Madonna on Leaked Demos of New Album: ‘This Is Artistic Rape’

The pop singer says the theft of her music is “terrorism”
After tracks purportedly from an unreleased thirteenth studio album leaked to the internet, Madonna took to Instagram to decry her treatment as “artistic rape.”

“These are early leaked demo’s half of which wont even make it on my album the other half have changed and evolved [sic]. This is a form of terrorism,” the “Like a Prayer” singer wrote in a caption on Instagram. (Update: On Wednesday afternoon, the singer deleted the post.) In another caption, Madonna wrote “Thank you for not listening! Thank you for your loyalty!”

Though the references to terrorism (at a time when the Sony hackers have explicitly threatened violent attacks on U.S. soil, no less) and rape are new for the pop star, who’s increasingly become the wrong kind of provocative, Madonna’s been critical of hackers before. When an unfinished version of the single eventually titled “Give Me All Your Luvin’” leaked months before its planned release, timed to her Super Bowl halftime performance in 2012, Madonna said, “My true fans wouldn’t do this.” And before the release of her album American Life in 2003, Madonna’s team planted a fake file on peer-to-peer sharing sites to thwart piracy; on the file, the pop singer cursed at listeners instead of serenading them.

Other stars have had success in appealing to their fans’ better natures in dealing with the inevitability of leaks. After as high-profile and guarded a release as Taylor Swift’s 1989 hit the web early (proving leaks can truly happen to anyone), Swift’s fans mocked those who listened early.

But that was a project that fans knew they’d be able to listen to soon enough. Little is known, still, about the hypothetical Madonna album, up to and including a release date. The artist’s last album, MDNA, came out in March 2012, a full four years after its predecessor, and was widely viewed as an artistic disappointment (though it led to an extremely lucrative tour). Madonna’s fan base is one of the pop world’s most vociferous — it’s unsurprising, though unfortunate, that they’d be as eager as they are to listen to new material after the singer’s recent fallow period.

( / Daniel D’Addario)

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Madonna Dismisses New Album Leak As ‘Unfinished Demos Stolen Long Ago’

Internet, you’ve screwed up a record release again.

Before Madonna had even announced the official title and release date of her upcoming 2015 album, leaked Madonna tracks allegedly comprising the entire album have hit the Internet. Shortly after Twitter exploded with the news, Madge herself took to Instagram to comment on the situation. She dismissed the leaked versions as “unfinished demos stolen long ago” and thanked fans for their “loyalty” in “not listening” to the unfinished material.

At this point, Madonna presumably wishes she lived in an exclusively material, non-digital world.

Featuring production from Diplo, Avicii, Natalia Kills and Ryan Tedder, the album is purportedly called Unapologetic Bitch (nodding to a favorite hashtag of Rihanna’s?) or Iconic.

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Madonna Found An Unreleased Outtake From A Photo Shoot On The Internet, Is Mad About It

The Queen Of Pop is sick and tired of all this leaking business.

A few days ago, Madonna discovered that two of her unreleased tracks, “Wash All Over Me” and “Rebel Heart,” spilled onto the Internet during Thanksgiving weekend. She was mad, to say the least, posting a photo of a broken iPhone and rightfully declaring it to be “#fuckedupshit.”

And now, in between dreaming up new hashtags, recording her highly anticipated MDNA follow-up and taking selfies in the bathroom, the Instagram warrior just happened across a previously released outtake from a Steven Klein photoshoot…and she ain’t pleased about this one, either.

“Out takes from steven Klein shoot I’ve never seen before. Thanks for showing me again and again that stealing selling and buying is alive and well in cyberspace! #fearnoevil,” she angrily Instagrammed, along with the photo. Cyberspace! Stop stealing, selling and buying Madonna’s s–t! Good things come to those who wait. Or, as Madge herself once said, “#cantabitchjustfinishhershit”?

( / Bradley Stern)

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21 Madonna Lyrics to Live Your Life By

There must be a reason Madonna’s been able to maintain a flawless music career, releasing albums since 1983 (and still going). She’s able to teach us about life through her songs in ways that are often overlooked because of her antics. Really though, she’s more valuable than she’s often given credit for these days.
She perfected the art of being yourself.
“Express yourself, don’t repress yourself.” (“Human Nature”)
“I’m breaking all the rules I didn’t make.” (“Human Nature”)
She’s never afraid of taking a chance.
“I’m not afraid of what I’ll face, but I’m afraid to stay.” (“Jump”)
She always challenges beauty standards.
“Should I lose some weight? Am I gonna be a star?” (“American Life”)
“Beauty’s where you find it, not just where you bump and grind it.” (“Vogue”)
She didn’t let her gender stop her from saying what she wanted.
“Would it sound better if I were a man?” (“Human Nature”)

She also mastered the kiss-off long before Beyoncé directed men “to the left, to the left.”
“Does it make you feel good to see me cry? I think it does. That’s why it’s time to say bye bye.” (“Bye Bye Baby”)
“The next time you want p***y, just look in the mirror, baby.” (“Waiting”)

She understands that disappointment in love is not her fault.
“It was so easy in the beginning, when you didn’t feel like running from your feelings. What happened? What do I remind you of? Your past, your dreams, or some part of yourself that you just can’t love?” (“Waiting”)

She won’t let anyone else boss her around.
“Poor is the man whose pleasures depend on the permission of another.” (“Justify My Love”)
She doesn’t let other women intimidate her.
“Here she comes, little Susie ho-maker, thinks she’ll get respect if she screws it.” (“Thief of Hearts”)
“She’s not me, she doesn’t have my name; she’ll never have what I have.” (“She’s Not Me”)
She speaks of social injustices and problems in loving and accepting ways.
“Brothers, sisters, why can’t we learn to accept that we’re different before it’s too late?” (“Why’s It So Hard?”)
“He was like a father to me, nothing in the world he wouldn’t do; taught me to respect myself, said we’re all made of flesh and blood. Why should he be treated differently? Shouldn’t matter who you choose to love.” (“In This Life”)

She’s never willing to settle.
“Second best is never enough, you’ll do much better, baby, on your own.” (“Express Yourself”)

She knows exactly what’s important when looking for a lover.
“‘Cause the boy with the cold hard cash is always Mister Right.” (“Material Girl”)
Even the Queen knows a thing or two about unrequited love.
“I don’t know what I mean to you. The only thing I know is I dream of you.” (“I’d Rather Be Your Lover”)
She always manages to see the silver lining.
“Who needs the sun when the rain’s so full of life?” (“Sanctuary”)
She encourages people to love themselves (as much as she loves herself).
“Until I learned to love myself, I was never ever lovin’ anybody else.” (“Secret”)

She values her experiences and has no regrets about her past.
“I have no regrets, there’s nothing to forget. All the pain was worth it.” (“I Deserve It”)
“You could take all this, take it away. I’d still have it all.” (“Nothing Fails”)

( by Cory Mahoney)

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