Olé! Madonna orders tour bullfighting suits

Madonna has ordered two custom-made ‘trajes de luces’ from a Spanish tailor for her upcoming tour ignoring critics accusing her glamourizing bull fighting, and yes, she has also ordered a cape…

A tailor in the northern Spanish region of Zaragoza has made two “complete” trajes de luces for Madonna to wear during her upcoming Rebel Heart tour, as well as a cape and various items of matador related clothing for the singer’s backing dancers.

The tailoring company, run by Alfredo Roqueta, was forced to sign a confidentiality agreement and had to make some unique alternations to the traditional bullfighter’s costume for the pop megastar.

Shunning the religious imagery usually associated with the suits, the pop star requested a giant M in place of the customary Jesus or Mary embroidered into the bullfighter’s costume.

The pop star, who has been embracing a bullfighting theme throughout her performances of material from her new album, will play Barcelona in November as part of her 35-date Rebel Heart tour.

Animal rights activists were quick to accuse Madonna of “glamourizing gore“, with PETA UK director, Mimi Bekhechi telling The Local that “Madonna has clearly lost her footing with outfit choices for her tour.”

“If Madonna wants to ingratiate herself to audiences she might consider choreography that reflects something less offensive than imitating a bloody spectacle where an exhausted animal is speared stabbed and weakened until finally, its spine is severed with a dagger,” Bekhechi told The Local.

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Madonna and Terrence Howard play lovers in a post-apocalyptic world in her new music video for Ghosttown

Madonna and Empire’s Terrence Howard explore an apocalyptic city in her new music video for Ghosttown which premiered on Wednesday.

In the visually stunning production the duo play survivors after a nuclear explosion, surrounded by scenes of destruction, who eventually meet when 46-year-old Howard’s character spots the lone woman and hunts her down.

While the track from Madonna’s album Rebel Heart is very catchy, the video has a dark and sombre tone.


Madonna is seen in vampy getup consisting of fishnet stockings, a ripped white shirt, waistcoat and long green velvet coat.

The 56-year-old wears smokey eye make-up and her long blonde locks appear slightly disheveled and dirty as she lies on a bed in a rundown house.

She sings: ‘Facing the darkest days, Everyone ran away, But we’re gonna stay here, we’re gonna stay here’ and the catchy hook: ‘When it all falls, when it all falls down, We’ll be two souls in a ghost town’

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Madonna and Terrence Howard Dance as World Burns in ‘Ghosttown’ Clip

Madonna survives a nuclear explosion in the clip for “Ghosttown,” her second single off Rebel Heart.

The better part of the video is a mostly harrowing scene for the pop star. She wanders out of her studio apartment into a fire-razed, post-apocalyptic landscape in the clip. The only survivors appear to be a tarantula, a rat and what looks like a wolf, so she lives out a Last Man on Earth–type fantasy (wearing a top hat while wrecking a pile of chairs with a golf club) until she encounters another human: actor Terrence Howard, who is focusing the sight of an assault rifle on her. They make friends and the clip works its way toward a happy ending, including the discovery of one more human. Longtime Madonna video collaborator Jonas Åkerlund helmed the clip.

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Exclusive! Madonna’s New Look For “Ghosttown”

Photo: Courtesy of Madonna

How do you dress Madonna—that inveterate fashion changeling, that master of reinvention, that brightly burning star now on her third decade of pop icon-hood—for her next move? How about her next video, in which she busts many a move? In the case of B. Akerlund, who styled the Queen of Pop for her video for “Ghosttown,” premiering  tomorrow from her March release Rebel Heart—which features such tracks as “Bitch I’m Madonna” (as if you needed reminding)—you take the runways’ military-cum-bandleader-meets-Victoriana trend and you run long. Really long.

Photo: Courtesy of Madonna

“The silhouette and feel is real rock ‘n’ roll,” says Akerlund of the Chrome Hearts leather greatcoat replete with billowing train. (And top hat. And cane.) “It’s always inspiring to work on a special project with an artist as creative as Madonna,” said Laurie Lynn Stark, co-owner of Chrome Hearts, the line also behind the painstakingly crafted topper. As for Her Madgesty? “It was magical,” the musician said via email, “it perfectly represented the vibe that we wanted to bring to the video.” And there you have it. When in doubt: Go for drama.


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