The Jonathan Ross Show: Madonna Special, review: ‘fascinating to watch’



At 56, the Queen of Pop still has presence and charisma – and possesses far more natural beauty than unflattering paparazzi photos suggest…

Not many stars are deemed important enough to get Jonathan Ross’s orange velvet sofa all to themselves; even big Hollywood stars find themselves jostling for space with boy band members and up and coming comedians.

Madonna is the exception – there might not have been nearly as much buzz around her latest album, Rebel Heart, as there was with previous works (her new single has even been rejected by Radio 1, apparently on account of her being “too old”. Ouch), but she’s still regarded as fascinating enough for a whole hour of dedicated probing from Ross.

She and Ross are a good combination – they’re almost the same age, which means he’s interviewed her at regular intervals throughout both of their careers, so there’s a little more trust and rapport than she might have with someone less established. It means he can get away with asking the trickier questions, as well as gently ribbing her. It’s fair to say she’d never put up with that from a newspaper journalist.

He began by asking her about her recent tumble at the Brit Awards, although this already feels like old news. Far more interesting was her admission that sometimes, despite her seemingly being untouchable, she does care what people think. “There are times when what people say does get to me,” she revealed. “People think I’m an armadillo but sometimes I’m wounded by things that people say.”

She also touched briefly on her failed marriage to Guy Ritchie, which she puts down to that old showbiz chestnut of busy careers and bad timing. These days she’s single and ready to mingle. “The right man would not be intimidated by me,” she said. “I’m kind of old-fashioned and I like it when someone else makes the first move”. Imagine making the first move on Madonna – surely even the most confident man in the world would have to nip to the loo at regular intervals to give himself a pep talk.

Many of her answers to Ross’s questions felt a little scripted, but she did seem to be caught slightly off-guard when asked about the current wave of somewhat clothing-phobic popstars who’ve been influenced by her success. “It’s part of women’s evolution in the entertainment business,” was her slightly woolly answer. “Women are always being objectified by men, so I prefer to objectify myself”.

Even when she was talking in soundbites, she was fascinating to watch; still, at 56, possessing far more natural beauty than unflattering paparazzi photos suggest. While her two live performances weren’t hugely memorable, she still has presence and charisma – and the prospect of her doing what she bills as “sit-down comedy” in the future, in which she’ll tell funny stories over a few drinks with a live audience, sounds far more enticing than yet another album.

(@ by Isabel Mohan)

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Bitch! I Interviewed Madonna (Part One)

It’s been one hell of a week for Madonna. More than three decades into her phenomenally successful, exceptionally prolific music career, the undisputed Queen of Pop and Dance Anthem Enchantress officially released her 13th studio album, “Rebel Heart,” to critically acclaimed reviews.

Ticket sales launched for her next concert series, presumably entitled “The Rebel Heart Tour,” which is scheduled to kick off in Miami on August 29 and will continue worldwide through at least early 2016. This of course also means the Marketing Girl has embarked on one of her legendarily calculated full-court-press media tours, which, naturally and luckily, included several gay publications.

EDGE witnessed the media mayhem that only the Material Girl can create firsthand last Monday night when Madonna sat down with select members of the gay press at the Midtown Manhattan offices of her record label, Interscope.

The album is arguably Madonna’s best effort in years. From the first single’s deep-house, gospel-infused empowerment anthem, “Living For Love” (her record 44th number-one hit on Billboard’s Hot Dance Club Songs chart) to moody and mature ballads like “Devil Pray” and “Joan of Arc,” the hauntingly redemptive “Ghosttown” (the likely next single), and just about every other genre in between, the album fully embraces its diversity.

Full article HERE

Check in with EDGE on Monday, March 16 for part two of the Madonna interview

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From ‘Hell’ And Back, Madonna Lives To Tell


With mere hours until the release of her new album, Madonna sits behind a closed door in a suite at Interscope Records’ office near Times Square. A stylist darts into the room for a few touch-ups. “She wants to look good for you,” Liz Rosenberg, Madonna’s longtime publicist, tells me. I pass a pair of security guards, then wait to be beckoned into the makeshift chamber. Not much has changed since 1984, when Madonna promised to “rule the world” and subsequently invented modern pop stardom. She is still the one to decide when, where and, most importantly, how we see her.

Full article HERE

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Madonna Week Begins! (The Ellen Degeneres show)

Tuesday, 03.17.15
In a daytime and nighttime television exclusive, the “Material Girl” with an insatiable “Rebel Heart” is here for a week of music, games and talk surrounding the release of her brand new album… MADONNA returns! Today marks the beginning of a host of surprises when the iconic pop star joins Ellen to discuss the infinitely exciting world of her life. A “Ray of Light,” who is always in “Vogue” and can “Live to Tell” about every escapade, the singer is one of the most famous musicians in history, persistently telling the stories she wants to tell, the way she wants to tell them, and with no fear. Because of her talent and tenacity, Madonna has sold over 300 million records worldwide. She will share the inside scoop on her latest work and tour when she returns!

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Rarity: lifesize German Desperately Seeking Susan display

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Kimberly van Pinxteren


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