Madonna drops in on Detroit Achievement Academy

Proclaiming a “revolution of love” and vowing a Detroit comeback, Madonna spent time with students at a local charter school during a quiet homecoming visit today.

Details are elusive, but the Michigan-bred pop star posted a pair of photos this afternoon on her Instagram page marking her trip to Detroit Achievement Academy.

“Discussing Michael Jackson vs. Pharrell Williams!” reads the text accompanying a shot of Madonna crouched on a colorful mat, talking with several young students. “Watch out! Detroit is coming back !!!!!”

Detroit Achievement Academy, founded by organic-apparel entrepreneur Kyle Smitley, opened last fall in the Rosedale Park and Grantmont neighborhoods on the city’s northwest side. The school has drawn national attention for its aim to provide a free, “world-class education.”


The academy, funded by private donations, caters to kindergarteners and first graders.

“Sharing stories with kids at the Detroit Achievement Academy!” reads the caption on the second Madonna photo. “Very impressed by Kyle Smitley and her team doing what they can to bring education back to the Motor City!”

“Today was … iconic,” the academy posted on its Facebook page this afternoon. “We are all so smitten over Madonna’s visit.”

School founder Kyle Smitley declined to share more information about Madonna’s visit, but said the pop star’s camp was likely to release details.

The Free Press has reached out to Madonna’s publicity team for comment.

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National Front calls Madonna ‘Granny Gaga’

American pop star Madonna lamented the massive European Parliament victory of the far-right National Front and got called ‘Granny Gaga’ by the anti-immigrant, anti-EU party in return.

France’s National Front on Tuesday branded Madonna a “Granny Gaga” after the global pop icon became embroiled in a new row with the resurgent far right party.

Madonna had enraged the FN in 2012 by showing a video depicting its leader Marine Le Pen with a swastika over her forehead at a Paris concert.

She took another swipe at the party on Monday with a post on her Instagram account.

The post featured the front page of French newspaper Liberation from May 26, the day after the FN topped the polls in European elections with a record 25 percent of the vote.

The page shows a triumphant Le Pen celebrating the victory next to the headline, “FN France”.

Madonna’s caption read: “Russia. Ukraine. Venezuela …., now France?!!!!! #fight Fascism #fightdiscrimination #fightlynchmobmentality #fighthatred#fightforffreedom #revolutionoflove

FN vice-president Florian Phillipot responded with a sarcastic suggestion Madonna was seeking controversy to court publicity at a time when her career has been eclipsed by the global stardom of younger rival Lady Gaga.

“In politics too, Granny Gaga has lost the plot,” Philippot tweeted.

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Pop Icon Or Imitator? Madonna Sued For Allegedly Stealing ‘Hard Candy’ Name

Madonna is often called pop culture’s great influencer. But according to beauty and fashion brand Hard Candy, the superstar maliciously swiped their name in order to hawk fitness DVDs and apparel.

The Florida company, founded in 1995, filed a lawsuit in federal court for trademark infringement and unfair competition, claiming the mogul mom, 55, began selling her goods under the Hard Candy name in 2011 — despite a previous rejection from the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office.

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“Defendants’ actions have caused and will cause Hard Candy, LLC irreparable harm for which money damages and other legal remedies are inadequate,” federal court papers state. “Unless Defendants are restrained by this Court, Defendants will continue and/or expand the improper activities alleged in this Complaint and otherwise continue to cause great and irreparable harm and injury to Hard Candy, LLC.”

Though Hard Candy is also suing Madonna’s longtime manager, Guy Oseary, they claim the controversial singer “is the driving force behind the infringing activity, taking credit herself for the initial selection and subsequent expansion,” the documents continue.

The company is seeking financial damages, and for the star to cease using their name completely.

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