Living For Love remixes EP available through iTunes (February 9)

We are happy to announce that the ‪#‎livingforlove‬ remix ep will be available on February 9th via iTunes, Beatport and everywhere else! Featuring remixes by Erick Morillo, Offer Nissim, Djemba Djemba, Mike Rizzo, PAULO & Jackinsky, THRILL, and Dirty Pop + go to Spotify on Feb 9th for an ‪#‎exclusive‬ Michael Diamond Remix!
Check out Erick Morillo’s mixes now on Madonna’s Youtube channel:


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Exclusive interview with Michelle Morgan – the author of upcoming The Mammoth Book Of Madonna

mammothkleinThe Mammoth Book Of Madonna (to be released this April in the UK) is going to be an absolute must-have in every fans’ collection. MadonnaUnderground recently sat down with Michelle Morgan, the author of the book, for an interview.

Here is an excerpt:

-How and why was this particular photo chosen as the cover to your book?

It was chosen by a whole host of publishing people from both the UK and USA. Originally we had an early photo on the cover, which was actually one of my favourite photos of Madonna, but while some of the team liked it, others didn’t, so it was replaced with the final one instead. I didn’t have anything to do with choosing the photo, but I did approve it of course. I think it is a lovely picture – very classic and iconic. It has had an amazing response so far, so I think the designers did a great job. I like it so much that it is hanging on the wall in front of me as we speak!

-Why did you write this book and what separates it from other Madonna books?

It has always been my dream to write a book about her (see my answer below), so I couldn’t believe my luck when I was able to work on this one. I have every book published about Madonna and this one has a totally different format to any of the other books I have seen. It is made up of 220 photographs, from the very beginning of Madonna’s life, right up to May 2014 when I finished writing. Each page has just one photo and is accompanied by a caption (around 200 words for each photo) on the facing page. So it is very much a visual look at Madonna; a life-in-pictures idea. You can read the caption or you can look at the photo, and you will still get a great idea of what her life has been like, and how she has changed over the years. I have tried to cover every major event, from record releases to marriages, babies, books, tours, films, and everything in-between. It is definitely a celebration of Madonna and everything she has achieved over the years. It is going to be smaller than a coffee-table book in size, but it has more pages than any other photographic book I have seen about her. It has around 450 pages, which I think is more than even the biographies too! I haven’t seen a physical copy of the book yet (I’ll be getting my copy soon) but I think it will be quite heavy!

Click HERE for the full interview, stay tuned for more promotion regarding this release through MadonnaUnderground!

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Buy the MOJO newsstand edition with Madonna on cover now online! #rebelheart

Now you can buy the newsstand edition of the latest MOJO magazine direct, featuring an exclusive audience with the legend that is Madonna. From the early ’80s New York club scene to global megastardom today, the Queen Of Pop looks back at a life in music. Meanwhile, our hand-compiled free CD, Change The Beat, showcases influential punk-funk and alt-disco from Arthur Russell, ESG, 23 Skidoo, Curtis Mayfield, Funkadelic and more. With Dylan’s new Sinatra covers album reviewed elsewhere in the issue, we also present an in-depth celebration of Bob’s 20 best cover versions. Then there’s Ronnie Spector on breaking free from Phil; David Johansen on punk, junk and The New York Dolls; Sleater-Kinney, The Go-Betweens and Hozier. Plus! The Exploited destroy Top Of The Pops!
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Exclusive!! Special Rebel Heart promo edition (200 copies) with leather strings in France #rebelheart @madonna

More exciting news from France confirmed to us:

Another special edition will be made available of Rebel Heart, this however will be a special promo edition and limited to 200 copies.

This will be a digipack with 2 CD’s, one with all the tracks and one with remixes.This edition will come sealed with leather strings (as M is pictured on album cover).

This edition will only be available exclusively through contests. This is a France only promo and will probably be ready in three weeks time.

Also the deluxe packaging hasn’t been finished yet, they’re putting the final touches on it.

(we don’t mind sharing, but please credit us)


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Exclusive details on Rebel Heart Special Fnac limited edition edition from France #rebelheart

You read it here first:

the special Fnac edition to Rebel Heart contains two extra bonus tracks and it will come included with Rebel Heart as an extra included separate CD!

-Living For Love – Thrill Remix

-Living For Love – Offer Nissim Dub remix

This is a limited edition of 15.000 copies and will be available in Belgium too!

(we don’t mind sites sharing the news, but credit would be appreciated)


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Madonna Brands Ariel Pink Crazy Over Collaboration Rumour

Madonna has branded musician Ariel Pink a “crazy person” after he boasted that he had been recruited to write songs for her new album.

Pink alleged in an interview last year (14) that the Material Girl’s record company staff had contacted him asking for contributions to her new album, Rebel Heart.

Her manager was quick to address the comments, insisting he and the singer had not even heard of Pink, and now Madonna has spoken out, insisting she had never considered a collaboration.

She tells Mojo magazine, “He’s a crazy person. I never met him. I never considered working with him. I don’t know where he got that idea. It’s possible somebody brought his name along with a million other names to me as people to write with. But I never stopped at his name, considered him and then said no.”



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