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Maatschappelijk programma “In deze serie staan de sterren centraal. En dan vooral de ontwikkeling die ze hebben doorgemaakt, de verschillende stijlen die ze gehad hebben en waar ze soms ook trendsetter mee geweest zijn. Met vandaag Madonna.”

Titel:Celebrity Style Stories
Datum:26 juli 2014
Uitzendtijd: 20:00-20:25 + 01:30 – 01:55 uur

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Fil-German trainer shares some of Madonna’s workout moves

At 50-years-old, music phenom Madonna can put people half her age to shame with her built body and incredible stamina. But to get as fit as the pop hit-maker, her fans needn’t throw themselves at expensive gym memberships or gimmicky outlets, as GMA’s “24 Oras” revealed Wednesday.

Fil-German Nicole Winhoffer, Madonna’s primary trainer, demonstrated some of the diva’s favorite moves for local magazines, including simple but core-heavy workouts which only requires bodyweight to perform.

Dedication and time, Winhoffer said, was needed to make a healthy and fit body, and stressed the importance of giving time for physical activities.

She continued, “I tell anybody that I work with that your hour to work out is your hour to give back to you, and to sweat out any type of stress or any type of emotion you have.

But all the exercise in the world can’t have an effect, if the body only takes in junk.

“I know it’s hard, but if you stay away from sugar, then you’re gonna see results pretty quickly and have more energy,” advised Winhoffer.

In an interview with Shape, the Fil-Hungarian said she started as Madonna’s dance cardio trainer before transitioning as her main trainer.

A trainer with the pop singer’s Hard Candy Fitness gym chain, Winhoffer’s training philosophy believes in committing to changes and “giving back” to oneself. —Rie Takumi/NB, GMA News

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Diva Decisions: Madonna Refuses To Participate In Deposition In Hard Candy Lawsuit – READ The Documents!

It looks like beauty company Hard Candy won’t be backing down anytime soon in its lawsuit against Madonna for copyright infringement and unfair competition.

Instead, the company his filed court documents that claim the “Material Girl” won’t appear for a deposition unless she is ordered to by the court, RadarOnline.com can reveal exclusively.

Filed on July 15, the documents state that Florida-based Hard Candy would like to question Madonna about her role in any business decisions, but it claims that “[Madonna] will not be produced without court order.”


As Radar previously reported, Hard Candy is suing the “Vogue” singer because it claims she and Guy Oseary stole the company’s name to sell their own fitness apparel and DVDs in 2011.

But Madonna requested a judge dismiss the case because she and her lawyers claim the Florida courts have no jurisdiction over her Delaware-based business. She also wants the case dropped because she also claimed she had no involvement in any business decisions.

A hearing has been set for July 22 where a judge will make a decision regarding Madonna’s potential deposition.

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Dita Von Teese talks Madonna: “I don’t see anybody in modern pop music that can really do that”

“YANN Calls…” is a new webseries that premiered today. Every week, Brazilian artist Yann video-chats with a different celebrity guest. Aside from talking about their careers, they also discuss social topics that are relevant with the guest’s achievements.

The first episode is with the queen of Burlesque herself, Dita Von Teese, where she talks about everything from female objectification to Madonna and even the movie starring Cher and Christina Aguilera.

After being asked which pop stars she feels have incorporated elements of Burlesque successfully into their performances, Dita says:
“Every persona she has taken on she’s translated to the very heights of where it could go. I don’t see anybody in modern pop music that can really do that. When I look at Madonna, I see that she gets every detail correct, and she has a good team too, but it takes someone’s leading at the top to really arrive to that.”

She continues, saying: “That’s why when I see pop shows I’m like ‘oh wow this isn’t very interesting’, you know, Madonna was wearing Jean Paul Gaultier Haute Couture on stage in the 90s ”

And later adds: “I don’t hear anything [on the radio today] that’s relative to Prince, David Bowie, and Madonna. Stuff that really stands the test of time.”

You can see the video here:

“YANN Calls…” is a new webseries created in partnership with Brasil Post (Huffington Post Brazil.)

Full article (in Portuguese): https://www.brasilpost.com.br/yann/dita-von-teese_b_5586504.html?utm_hp_ref=diversao

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3 new Madonna wax figures at Madame Tussauds Sydney – win tickets!


Madame Tussauds Sydney is partnering with MadonnaUnderground in the following contest.

Madame Tussauds Sydney have an exciting launch for three new Madonna figures coming today!

They want to offer you 4 x general admission tickets and 4 x wax hands (getting your very own wax-hand made inside the venue).

Total prize value for these is $260.

If you want to participate, please send us an email: madonnaunderground@gmail.com asap, the first entries will win! You will be notified by email

Fore more information visit https://www.madametussauds.com/Sydney/

Thanks to: Madame Tussauds Sydney

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All 3 MTS Madonna Voucher.jpg

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10 artists who have helped the LGBT movement

Madonna was right when she sang, “Music makes the people come together.” One of the ways artists bring people together through their music is by singing about causes they care about—gay rights is one of those causes. Many artists have helped raise awareness of LGBT issues through their work.

The following artists have done just that. Whether they’re an openly gay artist reflecting their own sexuality, or an ally who has been a vocal advocate for LGBT equality, here are the top 10 artists who have helped the LGBT movement.

10. Johnny Dangerous
9. Kurt Cobain
8. Mika
7. Pansy Division
6. Christina Aguilera
5. Melissa Etheridge
4. Demi Lovato
3. Macklemore & Ryan Lewis
2. Janet Jackson
1. Madonna

In the 1980s, many people were using the AIDS epidemic as an excuse to perpetuate homophobia. Madonna was one of the first mainstream figures who spoke out in defense of the gay community at this time. She got involved in the fight against AIDS, encouraging research and the practice of safe sex. She brought vogueing—a style of dance started in New York’s gay club scene—to the mainstream and featured footage from a gay pride parade in her tour documentary, “Truth or Dare.” She also featured gay, lesbian, and bisexual affection in “Truth or Dare,” the “Justify My Love” video and her “Sex” book. This was still in the early 1990s, before it was a trendy thing for female pop stars to do. More recently, Madonna has spoken out against bullying, anti-gay laws in Malawi and Russia, and the Boy Scouts’ anti-gay policy. Madonna’s advocacy for the LGBT community was acknowledged when gay news magazine, “The Advocate,” named Madonna “the greatest gay icon” in 2012.

There you have it. From the eighties to nineties to now, LGBT representation in music has a long history. Whether they’re a pop icon or an unknown independent artist, these artists have used their position to help make progress for LGBT people. They have risked their own popularity to stand by what they believe in. And that is what makes these artists so admirable.


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