The Martin Scorsese film ‘Goodfellas’ nearly starred Madonna

…’In addition to wanting Tom Cruise to take the lead role, Warner Bros also reportedly wanted Madonna to play the role of Lorraine Bracco’s Karen Hill. An actress who was certainly “In the mix” according to Barbara de Fina, the producer also remembers that she and Martin Scorsese went to evaluate her chances of being in Goodfellas by going to see David Mamet’s Speed-the-Plow. Unfortunately for Madonna, it didn’t work out.’

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Could Madonna’s New Warner Bros. Deal Mean Never Before Heard Remixes?

2022 is poised to be the year of the Material Girl. To mark the 40th Anniversary as a recording artist (and the icon’s 63rd birthday), a newly minted deal with Warner Music Group was recently announced, that will see (according to EW“an extensive, multi-year series of catalog releases that will revisit the groundbreaking music that made her an international icon” for the first time, including “expansive deluxe editions” of her classic albums as well as “unique releases for special events” all of which will be hand-picked by Madonna. The deal includes 17 of Madonna’s studio albums, along with singles, soundtrack recordings, live albums and other compilations. Die-hard fans of the Material Girl are already anticipating which of her remixes might find their way onto some of these various compilations, some of which have never been released officially. 

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Mirwais: “There was an immediate click between Madonna and me”

How did you go from Taxi Girl, a cult, but little-known band, to a superstar like Madonna?

Strangely enough, when I started working with her on Music (Editor’s note: her album released in 2000), I didn’t change anything in my sound. This is the electronic universe that I created. There was an immediate click between Madonna and me. I didn’t want to go into the “french touch” universe of Daft Punk or Air which was all the rage at the time. I was one of the first to use autotune (Editor’s note: software that modifies the voice), just after Cher.

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The Number Ones: Madonna’s “Vogue”

The underground — any underground — tends to find peculiar and unintended routes into the spotlight. Madonna was always a creature of New York club culture, and it wasn’t particularly out of character for her to get interested in a particular facet of that culture, which kept evolving after she got famous. But it was pretty weird that Madonna managed to take a small slice of the deep underground and mainstream the absolute hell out of it. And it was also pretty weird that Madonna pulled this off with a would-be B-side that got stapled onto the hoochie-coochie retro-cabaret album that she’d recorded as a tie-in with her big summer-blockbuster movie.

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