Exclusive: Madonna On Why She Chose Sofia Richie to Be the Face of Material Girl

Sofia Richie is the new face of Material Girl, handpicked by Madonna in honor of the brand’s 5th anniversary. Above is an exclusive first look at Richie’s campaign.

“Of course I look up to Madonna,” gushes 16-year-old Sofia Richie. “I mean, she’s Madonna. She’s like the god of music.” While Richie’s words might fall from the mouth of any typical teenage fan-girl, she’s anything but. Daughter of Lionel Richie and sister to Nicole, Richie and I are chatting in a dimly-lit corner of New York’s Jane Hotel. Two women hover over her, gently and efficiently applying powder to her nose and adjusting the artfully arranged bobby pins in her hair; she’s in town for only a few hours to shoot the five year anniversary campaign of Material Girl, a juniors line designed and inspired by Madonna and her daughter Lola (aka, Lourdes Leon). As the new face of the brand, Richie has the rarefied pleasure of working with her idol.

“I have a few friends in common with Madonna’s daughter, and we’ve been wanting to meet for a few years,” Richie says. “And then one day, I just heard, like, hey Madonna and her daughter want you to shoot for their line and I was like wow, that’s so crazy. There are so many people that Madonna and Lola could have picked to be the new face, and it’s really cool to be a part of.”

Of her choice, Madonna says, “Sofia Richie perfectly embodies the style and spirit of Material Girl and is the ideal new face for the line.” Eighteen-year-old Lola added, “Coming from an artistic family, self-expression is in our blood.  I love Sofia’s style and energy, and look forward to collaborating with her.“

Exclusive: Madonna On Why She Chose Sofia Richie to Be the Face of Material Girl

Richie goofs around on set, showing off her favorite piece from the collection in this behind-the-scenes snap. 

For the anniversary campaign, the brand staged a cheeky fifth birthday party for Richie: There were cupcakes, a blue cake baked by Carlos Baker, sparklers, candles and balloons. Though she certainly looked at home in her role, Richie tells me she’s never been one for childish antics. “Ever since I was little I traveled with my dad,” she says. “I kind of grew up around adults. I never really went to school—I went for like three years of my life, but the rest was all homeschool—so I’ve always kind of had a mature head on my shoulder.”

While most teens her age are worrying who will ask them to prom, Richie is already plotting her next career move. “I love what I’m doing now,” says Richie, whose favorite piece in the line is a flannel shirt with shoulder cutouts. “I love modeling and being involved in the fashion industry. I for sure want to have my own clothing line.” Also on her list: Her very own apartment. “I plan on moving out soon, which is a big thing for me,” says Richie. “It’s already a conversation with my parents. I need my own space.”

In true Richie fashion, Sofia’s aspirations do not end there: She hopes to one day follow in her father—and Madonna’s—footsteps. “I want to do music too,” she says. “Music is more of something I want to do five years from now. Fashion is kind of between those five years.”

Though her famous family no doubt helped inspire her career path, it turns out the Richie name comes with its own set of complications. “As I get deeper into the industry, I notice that it always comes back to my dad and my sister,” she says. “And sometimes I’m like, well, what about just me? The Richie name sometimes doesn’t let you be just you, it pulls you back to your family and your past.” Which isn’t necessarily a bad thing, according to Richie. “I never felt overshadowed by my dad and my sister because they’vealways been such big people in the industry,” she says. “If anything I just feel they kind of push me in a good direction and spur me on.”

While she’s had the chance to learn firsthand what it means to turn your creative passion into a career, she’s also experienced the intense pressure that comes with showbiz. “There are such high expectations in the industry,” she says. “At first it really got to me, when people pick on you and they say things that really shouldn’t be said about anyone. But then you have to learn that there are people like that out there in the world and you just have to laugh it off and continue with your life. You know, just do you and not care what other people would think.” Sounds like something Madonna would say.


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Madonna’s Blond Ambition Dancers And Backup Singer Share Memories Of Life On The Road During The Historic Tour

In 1990 Madonna launched her record-breaking Blond Ambition World Tour, which showcased the pop icon at the very peak of her fame. The entertainer hired video director Alek Keshishian to film concert footage, which would eventually become the documentary Truth or Dare. The doc chronicled Madonna on the road, behind the scenes and in bed with her Blond Ambition family of backup singers and dancers and is still considered groundbreaking for it’s candid, matter-of-fact depiction of the private lives of her seven dancers, six of whom were gay. Reveling in her role as equal parts den mother and provocateur, Truth or Darepresented Madonna as maternal and playful with her on the road family. Ahead of the film being shown tonight during L.A.’s Outfest as part of its Legacy Project, Queerty chatted with a number of people depicted in the the documentary.

Singer Donna De Lory was first introduced to Madonna by producer Patrick Leonard after Donna cut an early demo of the song, “Open Your Heart.” Donna would go on to sing background vocals on some of Madonna’s greatest hits and perform with her on six world tours over the course of two decades.

At age 26, Carlton Wilborn was the oldest of the dancers to be hired for the Blond Ambition Tour. Carlton gained Madonna’s trust early on and was responsible for lifting Madonna in many of the most physical performances. Carlton would would later perform with Madonna on her Girlie Show Tour.

Kevin Stea, just 20, was hired as dance captain and associate choreographer for the tour. Kevin has had a long and extremely successful career as a dancer working with everyone from Michael Jackson to Lady Gaga.

Luis Camacho was already well known in the drag ball world as part of the legendary House of Xtravaganza when he auditioned for the Blond Ambition Tour. With fellow House of Xtravaganza dancer Jose Gutierez, Luis would introduce voguing to mainstream audiences around the world.

Salim “Slam” Gauwloos began training as a dancer in his native Belgium, at the Ballet of Flanders in Antwerp. He was the Dick to Madonna’s Breathless during the Dick Tracy-inspired portion of the show. In 2015, Slam reunited with Blond Ambition dancer Jose Gutierez for a “Vogue” tribute video.

[Backup vocalist Niki Haris and dancers José Gutierrez and Oliver Crumes were unavailable and dancer Gabriel Trupin passed away in 1995. Alek Keshishian discussed the film here.]

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The songs M has been teasing through Instagram, are they really part of the setlist?

M has been posting various lyrics from songs throughout her career on Instagram. Whether she is teasing them because they are included in the setlist for the Rebel Heart Tour, is simply teasing and they don’t mean anything or she’s going through various stages of her carreer and putting them together with a song.

We do know that Steven Klein has shot a video this past weekend with M, and M posted a shot of her in a dress very similar (is it the same?) to the one worn to the ’91 Academy Awards. Is she addressing iconic moments from her entire career and including it in her new show?

Mike Tyson already revealed that he recorded a video for Iconic in an interview (TVLINE), so will Iconic be an interlude or will it open the show?
All we know is that the teasers are a lot of fun and we hope to see many more! This is a recap of the songs M has been teasing on Instagram:

-Who’s That Girl
-True Blue
-Jimmy Jimmy (but later deleted)
-Dress You Up
-Deeper and Deeper
-Body Shop
-Love Don’t Live Here Anymore
-Justify My Love
-Devil Pray
-La Isla Bonita
-Into The Groove
-Like a Virgin
-Unapologetic Bitch
-Holy Water
-Between the bars


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Madonna teasing Iconic with the ‘iconic’ dress from 1991?

M is teasing song titles and other bits from the forthcoming Rebel Heart Tour again. She posted this photo writing ‘Iconic’. This dress seems extremely similar to the dress she wore to the 1991 Academy Awards where she attended with Michael Jackson and performed Sooner Or Later live. She also appeared on the cover of Vanity Fair wearing this dress.

If it’s not the same dress, it’s extremely similar and a great nod to an indeed iconic performance and iconic look

11419003_887941241260592_1018029969_n (1) Madonna-Vanity-Fair---The-11054

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Fame, Sex, Men, and Her Inner Nun: Madonna on How She Made It

In this 1985 Spin cover story, Madonna opens up about her penniless years, struggle for success, the men she loved, used, and felt passionate about, and why she’d be a nun if she wasn’t a singer.
Editor’s note: The Daily Beast is celebrating the 30th anniversary of Spin by republishing two memorable features from the magazine. This bulleted interview with Madonna was originally published in the May 1985 issue of SPIN, which hit newsstands on March 19, 1985.

May 1985 issue of SPIN Magazine
SPIN Magazine

I like to look the way Ronnie Spector sounded: sexy, hungry, totally trashy. I admire her tonal quality. I don’t have a deep, throaty voice or a womanish voice when I sing. I think my voice sounds innocent and sexual at the same time.

That’s what I try to tell people, anyway; but they always misconstrue what I mean when I say “sexual innocence.” They look at me and go, “innocent, huh?” They think I’m trash.

I couldn’t be a success without also being a sex symbol. I’m sexy. How can I avoid it? That’s the essence of me. I would have to have a bag over my head and over my body; but then my voice would come across, and it’s sexy.

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Mike Tyson Teases Mysteries Season 2, Reveals Role in ‘Iconic’ Madonna Video: ‘I Look Like a Savage’

If you told me last week that my Q&A with Mike Tyson would rank among my favorite moments from Comic-Con 2015 I would’ve laughed in your face. But one of my favorite moments it was.

Not only did the artist formerly known as Iron Mike dole out fresh intel about Season 2 of his eponymous Adult Swim ‘toon Mike Tyson Mysteries (premiering this fall), but he dropped a massive — and potentially controversial — scoop about the video he recently shot (presumably) for Madonna’s upcoming Rebel Heart Tour. (Tyson is a featured performer on the album’s “Iconic” track, which is rumored to be No. 1 on her tour setlist).

“It’s just intense,” he tells me of the footage he filmed, which he admits he might catch some “slack” for. “I’m in a cage. I’m a hostage. I’m chained. I’m naked. I look like a savage. When I [shot] it it didn’t seem that intense. But then you watch it and go, ‘Whoa.’ It was like [something out of] National Geographic… I need to be tamed, man.”

And then Tyson concluded the interview by thoughtfully, movingly explaining how the “right intentions” have helped fuel this remarkable second act in his career.

Click HERE to read (TVLINE) more and view video

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Israeli aspiring singer jailed for hacking Madonna’s music!

Madonna's unreleased recording were hacked and posted online. (That Grape Juice)
Madonna’s unreleased recording were hacked and posted online. (That Grape Juice)

Hacking and leaking Madonna’s unreleased recordings online does not pay, as Adi Lederman learned upon receiving a 14-month jail sentence from the Tel Aviv Magistrate’s Court on Thursday as part of a plea-bargain deal following his conviction for cyber crimes against the pop singer.

The full wrath of Israeli and US authorities, including the FBI, came down on Lederman for charges of computer trespassing, fraud, and intellectual property offenses against the superstar, who has come to Israel on several tours and is a known follower of Kabbala.

Last December, a series of demos from Madonna’s album-in-progress, Rebel Heart, were leaked online. Following the breach, which originated in files belonging to people working with the singer, Madonna released six tracks and moved up the release date of the full album to March.

“I have been violated as a human and an artist!” Madonna wrote on Instagram following the hack.

Lederman was fined NIS 15,000 by the court, which said its sentence should “send a message of deterrence” and uncompromising commitment to the law to others like Lederman.

The sentence was more lenient than it might have been, in light of the fact that Lederman suffers from some medical issues, as well out of concern that a full trial could lead to unintentional further exposure of Madonna’s personal details and those of people working with her.

The now-convicted hacker was arrested in late January, and was previously best known for auditioning on air in 2012 for the Israeli TV show Kochav Nolad (“A Star is Born”), Israel’s version of American Idol.

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What’s up with Madonna’s concert ticket sales? Why there are still some to buy and what fans are waiting for

THE good news is that if you want to see Madonna on her first Australian tour in 23 years you can still get tickets.

The bad news is that unless you’re willing to ride solo you’re going to have to pay top dollar for good seats. Or travel to Brisbane, the only place $100 tickets are left (you’ll also have to go alone though).

It seems local Madonna fans are in standby mode waiting to see if the superstar will add more shows to her Rebel Heart Australian tour next March before they snap up the remaining seats.

Promoter Live Nation have yet to announce whether Madonna will include more shows in her itinerary, although with gigs on Saturdays and Sundays only so far she does have free time in her schedule.

All the $2000 front row tickets for her Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane shows sold out instantly, as did all the cheap seats priced at around $100.

Full article HERE

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What It Feels Like For A Girl props from YORIN commercial

When you think of the What It Feels Like For A Girl video, you instantly remember the Pussy Cat license plates. Back in 2001 YORIN (A Dutch TV/radio channel) recorded a promotional commercial for a contest to win tickets to see M during the Drowned World Tour in Paris. For this they re-created the video and the commercial aired various times on Dutch television (see video below).

The props; license plates, full script and original pictures were later sent to me (Kimberly).

This item has been added to our Music Album Promo page (memorabilia section)


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For Dutch fans: Madonna concert ‘Rebel Heart Tour’ in Praag via Happy Deal



Een concert van Madonna is echt zo’n ‘once in a lifetime-ding’: de optredens van de Queen of Pop zijn legendarisch. Het uitje extra bijzonder maken? Doe een concert over de grens en plak er een paar dagen nagenieten aan vast.

Vandaag scoor je een onvergetelijke autovakantie naar Praag, inclusief concertkaarten voor de spectaculaire Rebel Heart Tour van Madonna op 8 november aanstaande in de grootse O2 Arena.

Je verblijft drie nachten in het comfortabele viersterrenhotel Olympik in de Tsjechische hoofdstad, waar je de dag steeds goed van start gaat met een smakelijk ontbijt. Van de vier dagen ben je één avond onder de pannen bij Miss Madonna, de overige tijd kun je heerlijk cultuur snuiven, winkelen en je culinair laten verwennen. Het hotel ligt op slechts 10 metrominuten van het centrum, waar je volop kunt genieten van al het moois dat de historische stad te bieden heeft. De Rebel Heart Tour beleef je vanuit het hart van het stadion. Dankzij de staanplaatsen kun je volledig losgaan op het eindeloze repertoire van de wereldzangeres én kun je proberen zo dicht mogelijk bij het podium te komen. Oog in oog met Madonna, dat wil toch iedereen?

Een reis die je eigenlijk niet aan je voorbij kunt laten gaan. Zéker niet voor deze prijs. Voor slechts € 169 staan er vier dagen Praag inclusief spetterende show van Madonna in jouw agenda. Geen tijd voor twijfel, er is slechts een beperkt aantal kaarten beschikbaar.

Deze aanbieding is inclusief:

  • 3 overnachtingen in Hotel Olympik in Praag
  • Dagelijks ontbijt
  • Concertkaart Rebel Heart Tour van Madonna: staanplaats in O2 Arena op 8 november.

Ligging Hotel Olympik:
Het metrostation Invalidovna voor lijn B ligt op 200 meter afstand van Hotel Olympik. De metro brengt je in 10 minuten naar het oude centrum van Praag. Op minder dan 300 meter van het hotel vind je de tramhaltes voor trams 24 en 8. Het vliegveld is gelegen op 16 km van het hotel. De O2 Arena is gelegen op 2,9 km van het hotel.

Extra informatie:

  • Aankomstdatum: 7 november 2015
  • Afstand vanaf Utrecht: 862 km.
  • Kinderkorting: n.v.t.
  • Parkeren: bij hotel in parkeergarage of parkeerterrein (tegen betaling)
  • Huisdieren: niet toegestaan
  • Tolvignet: een  tolvignet  is vereist voor Tsjechië . Je kunt deze verkrijgen aan de Tsjechische grens.
  • Reispapieren: ca. 10 dagen voor vertrek via e-mail

De boeking van deze reis wordt verzorgd door Stip Reizen: partner van Happy Deal.

Klik HIER voor meer info

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Madonna Proves Skeptics Wrong Again With Very Strong Ticket Sales For Australia And New Zealand

Madonna can do something that none of her contemporaries are able to anymore: fill up large sized venues at high prices. Due to large ticket demand for her Rebel Heart Tour, Madonna added dates to such cities in North America as Miami, New York City, Toronto, and Puerto Rico. In Europe, Madonna added dates in Prague, Barcelona, London, and others.

In New Zealand, the demand for tickets was just as high. According to the New Zealand Herald, only high-price tickets remain for Madonna’s shows there, despite just going on sale yesterday.

It is quite likely that due to the demand for tickets, Madonna will add shows in both New Zealand and Australia. Madonna has been teasing the setlist for her Rebel Heart Tour on Instagram by mentioning such classics as “Justify My Love,” Into the Groove,” “Who’s That Girl,” “True Blue,” and “Like a Virgin.” Do you have tickets for Madonna’s upcoming Rebel Heart Tour?
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Madonna concert tickets already on TradeMe

Her cheapest tickets sold out in seconds – but some fans have already posted their Madonna tickets on TradeMe.

Tickets for Madonna’s two Vector Arena performances in March went on sale at 10am today with the cheapest $99 tickets selling out in seconds.

New Zealand fans willing to spend more could still find tickets for $500 on sale half an hour after they first became available.

This afternoon, there were four auctions for Madonna tickets on TradeMe, ranging from $690 for two gold tickets for the March 5 show, to $1245 for four tickets in the upper bowl.

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