Exclusive! Casting details Madonna Rebel Heart Tour 2015-016 NY

Rita Maye Casting
Rita Bland, casting dir.

Production Description

Seeking professional multi-disciplinary dancers, solo and duo specialty acts, for a chance to tour and perform with the iconic Madonna for her Rebel Heart Tour, 2015-16.

Rehearsal and Production Dates & Locations

Rehearsals begin May in NYC.

Compensation & Union Contract Details

Pays dancers concert tour rates.

Seeking Talent Select a role below for more information and submission instructions.


May 6th, May 7th and May 8th in New York, NY. Sign up or Log In to apply.


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Ghosttown – French cd single or German one? The confusion

After corresponding today with Universal Music France, we got to tell you that the limited French digipack (limited to 1500) would be released asap. Only to receive an email an hour later that the French digipack is no more, and the French cd single will be the regular ‘crystal’ one. With regular crystal cd single, we mean the German release.

This truly just came in from Universal Music France, so please do not shoot the messenger!

We of course cannot guarantee if there will be minor differences (or that it might have a French sticker). Cancel your order, or hold it and wait for the final result.

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8000 private Madonna pictures in our photo gallery online NOW!

It is finally back online: our extensive photo gallery with private pictures only! From live shots of the Blond Ambition Tour up unitl the meet & greet at Le Grand Journal, we have covered every single event that we went to. It took hours to go through the thousands of pictures, but we made a selection and they are now all up for you to view: a total of 8000 pictures!

There are four different sections: Promo Tours, World Tours, Release Parties & Various.

We have an easy click view gallery HERE and a more user friendly album version HERE



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Madonna – Triumvirate (new DVD)

In this age of bland TV produced ‘pop stars’ and reality-show-has-beens dominating our screens, it is a rare occurrence when an artist of true talent, startling individuality and majestic longevity can survive. But Madonna does not merely survive, and indeed she never wanted to just be a pop performer. For close to 35 years, this remarkable woman has flourished and all but dominated the music world – albeit in the best way possible. And on the dawn of the release of her 13th studio album Rebel Heart, Madonna is as relevant, challenging and dynamic as she ever was. This 3 DVD documentary set tells us why. With oceans of rare archive footage, new and classic interviews and numerous contributions from those who know her best, this superb box set is probably the closest most of us will ever get to knowing this pioneering spirit personally.

Priced at $26.95

Available on: June 9

Pre-order here

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Get a signed copy of ‘Madonna’ by Michelle Morgan

Michelle Morgan – author of the newly released ‘Madonna’ is offering a very limited amount of signed copies of her book.

Calling all Madonna fans who have asked about a signed copy of my book. I went to the post office this morning to get postage details and so the total price for a personalised signed copy (including the book, postage and packing) will be: UK/Ireland – 25 pounds, Europe – 30 pounds, and Rest of the world – 36 pounds. I only have a limited amount of books at the moment, so if you are interested, please PM me as soon as possible. Payment will be made by Paypal in Pound Sterling only. Thank you!! x

You can contact Michelle Morgan through PM on her Facebook

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