Justin Bieber and Madonna Playing Never Have I Ever Is the Best Thing You’ll See Today

For day three of Ellen DeGeneres’s Madonna Week, Ellen brought in her new BFF Justin Bieber for a very special game of Never Have I Ever. Madonna, legendary rule-breaker that she is, had done nearly everything Ellen asked her about, but Justin, surprisingly, had not. To be fair, Ellen didn’t say anything like “never have I ever egged a house,” but perhaps Justin is not as much of a troublemaker as he lets on. He’s never even gotten kicked out of a club! Or so he says.

But even though you learn secrets about Madonna and Justin like which one of them has had sex with two people in one day (you only get one guess as to who has done that), the best part of this whole thing might be their strange banter. Justin seems almost intimidated by Madonna, while she’s having a grand old time trying to make him squirm. “I feel like I’m getting to know my new boyfriend,” Madonna says at one point, causing Justin to go in for a cautious hug. What a brave soul, to touch Madonna unbidden like that. Side note: Is it wrong to like his hat? (Cosmopolitan.com pop culture editor Alex Rees says yes.)
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Win Two Tickets to See Madonna in Concert!


The iconic pop star is going on tour, and you could win a pair of tickets to see her in a town near you! Enter here for your chance to win!

  • Aug. 29 – Miami, FL
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  • Sept. 26 – Boston, MA
  • Sept. 28 – Chicago, IL
  • Oct. 1 – Detroit, MI
  • Oct. 3 – Atlantic City, NJ
  • Oct. 8 – St. Paul, MN
  • Oct. 17 – Portland, OR
  • Oct. 19 – San Jose, CA
  • Oct. 22 – Glendale, AZ
  • Oct.24 – Las Vegas, NV
  • Oct. 27 – Los Angeles, CA
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Madonna: 25 Things You Don’t Know About Me — Sneak Peek!

Madonna opens up exclusively to Us Weekly about everything from Obama to DrakeCredit: Mert & Marcus

The Queen of Pop coughed on Us! Last week, the one and only Madonna sat down with Us Weekly‘s Entertainment Director Ian Drew in NYC for a once-in-a-lifetime edition of 25 Things You Don’t Know About Me. The only bummer? The still-cheerful “Living for Love” singer — whose 13th studio album Rebel Heart is out now — was sick with a cold.

PHOTOS: Madonna through the years

In the exclusive, extended Q&A, the icon revealed a whole lot: She’s never met President Obama (“He probably thinks I’m too shocking”); she misses “absolutely nothing” about growing up Michigan; she once got Michael Jackson “drunk at the Ivy in Beverly Hills”; revealed surprising thoughts about her romantic past (ahem, Vanilla Ice and Dennis Rodman) and present (Drake, she wants a date!); she hates fur bikinis — and one of her most enduring, trademark songs.

PHOTOS: Madonna’s craziest controversies

Listen to Madonna tell all to Us in this clip — and for all 25 Things, pick up the new Us Weekly, on stands Friday!

Read more: https://www.usmagazine.com/entertainment/news/madonna-25-things-you-dont-know-about-me—-sneak-peek-2015183#ixzz3Ukgjz0jg
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Madonna Meets Daughter Lourdes’ Boyfriend—but Does She Approve? Find Out!

You know how nerve-racking it is to introduce your significant other to your parents? Yeah, well, imagine throwing Madonna into that mix.

The “Living for Love” singer recently revealed that she’s met her daughter Lourdes‘ boyfriend—and she approves!

During a guest appearance on The Ellen DeGeneres Show, the pop icon explained how having her oldest daughter go off to college (to her alma matter: the University of Michigan!) has been “an absolutely devastating experience.”

“My sister said it to me when her son went away. I was like, ‘Oh my God you’re being so dramatic.’ She was like bawling and bawling. And then my daughter left me and I was [devastated]. I fell into the deepest depression,” Madge told the comedienne.

“I’m always so happy when she calls me and she says, ‘Mommy I miss you’ or ‘I need you to rub my head.'”

The singer went on to explain how her daughter’s beau came to the house recently to meet the family and spent the weekend there.

“He’s a very sensible boy, young man, I shouldn’t say he’s a boy,” she told Ellen DeGeneres. “He’s intelligent so I’m happy about that.”

She added that Lourdes’ love interest is 19-years-old and “a sophomore so a year older than her.”

And while her mom may be airing her love life on TV, the teenager has put her foot down when it comes to one thing: home football games.

“I’m not allowed at games. You think my daughter wants me at a game?” Madonna told the Today show recently. Fair enough!


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Madonna opens up on daughter Lourdes going to college, Kanye West and enjoying paparazzi attention on ‘Ellen’

Ellen DeGeneres is celebrating #MadonnaWeek on her talk show — including having a candid interview with the Material Girl herself.

The “Living for Love” singer sat down with the talk show host on Tuesday’s episode of “The Ellen DeGeneres Show,” including revealing insights into her personal life.

The pop star opened up about how she’s coping since her eldest daughter Lourdes went away to college last fall, describing it as “an absolutely devastating experience.”

Lourdes, 18, attends the University of Michigan, her mother’s alma mater, and Madonna admitted that after her daughter left, “I fell into the deepest depression.”

“I’m always so happy when she calls me and she says, ‘Mommy I miss you,’ or ‘I need you to rub my head,’” she added. “I’m still needed.”

Madonna also revealed that Lourdes is dating a fellow student and that she met him when the two came home for a visit. She also said that she approved of her daughter’s beau, calling him “intelligent.”

As for her own dating life, the “Express Yourself” singer said that she didn’t understand why people made a fuss over her dating younger men.

“People just don’t like it when I have fun,” she said.

Madonna, who recently called Kanye West the “black Madonna” in an interview with the Daily News, told DeGeneres that working with the rapper was “wild.”

After the talk show host said she thinks that sometimes Kim Kardashian’s hubby needs to “zip it up,” the pop star defended him.

“I do think the entertainment business needs him. Because so many artists are so consumed with being politically correct all the time, and it’s really nice and refreshing, I think, to just hear people be honest, or even not honest, but just speak their mind.”

“I think people should go more crazy over me!” the star said.

“I don’t have a life outside of working and taking care of my children,” she added. “Honestly, I don’t really get a chance to go out and be bothered.”

When the star, who lives in New York, admitted she was disappointed by the lack of paparazzi attention while in Los Angeles, DeGeneres came up with a plan.

“Let’s go out to dinner one night and they’ll bother us,” she said.

“I think that would be fun,” Madonna said.

The pop icon also talked about her recent onstage fall at the Brit Awards, noting that she didn’t fall but was “yanked” down the stairs by her dancers, who had pulled on her Armani cape.

As for Giorgio Armani’s criticism that she had been “difficult” about the cape, she called it “total bulls–t!”

While the designer cape might be a sore subject, DeGeneres gave her one she might actually use, gifting the pop star a cape with the words “Definitely NOT Madonna” so she could visit her daughter undetected.


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More shows added in Berlin, Italy & Montreal too

Due to demand, the following shows have been added to the Rebel Heart Tour schedule

10 September 2015 – Montreal – Bell Centre – March 21 ticket sale
5 November 2015 – Koln – LANXESS Arena – March 23 ticket sale
11 November 2015 – Berlin – Mercedes-Benz Arena – March 23 ticket sale
22 November 2015 – Turin – Pala Alpitour – March 24 ticket sale

ICON pre-sale tomorrow!

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