Information regarding Early Entry tickets Ziggo Dome Rebel Heart Tour #rebelhearttour

It doesn’t matter when you purchase an early entry ticket to Madonna’s Rebel Heart show in Ziggo Dome on December 5, if you use a credit card that is registered to your name or not. There will not be an issue entering the venue if the early entry ticket was not purchased in your name. But if you want to be absolutely sure, you can always take a written note with you by the card holder just in case ;)

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Reminder: Official Dutch Rebel Heart release party in FAME

This is to remind you that you can attend the official Dutch Rebel Heart release party tomorrow in FAME Amsterdam.

You can purchase the CD at 20.30, you cannot enter the party without your Rebel Heart purchase (don’t forget to register through Eventbrite). The party will last from 21.00 until somewhere around 22.30, the CD will be played and you will get to enjoy various goodies!

The first 200 people that have signed up through Eventbrite will receive a very EXCLUSIVE Rebel Heart DVD for free. This is a true must have in your collection, it is an official product that we happily created the artwork for (so yes, we’re very proud of it)


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Madonna to Play ‘Ellen’ for a Full Week

When Madonna‘s not living for love, she’s living for Ellen (appearances).

The singer will be Ellen‘s musical guest for a full week, Live Nation announced today. She’ll be on the program Monday March 16 through Friday March 20. (Rebel Heart, her latest, drops March 10 in the United States.)

Madonna To Launch ‘Rebel Heart’ World Tour in August

In addition to the music, the two will be sure to discuss her just-announced massive world tour, which will kick off August 29 in Miami.

The countdown to some kind of viral-y video with Ellen DeGeneres falling over in a cape begins now.


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Le Pen accepts offer of a drink with Madonna

France’s National Front leader Marine Le Pen has said yes to an offer from US pop icon Madonna to “sit down and have a drink”. The pair famously fell out when one of Madonna’s videos featured an image of Le Pen complete with a swastika on her forehead

Madonna has always said you should “Express Yourself” and that’s exactly what the 56-year-old singer has been doing while in France this week.

She first hit the French newspapers last week after comparing France and Europe to Nazi Germany – leaving some to question her authority on the matter considering she was born in the US in 1958.

On Monday, she made headlines in France again after inviting the leader of the National Front for a meeting over a ‘demi’ bière or two.

“I think I would like to sit down and have a drink with Marine Le Pen,” Madonna said on the Grand Journal TV programme. “I want to understand where she’s coming from.”

It certainly sounded like a prayer for the Material Girl – and that prayer was answered on Tuesday afternoon.

After initially telling RTL radio that she wouldn’t be meeting the diva, Le Pen did an about turn later in the day.

“I accept Madonna’s invitation with pleasure,” she told the AFP news agency.

“I appreciate people who make overtures in good faith.”

The relationship between the two women has a rocky foundation.

In 2012, the American kicked off her world tour with a show featuring a video montage of Le Pen with a swastika on her forehead. The footage was followed by another photomontage of Hitler and Le Pen.

The French political party threatened legal action over what they called an “odious comparison”, and Madonna cut the montage from her show.

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