Deep Dive: Madonna, LIKE A VIRGIN

It was the record that made Madonna a superstar. Already with a slew of hits and a Top 10 debut album to her credit, the young singer took charge of her career with the decade-defining follow-up, Like a Virgin. When Madonna’s record label wouldn’t let her self-produce the album, she tapped Nile Rodgers to serve as producer, largely on the strength of his work with David Bowie’s Let’s Dance.

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Madonna gives perfect answer to rumours she had HIV in throwback video

In 1992 Madonna gave an interview on rumours she was living with HIV

In 1992 Madonna gave an interview on rumours she was living with HIV. (Twitter)

A throwback 1992 interview with Madonna has shown how the LGBT+ icon gracefully responded to rumours that she had HIV, declaring it would be “nothing to be ashamed of”.

In the interview, Madonna is questioned by Jonathan Ross on rumours that had been making the rounds that she was HIV-positive, at a time before treatment was effective.

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The MDNA Tour promo advert campaign

There was quite the media campaign for the announcement of The MDNA Tour stop at the Ziggo Dome in Amsterdam. After the official tour announcement on February 7 a massive promo campaign was run in Dutch free newspaper SPITS and SkyRadio (adverts published in De Telegraaf newspaper) to win free tickets to the show.

A variety of these promo adverts have been added to our MDNA Tour page (section: newspapers) check them all out HERE

Spits February, 2012 (Holland)

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Sticky & Sweet Tour London 2008 photo gallery

Madonna performed her Sticky & Sweet Tour at the Wembley Stadium in London on September 11, 2008. She was scheduled to start the show at 8.30pm due to curfew (and public transport) but did not arrive on stage until 9.10pm. 

She forgot the lyrics to “Beat Goes On” and completely messed up “Borderline”. She was singing the first verse again where the second verse was supposed to start, confusing all the fans singing along. She acknowledged the many “GAMBLER” signs fans had brought along in an attempt for Madonna to sing this during the request section of the show. She responded saying she couldn’t remember the words….well hey….we got over “Beat Goes On” and “Borderline” didn’t we? Madonna sang “Express Yourself” instead.

We left after “Ray of Light” and managed to crab a taxi back to our hotel as otherwise we’d surely been among the thousands of people stranded at Wembley Stadium after the show. Due to Madonna passing the curfew, public transport was shut down and many people were left without a ride back home. 

Check out our updated and enhanced photographs of the show HERE

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Madonna’s MDNA Tour in Amsterdam announcement + press release – ten years ago today!

On this day ten years ago we were at the headoffice of Universal Music Benelux awaiting a meeting to discuss the promo for upcoming album “MDNA”. We arrived on the same time as the official tour announcement for Madonna’s MDNA Tour in Amsterdam at the Ziggo Dome had been released. The pre-sale had already started and if we weren’t experiencing pre-meeting stress already, we were certainly stressing out now. Thankfully we managed to get hold of tickets just fine and the meeting for “MDNA” went ahead as planned.

It was the start of a massive advert campaign for Madonna’s shows at the Ziggo Dome. Check out the full original Dutch press release below the tour image.

Stay tuned for more!

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Patrick Leonard discusses working with Madonna in new interview

MBW’s World’s Greatest Songwriters series celebrates the pop composers behind the globe’s biggest hits. This time, we talk to Patrick Leonard who, with Madonna, wrote some of the biggest pop hits of the eighties – even if he never meant to – and who struck a catalog deal with AMRA – the global digital music collection society which strives to maximize value for songwriters and publishers in the digital age.

World's Greatest Songwriters with AMRA

Patrick Leonard has four co-writes on The Immaculate Collection. The End.

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“Danceteria REWIND” to feature Free Livestream Workout Mixes of NYC 80s Club Music

Rafe Gomez will debut “Danceteria REWIND”, a weekly livestream of free two-hour workout mixes featuring New York City 80s club music, on Thursday, February 10 at 8:00PM.

(PRUnderground) February 3rd, 2022

Rafe Gomez – a nationally acclaimed radio mix show DJ, club DJ, and music producer – will debut “Danceteria REWIND” on the Twitch livestreaming platform beginning on Thursday, February 10 at 8:00PM.  “Danceteria REWIND” will be a weekly, two-hour tribute to the innovative music blend that was featured at Danceteria, which was one of Manhattan’s most popular and influential nightclubs in the 1980s.

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Sticky & Sweet Tour in Frankfurt ‘sprechen sie Deutsch?’

‘Sprechen sie Deutsch?’ Madonna asked the crowd while performing her Sticky & Sweet Tour in Frankfurt in 2008. Seeing as we were in Germany, we reckon they did. Madonna was in much better spirits during her Frankfurt stop and she looked every inch the superstar she was (and is). 

During the request section Madonna sang “Express Yourself” as she didn’t feel like ‘virgins’ tonight. She did not get on stage until 9.30pm which was LATE back then. She was playing the Commerzbank Arena which was an open air venue and she probably wanted to wait until it got dark. There was little to no queue when we arrived at the arena that afternoon and it took a long walk with a personal guide (!) to take the Hot Ticket/Early Entry ticket holders to the main entrance. 

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Sticky & Sweet Tour Düsseldorf 2008 photo gallery

Just two days after Amsterdam Madonna performed her Sticky & Sweet Tour at the LTU Arena in Düsseldorf Germany. A venue we’d previously visited for The Confessions Tour in 2006. The organisation had changed the caution tape for steel barriers in the queue outside the arena, a definite improvement. 

Madonna seemed to perform on auto-pilot in Düsseldorf and wasn’t as cheerful as she’d been while in Amsterdam. During the ‘request’ section someone in the audience suggested “True Blue” and Madonna responded saying “True Blue? Ewww….let’s sing something that has some balls” and continued to sing “Like a Virgin” a-cappella instead. For the Rebel Heart Tour in 2015 “True Blue” had magically grown some balls, as it was performed every night. 

We have 60+ updated, previously unseen and enhanced photographs of this show for you to view HERE

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Laura Linney Reacts To Madonna Spoiling The New Season Of ‘Ozark’: ‘I’m Just Happy She Watches’

“Ozark” has a fan in Madonna.

This week, Laura Linney appeared on SiriusXM’s “Andy Cohen Live” and is asked about Madonna spoiling a detail about her “Ozark” character before the new season premiered.

“You know, unfortunately it’s the world we’re in,” the actress said, adding, “You know, I’m just, I’m happy she watches it. How nice.”

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Madonna on Instagram Live recap!

Madonna went on Instagram live last night, here’s a short recap:

  • Madonna talks about drawing, not being a good drawer herself
  • When asked about whether she has kissed Michael Jackson or not, Madonna simply responds by demanding the next question!
  • That not every re-invention was thoroughly thought through as people assume
  • Madonna is mixed about whether to turn her ‘Visual Autobiography’ into a long movie or series. Madonna prefers movies and doesn’t understand people not having patience to watch a long movie, but are willing to keep pressing PLAY to binge-watch series
  • Madonna was thinking possible titles for the film during the Christmas Holidays
  • She mentions ‘What It Feels Like For A Girl’ and various titles are being suggested by fans too, a few examples: Blond Ambition, Nobody Knows Me, Who’s That Girl, My Name Is Madonna and Live To Tell
  • She feels like she’s been living in the past because of the writing process, which is weird to her
  • Madonna has been sleeping very well lately and hasn’t sent out any early morning texts
  • She loves the perfume ‘Better Than Sex’ 
  • Another suggested title ‘Lucky Star’ doesn’t get Madonna’s approval as the film is ‘not about luck’
  • Madonna wants to make new music as film making takes so long 
  • She’s currently working on some stuff with some people but it’s a secret, besides the already mentioned Remix Project
  • Sean Penn will most certainly be talked about in the film
  • Madonna slept with a handful of women in response to a fan’s question
  • Complains about the downside of working from home that people keep on walking into the room/office
  • Madonna confirms she definitely will tour again, a stadium tour
  • Jokes around about performing with Britney and re-enacting their original act

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Like a Prayer Pepsi 1989 Promo Campaign

On this day in 1989 Pepsi announced they had signed a $5 million deal with Madonna. She would be starring in a series of TV commercials and Pepsi would sponsor her upcoming “Like a Prayer World Tour.” 

WEA Records in Holland sent out a three-page press release announcing the deal and upcoming news related to the new album “Like a Prayer.” A massive campaign followed in the month of February and various adverts were published in magazines and newspapers. There was even a promotional press pack including a poster and empty CD case announcing the campaign for retailers. 

We have managed to collect a lot of these press articles and withdrawn promotional articles. Check out the new ‘Pepsi Campaign’ section in our “Like a Prayer” page HERE

Madonna Pepsi Promo Pack (Holland)

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