in any whiskey-soaked bar off of I-75.

But it wasn’t all about emotional wreckage (by which I mean me, watching “Wrecking Ball” live). Don’t get it twisted — Miley came to throw down.

Specifically with Madonna, who, as you’ve likely heard by now, had been quietly hiding in plain sight, rising from the audience in a bedazzled cowgirl uniform to join Miley on a mashup of “Don’t Tell Me” and “We Can’t Stop.” While trading off and exchanging lyrics of both hits, Miley grinded on Madonna, Madonna grinded on Miley, they both box-stopped and turned line dancing into dirty dancing, and yet another legendary pop music moment was made.

“That was pretty f—ing cool you guys. It was one of those days that was pretty easy to get out of bed. I get to perform with Madonna in bedazzled cowboy boots. I can’t really complain about anything,” Miley effused as Madonna two-stepped off the stage. “Well, I can’t perform when I’m stoned. That’s one thing to complain I guess,” Miley teased before impersonating “Saturday Night Live”‘s Vanessa Bayer’s cheeky impression of her, capping off the unforgettable duet by confirming it was “pretty cool.”

Miley Cyrus may be known for her endlessly entertaining antics (who remembers twerking or sparking up at the EMAs?), but stripping down to her Southern roots was a firm, intentional reminder that all else aside, this girl can wail to the rafters. Her fans (and fans — including this writer — of her “Backyard Sessions”) could’ve told you that beneath the party girl is a real country girl, capable of vocal detonation, a boot-scootin hoedown, or holding her own beside the legendary a Queen of pop.

Miley Cyrus’ MTV “Unplugged” performance proves once and for all that beyond the headlines and the tongue pics and the endless media circus lies a heart and a voice. It’s the voice of an artist, and it’s one of the biggest, boldest, and most important voices in music.


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LIZ SMITH: “Same Love” …

“IF IT was anything else, I might plead my foot, but I won’t miss this. It’s too important — it’s about love!”

That’s what Madonna told members of her inner circle who were suggesting the star’s recent injury to her foot was too painful and “too hobbling” for her to appear at the Grammys last Sunday night.

Silly inner circle! Don’t they know by now that as soon as you tell Madonna not to do, say, or wear something, she is going to do exactly the opposite. (Alas, somebody told her not wear that silly gold grill on her teeth, so she did. At least on the red carpet.)

In any case, though Madonna looked like she was paying homage to the Amish on the way into the Grammys, she pulled it out of the fire when she went onstage. Changed into a more flattering white suit, and steadying herself on a white cane, she joined multiple Grammy-winner Macklemore, along with Ryan Lewis, Mary Lambert, and Queen Latifah in a splendid rendition of “Same Love.” (M melded her classic “Open Your Heart” with the new song. And Latifah presided over 33 weddings, both straight and gay.) Madonna was in good voice and the entire number was beautifully conceived. If you weren’t impressed or moved, your hearts of stone must weigh you down!

BY NOW, you probably know all this. What you don’t know is how much physical discomfort Madonna was in. And perhaps many of you are not aware of the beating M took on the social media — a lot of it was shockingly racist and directed at her son, David! (David looked adorable with his mom on the red carpet in a duplicate of Madonna’s black pantsuit.)

Many of these online morons don’t seem to be aware that Madonna adopted David a number of years ago. She also has an adopted daughter, Mercy. And also the two children she has given birth to. But the level of ugly vitriol on poor David is stunning.

Unfortunately, M recently lit a fire under her critics by her misguided attempt to appear as if she were getting “down with the kids” using the N-word as a “term of endearment” towards her older son, Rocco, fathered by Guy Ritchie. She apologized. But her appearance at the Grammys with David compelled her haters to decry it as a “PR stunt” to prove she isn’t racist. Please. Madonna is no racist. Her crime, if we can call it that, is she doesn’t censor herself and is often caught up in maintaining an image that needs some tweaking to maturity. And, like most adults, she should get off Twitter. (Nothing but trouble there, people.)

But so much more came pouring out — especially on the Yahoo! site — and that David was the target is pretty grim.

Read full article by Liz Smith HERE

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From Shep Pettibone

‘I think it’s quite relevant that Madonna sang at the wedding on the Grammys. She has always tried, whether successful or not, to make being “Gay” accepted. Here’s a song we wrote together about our friends who died of AIDS. Please share’

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