Flashback: Madonna Premiered Controversial ‘Like a Prayer’ Pepsi Ad 25 Years Ago

Madonna recently made waves for posting an Instagram photo of her teenage son posing with bottles of gin and vodka. And 25 years ago, she was stirring controversy over another beverage: Pepsi.

In January 1989, the pop provocateur inked a $5 million endorsement deal with the soft-drink brand. On March 2, 1989, Madonna debuted “Like a Prayer,” the title track of her fourth studio album, in a two-minute television commercial called “Make a Wish.” The flashback-fueled spot saw her watching a black-and-white home movie of her 8th birthday, and interspersed footage of the young girl with shots of adult Madonna dancing in the street and in a church with a gospel choir.

The fairly innocuous ad aired during NBC’s The Cosby Show, and it seemed unlikely to offend anyone. But when Madonna premiered the actual music video for “Like a Prayer” on MTV the following day, viewers were singing a different tune.

The video’s imagery, which included burning crosses, stigmata and the seduction of a saint, drew the ire of religious groups and customers, who assumed it was part of the Pepsi ad.

“When you’ve got an ad that confuses people or concerns people, it just makes sense that that ad goes away,” Tod MacKenzie, a spokesman for Pepsico Inc., told the New York Times.

And go away, it did. Though the commercial was canceled, “Like a Prayer” spent three weeks at No. 1 on the Billboard Hot 100 chart that spring, and Madonna reportedly kept the $5 million fee.

The once-incendiary hit went on to become one of the most celebrated songs in Madonna’s canon, and it was even featured in her 2012 Super Bowl halftime performance – no small feat in the post-Nipplegate era. But one thing that hasn’t changed is the Material Girl’s earning power: According to Forbes, Madonna was the highest paid musician of 2013.

Watch the banned Pepsi commercial above, and the “Like a Prayer” music video below.


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Madonna’s Trainer Nicole Winhoffer Dishes on Her Workout Routine and Opens New Gym!

Get “Into The Groove” of Madonna’s workout!

Madonna, with her personal trainer Nicole Winhoffer, opened the eighth location of Hard Candy Fitness in Toronto earlier this month, and Madge herself sweated it out to celebrate.

The 55-year-old Material Girl helped to lead 50 members of the gym in the “Addicted to Sweat” class on the gym’s opening day. Winhoffer designed the signature cardio and toning class based on the workouts she does with the pop legend six days a week and is offered at Hard Candy Fitness locations around the globe. “[The classes] are challenging and you will get a full body workout,” Winhoffer tells Us Weekly. “Dance is key and a big part of our workout.”

Read full article: https://www.usmagazine.com/celebrity-body/news/madonnas-trainer-nicole-winhoffer-dishes-on-her-workout-routine-and-opens-new-gym-2014272#ixzz2ubAPU2CX
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First Look of Madonna’s Skincare Brand in Japan

Madonna, the “Queen of Pop,” launches the new skincare brand “MDNA SKIN” in cooperation with Japanese beauty company MTG Co., Ltd. The brand’s debut lineup of products will be sold first in Japan.

Skincare artist Michelle Peck, who is Madonna’s skincare advisor of over ten years, serves as the brand ambassador and provides advice on product development. The concept of the brand is “mysterious and magical.”

The lineup consists of “The Serum” (25,200 yen / 50 ml), “Rejuvenator Set” (60,900 yen for a set of the Skin Rejuvenator and Chrome Clay Mask / 50 ml) and the “Chrome Clay Mask” (12,600 yen / 50 ml, 22,050 yen / 100 ml).

Read full article here: Fashion Headline Japan


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We don’t give enough credit to the women in music who, in retrospect, have shaped how women interact in the world today, and who originated the female-pop-star format. And by “women,” we mean the woman, the queen, Madonna. With such a name, it seems as though it was her birthright to make her mark. And yes, ironically, in a biblical sense, she was the mother of pop, a spawn of sexual freedom and power. In the memoir by Norris W. Burroughs, My Madonna, her past lover chronicles her early years as an ex-dancer in the CBGB-era of New York and who watched her evolution from punk-rock singer to a disco-singing and -dancing pop princess. It was her own vision to unite dance with song in her performances. Madonna is solely responsible for the now-manufactured pop-star image that we see today. The sexualized pop-star image of Brit Brit, RiRi, Lady Gaga, or any women who are able to publicly celebrate their sexuality through their creativity, wouldn’t be possible without Madonna’s personal exploration that pushed female sexuality out of the submissive shadows and into the cultural norm. So…is she the mother of the Boss Bitch mentality that’s trending today? In her movie Truth or Dare, from 1991, she talks about how she feels a need to mother all her dancers on her Blonde Ambition World Tour. Interestingly, her own mother died when she was 5 years old…these are the sort of beginnings that religious allusions are made of.


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41th edition Mega Record & CD Fair | April 12th & 13th, 2014 | Utrecht, the Netherlands

Recordplanet-Record-Fair-2014-04On April 12 & 13, 2014 the Mega Record and CD Fair will take place at the Jaarbeurs convention centre in Utrecht the Netherlands. The fair will celebrate it’s 41st edition and is internationally renowned for its enormous supply of vinyl, cd’s, pop memorabilia and other music related items. The fair attracts dealers, collectors and visitors from all over the world who are interested in music or looking for golden finds. The record fair will exhibit a unique collection of early Punk material like rare posters and memorabilia from the glory days of Punk in the late seventies of the last century. The do-it-your-self mentality which was characteristic of the punk movement can be spotted in the designs of these posters and flyers: A unique collection of 20th century pop culture.

Other Activities at the Mega Record and CD Fair

Apart from the 500 dealers coming from all over the world there are autograph sessions, deejays, live performances, a Popquiz and several CD’s, Vinyl and first day book presentations.

Mega Record & CD Fair Spring 2014 in the Jaarbeurs Utrecht:

Saturday April 12th from 09.00 until 17.00 hours
Sunday April 13th from 10.00 until 17.00 hours.

Address Jaarbeurs Utrecht:
Jaarbeurs Utrecht
Jaarbeursplein 6
3521 AL Utrecht
The Netherlands

Entrance April 2014

Entrance fee by the online pre-sale:

Adults till: € 11,50
Over 65 till: € 9,50
Passe-partout (two-day ticket): € 20,50
Prices valid till April 11, 11.00 pm
Entrance fee at the door:

Adults: € 13,-
Children up to 12 years free
With discount coupon: € 11,-
Over 65: € 11,-
Passe-partout (two-day ticket) € 22,-

Click HERE for more information

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