More on Bitch I’m Madonna single release

Madonna chooses to release Bitch I’m Madonna (her favorite song) off Rebel Heart as a third single.

It will be presented to radio shortly. There will be an official video as well as various remixes. After Madonna created a buzz at Jimmy Fallon’s Tonight Show last month, this single release is not so surprising. This Summer Jonas Akerlund will be directing the video to it. She has worked with Jonas Akerlund before since the release of Ray Of Light in 1998. He worked on video’s such as American Life, Music, Jump and more recently Ghosttown.

Other songs from the album Rebel Heart that have good potential for a radio Summer hit are the dancy Iconic or the folk/electro Devil Pray.

Madonna will perform later this year on December 9 and 10 in Bercy Paris.


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Madonna’s ‘Crazy For You’ became a number-one hit, 30 years ago today

‘Crazy For You’ was Madonna’s first ballad to become a hit, and we’re celebrating 30 years of its impact on popular music.

Madonna has never been a pop star to play by the rules, but she continues to win at the game. After breaking out almost 35 years ago, she has quite a lot of claim to her name — she isn’t called the “Queen of Pop” for nothing.

After selling over 300 million albums worldwide, she’s been crowned the most successful chart-performing solo artist and top-touring female artist of all time. The global music icon is even worth a whopping $800 million.

‘Crazy For You’ was originally written for the film “Vision Quest,” which saw moderate success in the box office. However, the song became a massive hit on adult contemporary radio all around the world. It even nabbed Madonna her first Grammy nomination for Best Female Pop Vocal Performance in 1986. The song went on to become her second number-one single on the U.S. Billboard Hot 100.

It’s moments in musical history, like this, when we’re reminded of the bona fide pop star that Madonna truly is.

Take a listen to ‘Crazy For You:’

Needless to say, we’re still crazy about Madonna’s ‘Crazy For You.’


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Exclusive = Bitch I’m Madonna confirmed as third single, but not in Holland though!

Universal Music NL confirms that Bitch I’m Madonna will be the official third global single, however Holland will most likely get a different third single than this particular track. Unfortunately no details which track will be chosen at this time. Things might still change though.

Same thing happened with MDNA in 2012 when Universal Music NL decided to release Love Spent as well as Masterpiece as official third and fourth singles off of MDNA.

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Madonna shirt for sale at Dutch Lidl stores from Monday the 18th

From Monday May 18 Dutch Lidl stores will have a shirt available for sale with a Madonna (MDNA) print on it. The shirt will be for sale at 5 euro’s and will be distributed to every store in Holland. Meaning there won’t be stores that will not get them in stock. Unfortunately you cannot reserve the shirts, but have to pay a visit to your local Lidl shop. This image is the one featured on the shirt! Happy hunting

Thanks to: Lidl



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LIZ SMITH: Bardot … Bette … Madonna (by Liz Smith)

I PRAISE Madonna a lot. I know that annoys some of you. Sorry! But I’ve also laced that praise with criticism, or at least my idea of what she might do, or say (or not say) or wear. I admire the fact that she has never taken my advice. Or anyone’s. She has traveled to the beat of her own techno-music.

But sometimes she’s perfect. I do mean her appearance at the massive Met Fashion Gala the other night in NYC. There she was, with long straight hair (gone are the overworked waves), beautiful makeup, and a stylish, whimsical, subtly sexy black gown by the designer Moschino. (Well, it was more subtle than a lot of what The Big M wears. It was certainly more subtle than Beyonce’s get-up.) Totally appropriate for the pop goddess she is, and always will be. (Haters, listen up — even if she never has another No. 1 hit, she’ll always be the Queen. Accept that.)

When I saw the photos I wanted to reach in, hand her a microphone and say, “Sing out, Madonna Louise Ciccone — croon those ballads. Do your Dietrich!” Well, that’s my fantasy and problem. It will never be Madonna’s reality. But I am satisfied she looked like this for the Met event. She also looked like she was having fun. (Still rare for this workaholic.)

People — even so-called “fans” — often say she’s desperate to stay in touch with the youth culture. I think she simply enjoys composing and performing edgy material. She likes collaborating with young people. I believe she enjoys the music she makes. If she was “desperate” for a certain kind of approbation, she’d work on an album of standards. Or a “Duets” disc. Not. Going. To. Happen.

Privately, as a woman, she has changed. As an artist? Same as 1983. And if you can’t see it, you don’t know your Madonna.


Taken from article by Liz Smith New York Social Diary

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Madonna Rocks Edgy Moschino Dress At 2015 Met Gala

Work it, Madonna! The pop goddess wowed on the red carpet in a fabulous black Moschino gown at the 2015 Met Gala. We’re hung up on how amazing she looks!

When you’re pegged as a pop god — no, pop legend — like Madonna, 56, you can totally get away with rocking just about anything. However, Madonna did more than just turn heads at the 2015 Met Gala donning an edgy black Moschino gown — she looked sexier than ever!

Madonna’s Met Gala Dress — Wows In Moschino Gown

As we know, Madonna refuses to turn her sexy off at 56 years of age. In fact, she totally owns it!

The “Ghosttown” singer rocked the black Moschino gown, which hugged her curves fabulously, and put her cleavage on full display! The dress draped down in the back having cape-like detailing, which gave it that edgy, original touch. She even wore black gloves to complete the look! Amazing and so bold.

Madonna posed for a picture with Katy Perry, who also stunned in Moschino! The stylish ladies pose for a pic with designer Jeremy Scott andDiplo We’re loving this hot look on Katy and Madonna at the gala — it’s edgy and non-traditional. However, we can’t help but wonder if Anna Wintour approves.

Madonna Still Making Waves In Music and Fashion

Madonna has been a huge part of the industry for years, and her presence is as strong as ever. The singer’s newest album, Rebel Heart, is full of powerful songs such as “Ghosttown,” which proves she’s still got it in her. The singer even teamed up with the great Taylor Swift, 25, for aperformance of the song at the iHeartRadioAwards in March!

Aside from her music, Madonna also got people talking when she made out with her longtime crush Drake, 28, at Coachella. While he was taken by surprise, she knows that deep down her fans loved it. How could anyone not?

Bow down to Madonna and her timeless fashion!

Hollywood Life

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Desperately seeking… flamenco dancers

She has already justified her love of bullfighting attire and now Madonna is branching out into another staple Spanish stereotype – flamenco dancing.

The queen of pop is holding open auditions in New York this week to find a flamenco dancer to join the Spanish-themed tour.

Madonna recently ordered custom-made bullfighting costumes for the Rebel Heart tour, which will stop in Barcelona on November 24th and 25th.

And who could forget her infamous fall at the Brit awards in the UK in February, all thanks to her Armani-designed bullfighter’s cape? A string of bullfighting-inspired appearances led animal rights charities to criticizethe singer for “glamourizing gore”.

The dancer auditions will be held in New York on May 6th and 7th so Spanish hopefuls had better book their plane tickets sooner rather than later.

The job ad, published on, stipulates that the candidate must be aged between 18 and 35 and can be of any ethnicity but must be able to learn other forms of dance.

She is also looking to hire a pole dancer and several street dancers.

The Local


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Madonna Throws Shade at Drake: “I Kissed a Girl And I Liked It”

Madonna’s impromptu make out session with Drake at Coachella didn’t go according to plan. She locks lips with him, he gags, Internet goes crazy about it. Drake defended the kiss by stating that her lipstick is what made him react negatively, not that a 56 year-old woman is tonguing him down. He liked it actually.

The uproar seems to have fazed Madge, who got her sweet revenge in a new Q&A for Live with Romeo’s: Saturday Night Online. In the nearly 20-minute video, in which she answers questions submitted by fans, Madonna says of Drake, “I kissed a girl … and I liked it!” Later, when asked what advice she’d give her younger self, she can’t resist adding, “Don’t kiss Drake, no matter how many times he begs you to.”

Ouch! We can’t wait to see how Drake tackles this issue on Views From the 6.

VH1 blog

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Madonna on Drake: “I Kissed a Girl … and I Liked It!”

screen-shot-2015-05-03-at-10-37-825x580When Madonna kissed Drake at Coachella, it didn’t go exactly as planned. People couldn’t get over Drake’s seemingly disgusted reaction (he later clarified that he liked the kiss, just not her lipstick), or they couldn’t get over the age difference.

The uproar seems to have fazed Madonna, who is taking gentle revenge in a new Q&A for Live with Romeo’s Saturday Night Online.

In the nearly 20-minute video, in which she answers questions submitted by fans, Madonna says of Drake, “I kissed a girl … and I liked it!” Later, when asked what advice she’d give her younger self, she can’t resist adding, “Don’t kiss Drake, no matter how many times he begs you to.”

In the rest of the lively session, Madonna eats pizza and sips wine, reveals that “Justify My Love” was the video she most enjoyed making, says she would like to learn how not to be bothered by things, claims she has gone several days at a time with no sleep, and confirms she is on board to work with Britney Spears again anytime Britney’s ready.

She’ll have to get in line when it comes to Britney, who’s about to release her Iggy Azalea duet “Pretty Girls.”


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