Madonna Stole the Show at the WSJ Innovator Awards

….’Highlights of the night included Madonna’s delightfully unhinged, meandering speech in honor of dancer Lil Buck. Equal parts irritated mom and supportive mentor, the queen of pop complained, “Buck shows up uninvited at my house for dinner all the time,” but went on to praise his tenacity, grace, and talent. Midway through her speech, she scolded a man in the audience for taking a photo of her at the podium. None of that mattered once Lil Buck took the stage and performed his now-famous “Swan” dance. He received both the Performing Arts Innovation award and a standing ovation from the crowd.’

Taken from an article by NY Mag

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WSJ. Magazine’s “Innovator Of The Year” Awards at Museum of Modern Art on November 5, 2014 in New York City.




Editor in Chief WSJ. Magazine Kristina O’Neill, dancer Charles “Lil Buck” Riley and Madonna attend WSJ. Magazine’s “Innovator Of The Year” Awards at Museum of Modern Art on November 5, 2014 in New York City.



Madonna attends WSJ. Magazine’s “Innovator Of The Year” Awards at Museum of Modern Art on November 5, 2014 in New York City.


Madonna speaks at WSJ. Magazine’s “Innovator Of The Year” Awards at Museum of Modern Art on November 5, 2014 in New York City.


Dancer Charles “Lil Buck” Riley and Madonna attend WSJ. Magazine’s “Innovator Of The Year” Awards at Museum of Modern Art on November 5, 2014 in New York City.

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Madonna Buys Chance the Rapper a Razor Scooter, Hints at Collaboration

“So grateful for this awesome present! You are a true friend,” writes the Chicago rapper of Madge.

Is Chance The Rapper the latest artist to join Madonna’s in-the-works follow-up to 2012’s MDNA? The pop superstar has employed Instagram to capture her co-conspirators during the recording process over the past few months, and the Chicago MC has now been caught in that Insta-web, along with Nicki Minaj, Diplo and Natalia Kills. Oh, and Madonna bought Chance The Rapper a Razor Scooter!


“Thanks so much @Madonna! So grateful for this awesome present! You are a true friend,” Chance posted on Instagram on Tuesday night (Nov. 4). The incredible photo he posted features Madonna groping the ribboned gift and Chance leaning back in front of his superstar pal, celebrating the idea of owning a brand-new electric scooter.

Who’s Working on Madonna’s New Album? 22 Possible Collaborators

On Wednesday morning, Madonna posted her own Instagram photo of Chance in a White Sox cap, with the caption, “Taking a Chance ! #rebelheart.” The terms “Rebel Heart” and “Unapologetic Bitch” have constantly popped up in Madge’s Instagram feed during her months-long music tease — perhaps as an album or song title?

Madonna’s next album is due for release in 2015, according to a representative for the singer, while Chance the Rapper exclusively revealed to Billboard last month that he is working on a new album project titled Surf. Since the release of his Acid Rapmixtape last year, Chance has guested on projects by Justin Bieber, Skrillex and Lil Wayne, among others.

(By Jason Lipshutz for

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Madonna’s Like A Prayer remains a provocative, substantial pop record

In We’re No. 1, The A.V. Club examines an album that went to No. 1 on the Billboard charts to get to the heart of what it means to be popular in pop music, and how that concept has changed over the years. In this installment, we cover Madonna’s Like A Prayer, which went to No. 1 on April 22, 1989, where it stayed for six weeks.

As 1989 dawned, it seemed like business as usual for Madonna. Her movie career continued to chug along: She was in throwback starlet mode in the forgotten Bloodhounds Of Broadway and gearing up to play the coquettish caricature Breathless Mahoney in Dick Tracy. Meanwhile, her personal life was attention-grabbing tabloid bait. Her tumultuous marriage to Sean Penn finally ended in divorce and she was making Pepsi gunshy about their endorsement deal, because people mistook the edgy “Like A Prayer” video—which featured burning crosses, among other things—for part of its ad campaign. (In reality, the Pepsi clip’s main emotional tug was rather innocuous black-and-white footage of Madonna as a beatific child.)

All of this turmoil overshadowed the fact that as a musician and songwriter, Madonna was looking to deviate from the formula that made her famous. For 1989’s Like A Prayer, that meant a serious musical upgrade from popcorn-flick dance-pop fluff and faux-retro Top 40 cuteness. Working again with Stephen Bray and Patrick Leonard (who had helped her take baby steps toward maturity on 1986’s True Blue, including the trembling ballad “Live To Tell” and the strident hit “Papa Don’t Preach”), Madonna debuted a more sophisticated approach. “In the past, my records tended to be a reflection of current influences,” she told Rolling Stone. “This album is more about past musical influences. The songs ‘Keep It Together’ and ‘Express Yourself,’ for instance, are sort of my tributes to Sly & The Family Stone. ‘Oh Father’ is my tribute to Simon & Garfunkel, whom I loved.”

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She’s ‘expressing herself’: Madonna, 56, goes back to her punk rock days in black bustier dress at Keep A Child Alive gala


Madonna has carved her own niche as a style chameleon, and on Thursday she resorted to a look that started it all.

The 56-year-old Material Girl was draped in a dress that screamed 1980s as she hit up Keep A Child Alive’s 9th annual Black Ball in New York City on Thursday.

Madonna’s frock featured a tight-fitting bustier with sheer lace details showing off her overflowing cleavage, along with a lace skirt that fluttered to her shins.

1414730582940_Image_galleryImage_NEW_YORK_NY_OCTOBER_30_Ex (1)

Even her accessories were a clear nod to her Desperately Seeking Susan character in the 1985 cult flick who clothes herself in various designs picked up at second hand stores.

Black leather lace-up booties by Givenchy and black lace mitts were a dressy touch, and a heavy crucifix pendant adorned her throat.

1414731235783_Image_galleryImage_NEW_YORK_NY_OCTOBER_30_Ex (1)
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Madonna’s ‘Angel’ Gets A Punk Makeover, Courtesy Of Brooklyn’s The Dead Betties (VIDEO)

The Brooklyn-based punk rockers who recently tackled Britney Spears’ “Lucky” now have their sights set on the Material Girl.

The Dead Betties cover Madonna’s underrated ’80s hit, “Angel,” in their latest video. The clip features women embodying five of the Queen of Pop’s most iconic personas, including the street urchin of “Desperately Seeking Susan” and the “Erotica” dominatrix, strolling about downtown Manhattan and even riding the subway.

The band, which has headlined shows at SXSW and Toronto Pride, say the song — which first appeared on Madonna’s 1984 “Like a Virgin” album — has long been a personal favorite.

The band is composed of lead singer–bassist Joshua Ackley, drummer Derek Pippin and guitarist Eric Shepherd. They’re currently putting the final touches on a forthcoming album, which will feature the single, “The Way We Live Now.”

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The Real Story Behind Madonna’s Iconic ‘Like a Virgin’ Performance at the 1984 VMAs

Ahead of MTV’s first Music Video Awards, broadcast Sept. 14, 1984, the network was having difficulty booking top talent. Co-hosts Dan Aykroyd and Bette Midler were in their 30s, old for the MTV crowd, and ZZ Top had refused to play — until the network pulled the band’s videos and manager Bill Ham relented.

MTV did, however, secure a largely unknown singer whom MTV’s Chip Rachlin recalls “was a bit difficult.” Madonna wanted to sing a new song, “Like a Virgin,” to a full-grown, white Bengal tiger. The big cat was nixed. Instead, she decided to emerge from a 17-foot tall wedding cake and sing the song in a white wedding dress, a bustier and a BOY TOY belt buckle — a classic Madonna mixed message. But as she descended, one of her white stilettos slipped off. “So I thought, ‘Well, I’ll just pretend I meant to do this,’ and I dove on the floor and I rolled around,” she later said. “And, as I reached for the shoe, the dress went up. And the underpants were showing.”

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