Rebel Heart 12″ Vinyl EU re-edition


Rebel Heart 12″ Vinyl
Release Date 22/05/15
Product code 4721169
Format Vinyl LP
Label Interscope

Madonna’s Rebel Heart on 12″ vinyl features 19 tracks is released online following Record Store Day.

Boasting a breadth of internationally renowned producers including: Madonna, Diplo (Living For Love, Bitch I’m Madonna, Unapologetic Bitch), Kanye West (Illuminati), Billboard (Ghosttown), DJ Dahi and Blood Diamonds (Devil Pray). The translatlantic album was recorded in London, Los Angeles and New York.


Living for Love
Devil Pray
Unapologetic Bitch
Bitch I’m Madonna (Feat. Nicki Minaj)
Hold Tight
Joan of Arc
Iconic (Feat. Chance the Rapper and Mike Tyson)
Body Shop
Holy Water
Inside Out
Wash All Over Me
Best Night
Veni Vidi Vici (Feat. Nas)
Rebel Heart

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(@picture by Sam Edmonds)

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Madonna by Michelle Morgan book – winners

Thank you all for participating in our Madonna by Michelle Morgan competition, the response was overwhelming!

All winners have been notified in a personal message, however the following three winners we can’t seem to send a message to, please if you see your name here contact us through with your personal shipping address

Robert Palmer

Sandro Luketic

Nicki Miraj

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Performed by Madonna on “The Tonight Show,” “Bitch I’m Madonna” posted a weekly sales figure of 9,000.

Madonna’s extensive involvement in last Thursday’s “The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon” included an ambitious (especially by talk show standards) rendition of her “Bitch I’m Madonna.”

In conjunction with that exposure, the song, which features Nicki Minaj, enjoyed a week-over-week sales lift.

While Nielsen Music says the song’s sales total for the April 6-12 tracking week was a modest ~9,000, the gain over the previous week’s mark was significant. Weekly sales for “Bitch” rose by 748%.

Interesting trivia: Following a high-profile, Taylor Swift-aided performance at the iHeartRadio Music Awards, Madonna’s “Ghosttown” moved the same 9,000 (8,645 unrounded) during the subsequent tracking week (March 30-April 5).

The associated week-over-week gain was a decidedly more modest 90%.


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Ghosttown CD Single



Exclusive & OFFICIAL news from Universal France:

Ghosttown is the second single from Rebel Heart, the new album of Madonna, golden record in France.
Release of the Single Ghosttown in physical CD digisleeve (as a digipack).

“Further to the demand, the single takes out for the fans in the form of digisleeve with to the tracklisting the original version and a remix realized by Don Diablo”

In store on April 27th…
(Thx Universal France / please credit us if you take this news!)

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Jamie Foxx: Madonna loves my little girl

Madonna thinks Jamie Foxx’s daughter has “good taste” after the youngster praised her Grammys performance.

In February, Annalise was Jamie’s special guest to the annual music ceremony in Los Angeles, where she mingled with A-list stars including Katy Perry, Taylor Swift and Jay Z.

But it was pop legend Madonna the little girl was most excited about seeing face to face.

“What’s crazy about this is, is that she wanted to meet Madonna more than anybody that night. Because she saw the performance and she said, ‘Dad, I gotta meet Madonna because I love her performance,’ and I said, ‘She’s right up there,'” Jamie recalled to Jimmy Kimmel. “So she goes up to Madonna and says, ‘I think your performance was the best,’ and she [Madonna] says, ‘Why do you like it?’ ‘Because you guys had the horns, so I think you were the best.’ And you know what Madonna said? ‘Good taste.'”

The 56-year-old singer performed her track Living For Love, with scantily clad male backing dancers wearing sparkling silver masks and black horns on their heads.

Annalise has a photo gallery to treasure forever following that evening, and in each snap she pulled the same pose, where her arms are crossed and fingers pointed out.

“She’s six… My daughter trademarked it, that’s her thing. She’s been doing it since she was like two and a half, three. She just came out the womb like, ‘I’m here!'” he screeched, pulling the pose.

Jamie also touched upon his career as a musician and actor. He always dreamt of getting into music, but “just fell into the movies and just fell into winning an Oscar” he joked, referring to his best actor Academy Award for Ray.


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Diplo: Bitch, We Are All Madonna

Madonna is moving swiftly through her “Rebel Heart” tracklist, releasing “Living for Love” and “Ghosttown” videos and performing “Joan of Arc,” “Devil Pray” and, most recently, “Bitch I’m Madonna.” She debuted the latter on “The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon” last week, during which Diplo joined her for a rowdy performance that found Madonna and her dancers prancing through the entire studio.

“Bitch I’m Madonna,” which Diplo produced alongside English electronic producer Sophie, is among the six songs Madonna rushed to release after “Rebel Heart” leaked online in December. When The Huffington Post sat down with her last month, we asked Madonna to recount an instance where she used the expression “bitch, I’m Madonna” — but the singer insisted the thought hadn’t entered her mind until Diplo introduced it to her. The song’s title might sound like a puffed-up self-reference, but Diplo told us this week, while promoting Major Lazer’s new self-titled animated series, that the expression isn’t unique to Madonna. In other words, anyone who maintains his or her cool in the face of boundless criticism is, in effect, a Madonna.

Diplo couldn’t recall the exact origins of the idea of “being Madonna,” but he knows he heard it in a rap song, perhaps by Lil B, whose “Pretty Boy Anthem” includes the lyrics “I look like Madonna / Bitch, I’m a farmer.” He took the idea to Madge herself, insisting they recruit Nicki Minaj, who collaborated on Madonna’s “Give Me All Your Luvin'” and has long been vocal about idolizing the 56-year-old singer. Diplo said the song addresses naysayers who slam Madonna because she’s been in the business for so long — just like those who used her age as ridicule for making out with Drakeduring his recent Coachella set, a moment Diplo praised as “sick.”

“We made this record about, ‘Fuck it, bitch, we’re all Madonna,'” he said, which clarifies why the “Tonight Show” performance featured her son Rocco, a random guy dressed as a police officer and even Fallon himself saying the words “bitch, I’m Madonna.” That means it can be your catchphrase, too.

But there’s another twist: Because Madonna hurried to master the demos of the six “Rebel Heart” tracks she released to combat the leaks, the album version of the song isn’t Diplo’s final mix. He said he was “kind of done” with the track as we know it, so he’s since posted his intended cut on SoundCloud.

In addition to securing his spot in Madonna’s coterie, 2015 is a big year for Diplo. Major Lazer’s third album, “Peace is the Mission,” will be out June 1, boasting atracklist that features Ariana Grande, Ellie Goulding, Pusha T and 2 Chainz. And on Thursday, FXX’s Animation Domination High-Def series “Major Lazer” will premiere after nearly five years of development. “Lost” star Adewale Akinnuoye-Agbaje voices the titular Jamaican superhero, with support from J.K. Simmons, Aziz Ansari, Riff Raff, Andy Samberg, Charli XCX and Vampire Weekend frontman Ezra Koenig.

Watch a preview of “Major Lazer” below:


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25 years ago this week, Madonna topped the charts with one of her most iconic singles

” Look around, everywhere you turn is heartache – it’s everywhere that you go.”

The opening lines from Madonna’s classic hit Vogue are still relevant today, and its acclaimed black and white video still feels as fresh and stylish as it did when it spent weeks on permanent rotation across all available music channels.

Vogue, spending its second week at Number 1 today in 1990, marked a new phase for Madonna. She had been around for just six years, yet her continued reinventions – a term she didn’t really embrace until her 2004 tour of the same name – afforded her a legendary status much sooner than some of her chart peers.

While Madonna was no stranger to dance music – her career was born on the dance floors of New York’s coolest discotheques – Vogue felt like she was changing lanes for good. Coming a mere year after the guitar-led pop of comeback album Like A Prayer, Vogue felt like a fresh direction.

With Shep Pettibone, who worked with her on the single remix of Express Yourself, which itself pretty much saved the way for Vogue’s laid-back house beats, Madonna scored her seventh chart-topper – it would be her last for almost eight years.

Here’s Madonna is lip-synching for her life at the 1990 MTV Awards in a classic performance.

Vogue, packed with hooks and even a rap by the lady herself, ruled the Official Singles Chart for a whole month. And who toppled her? Superstar DJ Adams featuring a little-known vocalist (at the time) Seal, with the first version of Killer.

Vogue has sold 530,600 copies to land as Madonna’s 11th bestselling single in the UK.


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Music Icons 2015 by Julien’s Auctions

Julien’s Auctions returns again to the Big Apple for the music memorabilia auction of the year at the Hard Rock Café in Times Square NYC on Friday, May 15th and Saturday, May 16th, 2015 beginning at 10:00 a.m. both days. One of the most extraordinary collections of Rock n’ Roll royalty will be offered at the exclusive auction event including memorabilia from The Beatles, rare guitars from the world’s most iconic musicians, musical stars of an era gone by, and ladies who continue to sell out arenas across the globe in record time.

Other highlights of this very special music auction include: a vintage owned Eric Clapton Gibson SG Les Paul Standard Electric Guitar circa 1962, John Lennon’s bath robe, Jimi Hendrix worn ring, Frank Sinatra’s 1970s–1990s address book, a rare Michael Jackson red face mask, and of course plenty Madonna stuffs…





Join Julien’s for the live auction at The Hard Rock Cafe in Times Square NYC or participate online at on May 15th & 16th, 2015, and take away your piece of music history.

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Madonna: Hooray For Refusing To Turn Your Sexy Off At 56!

Madonna — you’re absolutely right to stay and act as hot to trot as ever in your 50s. Who says that when a woman hits fifty she should shut off her sex appeal? Kiss Drake, show off your thighs, and ignore your age!

Madonna, pay no attention to anyone who tells you to act your age! When they say that, what they’re really telling you is that you should stop being sexy because you’re 56. That’s ridiculous!

Madonna: Sexy At Coachella At 56 Years Old

You’re a beautiful, brilliant, talented woman who’s in amazing shape. You can still dance your a** off and in fact, you can still dance circles around women and men half your age.

So why should you cover up, shut up and stop acting up, just because of old ideas about what women should be like over 50?

When you surprised Drake onstage with a kissduring your performance together at Coachella on April 12, the internet was abuzz and some commenters were aghast. This was partly because Drake himself was so surprised by your bold move, and his shock was misread as horror.

But Drake, 28, himself has set the record straight and Instagrammed on April 13: “Don’t misinterpret my shock!! I got to make out with the queen Madonna and I feel

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