Madonna boos op makers Everybody Dance Now

Madonna is niet te spreken over de nep-Madonna die vorige week was te zien in Everybody Dance Now. Omdat een oud-danser van de Amerikaanse zangeres met zijn dansgroep meedeed, zetten de makers als grap een lookalike in het publiek. Madonna kon echter niet lachen om de actie.

Danser Steve Nestar stuurde beelden van de Everybody Dance Now-aflevering op naar de zangeres. “Ze heeft me geantwoord. Ze vond de show erg leuk, maar ze vond niet leuk wat ze in de show deden”, zei hij vrijdagavond in RTL Boulevard.

“Die namaak-Madonna vond ze niet gepast”, gaat de danser verder. “Ze zei: weten mensen wel hoe ik eruit zie? Ben ik zo lelijk? Daar kwam het eigenlijk op neer.”

Door: Novum

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Madonna Photo Shoot Robbed of $2,500 Bra, Police and Designer Say

CHELSEA — Thousands of dollars in pricey lingerie were stolen from a racy Madonna photo shoot last month at the Highline Stages, according to the NYPD and a designer’s representative.

As the Queen of Pop posed in sexy underwear for L’uomo Vogue, the magazine’s Italian version for men, staff for designer Deborah Marquit stowed a $2,545 Italian lace bra, $345 thong and $515 brief under a chair about 4 p.m. March 20, they told police.

Hours later, as the shoot at 440 W. 15th St. wrapped up just after midnight, a staffer noticed the bag had disappeared, police said.

“It was a Madonna shoot for L’uomo Mag and It would be ideal is if [sic] someone found the bag of lingerie,” a spokesperson for the company wrote in an email. “Deborah would love to get her collection pieces returned.”

Madonna posted photos from the shoot to her Instagram account, identifying some of the clothes as Armani.

“Working Armani For. L’Uomo Vogue! #artforfreedom,” she wrote.

Marquit’s high-priced bras have appeared in magazines like Cosmopolitan and Vogue and have been worn by celebrities including Britney Spears, Jennifer Lopez and Hilary Swank, according to the company’s website.

“I am at a loss and wish the pieces would be found,” Maquit wrote in an email. “I am sure there is no one from the shoot that was involved, since nothing like this has ever happened before. There are alot of people on shoots and maybe whoever found them will return them.”

A spokeswoman for Madonna did not respond to a request for comment.

From an article by DNAinfo

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Madonna writes for BuzzFeed, asks readers to submit art for her review

Pop music chameleon Madonna has unveiled her latest persona: listicler.

The music superstar made her debut as a BuzzFeed contributor this morning, when her post, ”11 Freedom Fighters Who Have Inspired Me,” went live. Madonna’s heroes are artists and revolutionaries, icons, and legends-in-the-making — from John Lennon to Malala Yousafzai, the people who inspire her have made an everlasting impact on the way we view the world.

But Madge isn’t simply writing tributes for you to read between taking the quizzes “How Bad Are Your Life Choices?” and “Which SpongeBob Character Are You?”. Her listicle was soon followed by another post, titled: Are You With Me?.

It’s an open letter explaining the real reason why Madonna joined BuzzFeed — to promote her website and solicit readers for submissions. The singer founded ArtForFreedom in September 2013 “to give artists everywhere a platform to define what freedom means to them and to allow them to express their right for freedom of expression,” she writes.

Madonna then asks readers for their own “artistic expression of freedom” — everything from photos to videos to poetry. She’ll be checking out entries on April 14 at 6 p.m. and offering feedback. “An artist has the responsibility to not only reflect society, but to shape it,” says the pop star who encouraged every woman to “Express Yourself” — cone bras optional.

Submissions can be entered here.


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Are You With Me?

Attention BuzzFeed:

After traveling around the world and witnessing an overwhelming amount of discrimination, intolerance, and bigotry — I felt I needed to make a statement.

I started in September 2013 to give artists everywhere a platform to define what freedom means to them and to allow them to express their right for freedom of expression.

Now I am asking you — the BuzzFeed community — to share with me and others your artistic expression of freedom. This can be in the form of photography, video, dance, poetry, etc. I will be going through those entries directly on April 14 at 6 p.m. and giving you my input and encouragement to let your voice be heard LOUDLY.

An artist has the responsibility to not only reflect society, but to shape it.

If you need any inspiration, I made you a BuzzFeed-worthy list of some of the many freedom fighters who have guided me along the way with their actions as well as their art.

Are you with me? Then submit below and I will see you on April 14.

— Madonna

Click HERE to get started

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Joe Mantegna – Joe Mantegna Saved Madonna From Fan During Broadway Play

Actor Joe Mantegna raced to Madonna’s rescue when an eager fan jumped on stage during their Broadway play in 1988.

The Tony Award winner shared the stage with actor Ron Silver and the Material Girl during her Broadway debut in David Mamet’s Speed-the-Plow.

Mantegna recalls a scary moment when an eager Madonna fan attempted to get close to his idol.

He explains, “We were doing the play one night, we’d been doing it quite a while at that point. It’s a three character play. So I said a line to her, and all of a sudden I saw this look on her face and it looked like fright! I’m thinking, ‘Well, she’s making an odd choice tonight with how she’s doing this line.’

“I notice she’s looking over my shoulder and as I turned I saw a guy had come up out of the audience, jumped up on the stage and he’s coming toward her. All I could think of was, ‘This is a three character play, and you’re not in it. We don’t need a fourth.'”

He continues, “My instinct was to turn around, so I grabbed him, I pulled him over and threw him into the wings, because by now the stagehands (were) all waiting to see what he’d do. I came back up on stage and we got back into the play.”


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Madonna, AIDS, and my huge revolting mistake

You can say a lot about Madonna. I truly think she built such an incredible legacy, but is doing everything now to destroy it. Yes, she is a victim of vicious sexism and misogyny, but completely gives into the wishes of her critics so they can further tarnish her. Perhaps she is being brave. Perhaps she is sticking her middle finger up at her critics. In the last five years, however, she has failed to do what she has successfully done with her whole career: reinvent herself. That said, accusing her of having anything to do with starting the AIDS virus is revolting in so many ways.

Let’s get to the chase: The beef between Bill Werde and I has become mainstream and it appears that Werde is trying to use all his industry minions to stop me. Some of the reports of his minions contain false information that I claimed Madonna was the reason for the spread of AIDS. This is absolutely disgusting in so many ways, especially because Madonna–no matter what she has become–was a lead activist in the fight against AIDS. But I will admit to making a revolting mistake.

In my Examiner blog, which I don’t have access to anymore, I (being very misguided) claimed that Madonna helped encourage the spread of AIDS. I was pretty much repeating what Lady Gaga’s Little Monsters said and–unfortunately–agreed that Madonna’s encouraged unsafe sex, etc. at a time when AIDS was rampant. I feel so sad about this and don’t know what drug I was on that day. Madonna was a pioneer AIDS activist and an activist for human rights, in general.

In the 1980s, at a time when gay people were dropping like flies because of the disease, Madonna took a stand against the mainstream bashing of gays that could have ruined her career. Madonna’s speech at her Madison Square Garden AIDS benefit in 1987 touched me as a child. My uncle was just diagnosed with HIV at that time and nobody, except my father and I, wanted anything to do with him. Hearing Madonna’s speech on MTV moved me. I couldn’t believe how brave Madonna was to take a stand like that.

My church, school, and family took a rabid stand against homosexuals, AIDS and AIDS victims. At church, we were taught that homosexuals started AIDS, it was a punishment from God, and that we shouldn’t treat homosexuals with an ounce against respect–after all, they were sinners and Jesus hated them. In retrospect, it is quite interesting that three of the priests at my parish were later imprisoned for sexually abusing teenage boys. But there was no retrospect in the 1980s–it was nothing but hate. And it will be repeated again unless we learn our lessons.

The fact that Lady Gaga’s little monsters (most who are gay) go around from blog to blog telling people to “die of AIDS, faggot!” is absolutely disgusting. This actually started in 2011 and was aimed towards Madonna and her fans. Yet, Lady Gaga, who I’m sure has compassion for people with AIDS, did nothing to encourage her fans to stop this behavior. She did finally speak out about her fans’ behavior (but not specifically the AIDS jokes), but only because her career was on the wane.

However, the “Get AIDS and Die Faggot” trend has been popular in the young gay community for the past three years. It’s as if these young men don’t realize what the previous generation of homosexuals had to go though. They didn’t wake up getting a shocking call that their best friend suddenly died of AIDS complications and was too ashamed to tell those close to him what was happening. They didn’t have to sit in front of a television set watching Eddie Murphy (who many suspect is bisexual) making jokes about those “Faggots getting AIDS” while the rest of their family members and friends laughed. Unfortunately, they didn’t witness Madonna taking what many believe is the bravest stand a celebrity ever took.

Madonna’s record company thought she was being too gay friendly. Madonna, however, witnessed her best friend Martin Burgoyne die of AIDS before her eyes in 1986. She witnessed her ballet teacher, Christopher Flynn, die of the disease as well. She took the sadness of their deaths and turned it into a revolution that changed history. Before Roseanne, before Ellen, and before Magic Johnson, Madonna was condemned for asking Forrest Sawyer on Nightline why it isn’t acceptable for people to see gay people snuggle with each other, but graphic violence was fine. For most people over 35, Truth or Dare was the first movie that explicitly dealt with the gay lifestyle. Madonna was called a “sicko” then, but within a couple years, homosexuality started to become a mainstream topic. Whether you like her or not, Madonna opened doors for a lot of people.

My uncle was a huge Madonna fan. He was too weak to get the Like a Prayer album when it came out on March 21, 1989. I didn’t care for Madonna then, but still skipped school so I could buy the album the second Record City opened. I opened the album cassette sleeve (I remember being allergic to it for some reason), put the cassette in my walkman, and was going to put the headphones on his ears as soon as I arrived at the hospital. When I arrived, I found out my uncle was no longer here. I felt cheated. But today, whenever I hold that cassette in my hands, I feel nothing but value and power.

We may not like the way Madonna has aged. We may not like her processed dance music anymore. We may not like her pretentious efforts to save the world. But at a time when the world wanted all gay people to drop dead, Madonna was a savior. And we should all be grateful for that.

By Angela Cheng through Pop Music Gadfly

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Legendary Madonna-Smiths Gig Still Just Legendary

If anyone has a New Year’s Eve 1983 bootleg from famed New York club Danceteria, now’s the time to come forward. In a late-2008 video making the rounds again recently via Dangerous Minds, former Smiths guitarist Johnny Marr says Madonna opened for his band there in the iconic British group’s American live debut. It’s not entirely out of the question, but so far proof is lacking — to say the least.

As Marr can be heard saying in the video below, the band was jetlagged and dogged with troubles on this New Year’s Eve gig.

“Supporting us was the girl who worked on the coat-checking thing,” he says. “We really didn’t pay too much attention to her, but it was Madonna. She played for about 20 minutes before we went on.” He added that he “didn’t think very much of it at the time” — he “quite liked the music,” but he “didn’t really like the act or whatever.”

Now, Madonna was famously a regular at Danceteria, where other future stars, such as Sade, LL Cool J, and members of the Beastie Boys, had jobs. And she did once work as a “coat check girl” — at New York’s Russian Tea Room. What’s more, the Smiths shared a U.S. label with Madonna, Seymour Stein’s Sire Records. So the idea of the two acts sharing a Danceteria bill isn’t beyond the realm of possibility.

At the same time, Marr has since told NME he was “almost certain” Madonna opened that night, casting his earlier memory into doubt. A Smiths forum has unearthed a flyer for the gig (at the bottom of this article) that mentions supporting acts Lovebug Starski and Whodini but not Madonna. And while Madonna had yet to break out fully as a superstar by New Year’s Eve 1983, her debut album Madonna had been out since July, and her first pop hit “Holiday” entered the Hot 100 in late October. Would she really still have been working a second job checking coats?

Smiths leader Morrissey, for whatever it’s worth, makes no mention of Madonna when he describes the show in his recent Autobigraphy. (That said, he hasn’t exactly had kind words for her in recent years.) After describing his first night sleeping in New York, he writes:

“I walk onstage the following night at the Danceteria, and as I do so, my blindness and bewilderment lead me directly off the lip of the stage, and I crash at the feet of the assembled human spillage. Unaided, I scramble back up and onto the stage, and I limp directly off — past three blank musicians who are unable to cope with such embarrassment. My right leg is bruised from top to bottom.”

Last year, journalist Dave Haslam tweeted a photo of a postcard (scroll down to the bottom of this page) from Morrissey sent after the Danceteria gig. “Hello Dave,” Moz wrote, “At the Danceteria I fell off the stage and I’m critically maimed. Does this interest you?” With love, and hate, and passions just like these, who needs Madonna opening for the Smiths?

Read full article at SPIN

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Madonna Selects Miley Cyrus As The April Guest Curator For ‘Art For Freedom’

Madonna and Miley are teaming up to promote creative expression.

It’s been revealed that Madonna has chosen Miley Cyrus as April’s guest curator for the Material Girl’s human rights awareness initiative Art For Freedom.

The Art For Freedom project is a vehicle designed to inspire artists to showcase “their artistic representations on the subject of freedom and human rights.” Each month, Madonna will fork over $10,000 to a non-profit organization that has been chosen by a featured artist.

“There has never been a more crucial time to participate and help create change in the world,” said Madonna. “I’ve been so inspired by people’s submissions since we began and I welcome Miley’s input along with her fans to express themselves artistically and to share their creative ideas on the subject of human rights and freedom of speech. Miley and I look forward to hearing your voices in the format of your choice throughout the month of April and onward.”

Miley also weighed in on the pair’s project partnership.

“Art can speak volumes – I’m glad to join Madonna in encouraging people to have their voices heard at,” noted Miley. “It’s an ideal home to see how each of us can participate in changing the world for the better.”

Miley’s not the first pop star to be tapped by Madge to guest curate the Art For Freedom project. Katy Perry took a turn as guest curator back in January.

From an article by ET Canada / photo: Press

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Madonna Names Miley Cyrus As April Guest Curator For Art For Freedom

Art for Freedom Has Received Over 7000 Submissions Globally Since Launching in September 2013

Madonna announced today that Miley Cyrus will be the guest curator for Art for Freedom for the month of April. Miley will collaborate with Madonna to select daily submissions which will be showcased on Launched in September 2013, was created by Madonna as a vehicle to inspire artists around the globe to share their artistic representations on the subject of freedom and human rights.

“There has never been a more crucial time to participate and help create change in the world. I’ve been so inspired by people’s submissions since we began and I welcome Miley’s input along with her fans to express themselves artistically and to share their creative ideas on the subject of human rights and freedom of speech. Miley and I look forward to hearing your voices in the format of your choice throughout the month of April and onward,” commented Madonna.

“Art can speak volumes – I’m glad to join Madonna in encouraging people to have their voices heard at It’s an ideal home to see how each of us can participate in changing the world for the better,” stated Cyrus.

Cyrus and Madonna will select the winning artist’s submission at the end of April and will award a $10,000 grant to a nonprofit organization of the winning artist’s choice. All projects must be focused on the values of Art For Freedom.

Launched in September 2013, Art For Freedom is a global digital initiative, led by Madonna in partnership with VICE Media, designed to fuel free speech – to respond, address and protest persecution and discrimination around the world. It is an online public art project encouraging people to express their personal meaning of freedom and revolution, in the form of video, music, poetry, and photography. Public submissions become part of the Art For Freedom website: contributors can join the project by uploading original artwork or tagging original posts #artforfreedom. The project was launched with the film secretprojectrevolution, co-directed by Madonna and Steven Klein.

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